Rich Brian Experiences Peak Bromance While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Feb 8, 2018
  • Rap phenom Rich Brian just became the first Asian artist to ever reach #1 on the iTunes Hip Hop Chart with his debut album, "Amen." But how is he with hot food? Find out as Indonesian-born, Internet-bred emcee goes wing for wing with Sean Evans in the Hot Ones terror dome. As he faces down sauces like Extreme Karma and Da Bomb, Brian discusses touring with Joji, his bromance with Post Malone, and the finer points of fanny-pack fashion.
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  • Animal finatic
    Animal finatic 4 days ago

    don't get me wrong, I had a different idea of what he would be like in my head, but watching this really makes me see him as the cool guy he is.

  • Maddy Bui
    Maddy Bui 4 days ago

    Omg blow ur nose rich!

  • asian -_-
    asian -_- 5 days ago +1

    16:50 awwww

  • Crea
    Crea 6 days ago

    10:28 Mom said it's my turn to use the X Box.

  • Victor Rogers
    Victor Rogers 7 days ago

    We need like a fan hot ones cause I need to be on the show 🤣

  • Karen R Baldenegro
    Karen R Baldenegro 7 days ago

    "People say that this generation is so selfish it's so self absorbed"
    **insert Kylie Jenner pic**


  • Mrtastytoes
    Mrtastytoes 7 days ago

    this dude need somes braces or grills cuz his fucking shit is wack and im bouta fucking puke

  • DeVantier
    DeVantier 11 days ago

    7:19, this is like my new and only motivation to learn how to cook well. One of the best quotes ever

  • Marco Torres
    Marco Torres 11 days ago


  • Rachel Su
    Rachel Su 12 days ago


  • Corbin White
    Corbin White 13 days ago

    One of my favorite interviews

  • Corbin White
    Corbin White 14 days ago

    Because life is a highway. And I just want to fucking ride it like all day long

  • Joseph Xie
    Joseph Xie 16 days ago


  • koreanfreak24
    koreanfreak24 16 days ago

    He is so wholesome I fucking love him

  • Beast Mode 070
    Beast Mode 070 18 days ago +1

    Rice bois

  • Nouran Halim
    Nouran Halim 18 days ago

    I didn't know him before bcuz I'm not really into rap songs but I like him more now he seems so genuine and kind..
    all love to u Rich❤

  • Giovanny Hernandez
    Giovanny Hernandez 19 days ago

    10:05 “hi welcome to chillis”

  • Drank 宛あよSit down イヴぁ


  • Ly Thúy Nguyễn
    Ly Thúy Nguyễn 20 days ago

    cute but you prolly should refer to a girl as a girl/woman and not a female...

  • Sumdudenamed Tim
    Sumdudenamed Tim 20 days ago

    One of my new favorites. Something about him talking with his mouth full makes him seem relatable even though I would never...

  • xiao lee song
    xiao lee song 21 day ago

    okay but those wings look crispy as fuck these are the crispiest i've seen them on any of the episodes

  • Mut Fek
    Mut Fek 21 day ago

    his ugly laugh is so pure it makes me smile

  • Gaby González
    Gaby González 22 days ago

    He's so sweet! ❤

  • starman
    starman 24 days ago

    omg he’s adorable

  • Pamela Mudjimu
    Pamela Mudjimu 24 days ago

    a lil out of topic but Brian actually knows how to cook Manadonese cuisine (the Tinoransak) blows my mind😂👏 hubby-material right there😜👌

  • jimin's little chili pepper in yoongi's hot buns

    i dont even know who this guy is but i ended up watching the whole thing...

  • jimin's little chili pepper in yoongi's hot buns

    i wanna try all those wingsss

  • JoeyGoesGlobal
    JoeyGoesGlobal 24 days ago +1

    I've been an English teacher in Indonesia for the past 7 years and hearing this guy talk is so damn inspirational. I was teaching during the time he was growing up in Jakarta and learning English and watching TVclip videos. He reminds me so much of some of my students who would talk nonstop about American TVcliprs and how much watching their videos have inspired them and endeared them to American culture. I've had some super smart girls and boys basically run circles in language development compared to the kids that weren't doing this. TVclip will always be a better English teacher than me.
    Indonesians are wonderful people and even though there are many aspects of the culture I disagree with and there are forces at work in his country to stifle the kind of self-education and mind-opening that he's doing, by and large the population is full of curious, intelligent and "ready for the next step" kind of youth.
    I love this.

  • Lyngen Gamer
    Lyngen Gamer 26 days ago

    bro that teeth that is anoying af, but love you tho.

  • Ntpilon
    Ntpilon 26 days ago

    It would be amazing if you got Bo Burnham to do this

  • Claire Ervin
    Claire Ervin 27 days ago

    the softest boy

  • Vertical Sombrero
    Vertical Sombrero 27 days ago

    I think Brian helped reinvigorate Eric’s youtube career here.. it was really nice of him to do that. Good shit

  • J. S.
    J. S. 27 days ago

    Brian seems like a genuinely sweet, friendly and chill guy! Definitely checking his music out!!

  • Dank games
    Dank games 28 days ago

    Such a chill guy, he would make a great friend. :)

  • Gregory Ford
    Gregory Ford 28 days ago

    Sean looked so touched

    TD BOOMIN' 29 days ago

    I remember the first time I stumbled across Sean. It was like 2am and I was scrolling through TVclip vids and happen watch this random white guy do these random drug reviews as he was at home by himself or with a friend and he would vlog the whole side effects. Now look at him he has great thing going on now. Congrats! Love these vids! Keep up the great work!

  • Dark Sinestra
    Dark Sinestra 29 days ago

    3:12 to 3:19 what was that clip there for?

  • bernhardtsen74
    bernhardtsen74 Month ago

    I have Daves insanity hot sauce on my shelf!time to use it again!it was used twice last year and I couldnt eat the food properly!I better find the good balance between broth and sauce this time!

  • N 3LSON
    N 3LSON Month ago

    I spend 10 mins on pornhub

  • Acid Vortex
    Acid Vortex Month ago


  • Lyn Park
    Lyn Park Month ago


  • Bass Killer
    Bass Killer Month ago

    Hi im indonesian

  • Isaiah Dominguez
    Isaiah Dominguez Month ago

    He's such a chill ass dude, and his vibe puts me inna good ass mood. The music he makes...its pure in a goofy way. What a way to spice up the music industry brian. Much love.

  • Enam Hussain
    Enam Hussain Month ago

    I wish more celebs were like this

  • Kazumi ._.
    Kazumi ._. Month ago

    is it weird that i just want to hug him for like noooo reason xD

  • Rainie
    Rainie Month ago

    So glad hes indonesian

  • Tempus Non
    Tempus Non Month ago

    Val kilmer

  • hodaaa
    hodaaa Month ago

    put 6ix9ine on here

  • A101Currystick C6H12O6

    Damn he started loosing his shit at 15:00 lmao 😂😂

  • gucci
    gucci Month ago

    This dude chews so slow

  • Zack Lenhart
    Zack Lenhart Month ago

    5 seasons still don't understand the last dab

  • Haplila Aap
    Haplila Aap Month ago

    Wings nya gaada apa-apanya sama richeese lvl 5 ya :(

  • ferro Ibrahim
    ferro Ibrahim Month ago

    The same

  • asphoto vid
    asphoto vid Month ago

    He is from my country. Sooo proud

  • //Jaamin// :3
    //Jaamin// :3 Month ago

    I was smiling throughout the whole video :) brian makes me smile so much 😭

  • Medkit
    Medkit Month ago

    Real ones know

    Rich chigga

  • rafli affandi
    rafli affandi Month ago

    use vpn sure

  • Good Ass Chocolate Milk

    The wings got this boy snottin

  • Eten Lite
    Eten Lite Month ago


  • we out here
    we out here Month ago

    Just randomly cut to neil degrasse tyson

  • Calvin Alexander
    Calvin Alexander Month ago

    Tinorangsak was the best with pork

  • Peaches Zuki
    Peaches Zuki Month ago

    “Mm it’s a creeper.. it’s a creeper, this one” 😂

  • Trip333s
    Trip333s Month ago

    This guy Sean's mannerisms tick me the fuck off for some reason... anyone else?

  • park dion
    park dion Month ago

    ok i fell inlove

  • Summer_Here
    Summer_Here Month ago


  • alfrdzv
    alfrdzv Month ago


  • T O P
    T O P Month ago keep waiting

  • Historic
    Historic Month ago

    0:11 he's just peering at the camera my guy is such a troll

  • Willy Widianto
    Willy Widianto Month ago

    He just keeps eating.

  • 이혜연
    이혜연 Month ago

    he's so cute

  • E.Jackson
    E.Jackson Month ago

    Those wings be lookin a little Crispy

  • Leigh Mendoza
    Leigh Mendoza Month ago

    Mo please!, (karen marie) pls pls pls

  • Henaz066
    Henaz066 Month ago

    These videos make me thirsty.

  • Andrian Hendrawan
    Andrian Hendrawan Month ago

    18:47 Twitter profile pic approved

  • Ababil Fanani
    Ababil Fanani Month ago

    thanks for the VPN link :)

  • fifty seven
    fifty seven Month ago

    man i did some research, he has the same name and age as rich chigga

  • culture04dc
    culture04dc Month ago

    God I hate these Asian rats that study our accents, culture and then try to take it and make money off of it. This ugly little 3rd world fuck is a poser, who wishes he was American. You are not American, you are a thief, pimply and ugly...fucking rat

  • aRandomOwl62
    aRandomOwl62 Month ago

    Why the duck was bill Cosby mixed with Carl Sagan in this? xD

  • SpayKe
    SpayKe Month ago

    its time to get schwifty


    I came to see people freak out over heat. But, I stayed for the incredible interviewing skills and in depth Q & A

  • peiran song
    peiran song Month ago

    Every guest would say ‘yo that’s really good’ when it comes to the hot one sauce, I wonder why?;);)

  • Reece Elkins
    Reece Elkins Month ago

    i love food

  • Jolie Aranda
    Jolie Aranda Month ago

    He ain’t shy

  • Aziz Aja
    Aziz Aja Month ago

    Can't see any Indonesians here. Anyone? 😁😂

  • Anthony Hord
    Anthony Hord Month ago

    yo i might be wrong but in the early seasons they ordered wings from restraunts and then rolled it in sauce now they are rolling them in sauce and then cooking them so its probably way less hot

  • Aditya Ronggolawe
    Aditya Ronggolawe Month ago

    Rich brian....

  • fisk andersen
    fisk andersen Month ago

    dope rich brian is the homie

  • MaNameMaJEFF
    MaNameMaJEFF Month ago +2

    Hey Welcome to Chillies....!!!

  • Geton Mylvl
    Geton Mylvl Month ago

    Rich Chigga

  • Zachary Gutierrez
    Zachary Gutierrez Month ago

    Them wings look burnt as shit

  • YO ViViO
    YO ViViO Month ago

    Brian is Love. Brian is Life.

  • YO ViViO
    YO ViViO Month ago

    Brian is just alil bit of EVERYTHING

  • Brad Willard
    Brad Willard Month ago

    Rip rich chigga

  • Cody Halfaday
    Cody Halfaday 2 months ago

    Did Brian have the sniffles

  • Jessica Boyer
    Jessica Boyer 2 months ago

    you need to get tyler the creator on here

  • abvhrulz
    abvhrulz 2 months ago

    Rich Brian is so entertaining.

  • Light Dark
    Light Dark 2 months ago

    filthy frank

  • toxic waste
    toxic waste 2 months ago

    He did a good job at everything but wiping his nose! U guys are dope!

  • kwf x
    kwf x 2 months ago

    This is the first episode I've watched where the sauce variety is completely different, I love the lineup!

  • ada Yanto
    ada Yanto 2 months ago

    Love brian, im from Indonesia!!!