It's Not Too Late

  • Published on Jul 28, 2009
  • An original song written by Tricia Crabtree for the play performed at the 2007 and 2008 Windsor Hills Baptist Church Youth Conference, "It's Not Too Late". This was the recap song and video we showed at the end. The play is inspired by, not based on, the shooting at Columbine High School. For more information, questions, or copies of the full play performance, send me a message.
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  • Signet Group
    Signet Group 11 months ago

    I been in this school for 9 years and there was no school shooting when I've been there and Jett

  • holikfan
    holikfan 2 years ago

    I missing you guys,I am fan.

  • Mark Colesby
    Mark Colesby 5 years ago +1

    I was at this conference, And I hate that it makes me feel guilty rather than coming back to christ, I was kicked out of school and I now hate christians, If you want to change my mind tell me why christians aren't all the same, Tell me why christians can show me a love I've never felt before

    • Pix3l Pi
      Pix3l Pi 4 years ago

      You should never let what others do change who you are. Christians are not all the same because all people are individuals. There is good and bad in any religion non religion and race. maybe you would benefit from ones who are more excepting. you can't allow the actions of a certain types hinder your faith. your faith should not have anything to do with those people a lot of them do things for others approval( got to out Godly themselves) the only approval anyone should want is with themselves and God. in the end God is the only one who judges and he judges the hypocrites to.

  • Mr.Atheist94
    Mr.Atheist94 6 years ago


  • shilohsavedbygrace
    shilohsavedbygrace 6 years ago

    nice song,can i ask for the lyrics. Thank u and God bless

  • gibsonguitarist1993
    gibsonguitarist1993 7 years ago

    I was at this conference when they showed this play. It tore me apart to watch it and made me feel worthless. I was kicked out of my school a few months before for suicidal tendencies. What was portrayed made me want to go back to the room I was in and cut myself. I lost a ton of respect for this church after I went to this conference! I will never attend WHBC this very reason.

  • Joe Kirby
    Joe Kirby 9 years ago

    @OfficialCourtney I think you misunderstand where I'm coming from. I KNOW that kids need their parents. My job is to help restore kids'primary their parents and God. The success rate of kids goes way down when there's little or no support from home. I get it. ... but you can have a fine family and still have a hole in your heart that only God was meant to fill. Life apart from God is empty. 100 years from now, what in life really matters? ...... consider and eternal outlook

  • Joe Kirby
    Joe Kirby 9 years ago

    @OfficialCourtney My point is about influence. FACT: the avg. teen in America watches over 20hrs of tv a week, and another 8-10hrs on video games. I work with teens everyday. Their influences show up. Teens want to distract themselves from reality....because THEIR reality is a broken home & deep hurt. Hurt > Anger > Bitterness > Hatred > Murder. The Bible explains this progression. Churches are trying to influence teens toward God & a good life. Sometimes we only get 1 shot... hence the video

  • Joe Kirby
    Joe Kirby 9 years ago

    Teens NEED to see the end result of sin and the path of life that rejects God. The world lies to them constantly through music, movies, tv, etc. Sometimes teens just need the cold, hard truth. They're not going to get it from Hollywood. Consider the the cross on which Jesus Christ suffered. He was so brutally tortured, His body wasn't recognizable as human. It was gruesome and bloody, yet it is the heart of the Christian message and we are commended to think of it often.

  • Sarah -Chan
    Sarah -Chan 9 years ago

    This was very moving