• Published on Oct 18, 2017
  • Thank you guys for watching and for 100k views on the "BEST OF LOGAN PAUL AND DWARF MAMBA VLOG MOMENTS COMPILATION" video! That is literally insane. I just got myself a MacBook Pro so be expecting videos very often! If you haven't, leave a like and don't forget to subscribe we are very close to 500 subs! You guys are the best! see ya in thew next one!
    NonCopyright song used: Michael White x Deflo: About To Go Down
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  • benny theGreat
    benny theGreat 13 minutes ago

    i cringe at the comments supporting logan, he is a dick

  • Sebass the great
    Sebass the great Hour ago

    did any of you guys see the needle from the guy in the buss in fact it was on the floor next to his foot

  • Speak The Truth No Opinions

    When football players get away 🔥💯

  • Hotel Hideaway
    Hotel Hideaway 8 hours ago

    And Logan if your watching this I bought your merch

  • Hotel Hideaway
    Hotel Hideaway 8 hours ago +3

    The guy literally said
    No don't jump
    The cops are coming
    Guess what

  • Hotel Hideaway
    Hotel Hideaway 8 hours ago +1

    Logan literally got tackled by his own fans it's halarios af I couldn't stop laughing

  • Xxxbleach
    Xxxbleach 9 hours ago

    Lmao that dude in the mustang is mad af

  • kenneth uzoigwe
    kenneth uzoigwe 10 hours ago


  • Nico
    Nico 11 hours ago

    lol did you see what kevin talbot did? lol

  • The red creeper
    The red creeper 14 hours ago

    Go to Cork in Ireland plz such a big fan

  • Miguel Lopez
    Miguel Lopez 17 hours ago +1

    8:-36 she hits Logan...5seconds later hits cop car 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Jose T
    Jose T 20 hours ago +1

    pause at 3:54 boy got a small carrot

  • Steven Petro
    Steven Petro 21 hour ago


  • Finnbar Reilly
    Finnbar Reilly Day ago

    What is that song at 8:52?

  • xd infernø
    xd infernø Day ago

    What was his problem

  • Enzie Mckenzie
    Enzie Mckenzie Day ago

    That woman can’t drive

  • Beastgame8
    Beastgame8 Day ago +1

    Imagine Jake in Logan place 😂😂😂 he would be banned for life from TVclip

  • Thomas Wong
    Thomas Wong Day ago


  • x8Ball
    x8Ball Day ago

    Kill that junkie

  • Tommy Malfer
    Tommy Malfer Day ago

    Was that the running back from blue mountain state???? At 8:00

  • Tor Lindvig
    Tor Lindvig Day ago

    🤮🤮🤮 every one knows logan paul is stupid and dont deserv this fame

  • CheesyDip YT
    CheesyDip YT 2 days ago +5

    Look at the build board behind him a 1:00 is that Logan paul

  • Mayo
    Mayo 2 days ago

    11:43 that's literally a zombie apocalypse 😂

  • Octopus BG
    Octopus BG 2 days ago

    Ksi really did hit you hard...

  • ρlαѕмα
    ρlαѕмα 3 days ago

    .bro your outro ear raped me.

  • King Rockitcool
    King Rockitcool 4 days ago

    2099? Anyone?

  • Brock Lesnar
    Brock Lesnar 18 days ago +2

    5:56 dude has a point.... it even made logan stop and think for a second 🤔

  • dragonballov
    dragonballov Month ago

    If he was black he would have been shot

  • Savage Tricky
    Savage Tricky Month ago

    Logan has i nice car

  • Gmx Rogueツ
    Gmx Rogueツ Month ago

    The guy in the bus was clearly homeless

  • Apple Melon
    Apple Melon Month ago +1

    I am your new biggest fan Logan, imma buy some merchandise 🤣🤩

    • G LOWDS
      G LOWDS  Month ago

      Love to hear it! Appreciate the support

  • dylabela258 MDS
    dylabela258 MDS Month ago

    He wAs DoIn hAirWiN

  • Renekteen
    Renekteen Month ago

    he always chill cause he knows they cant fuck with him physically

  • Insta Car Culture
    Insta Car Culture Month ago

    Somebody needs to kick this dudes ass

  • Chan Luth
    Chan Luth Month ago

    Normally I don’t like Logan Paul but this makes me like him still don’t watch him though DOUBLE MIDDLE FINGER 😂😂👌🏻

  • Joshua Hebert
    Joshua Hebert Month ago +1

    Logan gets out guy instantly sees his size and instantly regrets it lol.

  • Like If You Like a Like From a Like To a Like

    I never liked Logan but I do now

  • Brogan Mcmillen
    Brogan Mcmillen Month ago

    My favourite part is 5:46

    WOLFYY FLEE Month ago

    that woman tryed to blame that crash on logan and then backed up in a police car XD wierd how she dint get 3 stars

  • Emilio Eichinger
    Emilio Eichinger Month ago

    loagn paul is a prick

  • Raphael Powell
    Raphael Powell Month ago

    Logan is calm in all these situations.

  • Lucky G27
    Lucky G27 Month ago

    She hit the cop car lmfao

  • MegatronYoutube
    MegatronYoutube Month ago

    Most of these are just salty haters

  • kazzack 86
    kazzack 86 Month ago

    Can we just forget about Logan the dbag Paul.... really though...what an asshat person

  • Pro Racer
    Pro Racer Month ago

    Ksi for the win

  • Pro Racer
    Pro Racer Month ago

    Fuck the low gang

  • Pro Racer
    Pro Racer Month ago

    Logan is fucking gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Lennox Wyant
    Lennox Wyant Month ago +1

    Logan's reaction 🦄🐐

  • Huskybababoon Games

    Speed humps 7:00

  • Bra'lynn Hammond
    Bra'lynn Hammond Month ago

    Fucking ear rape

  • Zenrez
    Zenrez Month ago

    Anyone know song @12:20?

  • MXRG ۶
    MXRG ۶ Month ago

    “Ignore that giant camera, no it’s not recording you” 😂😂

  • MXRG ۶
    MXRG ۶ Month ago

    Tbh, I don’t really like Logan but this was pretty funny. The first one 😂 _“not my vlog camera noooooooo”_

  • SkitzStuff
    SkitzStuff Month ago

    The first guy was kinda right

  • Cold Cobra
    Cold Cobra Month ago

    0:59 Did you see it?

  • Sean McGinnis
    Sean McGinnis Month ago

    Such an annoying human being

  • Wakeshimutanemahazunakunamatittenopan

    Ok but a dude doing heroin in ur vehicle is scary af

  • DoubleVision
    DoubleVision Month ago

    Love how he handles the situations. These guys walk up to him talking big but they all know he would knock them the fuck out

  • RaHoOl -_-
    RaHoOl -_- Month ago

    They are joking to much

  • Nick Meyers
    Nick Meyers Month ago

    Fuck Logan Paul

  • The Name's Raze
    The Name's Raze Month ago

    Back when he used to plug his merch every second

  • Hockeydangles22
    Hockeydangles22 Month ago +1

    Love you G LOWDS

    • G LOWDS
      G LOWDS  Month ago

      Love you Hockeydangles22

  • King Karan 11
    King Karan 11 Month ago

    6:56 logang always got Logan's back

  • Peyton
    Peyton Month ago

    If you didn’t already know, all of these “altercations” are fake, besides the ones of him getting kicked out of places .

  • Alex Fifa
    Alex Fifa Month ago


    REJECTS Month ago

    "How do you know this is your bus?" You can't write that stuff. You guys really couldn't

  • Shane Wells
    Shane Wells Month ago

    I feel bad

  • Bla Bla
    Bla Bla Month ago

    He shot the heroine in between his toes common way to do it to hide the spot you injected heroine

  • Bonfire5th
    Bonfire5th Month ago

    Funny the way he deals with confrontation 😄😄

  • luke brown
    luke brown Month ago

    No one fucks with the logang

  • Anthony Strunk
    Anthony Strunk Month ago

    I stop watching when he went to Italy he was so disrespectful to that country then I heard about Japan and I was like this needs to happy to him he needs brought down.

  • Kaioftw〰
    Kaioftw〰 Month ago

    Lowkey you kinda a toxic person.

  • KO Vlogs
    KO Vlogs Month ago

    Why is the music at the biggininh and end soooooooooo loud

  • Ziggurat Tempest
    Ziggurat Tempest Month ago

    Rah logan pauls mad annoying

  • Josif Zupanoski
    Josif Zupanoski Month ago

    0:00 this dude thinks he can KO Logan lol wtf 😂

  • reaction chanel
    reaction chanel Month ago


  • Maria Christina Paciente

    he a fuckin savage

  • julian rodela
    julian rodela Month ago

    4:23 bruh look at that hairline ...

  • Akino Rodriguez
    Akino Rodriguez Month ago

    *sarcasim* oh no logan is scared of the place.

  • Bull Frog
    Bull Frog Month ago

    Logan is a guy you just want to punch but you know he’d probably squash you

  • Jai Monie
    Jai Monie Month ago

    Love how in the 3 or 4 clip Jake looks so sad and innocent

  • YouFlube
    YouFlube Month ago

    size really does give you confidence

  • Elijah Pagan
    Elijah Pagan Month ago +1

    Logan is so calm with everything

  • Gray Owl
    Gray Owl Month ago +2

    Pause at 0:42 look at the advertising board

    • TheCanadianApp1e
      TheCanadianApp1e Month ago

      "My face is on the internet. It's also RIGHT BEHIND HIM."
      Just love that part, imao.

  • Mr.Got’em 0–0
    Mr.Got’em 0–0 Month ago

    I wish u would have ramed him

  • Operator PhoeniX
    Operator PhoeniX Month ago

    Dis what happens when u have 20 millions logangsters worldwide

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard Month ago

    I hate Logan and Jake, scumbags.

  • Brooklynn Goers
    Brooklynn Goers Month ago

    What was the ending song ?!????

  • Hashimlolo 14 year old climber Savage

    ksi is better than you

  • Kmaehre
    Kmaehre Month ago


  • jarojas27
    jarojas27 Month ago +1

    Sry but little tip intro and outro is kinda loud

    • G LOWDS
      G LOWDS  Month ago

      jarojas27 lmao yeah ik. I was messing around making this video when I had like 200 subscribers and would get like 150 views. Now we’re here at 3.5k subs and 1.3mil views on this video 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

  • The Real Gamer
    The Real Gamer Month ago

    Logan Paul is really a dumbass

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    Honestly It would’ve been nicer if Logan asked the guy for a ride somewhere I get it dangerous and stuff and he wasn’t the best guy but he was homeless and obviously struggling. He could’ve brought him to the hospital or something or the Homeless Shelter no hate

  • Bean Salada
    Bean Salada Month ago


  • aiden Moore
    aiden Moore Month ago +5

    I honestly used to argue that Logan had maturity and Jake Paul didn't. Total psychopath, he's allowed to be one it's his genes, but he abuses it too much like he's trying to show everyone how much of a psychopath he is. Did anyone see how he pretended to be shook at the suicide forest thing. Jake and Logan are the biggest fakers, they think they better then everyone, have you ever noticed how casual they are in conflicts, in their minds they've already won. People like Logan and Jake have learnt and observed their whole lives the ways normal people deal with complex emotions. Logan and Jake don't feel quite the same emotions, so they must use their acting skills to pretend to be normal people in tricky scenarios, and in the meantime they'll just be their reckless selves.

  • TempR Gaming
    TempR Gaming Month ago +2

    11:56 I’m fast as fuck boi

  • oh okay
    oh okay Month ago

    i’m gonna be honest, i don’t like logan paul, but the way he handled the situation in stead of blowing up at them is way more professional than filming a dead body

  • Shade Dia
    Shade Dia Month ago

    Daytrip took it to ten
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  • Streamer Btw
    Streamer Btw Month ago

    The 4 one god