Do You Really Need Everything in that Backpack? | CH Shorts


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  • Peter Bard
    Peter Bard 21 hour ago

    Hey Peter Bard here still never gonna subscribe but I'd really appreciate it if you'd let that funny girl out of the video

  • Dasa Games Brawl Stars

    Girls would do that in This situation So... Yeah

  • Candace Mung
    Candace Mung 2 days ago

    Every asian mom

  • Happy
    Happy 3 days ago

    Tfw you think about how terrifying this situation is.

  • Keith Venable
    Keith Venable 6 days ago

    Nice illuminati sticker on the Harry Potter books

  • Tem Boi /TB
    Tem Boi /TB 6 days ago

    1:39 illuminati

  • Priyen Ratnam
    Priyen Ratnam 6 days ago

    throw it up there and pull her up

  • YSQ
    YSQ 15 days ago

    Wtf just throw the things up there

  • Corey Caine-madkins
    Corey Caine-madkins 23 days ago

    *Mommy please*

  • Captain Doomsday
    Captain Doomsday 24 days ago

    Everyone talking about throwing the bag's contents up, but I just love that Katie's weight capacity is inventory slot-based, rather than weight-based.
    Yes, throwing away that punch card would've done the trick.

  • fatdudewh33lchair
    fatdudewh33lchair 26 days ago

    Use the fuckin’ magic sand to save yourself, dammit!

  • IncognEmu
    IncognEmu 26 days ago +1

    “An old wizard gave me this sand and said I’d need it someday.” Wait, what if she needed the sand because she needed to throw it off the cliff to save herself? That would’ve solved both the prophecy and the problem of almost maybe possibly dying. Huh.

  • Hue Lu
    Hue Lu 29 days ago

    I mean, that “briefcase” now is nothing...

  • Kristen Broughton
    Kristen Broughton 29 days ago

    Thought the magic sand was going to help

  • Arthur Li
    Arthur Li 29 days ago


    MANGO CAT28 Month ago

    Omg I thought she died but then I saw her on the end card

  • Bert Leiger
    Bert Leiger Month ago

    Couldn't she just give the backpack and then climb up

  • Steve Geysman
    Steve Geysman Month ago

    Why is there a triangle on the Harry Potter book 1:39

  • Len Len
    Len Len Month ago

    I enjoyed Katie and the dog's moment😂

  • Zed Zero
    Zed Zero Month ago

    she could've asked her to give her, her backpack then pull her up

  • Nick Kimble
    Nick Kimble Month ago

    why didnt she just use the magic sand?

  • Sai Karthik Sarvepalli Venkata

    Did anyone else notice the Illuminati sign on one of the harry potter books

  • Amber Beyer
    Amber Beyer Month ago

    1:40 Illuminati on the soft cover book of Harry Potter.

  • Mogens Vesterskov
    Mogens Vesterskov Month ago

    1:40 look at the harry potter book


    Why didn’t she just through it over the top of the cliff

  • Llamalus
    Llamalus Month ago

    'A magic wizard said I would need this some day'
    Hmmm.... maybe you'll need it to throw it off a cliff to make yourself lighter..........

  • Meme Boi
    Meme Boi Month ago +1

    If this happened,i would drop her immediately

  • Captain Cairo
    Captain Cairo Month ago

    Illuminati confirmed

  • mega gamer88
    mega gamer88 Month ago

    Wait why did she not put the bag up

  • Monumental Nick
    Monumental Nick Month ago

    I’ll literally just let go

  • Alexander Wiklund
    Alexander Wiklund Month ago

    no but i have it anyway

  • Alien ._.
    Alien ._. Month ago

    Or she could just throw the backpack onto the cliff.

  • Josh Yu
    Josh Yu Month ago

    90% of these comments are saying the same thing.
    Yes, she could've thrown it up, but it's a comedy sketch.

  • Josh Yu
    Josh Yu Month ago +1

    2:31 Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths

  • Mizh Pai
    Mizh Pai Month ago

    Anyone sees the illuminati on the book??

  • RPB2001
    RPB2001 Month ago

    Nobody else noticed the Illuminati on the book?

  • Rashid Al Sharhan
    Rashid Al Sharhan Month ago


  • Dream
    Dream Month ago

    I would have dropped her so quickly

  • luke sofer
    luke sofer Month ago

    OMFG just toss it onto the top of the cliff

  • Animation Alsatian
    Animation Alsatian Month ago

    Boi yeet that back on the ledge and get up

  • TheRightestdogwhohasthecorrectopinionallthetime

    I was honestly waiting for her to crawl out of the backpack at the end.

  • Baumi
    Baumi Month ago

    Looks like a Boy

  • Liam Patterson
    Liam Patterson Month ago

    There is an illuminati logo on the small book at 1:40.

  • Divya
    Divya Month ago

    That illuminati sign at 1:39 though

  • Amateur at Everything

    wait,right she can fly in the vid about swimming?

  • The XXSniperXXGaming

    wait you could use the other hand to lift the backpack but not her?

  • Lemuel Rafael Abotanatin
    Lemuel Rafael Abotanatin 2 months ago +2

    Own she a time lord? Cause the bag is bigger in the inside

  • Stryker1000
    Stryker1000 2 months ago

    Did anyone else see the Illuminati symbol on one of the Harry Potter books

    THEJONATAN 2 months ago

    Why didn't she take the stuff from her backpack and toss them behind Katie?

  • Chloe Young
    Chloe Young 2 months ago

    This is me when I'm trying to clean my room of stuff that hold a lot of meaning to me. Hard times indeed 😆🤔😝

  • BlueSkyhawk14
    BlueSkyhawk14 2 months ago

    This video made me so angry I couldn't keep watching it 😂😅

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees 2 months ago

    Who’s voice was this 😂 2:27

  • Ash
    Ash 2 months ago

    Wait, can't she fly?

  • Galactic Turtle
    Galactic Turtle 2 months ago


  • _yay_ yay
    _yay_ yay 2 months ago

    She could’ve taken stuff from her backpack and thrown it onto the cliff then climbed up

  • ItsZero 50
    ItsZero 50 2 months ago


  • jack chen
    jack chen 2 months ago

    Throw every up in the mountain

  • dottybing
    dottybing 2 months ago

    this hurt me mentally and physically

  • Damjan Mijatovic
    Damjan Mijatovic 2 months ago

    1:39 i see it

  • Raphael6777
    Raphael6777 2 months ago

    Loved the pose when falling

  • Milki kakao
    Milki kakao 2 months ago

    I can't believe you actually threw her off a cliff to make this sketch

  • Ayano Yandere Yamada
    Ayano Yandere Yamada 2 months ago +1

    Dude toss the backpack over onto the cliff if you miss who cares your life is on the line.
    Edit: but of course thats juST A THEORY

  • Pixel Pudding
    Pixel Pudding 2 months ago +1

    If Katie can hold Rehka up for 3 minutes she can pull her up

  • Regina Tran
    Regina Tran 2 months ago

    Anyone else see that illuminati sign on that book for like one sec...

  • DeQuillsta
    DeQuillsta 2 months ago

    Why do I feel like this generation would actually act like this in a crisis...

  • Kinda dumb gamer
    Kinda dumb gamer 2 months ago

    Toss stuff with your extra arm up on the cliff then get up less weight and get up

  • Soviet Raven
    Soviet Raven 2 months ago

    Couldn't she just throw the backpack up

  • Jahsiah Bowie
    Jahsiah Bowie 2 months ago


  • Zynax
    Zynax 2 months ago

    why didnt u through it up there instead of below

  • white ginger beer
    white ginger beer 2 months ago +1

    At least she saved the puppy

  • Alison MinXuen
    Alison MinXuen 2 months ago

    why do they keep giving illuminati hints lmao

  • Logan Beathard
    Logan Beathard 2 months ago

    She could not just throw it up on the cliff no one thought of that :/

  • Nate Hundred
    Nate Hundred 3 months ago

    This whole problem could be solved by throwing the backpack up to Katy.

  • Ya Yeet
    Ya Yeet 3 months ago

    Couldnt she have just yeeted her backpack onto the actual cliff

  • Cynthia Uhlemann
    Cynthia Uhlemann 3 months ago

    just throw the bag over the cliff and hoist yourself up.

  • Mudkip909
    Mudkip909 3 months ago

    why did she have weights

  • StarCress 21
    StarCress 21 3 months ago

    I would honestly do that 😂👍

  • Bima Jagoan Papa
    Bima Jagoan Papa 3 months ago

    Why didn't she just toss the stuff up?

  • Vance Rubert
    Vance Rubert 3 months ago

    She could’ve just tossed the stuff up onto the ledge so Katie could pull her up and she’s still have all her stuff

  • Pixel Pudding
    Pixel Pudding 3 months ago +1

    Her backpack is so heavy because there’s a lot of Free Crap in it

  • TristanPasse
    TristanPasse 3 months ago

    I thought the couple pills that fell out would make her light enough

  • R Wilkinson
    R Wilkinson 3 months ago

    All the time she spent hanging there.... could have tossed them up. Lighter and you keep your stuff

  • Cup of tae with a suga kookie


  • Nathan Tao
    Nathan Tao 3 months ago

    cant she throw her stuff up

  • justarandom girlhere
    justarandom girlhere 3 months ago

    Don't want to sound mean but I died when she fell 😂😂😂😂

  • justarandom girlhere
    justarandom girlhere 3 months ago

    Why doesn't she just throw her backpack up or gives it to Katie's other hand 😂😂

  • Derek Beatty
    Derek Beatty 3 months ago

    Throw the bag up onto the ledge

  • Pillowet Sleeper
    Pillowet Sleeper 3 months ago

    Couldn’t she have just grabbed the bag with one hand and then got Rehka?

  • Rowan
    Rowan 3 months ago

    I feel called out

  • Chez Sticks
    Chez Sticks 3 months ago

    But you can always pick it up afterwards.

  • ThePrimeGameProtector
    ThePrimeGameProtector 3 months ago

    I love finding the Illumimati in each video.

  • Killershark  .
    Killershark . 3 months ago +1

    Or throw the backpack up

  • Epick Gospodinov
    Epick Gospodinov 3 months ago

    The illuminati on the book.

  • Krishna Venugopal
    Krishna Venugopal 3 months ago

    She should have just dropped

  • JawaSniper
    JawaSniper 3 months ago

    I got a lube and condom ad before this

  • Leon Video
    Leon Video 3 months ago

    Couldn’t she have just tossed the shit one by one on to the top of the cliff and get up?!

  • k_y
    k_y 3 months ago

    Is that my bag

  • victory kid
    victory kid 3 months ago

    I will help you

  • I Hug Strangers
    I Hug Strangers 3 months ago

    I guess you could say she didn't
    HANDle that very wwll