Our New House Tour!

  • Published on Dec 3, 2018
  • I'm so excited that you guys finally get to see our new place! I hope you enjoy today's video and thanks for joining us on this new chapter of our lives :))
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Comments • 47 681

  • Tegan Davis
    Tegan Davis 9 hours ago

    shows us 50 rooms " ThAtS ThE MaJorItY Of ThE HoUsE!" (not hateing)

  • Patrice O'Dell
    Patrice O'Dell 15 hours ago


  • Shaniah Jackson
    Shaniah Jackson 19 hours ago

    Shane: JoJo Siwa Con
    Me: thinks of her makeup recall

  • Nionila Bodunov
    Nionila Bodunov Day ago

    so shane want's a pig side -by -side

  • Cassi Flyn
    Cassi Flyn Day ago

    Where's Cheeto! Sorry that I'm putting a comment down so late

  • emma
    emma Day ago +1

    i want ryland...

    to be my *mom*

  • nya nyan
    nya nyan 2 days ago

    Where is Cheetos?

  • Buttery Nuts
    Buttery Nuts 2 days ago

    I am soooo happy for them 😭😭

  • susan-kay foster
    susan-kay foster 2 days ago

    I’m sorry but it’s a hill not a mountain. Mountains are at least 16000 feet tall...

  • stephanie sanderson
    stephanie sanderson 3 days ago

  • Katelyn Pillittere
    Katelyn Pillittere 4 days ago

    Who else thinks they should get a mini pig

  • Kassidy I love wolves

    Where the fuck is Cheeto 😫😫😭😭 (not trying to be rude)

  • Layla Mighell
    Layla Mighell 5 days ago

    man i want a house

  • Hannah
    Hannah 5 days ago

    Shane: Don’t leave me! *goes in for kiss*
    Ryland: *licks*
    Well that was unexpected

  • Kylee Fratto
    Kylee Fratto 6 days ago

    If there is any couple out there that is more deserving of this,its you guys. This makes me so happy to watch you guys bloom into a beautiful family. Congrats you guys, you deserve every bit of it and enjoy it all shane, you've worked your ass off for it so enjoy your amazing,beautiful home you've built together. ❤

  • Christa Pedigo
    Christa Pedigo 6 days ago

    Versace mansion who??????????????????????/

  • Erica Mckinney
    Erica Mckinney 6 days ago

    Omg when they kind of kissed lol ❤️❤️

  • Emily Hinojosa
    Emily Hinojosa 6 days ago

    R.I.P headphone users at the beginning lmao

  • Nikki Kelley
    Nikki Kelley 6 days ago

    So beautiful!

    CARRIE CRAIG 6 days ago

    I just love y'all so much!! I wish I could hang out with y'all every day!!

  • kinslee yarborough
    kinslee yarborough 7 days ago +4

    I am just glad they moved out of their old haunted ass house😂

  • Lleons the Big gay
    Lleons the Big gay 7 days ago

    I’m hoping since it summer that we get more outdoor videos. Because the yard is actually pretty cool :)

  • Lexi Matt
    Lexi Matt 7 days ago +1

    Now, Shane has a beauty room instead of a movie theatre.

  • cielo runte
    cielo runte 7 days ago +1

    They're master bedroom is the size of my house 😱👏

  • sam o-o
    sam o-o 8 days ago

    they literally own a mountain I-

  • Leslie Owens
    Leslie Owens 8 days ago

    I want to see the yoga goats!!!

  • Darian Slater
    Darian Slater 8 days ago

    This is my favorite TVclip video of all time! I love this 🥰🥰🥰

  • Brooklyn Ihrig
    Brooklyn Ihrig 8 days ago

    shane hitting himself when he gets excited is actually me

  • Ruby Kendel
    Ruby Kendel 8 days ago +1

    Shane: WAIT! we have to show them are other fridge😂honestly me💁

  • Pandi _corn
    Pandi _corn 9 days ago

    This isn't a house tour, it's a mansion tour😂

  • Delyla Daley
    Delyla Daley 9 days ago

    you guys are so fuckin cute adopt me

  • WorkIn Progress
    WorkIn Progress 9 days ago

    The house is beautiful. :)

  • MutantX Gaming
    MutantX Gaming 9 days ago

    What happened to cheeto??

  • Isabel.E. Ellis
    Isabel.E. Ellis 9 days ago +1

    Shane - NO I want a movie theater
    5 months later
    Ryland - I’m going to make Shane a beauty room
    Shane - I don’t want a movie theater anymore

  • Queen B
    Queen B 10 days ago

    Collab with mr kate pleeeease

  • Kennedy Wolff
    Kennedy Wolff 10 days ago

    I still don't understand when Shane says he is fat. he is not that fat not to lie

  • Mona Mellblom
    Mona Mellblom 10 days ago +1

    This is honestly my first time commenting anything on TVclip and also the first (or maybe second time if u have a video with Tana on her TVclip) I see you’rs chanel, I really have to say how great u just made me feel just having u guys on the tv hearing and seeing how genuinely happy u are. It’s so damn nice to see 🤩 So many youtubers often cares to much about how it’s gonna look for other people, “can I do that” or “can I say that” but u two are really genuinely yourself. Creds to u for that! More should be 100% themselves! 🥳

  • rhiannon leskiewicz
    rhiannon leskiewicz 11 days ago

    Ryland is the fucking cutest!!

  • Eck22
    Eck22 11 days ago

    Your house is awesome sooooo beautiful, congratulations 🎉🌈

  • James B
    James B 11 days ago

    OMG I would kill for a house like this😫

  • angie07kinp
    angie07kinp 11 days ago

    lol omg he let out a cutest fart while he started to laugh @16:05 or am I wrong, either way that happens to me quite often lol :D

  • Debbie Mastro
    Debbie Mastro 11 days ago

    What's up with the robe and shirts with stretched out collars? He still looks cute and amazing. Just curious if I missed something.....

  • Saiya Palmer
    Saiya Palmer 11 days ago

    1:10 "you have your robe on shane"
    Wears it for the next 6 months in every video

  • Nattashia Swinnerton
    Nattashia Swinnerton 11 days ago

    Am so happy for you both you guys deserve this so much 😍😍

  • crowsblade100
    crowsblade100 12 days ago

    Decorating your house for the holidays is going to take FOREVER....lol

  • Tracie Gonzales
    Tracie Gonzales 12 days ago

    I’m a new fan. And I’m obsessed . 💗 y’all are so beautiful and genuine I love it

  • Kelli Cook
    Kelli Cook 12 days ago

    You look good Shane❤ Yalls house is stunning ❤❤❤

  • Doga Urkun
    Doga Urkun 12 days ago

    they made the movie theatre room a make-up place for Shane.

  • SugarNSpice46
    SugarNSpice46 13 days ago

    Your new home is SICK! Congrats to you both! Enjoy your new home

  • Nicki Kantor
    Nicki Kantor 13 days ago

    The master bedroom is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have a micro penis but

    So there’s no more ghosts?

  • athletic 12
    athletic 12 13 days ago

    Shane you wear to BIG of shirts

  • Blueraz
    Blueraz 13 days ago +2

    You should put a lock on the door to your closet in case something happens

  • Katze Farron
    Katze Farron 13 days ago

    Actually learned something medical from this video and now I gotta go to the Dr 😂

  • Sumaya Salah
    Sumaya Salah 14 days ago

    Where is Cheeto

  • Niamh Harris
    Niamh Harris 14 days ago

    it hurts to watch this. honestly i am going to work this hard i need a house like this.

  • Laura Shook
    Laura Shook 14 days ago

    Excessive giggling is distracting

  • Izzy Ranunclus
    Izzy Ranunclus 14 days ago

    i am in f cking love with your house 😍 skndsj but seeing the cacti made me think twice and seeing uno walk close to it gave me anxiety

  • Karyme Carrasco
    Karyme Carrasco 15 days ago

    what camera does he use for vlogs and to record?

  • Carolee Gernhardt
    Carolee Gernhardt 15 days ago

    "Just pretend. We didn't have the budget after the house."

  • maria frith
    maria frith 15 days ago

    Awesome!!!! Congrats again guys🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💖💖💖💝💝💝😍😍💕💕👏👏👏👏lots of love and hugs Ryland and Shane😍😍😘😘💝💝💖💖💖

  • maria frith
    maria frith 15 days ago

    Wowwwww!!!!! Nice home . Beautiful!!!! I'm excited to .💖💖💖💖💖👍👍😅😘😘😘💕💕💕

  • Crystal McCarley
    Crystal McCarley 15 days ago

    Love you guys. But you have to get muddy if your going to have a mini farm... Love from Alabama

  • vxtaera V
    vxtaera V 16 days ago

    where's cheeto tho?🧐

  • solana garcia
    solana garcia 17 days ago

    omg i"m so happy for them!!! this is such a beautiful house

  • Kowalski Bellatrix
    Kowalski Bellatrix 17 days ago

    I love this house!!! Can I move in???? You guys are so lucky and your going to love it!!!!

  • Sjkjks Snksj
    Sjkjks Snksj 17 days ago

    so proud of them for coming this far

  • Freddyz
    Freddyz 17 days ago +1

    I love how Shane ((tried)) helped Jake. But... Now he's becoming Jake 😂

  • Camila Vallejo
    Camila Vallejo 18 days ago

    5:46 when my friend says a lie to
    Make themself look better than me

  • Maeve Norton
    Maeve Norton 18 days ago

    I was going to look up if Ryland grew up in Utah! And then he’s like, “I grew up in Utah!”. He says “mountain” like a Utahn.

  • Cookie Splitter
    Cookie Splitter 18 days ago

    Literally 2.6K HATERS

  • London Williams
    London Williams 18 days ago +1

    their room is bigger than my house lol

  • joseph foley
    joseph foley 18 days ago

    That house is everything

  • B Neal
    B Neal 18 days ago

    Goals. Living vicariously through youtubers until I have more than a buck 50. :P
    Edit: ALso I love their planning..their so fun and creative. DISNEYLAND.
    ALso part 2,, The only thing I'd change about this is their insecurities..Like I want them to be happy and free and not so worried all the time.

  • Blønde Føx
    Blønde Føx 19 days ago


  • MsDvant
    MsDvant 19 days ago

    So proud of you guys

  • Valerie Michel
    Valerie Michel 19 days ago

    I just want to hang with them

  • Rebecca K.
    Rebecca K. 19 days ago

    no hate because I love him, but why is shane's collar always stretched out?

  • Kylee Connolly
    Kylee Connolly 19 days ago

    I hate that they moved from the iconic shane house :((((((((((((

  • Kaiwolf18
    Kaiwolf18 19 days ago +1

    They are such a couple ❤❤❤
    I have been watching back when Shane was with Lisa and i think he is more happy with Ryland.

  • agnes veronica
    agnes veronica 19 days ago

    Boi both of em r sooo fookin cute

  • Cajunmexican Luna
    Cajunmexican Luna 20 days ago

    Damn it am about to get on this TVclip thing. Lol
    Congratulations y'all

  • Ellen Noriega
    Ellen Noriega 20 days ago +1

    Hi Ryland I really love your show I saw you through Shawn's video which I really enjoy watching your show encourage Sean to do a little bit more out of the box I really like watching his show I really do I look forward to watching it and I do love watching your show and I found out about both of your shows through Jeffree Star which I just happen to come across and I love all three of you is it going

  • Monica Smith
    Monica Smith 20 days ago

    Yo the both of you are so freaking cute! I can't even stand it!

  • mamis regia
    mamis regia 20 days ago

    They r the cutest gay couple i ever see , n trust me im old but this is so sweet just see two ppl love each other like them make me teary fr 🤗🤗🤗😍🤩🤩💒👬❤

  • Scott Powers
    Scott Powers 20 days ago

    Why, just Why

  • Vanessa Arzate
    Vanessa Arzate 21 day ago

    "Its not a big house" 😉

  • Cheryl Brown
    Cheryl Brown 22 days ago

    Damn.....TVclip must pay really well.....I’m in the wrong business I guess.....seems like TVcliprs all live very well...damn

  • Jafet Pichardo
    Jafet Pichardo 22 days ago

    There house not even kidding is bigger than my SCHOOL... also please be proud of me and give me likes cause I’m going into 8th grade and got into geometry honors!!!

    • Jafet Pichardo
      Jafet Pichardo 22 days ago

      I know I used the wrong there (correction:their) ooops I was typing fast

  • MoonLight Gacha
    MoonLight Gacha 22 days ago +2

    shane:omg its a lizard! Why is it staying ?
    lizard:i wanna see some tea sis.

  • !?
    !? 22 days ago +5

    Shane shouldn’t be worried about bragging he deserves all the good stuff it’s about dam time 😘

    Oh and me and Rylan can relate we both grew up in Utah r u shook yea you should be

  • Squarewheels445 7
    Squarewheels445 7 23 days ago

    One hundred bucks Shane only paid for the house

  • Kyou Lay
    Kyou Lay 23 days ago

    i ahve a chronic anal fissure too! crazy! but i dont want to put stuff in my butt so idk how to heal it

  • Emma S
    Emma S 23 days ago

    They deserve it. So excited to see some gardening videos. Honestly one of my favorite videos they’ve done.

  • Kawsar Ibrahim
    Kawsar Ibrahim 24 days ago

    SHANE!! Let mr.Kate Decorating your new house!!!

  • Michelle Walmach
    Michelle Walmach 24 days ago

    So beautiful 😍 love it! Enjoy ur lives together ❤️🎊🎉🍾

  • morgz
    morgz 26 days ago

    i love how all the comments on this vid start with "i love..." also, i love these bois and i'm so happy for them

  • Mr. Johnny Waffles
    Mr. Johnny Waffles 26 days ago +2

    They live at 2180 Stunt Rd, Calabasas, CA 91302

  • kristy simas
    kristy simas 27 days ago

    Then I see the stool sample haha hope everything is ok!!!

  • kristy simas
    kristy simas 27 days ago +16

    You guys worked hard for that! Congratulations! It is a beautiful home🥰