50 People Try to Slice a Mango | Epicurious

  • Published on Nov 14, 2017
  • How do you cut, slice and serve a mango? We asked 50 (yes, fifty) people and got...well, a variety of techniques - and fifty different approaches to mangoes...
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    50 People Try to Slice a Mango | Epicurious
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  • K J
    K J 5 days ago

    “Yeah I’m an immigrant, we come with these” 💀😂

  • Camille de Vera
    Camille de Vera 6 days ago

    0:12 **sees mango** "It's an egg"
    Mango: Am I a joke to you?

  • Melania Alegria
    Melania Alegria 8 days ago


  • Melania Alegria
    Melania Alegria 8 days ago


  • Santi Pujol
    Santi Pujol 8 days ago +1

    What a waste of mango

  • gony paz
    gony paz 9 days ago

    It's mango season
    I'm pissed at mangos I can't eat them anymore
    I needed to see mango abuse to encourage myself to not skip today's mango

  • park jimin's lost jams

    damn i really want a mango now

  • Alecsia Popa
    Alecsia Popa 10 days ago

    00:14 what is a knegg

  • Somebodiii
    Somebodiii 11 days ago

    I like peeling the skin and just eating the mango like that. It's very satisfying and it doesn't waste a single bit of the mango! And mango with salt... Omg SO gOOD

  • Ronnie Balls
    Ronnie Balls 12 days ago

    Filipino et al. rage in the comments 😂

  • Zachary Prezotti
    Zachary Prezotti 13 days ago

    These people make me so sad

  • shiu lieanari
    shiu lieanari 15 days ago

    see? that 20 year old filipina know how to cut a mango properly. but that retired woman don't even know what a mango look like.

  • Teddy Jr
    Teddy Jr 17 days ago

    What has the mango done to you

  • rat piss
    rat piss 18 days ago

    this hurts

  • Obi Wan
    Obi Wan 18 days ago +1

    It's an egg

  • sumiya khan
    sumiya khan 18 days ago

    *Sighs* ..... So this is how far we reached in human evolution...

  • Selena Balkissoon
    Selena Balkissoon 18 days ago

    Yall have to eat the seed too you know, bruhhhh give me those seeds if yall dont want them

  • Selena Balkissoon
    Selena Balkissoon 18 days ago

    Me being a trini🇹🇹 bites the skin off 😑 it aint classy but it works

  • BlastoiseBoy
    BlastoiseBoy 18 days ago +1

    *its an egg*

  • rand kubaysi
    rand kubaysi 19 days ago

    The casting team: So have you ever had a mango?
    Person: What is a mango?
    Casting: Ok you’re hired.

  • Nayara Coca
    Nayara Coca 19 days ago

    The Brazilian girl: she's lying. We say we can marry when whe can cook

  • Walter Gunn
    Walter Gunn 22 days ago

    At 0.16 he man is just like I’ve done this befor but I just dont

  • Xxzeldrisxx
    Xxzeldrisxx 22 days ago

    How do people not know what a mango is

  • array s
    array s 23 days ago

    Noted to the professional chef: that is not how us, asian/carribean people cut our mango.

  • Phio I
    Phio I 24 days ago

    Tbh, I'm irritated at the fact that they don't even know what a mango is.
    Secondly, I prefer eating my mango with the peel, not like I don't know how to peel it but I enjoy the taste of the peel.

  • Ironchris 2002
    Ironchris 2002 25 days ago

    0:13 this guy really called a mango an egg

  • Dziwna Istotka
    Dziwna Istotka 25 days ago

    Sometimes I think that I'm the only person on the world who doesn't like mangos and loves pineapple pizza.
    Yeah, I probably am.

  • Bobomeetworld
    Bobomeetworld 26 days ago

    Level 0 grandma at minute 0:01 versus Level Grandma Grandma at minute 1:33.. oh how i love the contrast!! LOL

  • Sincerly Ashby
    Sincerly Ashby 28 days ago

    As a caribbean im deeply offended!

  • Fatima
    Fatima 28 days ago

    Okay I didn’t knew that they didn’t even knew about MANGOESS. 😂 It’s mostly everyone’s favourite mine too until I was allergic to it ☹️

  • WolfBrothers
    WolfBrothers 29 days ago +1

    50 People Try To Open a Bottle Of Japanese Soda.

  • Bruno Martinez
    Bruno Martinez 29 days ago

    iT’s An EgG

  • Trin Waithe
    Trin Waithe Month ago

    I'm Caribbean and at home and in casual settings, we just peel off the skin with our hands and eat.

  • Livvy Sweets
    Livvy Sweets Month ago

    I'm fairly concerned for some of these people's culinary abilities, I'm 12, I was taught how to cut a mango at 8 years old, and some of these people attempted to cut it like an avocado

  • Longhair Dontcare
    Longhair Dontcare Month ago

    How did the older woman with the glasses survive this long?

  • Yasmine Stypayhorlikson

    2:20 I'm shook this is the first time I see him do something right

  • N
    N Month ago +1

    2:00 gotta say, that Brazil girl is such a cootie!

    • array s
      array s 23 days ago

      Latina babe. 😍

  • Aaliah Ahamad
    Aaliah Ahamad Month ago

    My poor Trinidadian heart

  • Micotag123 Sarsua
    Micotag123 Sarsua Month ago

    This is cringy and relatable at the same time. 😂😂😂

  • frommywindow02
    frommywindow02 Month ago

    You cut one cheek then the other one

  • Miguel Castillo
    Miguel Castillo Month ago

    0:07 finally! my mans time to shine

  • Nylah NJR
    Nylah NJR Month ago

    they make the easiest things look so difficult

  • peice of shit drawings

    Who tf peels a mango

  • Sad Gordon
    Sad Gordon Month ago

    In our house we just use hands

  • Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson Month ago

    Can we get an f in the cha for the mangos

  • Corn Knuckle
    Corn Knuckle Month ago +3

    And just eat the whole thing with some fish paste if it's ripe.

  • Claire ♡
    Claire ♡ Month ago

    This is painful to watch.

  • Duchesse Félicité-

    I learned how to cut a mango when i was 5 lmao

  • v.i.n. c.h.i
    v.i.n. c.h.i Month ago

    Yassss that filipino gurl

  • klosscandi
    klosscandi Month ago

    As a person with a brain
    this hurt me.

  • neptune
    neptune Month ago +1

    I believe these people live under rocks. *literally*

  • 1-800-Idon'tgiveafck

    How to torture a Filipino 101
    How to torture a pregnant Filipina 101

  • Jessica Mora
    Jessica Mora Month ago

    This video made me extremely upset. 🙄

    XREDDOT Month ago

    I feel like these people act like they have a IQ of 0 so the people in the comments can talk about them.

    I hope that’s the case.

  • HeyIff
    HeyIff Month ago

    My absolute favorite fruit😩🇳🇬

  • Ljfury 06
    Ljfury 06 Month ago

    The one guy who does it wrong in every video does it right for once!!!!!

  • Ljfury 06
    Ljfury 06 Month ago +1

    WTH?!?! One of the guys thinks it’s an egg!!! It’s a freaking mango how do you not know what that is?!?!?!
    Where do you guys find these people?!?!?!

  • Kiyana Hammett
    Kiyana Hammett Month ago

    Does anyone else know how to separate the inside of the mango and the skin? Cause I'm pretty sure these people dont...

    It's called a spoon.🤣
    If u knew that then good for u!

  • Eazy A
    Eazy A Month ago


  • Bîsėxúãl Lîttlė Shît

    “It’s an egg.”
    -Random Man Of 2017