Eminem - Music to Be Murdered By ALBUM REVIEW

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    Thanks to some creative production decisions and Eminem sounding ever so slightly less stuck in his ways, Music to Be Murdered By is a step in the right direction following Revival and Kamikaze.
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    Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?

Comments • 80

  • Slim Chain
    Slim Chain 6 hours ago

    Em is the GOAT he never fails to bring bars. I don't understand the hate. He is plane ridiculous

  • Bad Meets Evil
    Bad Meets Evil 22 hours ago

    your music knowledge much dumber than you....

    • Krilling Machine
      Krilling Machine 9 hours ago

      care to elaborate on how? he articulates his opinions very well.

  • MunknJet
    MunknJet Day ago

    Lmao Melon latterly complementing everything almost and still gives it a 5/10. Tough crowd.

  • Harpoon Gravy
    Harpoon Gravy Day ago


  • Tom Perry
    Tom Perry Day ago

    Melons comment section cracks me up man 😂😂😂😂

  • iam bercouli
    iam bercouli 2 days ago

    Yo melon I'm really disappointed in this review and I think I'm done with your reviews for good... bloody hater...

  • Dj Canda
    Dj Canda 2 days ago

    To me the album is great, but I'll rate it 0/10 cuz he hasn't released "My Salsa"

  • Worlds Apart
    Worlds Apart 2 days ago

    *MTBMB* 5/10 < *LIL PUMP* 7/10
    Oh melon......

  • SightlierDog5
    SightlierDog5 2 days ago

    in the past: "this is shit, hes not performing with many black rappers"
    present: "too many niggas, bring more white rappers"

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 2 days ago

    Melon, calling Eminem a fake white man while screaming “White Power” for the entire video while waving a Confederate flag is not a review 😔

  • Elsie - LCL
    Elsie - LCL 2 days ago

    How could you forget about the greatest lyric on this album

    "If i catch you sucking another dick, you better unsuck it"

  • C-O-S -M-O-S
    C-O-S -M-O-S 2 days ago

    Honest to god? 6.5/10
    I still like it though.

  • Gris Morado
    Gris Morado 3 days ago

    G: 9:33 when he said “lyrical miracle” I thought of Politkz

  • GroovyBeats
    GroovyBeats 3 days ago

    How is the comment section of this guy always not about the subject?

  • LupeYoung
    LupeYoung 3 days ago

    Fuck this stupid fucking low key hating review

  • LupeYoung
    LupeYoung 3 days ago

    Young MA and juice can rap though , her EAT freestyle is insane and juice could rap for a hour

  • SurrealCereal
    SurrealCereal 3 days ago

    i hate how misleading all of the comments are i don't know who to believe aaaaa

  • Poochy Poachy
    Poochy Poachy 4 days ago

    no rudeness but I personally would've given it a 6 to an 8

  • Harsh Vardhan Bhaskar

    So u dont like triple entendres......or wordplay....why are you doing a reaction to him then?

  • Billy Retardo
    Billy Retardo 4 days ago

    I think danny shoulda been on this album.. at least twice.. ♥️

  • Hugo Bustillo
    Hugo Bustillo 4 days ago

    How are the new comments a bunch of people hating this review?

  • Mateja
    Mateja 4 days ago +3

    I found Waldo

  • Michael Roper
    Michael Roper 5 days ago +1

    I wonder how much better the album would have been if they had whittled the 20 tracks down to a more traditional 12 or 13. Sometimes less is more.

  • Jesse Hill
    Jesse Hill 5 days ago

    "Lock it up" is the best track🔥🔥🔥

    • Meteor Cubing
      Meteor Cubing 4 days ago +1

      Jesse Hill I think it’s Little Engine

  • Highlight Creations
    Highlight Creations 5 days ago

    I found Waldo

  • Travis Black
    Travis Black 5 days ago

    I appreciate how you're coming out of your shell with regards to technical rappers, and not just spending 10+ minutes shitting on them, but your continuous picking-apart bar-for-bar of songs that are ridiculously jam packed with countless amount of fantastic metaphors, entendres and similes is ridiculous. I could show you a perfect diamond and you'd find a smudge from my fingers and use it as a way to spend all day shitting on the fact that it isn't perfect, whilst avoiding acknowledging that 99% of it is incredible.

    I get that it's trendy to hate on em, but if you can show me any artist with a more diverse set of flows and rhyme patterns (outside of Tech N9ne) I'd love to hear it. Until then just stop it.

    • Mrbigweeknee
      Mrbigweeknee 4 days ago +3

      Comping this album, or anything technical rappers like Logic, Joyner, Eminem, etc., have released in the last ten years to a diamond is ludicrous. The albums have spotty production, no narrative value across the entire listen, countless cringe-worthy bars, and random puns which don't amount to anything artful.

  • J.R.
    J.R. 5 days ago

    1) TES
    2) MMLP
    3) SSLP
    4) Relapse
    5) MTBMB
    6) Recovery
    7) Kamikaze
    8) MMLP2
    9) Encore
    10) Revival

  • Ridouane Meskout
    Ridouane Meskout 5 days ago +1

    Melon nobody wanna see you catfishing 12 years old kids in Minecraft. Please stop and focus on the damn album or I fear I'll have to report you

  • kim coleman
    kim coleman 5 days ago

    Commenting about the comments is not a fair comment why melon

  • kim coleman
    kim coleman 5 days ago +1

    Talking about corona virus for 12 mins is not a fair review melon

  • Villa, E
    Villa, E 6 days ago +3

    Hate this album, haven’t liked any albums since MMLP2

    • Dimeo
      Dimeo 19 hours ago

      any albums at all? damn imagine going 7 years without liking any albums :(

  • Kung Fu Illustrator
    Kung Fu Illustrator 6 days ago

    The annoying thing about album reviews and people critiquing music is it feels like they don't actually really listen or take time to understand the material. There's this lazy habbit of over generalising and simplifying the songs

    • Mrbigweeknee
      Mrbigweeknee 4 days ago +3

      Anthony listens to the albums attentively 4-7 times completely before even writing a review.

  • Will .Fifield
    Will .Fifield 6 days ago +1

    Your fucking high

  • prod. h a r m 0 n y
    prod. h a r m 0 n y 6 days ago +2

    Lol this comment section makes no sense

    • Mayman
      Mayman 4 days ago

      inside joke

  • Travis S
    Travis S 7 days ago

    how can i request an album to be reviewed ? Please review haunted gardens by Sadistik

  • Jorrie Borstmayer
    Jorrie Borstmayer 7 days ago +1

    hahahahaha you're an idiot

  • Bigpond Pond
    Bigpond Pond 8 days ago

    Next Eminem album is gonna be a 6

  • Ник Лол
    Ник Лол 8 days ago

    Объясните мне пожалуйста, какого хера оценка 5/10, он охуел?

  • Axel
    Axel 8 days ago

    listened to this finally, best song imo is "yah yah"

  • Yehuda Turner
    Yehuda Turner 9 days ago

    Euthanasia like kids in Taiwan- youth in Asia

    • Mrbigweeknee
      Mrbigweeknee 4 days ago +2

      That is a horrible pun. It doesn't make any sense. "That booty is heavy duty like diarrhea" level of stupid.

  • Quicksilver_Cookie
    Quicksilver_Cookie 9 days ago +1

    Really, dude? Did that 13-minute flute solo in the second track bother you so much you only gave it a 5? Grow up.

  • ulosefish
    ulosefish 9 days ago

    The way you read the lyrics that you don’t like is so fucking annoying

  • Nick
    Nick 10 days ago +2

    Man about this awful review I can only say...If it happened to James
    It can happen to Shady
    They do the same shit to Brady
    More people hate him than love him
    This game will make you go crazy

  • stybbmaizter
    stybbmaizter 10 days ago

    Don't agree with the opinion, but I like the melon so is ok.

  • Sebastian Vera
    Sebastian Vera 10 days ago +1

    I know it’s your opinion but it’s still wrong.

  • Keaton Lane
    Keaton Lane 10 days ago

    i think little engine was an amazing track

  • Stanley Marshall
    Stanley Marshall 10 days ago +2

    Fuck you, you just don’t understand Eminem’s bars that he has blessed you with. They just flew over your disgusting bald head

    • Hugo Bustillo
      Hugo Bustillo 3 days ago +1

      @I know I’m retarded but And I like you too sir! Have a nice night. You too Stanley.

    • I know I’m retarded but
      I know I’m retarded but 3 days ago

      Hugo Bustillo I like you 😂

    • Hugo Bustillo
      Hugo Bustillo 3 days ago

      @Stanley Marshall I love this guy!

    • Hugo Bustillo
      Hugo Bustillo 3 days ago

      @Stanley Marshall And I love you too Stanley, have a nice day.

    • Stanley Marshall
      Stanley Marshall 3 days ago


  • Tea Wrld
    Tea Wrld 11 days ago +1

    The review is accurate tho
    I'm a big eminem fan and i agree with him☝🏼

  • Preyfix
    Preyfix 11 days ago +1

    I love all the songs on the album, even the bad ones

    • Preyfix
      Preyfix 4 days ago

      @Mrbigweeknee well i meant the songs he finds bad, i like all of them

    • Mrbigweeknee
      Mrbigweeknee 4 days ago

      why do you love bad things?

  • Uncomfortable Cat
    Uncomfortable Cat 12 days ago

    I love this comment section. God bless y'all.

  • Youtube CommentsBlow
    Youtube CommentsBlow 12 days ago

    You didn't give Never Love Again enough love. It's genius, same idea as Darkness except listenable. The whole thing's a double entrendre and there's literally nothing else like it out there. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, noone's put out a song where basically every line is a double entendre in line with the dual meaning of the song.

    Other than that review is fair-ish. I mean it's a melon music focused review with typical Em bias. Don't fault it. Only thing I do fault is the same thing he does with every rap review. Completely glosses over flow in favor of picking apart beats. Completely glosses over lyric highlights in favor of picking out and mocking bad lines. That's not even just an Em thing, it's theneedledrop hip hop reviews.

  • G Money
    G Money 12 days ago

    Revival still did numbers others artists dream of. 😂😂😂

    • G Money
      G Money 6 days ago

      not a cop and the words Eminem doesn’t have skill can never leave your mouth. If they do it’s obvious you’re just being a little girl. And numbers play a part in skill. They don’t determine it. If you’re selling you obviously have a skill. The way that skill is measured between artists with a similar skill is a fan debate but bottom line is numbers and skill a lot of time go hand in hand. It’s a stupid argument. Especially when he says it’s his worst album. Yea “his” worst album. It would be a flop other artists dream of. 🤷‍♂️

    • not a cop
      not a cop 6 days ago

      G Money numbers don’t determine skill

    • G Money
      G Money 6 days ago

      not a cop says the people who don’t have them. Bottom line is Eminem’s flops are better sold and received than ANY other artist. Numbers are why artists try to sell records. Get the fuck outta here saying they don’t matter.

    • not a cop
      not a cop 6 days ago

      G Money numbers don’t mean anything

  • Orovista The account
    Orovista The account 12 days ago +1

    Eminem stans using the you hate him because he’s white excuse rather than accepting he’s getting older and getting gradually worse,ok album 6/10


    Is this listentnig in march 2020
    This performance is fabulous
    0:38 🔥💃
    👇 👇 👇 👇💕

  • Alexandru Nisioi
    Alexandru Nisioi 12 days ago

    new eminem's new album "music to be murdered by album review" has a long title

  • Paranoia
    Paranoia 12 days ago +2

    Remember kids. He gave lil yachty a 7/10

  • Ollie
    Ollie 13 days ago +2

    Anyone else thinks it’s mildly concerning how he laughs at the start of each review for no reason

  • Xv Mooky
    Xv Mooky 13 days ago

    This guy doesn’t get Eminem like us really fans. Such a great album, I thinc it very god just a h8ter

    • Pr4thiDude
      Pr4thiDude 8 days ago

      @Xv Mooky ok whatever

    • Xv Mooky
      Xv Mooky 8 days ago

      Pr4thiDude yes I can rite a comment and that guy bein meen four night reesun

    • Pr4thiDude
      Pr4thiDude 8 days ago +2

      can you type???

    • Mother Coconuts
      Mother Coconuts 13 days ago +2

      ok stan

  • Anthony Parks
    Anthony Parks 13 days ago


  • Ali Rgh
    Ali Rgh 13 days ago +2

    Oh no no this guy is realy stupid
    I try so hard to not to say this
    But his bullshits don't stop

  • carlotheemo
    carlotheemo 13 days ago +2

    Wtf is this comment section hahahahahah love it

  • BLACKout Mike
    BLACKout Mike 13 days ago

    ooooffff bad video.

  • Salt 420
    Salt 420 14 days ago +1

    This low key was my entire feeling about the album it had some good parts some weird parts and some mmmmmkay parts I would probably give it a high 6 or a low 7

  • Lincoln Paull
    Lincoln Paull 14 days ago

    I found waldo

  • adankus amemeus
    adankus amemeus 14 days ago

    You only hate Eminem 'cause his alter ego's Slim Shady and not your fantasized sex character Little Skittle

    • SJ
      SJ 10 days ago

      Lil Skittle, lol thnks for the rap name 🤣👌

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 15 days ago


  • Joshuca
    Joshuca 15 days ago +1

    Could you possibly be mad, brother?

  • Vortex YT
    Vortex YT 15 days ago +2

    when he said he would kill Eminem and his mother so they could go to hell and live an eternity with each other because they were black, that was not very nice.

  • Adamskka
    Adamskka 15 days ago

    Son palmarès : il est chauve

  • Aevex.
    Aevex. 15 days ago

    i agree with most points you made but i think the album deserves atleast a 6.5 or a 7 other than that great review

  • JustAddFIRE!
    JustAddFIRE! 15 days ago

    When you take a step back and realize you’ve been fed nothing but negativity and sonic poison your whole life

    • JustAddFIRE!
      JustAddFIRE! 6 days ago

      @Jimbo H Twice. Can't you count?

    • Jimbo H
      Jimbo H 11 days ago

      Mother Coconuts how many times r u gonna comment the same thing?

    • Mother Coconuts
      Mother Coconuts 13 days ago

      ok stan

  • JustAddFIRE!
    JustAddFIRE! 15 days ago

    How about ‘Music to get a good job and live a happy life’

  • cj hepburn
    cj hepburn 16 days ago

    The Divine Comedy Regeneration, Ash Free All Angels or Mansun Attack of the Grey Lantern or Six. Brit/Irish Albums.

  • cj hepburn
    cj hepburn 16 days ago

    Take it as a hint. Haaaa!

  • cj hepburn
    cj hepburn 16 days ago

    Countin' My Toes! Lol!

  • cj hepburn
    cj hepburn 16 days ago

    No Joe Budden. Joe shoulda squashed da beef. Lol.

  • cj hepburn
    cj hepburn 16 days ago

    Young MA....Late Juice WRLD. Trying to Hybrid it.

  • XxStrawberries4MexX 0.0
    XxStrawberries4MexX 0.0 16 days ago +1

    You are so hard to please. Easily 7.5/10

  • Phil Ohlrogge
    Phil Ohlrogge 17 days ago +3


  • Tryx
    Tryx 17 days ago

    *"These chicks are spazzing out I only get more handsome and flier I got em' passin out like what you do when you hand someone flyers"*