Insidious: The Last Key - Movie Review


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  • Pasha ___
    Pasha ___ 28 days ago

    The movie is below average, but is still not terrible in my opinion and could have been much worse. Overall I think it’s just as good as the third but worse than the second and first.

  • JP Alpha
    JP Alpha 4 months ago

    The girls in this movie, wow

  • red 19
    red 19 4 months ago

    I love me a good insidious film...

  • ramalamalamakadingadadingadong

    This movie was bullshitty

  • Phil S
    Phil S 5 months ago

    She can only carry so much too!

  • Phil S
    Phil S 5 months ago

    If 3 was any indication, its time to throw away the key lol

  • Brayden Dean
    Brayden Dean 5 months ago

    I liked it, but it wasn't as good as the first one.

  • djJames
    djJames 5 months ago

    I hope that was the last movie

  • Pennywise Dancing clown

    Name 2 actors that are amazing ok go

    Bill skarsgård

    Cholë grace mortez

  • lynxipoo francis
    lynxipoo francis 5 months ago


  • Moshe Greenberg
    Moshe Greenberg 6 months ago

    How does this nob head have more subs than Red Letter Media!

  • Blood Rain
    Blood Rain 6 months ago

    Kind of disappointing, yeah i enjoyed some scenes and the "main" demon scared me but they didn't give it like a background story, there's some parts in the trailer that are not even in the movie ffs, i love the insidious saga but this was the leasted i liked.

  • Noobelli
    Noobelli 7 months ago

    I'm an Insidious superfan and I will say that this movie was complete garbage to me. Every scare was a loud ass jumpscare with nothing that scary in it.

  • WalkTheDreamscape
    WalkTheDreamscape 7 months ago

    how can you still jump from jump scares that you claim to see from a mile away?

  • Ryan O'Cerous
    Ryan O'Cerous 7 months ago +1

    I'll see it when it comes out on Blu Ray, will probably enjoy it maybe not as much as the ones before but still have a good time.

  • skte2die
    skte2die 7 months ago

    This movie is total crap. I slept through 85% of it.

  • Cobbster PT
    Cobbster PT 7 months ago

    I liked this movie, actually. It was enjoyable, it scared me, I liked the story, I liked the characters. It was pretty good. Nothing special, I still prefer the first 2 chapters. But I liked this one more compared to Chapter 3 because I felt it was more well-balanced with humour and the story was more personal

  • Agyeiwaa Quashie
    Agyeiwaa Quashie 7 months ago

    It sucked. The Dialogue was its ultimate downfall.

  • Niels Happylife
    Niels Happylife 7 months ago

    this was the most boring movie ever in the last 20 min i was literally sleeping in the movietheater :S they ruint it!

  • Kenneth Monfil
    Kenneth Monfil 7 months ago

    What I didn't liked bout the "movie" is that the "spooky theme" was not included when the "title" of the "film" appeared.

  • emily_astronomer
    emily_astronomer 7 months ago

    I feel like a found footage horror movie "could" be really creepy/good.

  • Addison Tharpe
    Addison Tharpe 7 months ago

    I was falling asleep in the movie theater and I smoked before I wife was also falling asleep. She didn’t really wanna go see it but we wanted to go to the movie theaters but wanted to see a scary movie.

  • Adrian Santacruz
    Adrian Santacruz 8 months ago

    Insidiou5: We Found More Key5

  • SilentskylighT
    SilentskylighT 8 months ago

    Definitely should review the Creep movies, both are on Netflix and both are surprisingly good recent horror movies. The 1st came out a few years ago but the 2nd just came out and was as good if not better than 1. Found footage but done right. I hope you review them!

  • Ahmed Habichuela Adam
    Ahmed Habichuela Adam 8 months ago

    It could have been better
    I was expecting something more Scary like how the last Annabelle was

  • Luminous Productions
    Luminous Productions 8 months ago +1

    Well, you said over and over again this movie is unnecesary after the 'Insidious' trilogy, but to be honest, the third one was the 'GoW: Ascension' of 'Insidious'.
    This one at least, complete the circle between the first two movies. The third one is just an isolated case. 'The Last Key' too, with that only difference. So.. your kinda wrong.

    • Adrian Santacruz
      Adrian Santacruz 8 months ago

      Luminous Productions yea I was thinking that too the original Insidious Trilogy isn’t done yet because these last two films were prequels

  • MC R-Techz
    MC R-Techz 8 months ago

    Yup, this was the worst of the bunch.
    Too much 'humour' which takes the 'horror' aspect away.
    That girl didn't even seem upset that her sister was being taken away in the ambulance presumably dead lmao

  • Jasurian Moodley
    Jasurian Moodley 8 months ago

    in insidious 2 at the end Elise's ghost goes a house and sees something I want to know when are they going to complete that story I have been waiting 4 years to find out then boom insidious 3 then now boom insidious 4 which has nothing to do with the end of part 2
    do you know anything about this

    • Adrian Santacruz
      Adrian Santacruz 8 months ago

      Jasurian Moodley chapter 4 ending kind of hints at the red face demon from the first one and is also the demon she hears at the end of the chapter 2 so maybe that’s a hint that chapter 5 will definitely continue where chapter 2 left off

  • Jalen Hardin
    Jalen Hardin 8 months ago

    I know it's kinda off genre but you should do "the Punisher" review

  • Nihilzen
    Nihilzen 8 months ago

    I remember Jeremy said he hoped the 3rd installment would be the last, just have it be a trilogy. Well here we are.. at least you liked it!

  • Jam Lutz
    Jam Lutz 8 months ago +1

    Saw this Tuesday, I was impressed. I liked this one better than chapter 2 and about the same as chapter 3. Less annoying than 3’s character that say”Like my mom listened to vintage records, like....” Insidious always has some cheesy moments / acting but was a really good time. A friend showed me these movies, this will be the first one I will own.

  • JaylonMartin TheAuthor
    JaylonMartin TheAuthor 8 months ago +2

    I liked the movie it had a really good plot but insidious 3 was better than the last key in my opinion

  • Sippin purple Sprite
    Sippin purple Sprite 8 months ago

    This movies was the killer of the franchise it ruined it it was super fucken boring it had no good story they tried to hard to add comedy . I was really bummed and disappointed 😔 insidious 3,4 are trash the first two are the best

  • Bryce Halverson
    Bryce Halverson 8 months ago

    Couldn't have said it any better my friend.

  • mattlawton11
    mattlawton11 8 months ago

    That ending was garbage

  • amy welsh
    amy welsh 8 months ago

    Very much agree with this review walked out the cinema think was I actually properly scared at all during this film? I love the Insidious series but didn’t find the one as good as the previous ones.

  • Ang Rza
    Ang Rza 8 months ago

    You know when you go to a movie, and you really don't want to take a piss because you are invested in the movie and you just can't pause it, I was cool with taking my time in the bathroom.

  • Evil999
    Evil999 8 months ago +1


  • Belmont Simon
    Belmont Simon 8 months ago

    just watched the movie an old fuckin lady against a shittyass looking "demon" i'd say dog shit almost forgot those two good for nothing guys dressed like Mormons useless af

  • Bailey Nold
    Bailey Nold 8 months ago

    just uploaded my reaction/ review on this movie!!

  • Hamzah Patel
    Hamzah Patel 8 months ago

    Meanwhile I was there shitting myself

  • Kamauoha_
    Kamauoha_ 8 months ago

    Fuck, they made too much prequels already, progress the fucking story already it's so boring learning too much about the past

  • reservoirdogsss
    reservoirdogsss 8 months ago

    Sorry the first one was a Peace of SHIT

  • BaronNation Entertainment
    BaronNation Entertainment 8 months ago +1

    All I can say about this film is that it was way better than Chapter 3. 7/10.

  • Mr Crow
    Mr Crow 8 months ago


  • matthew payne
    matthew payne 8 months ago

    I’ve just seen the latest Insidious. I’m a huge fan of the Insidious franchise and think it’s the best mainstream horror movie project of recent years, however I was a little let down by the ‘The Last Key’.
    Some thoughts.
    Beware of spoilers.
    The movie was good and had some standout moments, however it felt like a drop from the previous two movies. I think the first movie was good, second was better, third was fantastic then this kinda slipped.
    The film had a really strong start (although I missed the iconic violin title opening) and the strength throughout the entire movie was Lin Shaye’s portrayal of Elise. But the film couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be another standard haunting, an Elise backstory or a bridge to tie all the movies together; what we ended up getting was a bit of a mix of different ideas with lots of potential but none of them fully executing. The key demon was really cool and looked amazing, however there wasn’t any explanation as to what it was, where it came from and why it opens all the red doors. The link to the other movies and the concept that the key demon/Elise caused the Lambert family haunting was clever, but they really brushed over this and I actually think the entire movie could have been around the demon opening the red doors and causing all the hauntings from the franchise.
    I think they could have focussed a little less on comedy and more on horror, in some scenes a lot of tension was built and then vanished due to a cheap one liner. I like the comedy in these movies although in this film it worked against the genuinely scary atmosphere which was created by the opening sequence.
    Overall I think it’s still better than your everyday horror movie but it wasn’t quite on par with the other Insidious movies. Elise was really the standout of the film.
    Hopefully we get another movie on par with the third chapter!

  • shubham jain
    shubham jain 8 months ago


  • LavenousForever
    LavenousForever 8 months ago

    I personally thought this one was better than 3. Definitely not better than 1 and 2 but i never expected it to be

  • Albert Wesker
    Albert Wesker 8 months ago

    Just saw the movie. Absolutely forgot the plot of this trilogy or fourilogy now. Anyway, wasn't that great.

  • Denisha Jenkins
    Denisha Jenkins 8 months ago

    I believe this is the correct and logical order that makes since:
    A.) Did she take cases as a kid? NO; it was after she ran away; shown in part 4.
    B.) Did she take Quinn's case when she was an adult? Yes; shown in part 3.
    C.) Was Dalton her last case alive? Yes - shown in part 1
    D.) Did she help fight for souls in the after life? Yes; shown in part 2.
    *Therefore the timeline is: Part 4, Part 3, Part 1, then Part 2.*
    I'm excited about the thrill of the movie. The writers are brilliant; psychologically. In the tunnel, to create in the audience, the belief that the ghost was behind the suitcase was done beautifully. The ghost breathing seemed to be further down the tunnel; she flashed her light down the tunnel, to enforce in the audiences mind that the ghost is definitely behind the pile of suitcases, then he pops out of the suit case! Brilliant psychological thriller. The girl in the bathroom turned out to be real!!! cold/twisted/plot and that was genius. The police station and interrogation rooms are naturally believe to be a place of safety, to the human mind, and at the part of the movie, it's common to let our guards down and sip some soda; so for the ghost to pop up in the interrogation room behind the detective was very clever. Oscar? hell yes.

  • Noah
    Noah 8 months ago

    I saw this like last weekend and can't even remember the basic plot.

  • Ankit Das
    Ankit Das 8 months ago

    if the series doesn't end here I demand to see vin diesel in the movie and all will be exolained

  • Paul Wagner
    Paul Wagner 8 months ago

    fifty Congress union movie assign mountain study train European contribute.

  • Deadnsd
    Deadnsd 8 months ago

    was let down...this movie sucked...not scared once...they done fucked it up

  • Jonathan Valdovinos
    Jonathan Valdovinos 8 months ago


  • JP G
    JP G 8 months ago

    budget 10 mil... grossed 54 million to it has made money lol

  • Angriloth Angriloth
    Angriloth Angriloth 8 months ago +1

    Hey Jeremy can you do 'before I wake' it's a Netflix movie. I thought it was alright

  • CashewKing15
    CashewKing15 8 months ago

    Dude. What is your hair jell?

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia 8 months ago

    The acting was scarier.

  • w_R Andrs
    w_R Andrs 8 months ago

    Also what was the idea of putting cooky humour in a horror movie?
    Only 2 times i laughed and the rest i cringed.
    Stupid humour took a way the tension it was building up.
    But it ended damn well good. The infamous demon clown face whom intensily smiles at us. It worked the first time and it definitely worked now.
    But the man with the keys was supposed to be scary. He was not. He was a cool design with his fingers that were like keys (you have to see the movie to understand that part) but scary he wasn't.

  • Simon H
    Simon H 8 months ago

    Hollywood could make a prequel called the 2nd to last key....

  • queenform
    queenform 8 months ago

    wait, i don't remember there being an insidious 3?

  • Jaime Storz
    Jaime Storz 8 months ago +3

    Insidious: the 3rd prequel

  • MrBLACKpony
    MrBLACKpony 8 months ago

    review The Greatest Showman

  • Ellerbeth Ryu
    Ellerbeth Ryu 8 months ago

    I loved the story of her family and background about "Anna". I agree with you this chapter 4 wasn't merge with horror very well and I assumed that the last key will explain me about lipstick-face demon but no LOL

  • Ribotto Studio
    Ribotto Studio 8 months ago

    ALSO rule of thumb - just watch movies 1 2 3 in a franchise because everything that's done in movie 4, is done better in movie 1,2,3

  • Tim Drake
    Tim Drake 8 months ago

    They need to give red demon face a movie

  • john r
    john r 8 months ago

    Who left the fridge open?

  • double-o G
    double-o G 8 months ago

    Insidious: The Atrocious Atrocity

  • BlueMercury HDTV
    BlueMercury HDTV 8 months ago

    Insidious: Final Step

  • Matt C
    Matt C 8 months ago

    Do pitch perfect 3

  • Wolfman's Got Nards
    Wolfman's Got Nards 8 months ago

    I wasn't a fan of the insidious franchise. It was a little too far fetched, for an already far fetched idea. I prefer The Conjuring franchise. A little less far fetched for a far fetched movie.

  • Benjamin Kennedy
    Benjamin Kennedy 8 months ago

    2019 - Insidious: The Other Last Key

  • Andres Cabrera
    Andres Cabrera 8 months ago

    Do a greatest showman review please

  • Joshua Miller
    Joshua Miller 8 months ago +1

    If any of you watched justice league movie the mother is superman in the movie lol

  • ohyea
    ohyea 8 months ago

    Hey it's movieman191!

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake 8 months ago

    Review the greatest showman

  • AnthonyChann
    AnthonyChann 8 months ago

    I honestly felt like I got scam from watching the new Insidious!! Some of the scenes from the trailer weren’t in the movie smh 🤦‍♂️ I give this movie a D+

  • DarkestStar ASMR
    DarkestStar ASMR 8 months ago

    jeeeez! relax dude!

  • sHaMeLeSs KrEeD
    sHaMeLeSs KrEeD 8 months ago

    Any one notice that the scene in the trailer where the girl points and says “this way” was no where to be found in the movie

  • Trevor Reeves
    Trevor Reeves 8 months ago

    James Wan still needs to pick up where the second Chapter left off. Elise dies and investigates another family where she sees something in the room.

  • Trevor Reeves
    Trevor Reeves 8 months ago

    The first one is still the best hands down. The opening credits set the bar so high that all the others cannot compete.

  • Renee Benson
    Renee Benson 8 months ago

    These movies scary the shit out of me

  • Everbornn Jackson
    Everbornn Jackson 8 months ago

    Insidious 5: STILL better than The Conjuring

  • Mónica Pastor
    Mónica Pastor 8 months ago

    I dont understand why Elise said that the house was full of spirits and a lot people died aroud the area, and prison wass very scary alone they could enter and scare us nothing happens we just saw Anna and the keyhands demon

  • Mr Blue
    Mr Blue 8 months ago

    I was not happy when they announced a 4th movie

    • Mr Blue
      Mr Blue 8 months ago

      I have not seen it

  • Damon
    Damon 8 months ago

    Worst film in the franchise. No way will I ever watch it again. The first 2 were amazing (Although 2 was weak compared to the first one). Chapter 3 doesn’t seem like it ties into the rest of them at all. This film just sucked ass.

  • 93bendzsi
    93bendzsi 8 months ago

    There are just a few js?? It's only js and nothing else

  • charliejames
    charliejames 8 months ago

    T h e g r e a t e s t s h o w m a n

  • Esraa Awadhi
    Esraa Awadhi 8 months ago

    I got an ad of Insidious: the last key😂😂

  • gor9027
    gor9027 8 months ago +1

    So far Split remains the only recent movie to be released in January and actually be good.

  • Signore Oscuro
    Signore Oscuro 8 months ago

    I am a big insidious fan and when I left the theatre I totally thought what you just said so I totally agree

  • José Sarango
    José Sarango 8 months ago

    which rank is higher? not gonna remember in T-minus seconds? or a fun time if drunk?? 🤔

  • Lotto
    Lotto 8 months ago +1

    The second installment was the best. This however, was not frightening at all.

  • Rockstarr R
    Rockstarr R 8 months ago

    This movie was meant to be a spoof... it was hilariously bad ~ pathetically bad

  • liverunninG
    liverunninG 8 months ago

    So no alcohol required?

  • Muhammad Raza Haidery
    Muhammad Raza Haidery 8 months ago

    Please review The Greatest Showman

  • 8 months ago

    The only real interesting story line in this movie for me was the movie trailer for "The Quiet Place"..

  • 8 months ago

    Saw this last night.. the joke timing.. and I use the word joke .. loosley.. was way off. The "sidekicks" felt rapey.. and serious spoiler...
    Did she actually save anyone....seems like her Mom's spirit did all the work, and all she did was release a demon.. and then her family was used as bait..

  • Pranit Rane
    Pranit Rane 8 months ago

    Liked the video Just because you mentioned God of War.