Wild Russia: 4K drone footage of Sakhalin island's breathtaking nature

  • Published on Aug 29, 2019
  • The Russia Beyond team recently went to Sakhalin Island to make a film about naturalist Peter van der Wolf. For that, we wanted to film stunning views of nature with our drone. Hence, our team decided to travel to Sakhalin’s most impressive natural wonder, Cape Velikan, Sea of Okhotsk. Such a journey in this season is very extreme. All trails are impassable, due to deep snow. So a special vehicle was sent ahead to scout the way, but it got stuck! So, there was no choice but to hit the road ourselves, without any help. Unsurprisingly, our truck also got stuck in the snowbanks. As a result, we had to get snowmobiles and continued on the challenging trip. In total, the drive from Yuzhno Sakhalinsk to Cape Velikan took 7 hours, but it was worth it! The savage beauty was mind-blowing! And this unbelievable landscape was captured by our DJI Mavic Pro drone camera. We didn't want to leave this wonderful place, but we still had much work to do. We had to painstakingly find a band of wild horses. These noble creatures that graze the endless plains of Sakhalin are constantly on the move and thus very difficult to track down. Many hours passed before we finally found a herd. But it was during this tiresome wait that our camera crew got our great 4K drone footage!
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    The story of Peter van der Wolf tvclip.biz/video/lxfMrzLmpOw/video.html

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      Japan:knock knock.....

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    Как красиво!!! привет с порт Ванино!)

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    I always wonder, why do russians want to live in China or America - now I see they freeze their balls off in Russia.

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    Very beautiful and stunning 😍💖

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  • Chansai Commerce17
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    я здесь живу😍

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    So beautiful.

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    BEAUTIFUL!! God save Mother Russia

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    Beautiful scenery. Beautiful video 👍

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    Hey Great Footage, I really like it subscribed!! Can you give me feedback on my new video, you would be very grateful.

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    Thank you so much for the time and effort you guys put into your videos! I'm going to Russia to study in a month! I'm so excited)))

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      ​@Horsey MD Mr. Omerigan from Prigogino, your grammatic errors stick out a mile. LMAO

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      @Devious Porcupine I just had my documents reach the Consulate in Houston today!

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      @Horsey MD , Have you obtained a Russian visa?

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      Horsey MD Congratulations!!!!! :)

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      @RUSSIA BEYOND I finally got my invitation letter from the FMS! I'm so excited!

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    How long does it take to get to this place?

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      @RUSSIA BEYOND Thank you!

      RUSSIA BEYOND  Month ago +1

      Mark Zykov Depends on weather. A 10 hour flight to Sakhalin from Moscow and around 8 hours on 4WD to the Cape Giant. All locations in this vid are on the Southern Sakhalin

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    Спасибо Вам! We Love Your!

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    Aww CCCP .... Great Video, RUSSIA is So Beautiful.. Greetings from INDIA!

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    One and only 😍

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    beautiful footage of a beautiful island. Thanks again!

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    Моя родина^_^

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    Beauti of russia

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