Half-Life: ALYX

  • Published on Nov 23, 2019
  • How things have changed in the 15 years since we first saw her kicking ass! Enjoy this edit of old trailers featuring Alyx.
    Let me know below in the comments what you think of the HL:A announcement!
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Comments • 343

  • Pointlel
    Pointlel 25 days ago

    2:26 can we talk about those 2 animations?? How they're so badass how come I've never seen them before??

  • OkieDokie
    OkieDokie Month ago

    Weird to think I'm ageing with Half-Life 2... Whelp. At least I'm ageing with the best game series known to man.

  • planemod
    planemod Month ago

    Nearly all this is from half life 2 series made already

  • xuanhieu tran
    xuanhieu tran Month ago

    Omg i can't believe this is happen

  • xuanhieu tran
    xuanhieu tran Month ago


  • Jabek
    Jabek Month ago +1

    Funny that Gordon is always off screen.

  • Combien Retro
    Combien Retro Month ago +2

    We need Half life: Barney

    • Free2pro Gamer
      Free2pro Gamer Month ago

      But Blue Shift exists,so there is no point in making a new HL game centerED ariund him

  • dexuur
    dexuur Month ago +1

    Disclaimer: HALF LIFE: ALYX (or HLVR) IS NOT HALF LIFE 3, IT IS A STORY BASED INBETWEEN HALF LIFE 1 AND HALF LIFE 2, still fucking amazing that we got a half life game though

  • The ToyMareGaming v2

    Wheres gordon freeman?

  • RcesarR
    RcesarR Month ago

    Hope you feel pretty bad about shitting on Tyler from VNN for all these years lol

  • PabloRoblox2008
    PabloRoblox2008 Month ago

    leaked gameplay only for 10k robux? SIGN ME UP

  • Donny Kurniawan
    Donny Kurniawan 2 months ago +3

    Half - life : Alyx
    No no no it's
    Quarter - Life : Alex

  • Milan Vuković
    Milan Vuković 2 months ago

    thats not half life alyx these are scenes from half life episode 1 and 2

  • Allan Jones
    Allan Jones 2 months ago

    I hope you make a gameplay of it.

  • Martin Seitune
    Martin Seitune 2 months ago


  • DeadMemeMan
    DeadMemeMan 2 months ago


  • Hans Laeiners
    Hans Laeiners 2 months ago

    I feel baited but I watch it anyway

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 2 months ago +1

    feels crazy to hear it’s been 15 years

  • FoxYin_11
    FoxYin_11 2 months ago +1

    Half Life: Dog

  • tri-troy
    tri-troy 2 months ago

    The one female character that didnt give a shit that she was a lady.

  • Leonardo Guzman
    Leonardo Guzman 2 months ago +2

    Half life 2:Gordon
    That's a game they have to make

  • oxicleaninmyass
    oxicleaninmyass 2 months ago

    I'm buying a fr kit just to play :-)

  • [Defunct Spunk]
    [Defunct Spunk] 2 months ago

    God Bless Merle Danbridge and God bless Valve for finally getting off their asses.

  • Pvolas
    Pvolas 2 months ago

    pls do for pc :,(

  • Toaster
    Toaster 2 months ago +7

    Only now have I noticed that Alyx’s gun has little to no recoil.

    • Wrecker DeeZ
      Wrecker DeeZ Month ago

      Oh my god, I never thought of this! Recoil will be dead in VR games!

  • Armada Gaming
    Armada Gaming 2 months ago

    Half-Life Episode 1

  • NovaGhost
    NovaGhost 2 months ago +4

    15 years and billions of VRless players are still left waiting

  • blue name
    blue name 2 months ago

    Me:gaben how many half life games who aren t mode You released?
    Gaben:this is just a test after 5 months of the release of half life alyx we will release hl3 trailer

    • g3o.graphy_2526_
      g3o.graphy_2526_ Month ago

      That's not gonna happen. Why would this game be a test?

  • onejerkpixaslice127
    onejerkpixaslice127 2 months ago +2

    At least can you have the moment to create an actual model for Gordon?

  • BigMacDavis
    BigMacDavis 2 months ago +5

    "Got room for two in that hazard suit?" >:D

  • Mr.Kirand
    Mr.Kirand 2 months ago +1

    Half-Life: Dog

    • Mr.Kirand
      Mr.Kirand 18 days ago

      @AndyMG 05 half-life: Gordon

    • AndyMG 05
      AndyMG 05 18 days ago

      Half-Life: Kleiner

  • Kaplar87
    Kaplar87 2 months ago

    half life 1 was a ground breaking game, sparking the FPS genre as we know it today. Half life 3 needs to be ground breaking game as well, it deserves nothing less. VR is new ground breaking gaming tech, until they figure out how to let you move freely within VR and it gets 100% flawless we will not see HL3. HL:Alyx is proving my point. VR game, that will test the the water, remove bugs within system, further purifying/perfecting the entire VR experience. It is paving the road to a perfect HL3 game.

  • Kurt Rozentaun
    Kurt Rozentaun 2 months ago +2

    Feels like 2007 machinima

  • Алексей Николаев

    Why am I crying when I'm remembering this😥😥😥?

  • ray lowery
    ray lowery 2 months ago

    I can't believe Steam (and Valve) expects me to run out and buy a computer and equiptment to play this VR game, don't think so, they just lost a customer, unlesss the game can be played outside of VR mode. Anyone know if that will be possible, or if a non-VR game will be available in the future? What a crock of shi....................see ya later Steam and Valve...............

    • Fredrick Rourk
      Fredrick Rourk 2 months ago

      Boneworks made them do it.
      Watch the latest play vid on TVclip

  • Vasiliy Vasiliy
    Vasiliy Vasiliy 2 months ago

    Half life 2, episode 1 and 2 trailer

  • TheArtkaw
    TheArtkaw 2 months ago

    I wiiiiished Valve would remaster HL2 and both Episodes...

  • Zoltán Perei
    Zoltán Perei 2 months ago

    Alyx Vance = Independent. Strong. Female. Character.

  • Oyun Tuşu Brawl Stars Kanalı OTBSK


  • Harvey Kitchen
    Harvey Kitchen 2 months ago +1

    imagine that gman model from half life Alyx trailer into black mesa

    • Harvey Kitchen
      Harvey Kitchen Month ago

      well im only a poor goose who cant afford gmod

    • Pepper Millers
      Pepper Millers Month ago

      @Harvey Kitchen sure, but Gmod is a sandbox, so obviously it will be there

    • Harvey Kitchen
      Harvey Kitchen Month ago

      how bout gmod

    • Pepper Millers
      Pepper Millers Month ago

      @Harvey Kitchen ehhhhhh... they're good for Source 1 standards and fit the art style. Plus, it's not like you see him up close a lot in HL1 or BM.

    • Harvey Kitchen
      Harvey Kitchen Month ago

      yeah but the facial animations are kinda crappy for him

  • NoobGyver
    NoobGyver 2 months ago

    Will gordon die here, we didn't see him once in trailers

    • dexuur
      dexuur Month ago

      @NoobGyver *picture of gordon snorting grandads ashes*

    • NoobGyver
      NoobGyver Month ago

      @g3o.graphy_2526_ yes i just realised. Maybe this is going to fullfill the story so we can understand the finnal episode

    • g3o.graphy_2526_
      g3o.graphy_2526_ Month ago

      Half-Life: Alyx is set before HL2. Gordon is still in stasis at this time.

    • NoobGyver
      NoobGyver 2 months ago +1

      @halo hunter *picture of gordon sniffing ashes*

    • halo hunter
      halo hunter 2 months ago

      He hasn't woke up to smell the ashes yet...

  • Mad Duckling 42
    Mad Duckling 42 2 months ago

    I need another half life op4 or blue shift

  • Plλyer
    Plλyer 2 months ago

    Man,i wish that the game was for PC and VR.

  • Tom Mason
    Tom Mason 2 months ago

    Alyx is so badass. Thats what need to be called a "strong female character" and not this bullshit nowadays.

    • halo hunter
      halo hunter 2 months ago

      Yea total badass... Hey I'm going to climb up and find a way through, have fun with that radioactive tunnel.

  • Yuuki Terumi
    Yuuki Terumi 2 months ago +1

    Some of us didn't last to this day.....


  • superz777
    superz777 2 months ago +2

    *Action* -- 1:43

  • Alex Lamprey
    Alex Lamprey 2 months ago

    Kinda looks like a cool game

  • Magical Shibe
    Magical Shibe 2 months ago

    I hope tf3 is next

  • Joe Domani
    Joe Domani 2 months ago

    Probably not gonna play this since its on VR. But looking forward to watching you play it!

  • 40k Souls
    40k Souls 2 months ago

    Esto si es un trailer...

  • matyDJ 678
    matyDJ 678 2 months ago +1

    i dont like v.r. we have waiting all this years for this? that´s unacceptable.

    • g3o.graphy_2526_
      g3o.graphy_2526_ Month ago

      Dude, VR is amazing. Half-Life has always been about revolutionizing video games. VR is just the logical next step.
      Besides, VNN has been reporting about HLVR for the last 6 months. It's not like we had no warning.

    • Jack Survana
      Jack Survana 2 months ago

      You aren't entitled

  • Hanh Nguyen
    Hanh Nguyen 2 months ago

    Now we can finally get hugged by Alyx in VR.

    • g3o.graphy_2526_
      g3o.graphy_2526_ Month ago

      How? We play as Alyx. We can't exactly hug ourselves.

  • Gato
    Gato 2 months ago


  • Vaporweave
    Vaporweave 2 months ago


  • Tezla Insanity
    Tezla Insanity 2 months ago

    Its a shame that in the new game they replaced Alyx's Voice Actor but I guess it makes sense since its supposed to show us a younger Alyx Vance?

  • AleksWorkshop
    AleksWorkshop 2 months ago

    waifu's back

  • Essential Jet
    Essential Jet 2 months ago +1

    I can tell Bolloxed is quite excited for Alyx...

  • This Isn't Con Miều
    This Isn't Con Miều 2 months ago +1

    Instead of making a "number 3". They made a spin off.

    • Greentrapped
      Greentrapped Month ago

      @Yuuki Terumi I'm trying to explain you that you're wrong, while you're being really toxic. By your logic Gordon freakman, crack life and all other shitpost mods are canon.

    • Yuuki Terumi
      Yuuki Terumi Month ago

      And why are you still keep trying to win this conversation?

      Valve still did not give a single fuck about them using their trademark copyrights

    • Greentrapped
      Greentrapped Month ago

      @Yuuki Terumi 1. It's not on greenlight.
      2. Greenlight was shut down long ago.
      3. If it's on greenlight, it doesn't mean Valve approves it.
      Jesus Christ why are you so dense?

    • Yuuki Terumi
      Yuuki Terumi Month ago

      then why its on green light then?

    • Greentrapped
      Greentrapped Month ago

      @Yuuki Terumi Valve did not.

  • Evan Henking
    Evan Henking 2 months ago +4

    Who else thought this would be a parody?

  • patorrisse
    patorrisse 2 months ago +1

    well, am i the only one that saw "half life 2: episode three" ?

    • patorrisse
      patorrisse 2 months ago

      i just screamed WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?!