Dating a Horse Girl

  • Published on Jan 13, 2016
  • The dating scene is hard. Very hard. And while there are lots of fish out in that sea, the not-so-rare equestrian girl is a special species. It takes a special, patient guy who's not a part of that horse world to have the kind of understanding required when he can't make his way into the truck because her tack is in the front seat. And the floor. And the back seat. Did we mention patience?
    And if you're thinking about cohabiting with one of these girls (bless you), here are some things you should know.
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  • hannah brs
    hannah brs 5 months ago

    Coming from a horse girl, do NOT date horse girls. Unless you're incredibly patient.

  • Kirstine Termansen
    Kirstine Termansen 5 months ago

    This funny love it love to you both

  • Bradley Kirkpatrick
    Bradley Kirkpatrick 6 months ago

    Hi, does anyone have any advice here? Been dating this horse girl for over three years now, and relationship is going well. But the thing we always fight over is horses. I was never really interested in them but tried to make an effort and get into it. I can do some pretty basic trail riding type stuff now and don't mind it, but she is really passionate about it. The thing that always gets me is that anything horse related takes ages, I can't just watch her ride at a club or show for an hour or two it always takes much longer, and then horse stuff always seems to take priority over everything else including my university studies. Overall with this and a couple of bad experiences with horses recently (my first horse dying just as we get the hang of it, and spending quite a bit of money on a dud horse ie. Injured horse) I've had enough of them and don't want to deal with them any more personally. For me they are too little reward with massive consequences. Obviously this causes a lot of tension, but I don't feel like it would have to if she respected my position on horses (nice animals and nice to ride, but too costly and time consuming for me) , and my personal time Ie. Not booking farriers, hay deliveries and pick ups/drop offs in my personal time ie. Usually uni days (only days not working). It would be nice to know if anyone has experienced anything similar to this or has any advice. Because like I said everything else in the relationship is great, this is the only place we both have to work on. Thanks.

    • John Gault
      John Gault 4 months ago

      .... save your money and leave. wish I had. or devote your free time, and money, to her hobby. knowing that she would leave you, before them.
      heck. ask her. mention you would love to get married, have kids, etc. see if she would give them up for a couple years while you build your life together. she what she says.
      good luck man..

    • John Gault
      John Gault 4 months ago

      Bradley Kirkpatrick .... I was in your position. than I married her. bought a smaller home with nice, fenced pastures. built her a nice barn. bought her a nice aluminum 3 horse slant ( her small double was junk).
      now we have three horses. she bred her favorite mare to a fresian. expensive. spent three years training the foal ( colt, yearling, whatever). only to find out it had ruined the frog of its front feet from stomping. can't ride it new. so she was given to another friend to roam in huge pastures.
      anyway. I was 33 when we met. I had a nice house. master bath, attached garage, nice subdivision, etc. a no maintenance house. on my days off I would go boating, ride atv's with friends, or just relax at home. now I'm 43 and no longer have a master bath. my home/barn/fenced pasture is NOT maintenance free. I haven't gone boating in 9 years. forget atv riding. my days off are filled with upkeeping her 'mini-farm' as she calls it.
      I wish I had walked away before we got married. I didn't realize I had signed away my free time so she can ride when the mood hits her.
      I have talked to her about selling them, downsizing our life, and putting back money for the future. no go. she would leave me, but she will never give up her horses.
      btw, tonight were getting 3-400 bales of hay. yay.....
      I am so sick of horses. I am so sick of fixing fences, seeding fields, weedkilling fence rows, and not having my simple subdivision lifestyle. I work repairing barges. I bake 40-50 hours a week on that hot metal. the barn life holds no apeal to me.
      all to be second string to a woman after her horse....

  • Mahalia Equestrian
    Mahalia Equestrian 6 months ago +1

    I flipping date horses

  • Michaela
    Michaela Year ago +1

    First of all, why do I relate? Second, if my horse no likey, or if he eats a carrot, he dead and alone. He’s just gonna die alone, done.

  • Q u a c k s o n
    Q u a c k s o n Year ago

    I'm in love with the pitbulls

  • Fanny R
    Fanny R Year ago

    Watch out boys !!! We are some tough shit

  • Pablo Grenade
    Pablo Grenade Year ago

    pretty damn much sums it up

  • Jon Michael
    Jon Michael Year ago

    If you ever want to be worth something... Stay the fuck away from horse people...far away... You're welcome.

  • Georgeqaws
    Georgeqaws Year ago

    I have been dating a horse girl for 4.5 years. This is all very true. :'(. You forgot a few things like she never has any money or time for dates. Thank god mine doesn't have dogs too. She wants dogs so bad but I say no or when you no longer have a horse. On top of that horses are terribly expensive. Like around $1200 a month maybe $1400 in the summer when doing lots of shows. It's a horse mortgage. At least mine works. I will not pay for her horse ever. if she wants to have a horse (expensive hooby/lifestyle) she will be working to pay for it and I will be for sure making that a requirement before marriage. Not working? No horse. I can't pay for both our living and her expensive hobby.

    • John Gault
      John Gault 4 months ago

      .. dude run. horse women are entitled, and demanding, like all women. only they have all the horse crap on top of everything else they demand. plus, once your married they own you. my first wife left me and took everything she could. she moved her boyfriend into the house I remodeled. now I'm married to a horse woman. she quit working when we married. hasn't worked in 10 years. when I mention getting out of the horse racket, I am informed that I can go, three horses never will. so in order to not lose another home, I give into her horse demands, no matter the cost. and it has cost me. I have an easy, easy, $100,000 spent on horse stuff over the last 10 years. not including the barn, land, and fencing. I would rather not have spent money on, and despise upkeeping for her hobby...

    • lostcountofmyfandoms
      lostcountofmyfandoms 11 months ago

      so break up with her if she's not paying:):):)

    • lostcountofmyfandoms
      lostcountofmyfandoms 11 months ago +2

      "or you no longer have a horse" who the fuck are you, her father? you clearly aren't paying for her, or else you wouldn't have written "she never has any money or time for dates" (smh) so shut the fuck up and stop being a disturbingly controlling freak. Jesus christ

  • joão Azevedo Mendes

    dam it just go out Friday already 😬😬

  • Kate & Bullet :D
    Kate & Bullet :D Year ago +1

    This was good, but horse people aren't THAT obnoxious and that rude. I mean this was true but over exaggerated

    • Kate & Bullet :D
      Kate & Bullet :D Year ago

      Georgeqaws for me this wasn't true and was extremely exaggerated....

    • Georgeqaws
      Georgeqaws Year ago

      IT IS NOT. It's 100% true. I have been dating a horse girl 4.5 years.

  • Andres Jaramillo
    Andres Jaramillo Year ago

    This is why divorce was invented

  • Phillip Weissburg
    Phillip Weissburg Year ago +3

    For all the women I have met (I ride) their real boyfriend is their horse....

    PITBULLS 4 LIFE Year ago +3

    Your dogs are so cute.

  • Emilia Charla
    Emilia Charla Year ago

    You have nice hair btw x

  • Chloe K. Johnson
    Chloe K. Johnson Year ago

    Why can't my wife be like this guy?!?! My wife is always complaining and tells me to get rid of them. Ummmm no. Haha

  • Kat DK
    Kat DK Year ago

    SO funny!

  • LunaMoona 0129
    LunaMoona 0129 Year ago

    I love the pitty's!! They're so pretty!!

  • Patsy Westlake
    Patsy Westlake 2 years ago +1

    pfff try dateing a western gorse women

  • PastorWhisky
    PastorWhisky 2 years ago +3

    I am trying to meet these local horse girls any tips?

    • Phillip Weissburg
      Phillip Weissburg Year ago


    • Baba Jagne
      Baba Jagne Year ago +1

      PastorWhisky how big is your wallet? That's how you can find them.. not sure it will be worth it after they bankrupt you

      PITBULLS 4 LIFE Year ago

      PastorWhisky ya buy them a horse.😝

      PITBULLS 4 LIFE Year ago

      Layla 239 if you pretend they will get mad at you because you think u know what your doing and then you go and screw with there horse. Trust me, guys suck if your a horse girl.

    • Layla 239
      Layla 239 Year ago +1

      PastorWhisky bring some carrots to her horse and pretend you know shit about horses lol

  • Lpsgogo
    Lpsgogo 2 years ago +53

    If my boyfriend said horses did all the work, I would leave. The would be the end. See ya.

  • ToxicCat Gamer
    ToxicCat Gamer 2 years ago +5


  • Jacqueline Love
    Jacqueline Love 2 years ago +1

    Patience is a Virtue ;) The dating scene is hard but when you find that one special person it's well worth the wait :)

  • Jake Hanson
    Jake Hanson 2 years ago +15

    Dated a horse girls before, never doing it again. I like horses but I don't always like the girls that ride them. Haha!

  • william redfern
    william redfern 2 years ago +21

    male and female horsey types should only date other horsey sort, none horse types pretend to understand but deep down Hate it ,,

    • Mathilde Jenkins
      Mathilde Jenkins Year ago +3

      wow... really? So just because Im into horses, my partner has to be too? I think if you really love and care about someone, support their interests, even if it doesnt interest you much. Learn something about it, support them, and have your own things to do as well.

  • Manuelle J
    Manuelle J 2 years ago +13

    I am horse girl, but not in this way. :x

  • Taylor & Laney
    Taylor & Laney 2 years ago +4

    Love your pitties 🐶. I foster and own two

  • Katzarr Montgomery
    Katzarr Montgomery 2 years ago +57

    If my horses didn't like someone, I would not "date" them

  • Liza Cyno
    Liza Cyno 2 years ago +6

    I used to have that horse book! I'm so sad it got lost! Also, awesome dogs!

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith 2 years ago +1


  • badabing143
    badabing143 2 years ago +22

    what is he saying at 1:15? i can't understand it

    • julie
      julie 8 months ago

      badabing143 Yeah same

    • Maya
      Maya Year ago +2

      badabing143 I thought he said something about kiwi 😂 but he said "Horses do all the work anyway, right? " or something like that

    • Yasmin and Me
      Yasmin and Me Year ago

      I think all the horse's do all the work write
      that's what he said

    • ficklepickle9421
      ficklepickle9421 Year ago +1


    • CSKEventing
      CSKEventing 2 years ago

      +K. S. Pakula I thought that was what he said but i wasn't sure