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  • Saul Garcia
    Saul Garcia 11 months ago

    how many mhz does the brain can or does run

  • Michael Sabino
    Michael Sabino Year ago

    They may use 406.7 MHz (radio astronomy band) right now, you can't see it normally since you need a special antenna.
    I just realized it during the past few days, since I am an amateur mathematician and discovered the mathematics several years ago, but I didn't realize the entire design until recently.
    My guess is my design and these signals are related. The signals appear like PSK - Phase Shift Keying, but carry information about mode locked behavior like in the circle map. They may also carry gravitational waves in their decode (AM/FM), since gravitational waves can change the rate of oscillators. That's what I was thinking anyway.
    If you broadcast an FM signal over this kind of antenna, it can cause anticipation of speech/modification of inner speech. The natural mode is probably binary only (maybe even psk-like), since our ancestors didn't know how to speak English or language for that matter. It was probably at some point a clue to certain optimal behaviors.
    There is a logarithmic-type signal I see with my antenna, it appears after it rains a lot. This is interesting to me.
    You can read more about it in my papers here: onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=3D52C0BFAD6CD422!17048&authkey=!AHK6Why-BWez2fE&ithint=folder%2c
    That's a schematic of the type of antenna you need (svg format). The design is on microstrip. I am presently using a pencil graphite microstrip design that I hacked up (with paper dielectric and copper tape ground plane). I receive with an RTL-SDR (google for rtlsdr, they are $5 radio receivers available from ebay). the important formula here is x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = ln(dt), where x^2 y^2 and z^2 are the 3 axis on an event sphere, and you relate two event spheres over a time dt. An event sphere contains one dimension of information, and the transformation is realizing you can relate these separate oscillator/event spheres over time in a 2 dimensional geometry.

    The signals on 406.7 MHz may be from something else (maybe some electric wire oscillation driving or something??), but I am not 100% sure.
    FYI, I have never been nor do I know Adey or anyone involved with these projects.

  • Chiefdaddy Davis
    Chiefdaddy Davis 2 years ago

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  • Rutger Neijland
    Rutger Neijland 2 years ago

    Mind control is a simple possebilaty, and not something you have to say it isn't true. First thing, you can't see it. It affects the subconsious, and therefor mood and behavior. Some things that not are simply abstracted by psychology. It is neuro-science. What if government won't tell us. What if google won't tell us? Data on this sort of science is rubbish on google, just like any sort of coherent science is rubbish on google. They won't tell you. For mind control you need a simple combination, it is not far away, this could be imagined by scientist in the 60 and 70. Till now 2015! It is the knowledge of programming emission by computers, with the need of data from quantummechanics and computer science, and on the other hand a scientific model of the biochemical reactions of the subconsious part of the brain, which cause computerized behavior. There for you need the knowledge of neuroscience and chemistry. We don't know how far the are with the knowledge of the brain, but to say they know clearly nothing is easy to say. Particular in language, because you have to study the brain in physics. It's a polar electromagnetic field of positive and negative forcefields. You could translate this in binairy zero and one. Thus, brain are easely connected to a computer because they speak the same language. It's not so far as you might think. Government would need a few bilion dollars to research this. And it would be a clear possibilaty they have done this yet, but they won't tell you. Knowledge in a safe, and use it against inocent citizens is power. World control.

  • Carol Williamson
    Carol Williamson 2 years ago


  • Carol Williamson
    Carol Williamson 2 years ago

    § 90.267 Assignment and use of frequencies in the 450-470 MHz band for low power use.
    (a) The following frequencies between 450-470 MHz are designated for low-power use subject to the provisions of this section. For purposes of this section these frequencies are referred to as “low power frequencies.” Pairs are shown but single frequencies are available for simplex operations.
    (b) Group A1 Frequencies. The Industrial/Business Pool frequencies in Group A1 are available on a coordinated basis, pursuant to §§ 90.35(b)(2) and 90.175(b), as follows:
    (1) Group A1 frequencies are available for voice and non-voice operations on a co-primary basis. Base, mobile and operational fixed stations will be authorized on Group A1 frequencies. Fixed stations may be licensed as mobile

  • therealgofallgs
    therealgofallgs 2 years ago

    MU METAL- ELF blocker - Man controlled by ELF wave on news- twitter.com/johnnidangerous/status/557273972359036929

  • Paradoxical Paradigm
    Paradoxical Paradigm 3 years ago +2

    Whats the deal? Probably nothing more than the fact that it is a frequency that the FCC has allocated for use for purposes other than commercial communications such as HAARP. Why would you deduce that the means that it is being used for mind control?
    Your analysis is basic numerology...duhhh yesterday I saw the number 74 five times so there must be significance to the number 74 right? NO...thats not science.
    You cite Adeys work and conveniently (or lazily) neglected to mention that his work involved ELF modulated in higher frequency RF signals such as 450 Mhz. If our brains
    were sensitive to RF and Microwaves at commercial power levels there would be many frequencies to worry about because you could easily modulate the desired frequency in a higher frequency carrier. Higher power would mean nothing more than frying everyone which if that were going on...somebody would notice it...so no, there is nothing special about 450 Mhz and brain waves...the relevant frequencies are ELF and those can be delivered via modulation of any higher frequency signal....of course there would again be no way to target anybody specifically so it would basically be a terrorist situation against a large geographic area. If such a thing were going on many people in a geographic area would be affected and it would be obvious...no such thing has ever been reported...I suggest you go back to watching Bigfoot videos.

    • Letta Mego
      Letta Mego 2 months ago +1

      Many people in many geographic areas are obviously being affected by something. It's just not on the news. Just look around you. See all the cancer centers. In 2008 50% of the adult population had at least one chronic disease. In 2014 60% of the adult population had at least one chronic disease, like cancers, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, heart disease. From the appearance of most people, I'd guess that 70% of them have at least one chronic disease by now. And look at how pathetic the children are, jumping up and down screaming.

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez 3 years ago +1

    It sounds crazy but a guy that worked on the Philadelphia experiment claimed to have time traveled and talks about be here he went and all the experiment the CIA and secret gov projects and only said that 450 MHz is a very important for humans. Didn't say anything else. Look into it his names Al Bielik I think. He said something about 2749. Even if its fake its still crazy to listen to and think about

  • timberwolves100
    timberwolves100 4 years ago

    450-470 Mhz is the EXACT frequency that Gas SmartMeters run at.. you can't make it up

  • Dani68ABminus
    Dani68ABminus 4 years ago

    Smash240 mentions the low humming at night...trying to figure that one out led me to your video. Electronics in the house do emit frequencies throughout the day, but the stuff that I've been feeling wakes me up at night. It starts around 1am and makes my one dog pant and the other is waking up trying to go outside. I live in FL and frequently see wave pattern clouds (picture pebble in pond) and chemtrail spraying. The psychopaths seem to be ratcheting up their sick game...

  • kimmykimko
    kimmykimko 4 years ago

    "Dr. Nicholas Begich has picked up 435 MHz signals connected to HAARP and that a mind control function is being employed. He says that 400-450 MHz is the window to human consciousness because it is our reality's background frequency."

  • Samuallo1
    Samuallo1 5 years ago

    What is it you do?

  • vorkev1
    vorkev1 5 years ago

    whats super messed up is if you use a scanner a radio or what ever to go to 450 mhz thare may be no voice at that time but most of the time thare is a silent brodcast someone is transmitting.

  • vorkev1
    vorkev1 5 years ago

    450 mhz is a resanating frequencie and for some resin when a persion hers brod cat on it you will rember what you herd better then on any other. also tis none to be a frequencie that can penatrate stuff better and travel better distance. and in auto spectrum its is clearer with less interference.

  • Maxwell Taylor
    Maxwell Taylor 6 years ago

    I want links and facts!

  • Maxwell Taylor
    Maxwell Taylor 6 years ago

    This video pisses me off! please consider holding the camera steady or using powerpoint or just talking to the camera..

  • slobomotion
    slobomotion 6 years ago

    I was a technical translator and interpretor for SEE in Paris, France in 1999 and there was an interesting conference with many NASA people there about the frequency spectrum. Basically, anyone who even uses a blow dryer is dumb. All that stuff is really, really bad for us and the planet. I think HAM operators have to be licensed now. I am not sure, however. They seemed bent on freeing up the airwaves. For military.