The Pablo Escobar Folding Phone

  • Pablo Escobar's brother just launched his very own folding phone.
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  • Kiwax
    Kiwax 18 days ago

    Mais lol le gars il met 10 pub sur une vidéo d arnaque aucun scrupule

  • Swirl AndTwirl
    Swirl AndTwirl 20 days ago

    The copycat smartphone

  • Saber Amine
    Saber Amine 20 days ago

    This is possibly the worst video on TVclip. You can sum up the whole video in 5 min.

  • Angel Proton
    Angel Proton 21 day ago

    How do you get parts from this phone.

  • Jhonsinh
    Jhonsinh Month ago

    Are you giving a thumbs up on ordering this phone?

  • elon musk
    elon musk Month ago

    escobar phone sounds like money laundering. food for thought

  • Kenny Morales
    Kenny Morales Month ago

    Hey I was wondering if you could do a review on the escobar fold 2 that just came out? That would be great. Every time I'm looking for a new phone I always consider your opinion to decide what to do!!

  • Eddiemtk
    Eddiemtk Month ago +5

    Theres a new Escobar phone the fold 2. Please review it.

  • Stephen Contreras
    Stephen Contreras Month ago +1

    What happen to the Escobar phone review?

  • Paris Mcmillian
    Paris Mcmillian Month ago +1

    I see your Pablo Escobar devices or purchase never arrived.

  • Xen Pen
    Xen Pen Month ago

    Oh yeah the first thing you see on a Escobar fold is pre-installed drug dealers phone numbers selling you cocaine. And if you don't pay your phone bill on time they will activate a drive by shooting to murder you and your family also your neighbors will be killed. They probably hack into all your accounts. No way will I ever consider buying from murderers of innocent people.

  • Baba Booey
    Baba Booey 2 months ago

    Royole was obviously bought by Escobar as the Royole website went off the net in December.

  • Tony Sawa
    Tony Sawa 2 months ago +3

    Did you get phone

    JONATHAN OLIVAR DIZON 2 months ago

    I have order it, but it been almost 1 month now and stil nothing yet. Maybe shipment take loonger time from my place

    • Sergio
      Sergio 20 days ago

      Dude you're not getting it..

  • Tony Sawa
    Tony Sawa 2 months ago

    Its save to get this phone

  • Korrupted Gamer
    Korrupted Gamer 2 months ago

    NOTE: I don’t want to be seen as racist as I make this post is not to the country or religion or culture or race is to the ceo of the company now let me begin........ I DONT WANT HIM TO BEAT APPLE AND HE WILL NOT AND NEVER BE THE NEW STEVE JOBS AND IF HE DOES BEAT APPLE I WILL SUE THIS COMPANY AS I LOVE APPLE I THINK APPLE WILL CONTINUE AND PROGRESS FORWARD MABYE UNTILL 3000 AND ABOVE NOT THIS YEAR BECAUSE THIS IS DUMB AND LIKE I SAID IF ESCOBAR INC WINS I WILL SUE THEM NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES I SUPPORT APPLE AND SOME OTHER COMPANIES LIKE SAMSUNG OR HUAWEI NOT ESCOBAR NOT TO BE offensive to them BUT THERE CONCEPT ABOUT BEATING APPLE AND BEING THE NEW STEVE JOBS IS STUPID OK...... As I said not to offend what I said at the top if I get sued by them I would hope that the judge agree with me like I said at the top ok bye

  • 3 months ago

    IPhone customers won't buy this, they will buy an apple folding product....

  • christopher crane
    christopher crane 3 months ago +1

    Instead of stylus, comes with a straw

  • JZ Gringo
    JZ Gringo 3 months ago

    Yo quiero esto teléfono celular! Tal vez un pocito caro pero los materiales... no lo sé 🧐 los materiales tiene ser muy barato

  • Wave Check
    Wave Check 3 months ago

    YA, YA, YA

  • Curt Baskin
    Curt Baskin 3 months ago

    I like it something different

  • Guilherme Schneider
    Guilherme Schneider 3 months ago

    Roberto De Jesús Escobar Gaviria

  • Chad Matthieu
    Chad Matthieu 3 months ago

    By breathes... did he mean "Adderal"

  • suthesan arasu
    suthesan arasu 3 months ago

    A phone for drug dealers.🤣

  • Ramírez Castellanos
    Ramírez Castellanos 3 months ago

    If I see you with that hat I will punch you on the face

  • darknessviking
    darknessviking 3 months ago

    did you know that the director of jeepers creepers spent time in jail for assaulting boys?

  • Laura Alvarez
    Laura Alvarez 3 months ago

    that beef man

  • Petrified Potato
    Petrified Potato 3 months ago


  • Nocturnal RS
    Nocturnal RS 3 months ago

    That phone is pimpin

  • Tomas Mackonis
    Tomas Mackonis 3 months ago

    atleast 5 years i would hold to my smartphone.

  • FlyTechGuy
    FlyTechGuy 3 months ago

    I tweeted this to you a day before this made 🤔 wondering if you actually saw it haha

  • Terry Watkins
    Terry Watkins 3 months ago

    10 seconds of usable info

  • Powwas Entertainment
    Powwas Entertainment 3 months ago

    guy u r the best at tech news

  • Aslan Guseinov
    Aslan Guseinov 3 months ago

    0:25 Too much "Snow" I believe!

  • Alexander Rossi
    Alexander Rossi 3 months ago

    His name is Roberto Escobar and he is half blind and half deaf from a bomb letter in an attempt to kill him from a rival cartel when they were trying to kill Pablo Escobar
    And yes a bomb letter was a letter with c4 I think and when you opened then boom you gone so he was lucky

  • osama ibrahim
    osama ibrahim 3 months ago

    The video is so clear, you guys are making a big deal out of nothing.

  • Tyler1989
    Tyler1989 3 months ago +1

    Why does lew have so many different channels? They all seem the same. I don’t like being subbed to 3 different channels that are basically the same

    • Edge King
      Edge King 3 months ago

      So just subscribe to one. Or none. Freedom is a beautiful thing

  • Jordan Dyer
    Jordan Dyer 3 months ago

    Pertaining to the Bike.. I wonder if the roles were reversed.. If you guys would be talking about this.

  • Michael Hickie
    Michael Hickie 3 months ago

    I wouldn't call that a folding phone, that's just a bendy phone, folding makes things smaller bending that thing makes it bigger.

  • Philip Petkov
    Philip Petkov 3 months ago

    Is that a rebranded phone ? Lew we don't expect to get rebranded products on this channel surely you can understand :D

  • akbar falah
    akbar falah 3 months ago

    I hope he keep Selling Folding Phone instead Of Drugs

  • J Collado
    J Collado 3 months ago

    Clown smh

  • Captn RAMBO
    Captn RAMBO 3 months ago

    This will be interesting 🧐

  • Otoniel Cardona
    Otoniel Cardona 3 months ago

    Next week: I didn't like the pablo Escobar fold phone so I decided to make own pablo Escobar fold phone but only twice the price and half the specs

  • VInayak Swaroop
    VInayak Swaroop 3 months ago

    It's Roberto

  • weerobot
    weerobot 3 months ago

    Matrix confirmed..

  • Louis
    Louis 3 months ago

    This is a common thing among the big german youtubers 54:20

  • EnderCraftKid
    EnderCraftKid 3 months ago

    Lew & willie-do absolutely do not connect mentality. Lew is more uppy, trynna pop jokes off & shit while willie do is exactly like me, not very emotional looking, etc. so lew. Find a better person to bounce the show back to back with mannn

  • M.r A.C Videogame
    M.r A.C Videogame 3 months ago

    she looks sad even the dog did'nt like it

  • Kevin Seymour
    Kevin Seymour 3 months ago

    Unboxed fold coming soon!

  • synthfreak
    synthfreak 3 months ago

    Where's the Stadia gameplay footage?

  • Raf galvão
    Raf galvão 3 months ago

    relies on the crack

  • Richard Bekkers
    Richard Bekkers 3 months ago

    LEW UR WILLS puppet wahaha

  • Richard Bekkers
    Richard Bekkers 3 months ago

    Lew ur Willy du his assistant remember ur place wahaha peace to the litle dogzz

  • Duroy steadman
    Duroy steadman 3 months ago

    Its luis

  • The Royal Memes
    The Royal Memes 3 months ago +1

    It's literally a Royole Flexpai Clone

    • The Royal Memes
      The Royal Memes 3 months ago

      @Nick Wilson Maybe they just stole them and renamed them. Changed the brand name from the phone and put a custom rom

    • Nick Wilson
      Nick Wilson 3 months ago

      And over $1000 cheaper.

  • Andy Andy
    Andy Andy 3 months ago

    Is it $349 per hour?

  • Modern Archive
    Modern Archive 3 months ago

    Roberto De Jesús Escobar Gaviria

  • Iulian Cristian Moise
    Iulian Cristian Moise 3 months ago

    Not sure why Lew has this need to constantly raise his voice like a cheap b***h on crack.
    Lew, you're beginning to scare children, chill out man!

  • Errol Blake
    Errol Blake 3 months ago

    It also sounds too good to be true would you like the bride Brooklyn Bridge, too!!!

  • J M
    J M 3 months ago

    @lew, you using neuro-linguistic programming on will to make him more upbeat? Lol that's textbook

  • ChristopherJDrums
    ChristopherJDrums 3 months ago

    The Morning Dew!!!

  • Paul Brock
    Paul Brock 3 months ago

    Sorry pal but this I’d BS..

  • Jesus M. Ortiz
    Jesus M. Ortiz 3 months ago

    But if they would have used a big 250lb woman they have said "this is an insult, ect, ect, ect, blah, blah, blah"

  • Thomas Willhoite
    Thomas Willhoite 3 months ago

    I find this repulsive. A tech gadget designed and built with blood money. Innocent people died because of Escobar.

  • Serubis
    Serubis 3 months ago +2

    when you buy a Pablo Escobar folding phone when you unfold the phone a powder cocaine comes out ready to be snorted with every folding phone you buy @_@

  • Oscar Aviles
    Oscar Aviles 3 months ago

    When you receive and review you better wear a bomb squad suit you never know if

  • Aleksa Kijanovic
    Aleksa Kijanovic 3 months ago

    47:52 Did lew just wanted to say: Lets go champ?? hahahah

  • Rajko Ristic
    Rajko Ristic 3 months ago

    You two are like Jay and silent Bob lol

  • Gerson Jimenez
    Gerson Jimenez 3 months ago

    You vas a estar en una bolsa :v

  • Metal
    Metal 3 months ago

    as a Colombian, this phone and the whole Escobar brand is disgusting. It's just shitting on all the dead he caused.

  • Emil Säll
    Emil Säll 3 months ago +2

    "Sheikh some hands"

  • Robert Boyer
    Robert Boyer 3 months ago

    Who cares about fast charging, get me some Korean spicy chicken wings !!! Willlllyyyyyyyyy Dzzz

  • g00dfeeling
    g00dfeeling 3 months ago

    Come on Lew, its Duel (1971). Famous movie directed by Spielberg. You don't know that?! 😱

  • Yagiz Tunceli
    Yagiz Tunceli 3 months ago +1

    I dont know if lew is removing comments about their shady business and cases. PEOPLE WONT FORGET LEW. You NEED to answer to the serious questions people have.

  • Bluebox Radio Active Ltd

    I had to come see your review on this lol

  • Matteo Sivilotti
    Matteo Sivilotti 3 months ago +4

    Lew: You can't build anything with a crack in the foundation!
    Ramen Noodle: Hold my beer

  • Ron 101
    Ron 101 3 months ago

    A new day still we talking about the coat!!!!😂

  • FELI123X
    FELI123X 3 months ago +1

    Lew, since we all know who you really are. I cannot decide, who is more evil. Pablo Escobar or you?
    If hell really exists, I think you definitly meet him there. He is waiting for you.

  • ウィンディアス
    ウィンディアス 3 months ago

    Pablo Escobar's brother is trying to legalize all the drug money with this phone-money laundring scheme...people aren't getting it?

    • Sammy Smith
      Sammy Smith 3 months ago

      He obviously hid some million dollars from that time but he can't use it. Like in his old time, they had a mining company that used to "dig" millions in minerals but it was a whole laundry system.