Rich Brian Experiences Peak Bromance While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Feb 8, 2018
  • Rap phenom Rich Brian just became the first Asian artist to ever reach #1 on the iTunes Hip Hop Chart with his debut album, "Amen." But how is he with hot food? Find out as Indonesian-born, Internet-bred emcee goes wing for wing with Sean Evans in the Hot Ones terror dome. As he faces down sauces like Extreme Karma and Da Bomb, Brian discusses touring with Joji, his bromance with Post Malone, and the finer points of fanny-pack fashion.
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    Oh , your welcome and I love you too 💋

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    get it?

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    This makes me sooo hungry

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    Chad Ponder 6 hours ago

    Can anybody look back at the recipe Brian said for me? Yes I’m lazy but I’m also hungry😂

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    Muffin 6 hours ago

    you have a great day 2

  • Chriz Sea.
    Chriz Sea. 9 hours ago

    This guy actually seems genuine. Crazy to say haha. I have more respect towards him.

  • Khairul Azlan
    Khairul Azlan 9 hours ago

    One of the smartest artist?

    BLOOD 10 hours ago

    what is porn

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    NEXT KSI!!

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    Maroza Sulaiman 11 hours ago

    Rich Brian, the only person who was sad over a sacrificed goat

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    Angelo Andre 11 hours ago

    That Tinoransak though 😍😍😍

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    I didn't know this guy, but damn, he's really cool

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    thx brian for

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    Love this boye..
    And this boye hadn't sweat yo..

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    damn. he really eat it (that's why i love this channel)

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    PotatoDroid 97 20 hours ago

    Invite corey taylor please

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    harfi212 21 hour ago

    not even ask his opinion about changing the name, the question really lame. you guys go easy on him just because he's still kid

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    francisco Lopez 22 hours ago

    George Lopez or Gabriel Iglesias

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    lenny biller 22 hours ago

    get childish gambino/donald glover

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    Joshua Peralta 23 hours ago

    Wasn’t it rich chigga before

    • Jesus Ramirez
      Jesus Ramirez 6 hours ago

      Joshua Peralta He changed his name because he wanted to be taken seriously

  • David Creech
    David Creech Day ago

    Such a wholesome guy

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    Ivan Bustelo Day ago

    3:13 wow just two chicken wings and brian became black

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    Anyone of the Asap Mob next👌🏾

  • lmao nice
    lmao nice Day ago

    This interview is like if someone asked me to explain all the weird shit I say at 3 AM in a professional environment

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    rich chigga

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    he eating like he didnt eat for days let the man eat hahah

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    Choccy milk 😍

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    Kenton Nigrelli Day ago

    Sounds like he is always talking with food in his mouth, even when there is none.

  • The Adventures of Bonnie and Foxy

    10:26 hi welcome to chilis

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    Trevor Kobe Day ago

    Happy 100th episode of Hot Ones!

  • Bassotronics
    Bassotronics Day ago

    @ 7:20 “Cooking for people is such a pure thing to do. It’s like saying ‘I love you’ without saying it”
    -Rich Brian-

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    Lauren Kozak Day ago

    Pissed at both Seans for not telling my boy to wipe his fucking nose 😪

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  • V i r t u a l b o y

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    $5 says he's still chewing...

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    Where's Rich Chigga?

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    The fuck IS number 9 plutonium?

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    This generation is so selfish SHOWS KYLIE JENNER'S PIC.

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    Wait joji in indonesia and i didnt event notice shite

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    So Pedessss

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    Save some pussy for the rest of us quavo

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    I love this guy.

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    very nice

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    brian is so adorable haha

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    My parents are probably watching this soooo I don’t know what your talking about dude 🤣🤣🤣

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    Tinorangsak is Manado Cuisine, when you get back to your hometown man ?

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    I need to meet rich Brian he’s so chill

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    Why tf does YT keep unsubbing me from First We Feast?

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    DarthPotatoe 2 days ago

    Has Brian tasted babi gluling?

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    Eli Schwartz 2 days ago

    so when he goes on tour does he just play that one song?

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    i can feel brian slipping in and out of consciousness omg

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    This is psyched substances third channel, really cool!

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    Wow, I didn't think I would like him, but he seems like a cool dude.

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    ncode03 2 days ago

    This is the first time watching hot ones I would relate to the experience of the guest if I did the challenge.

  • Viking Variety
    Viking Variety 2 days ago

    When are we gonna see real celebrities or decent artists? I know it’s easier to get z listers but come on.

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    Somebody for the love of god watch this on acid.

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    He has a cute smile everr

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    David Condra 2 days ago

    What's up with 5 seconds of Neil deGrasse Tyson?

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    hey I use kproxy to get past the porn block in Singapore too

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    What's up with his legs, I can't see them

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    I'm eating honey garlic wings while i watch this you pussys

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    Thenextgen60 2 days ago

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  • JackstandJohnny
    JackstandJohnny 2 days ago

    So Rich Chigga changed His name to not offend people and NOBODY is gonna talk about it? WEAK. FUCKING WEEEEEAAAAAAK.

  • tall sensei
    tall sensei 2 days ago

    Bring Hot Sauce the and1 basketball player so this show can be complete lol.

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    Tricky Hunter 2 days ago

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    shiiit! he handled the wings dam well.

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    No idea who he is but I'll watch for sean

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    10:28 welcome to chili’s

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    Gotta love Brian, he's nice AF.

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    Dan Mccroskey 3 days ago

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    Holy shit he has a high spicy food tolerance

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    Sean being wholesome as hell! Bringing that positive vibe to us all, thank you!

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    he's adorable lol so down to earth

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    love rich brian’s personality

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    Anyone else catch Neil degrass Tyson or am i insane

  • The Malay-American Guy

    Brian is such a nice and genuine person

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    VPN doesn't work in indonesia anymore FUCK

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    I think he was the toughest dude

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    I like how they brought out chocolate milk for Brian.

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    Kaliah Pleasant 4 days ago

    Why did he change his name from rich chigga to rich Brian???? Rich Chigga as a stage name is lit

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    Big Bung 4 days ago

    I wanna get on this show so I can switch him at the end so I can see if his wings are hot too

  • Rob L
    Rob L 4 days ago

    I love this show but they really need to get better celebrity guests. Half the guests are people only tweens know.

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