Can A President Pardon Himself?

  • Published on Jun 5, 2018
  • The Constitution declares that no man is above the law. But it doesn't say anything about manbabies.
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Comments • 3 559

  • Sherron Mcfadden
    Sherron Mcfadden 3 days ago

    They boo his ass!!!!! 🤣🤣😋😋😋

  • pandafat
    pandafat 4 days ago

    That booing is hilarious, lmao. Fuck Giuliani

  • An Smith
    An Smith 8 days ago

    Trump 2020...silent but deadly.

  • abdulaziz yalahow
    abdulaziz yalahow 11 days ago


  • choixp
    choixp Month ago

    If he pardons himself, would that mean he is guilty?

  • Quinn Sinclair
    Quinn Sinclair Month ago

    If I catch you frosting a gay cake, you go to hell.

  • Quinn Sinclair
    Quinn Sinclair Month ago

    Wasn’t the definition of treason altered from “working against the head of a country” to “working against the interests of the country” a few hundred years ago when England charged their king with treason?

  • William Ridge
    William Ridge Month ago

    trump has demeaned the office about as far possible.

  • christopher harris
    christopher harris Month ago

    porn burger, Stephen you need a trademark!

  • Paul Gaittens
    Paul Gaittens Month ago

    I have to say I'm torn on gay relationships because I have plenty of gay friends and I don't have problems with gay people I understand this is a social recorrection of our overpopulation issue I understand that some people feel like they're born this way and that they feel more connected to a person who's more similar to them here's where I stand I would never marry another man I don't think that it shouldn't matter whether or not two people no matter what sex race color religion or whatever they are they should never be told who or what they're allowed to love but I do feel like being that marriage is an institution brought around by religion and that religion is a contract held by God and when you get married it's supposed to be between you your lover and God every Bible or religious paper pamphlet or scripture I've ever read when it comes to marriage or same-sex sexual relations says that that's a no-go and I am an open-minded personand I'm willing to accept the fact that if God is a real thing that he would love anyone no matter who they were especially if they loved God but being a realistic person I want to ask any person who has read the Bible and is gay and understands what the Bible says about gay people why would you want to be involved with anything that the Bible dictates that you should do? I'm married right now and I'll tell you that being married only creates more problems whereas if you never got married you feel more free being married and getting paperwork only creates more tethers more problems but hey I'm all for everyone being equal if you want these unnecessary problems please by all means go and sign up for it I will not stand in your way but I will tell you that right now being that it's not legal where I am at it's not something that you should feel like you're missing if you stay with somebody for 7 years anyways you become a domestic partner regardless of whether or not your male female female male male male female female it does not matter

  • Alexandra De Leon
    Alexandra De Leon Month ago


  • Samuel Clemens
    Samuel Clemens Month ago

    Dear God, can someone please inform the audience they don't have to scream and shout out, every time Stephen says something funny.

  • Wajahat Shah
    Wajahat Shah Month ago

    Why not Sir your best for USA

  • azapro911
    azapro911 Month ago

    Well if he can't, his replacement certainly can during the inauguration...

  • if it ain't foreign it's borin!

    tRUMP throwing out a pardon for himself is witness tampering, no?

  • Vance Gilbert
    Vance Gilbert 2 months ago +1

    What Trump's legal team fails to remember is that Trump is in danger of being considered a part of a GOP plot to circumvent eligibility requirements by saying he's paid his taxes, isn't guilty of tax evasion, and is therefore, not a criminal; Until he proves this, he is literally ineligible to run for president at any time or even run for re-election.

  • Al Loomis
    Al Loomis 2 months ago

    no, he can't. but pence would, very likely. not certain the democrats would do more than throw him out of office. it's a bad look, admitting officers of state, chosen by formal election, are crooks or incompetent. might cause the chumps to question other politicians.
    the usa constitution is obsolete. but a people who don't want democracy certainly won't get it, it's never given by whatever elite, civil or military, hold power.

  • Petyr Kowalski
    Petyr Kowalski 3 months ago +1

    Trump wants to turn the US into a banana dictatorship. I guess he sees himself as like the Robert Mugabe of the USA. Is this what the US democracy has come to?

  • MC-Chaotic Builds
    MC-Chaotic Builds 3 months ago

    5:50 - 5:57 guys laugh kills me.

  • energy phocused
    energy phocused 3 months ago

    It hurts to see so many people have an opinion on the problem, with very few knowing what to do.... I'm begging my neighbors to quit propagating hatred and war. It's great to have different opinions! However, these opinions can shape society or destroy it.

  • Joseph Rittenhouse
    Joseph Rittenhouse 3 months ago +1

    Okay, so, the way I always understood it, the office of the president cannot be put on trial, which is why we have impeachment. Impeachment allows for a sitting president to be removed from office to face prosecution.
    I also dont see how a person can be pardoned without a conviction. Without a conviction, what crime is there to be pardoned?
    Maybe my understanding is flawed, but it seems to me that in order to prosecute Trump, he has to be impeached first, which removes his power to pardon himself.
    If he has the power to pardon himself before a conviction, isnt that tantamount to a confession, and therefore grounds for impeachment?

  • Josue Pina
    Josue Pina 4 months ago

    Crisis today. Remind them whose ass is on the line. Listening. Caught ya! A federal crime. No matter what it is. It’s true. This is for ass. Just what it does. Of course it’s love.

  • 006pup
    006pup 4 months ago

    Is it possible to get ALL of Colberts monologues concerning Trump?

  • William Ridge
    William Ridge 4 months ago

    If trump did pardon himself, it would be an admittion of guilt , and trump will never admit he's wrong.

  • The Current Reaper
    The Current Reaper 4 months ago

    Richard Nixon did

  • Ra Thesungod
    Ra Thesungod 5 months ago +1


  • lauren c
    lauren c 5 months ago

    The Deep state is Isreal and the Jewish Mafia they control the media fake news, federal reserve, CIA there responsible for 911, JFK
    and the list goes on. This show like many others is fake propaganda brainwashing hiding the truth from Americans dont believe!
    do some research and you will find who controls the world.

  • BlueBerry
    BlueBerry 5 months ago

    This video is bullshit he didn't commit any crimes and he's not pardoning himself if you're if you have sand in your vagina about Trump why don't you complain about Hilary

  • Fazza25
    Fazza25 5 months ago

    6:10 I guess no one likes the Yankees, then . . .

  • Slaughter House 5
    Slaughter House 5 5 months ago +1

    This whole denial of making a cake for a gay couple is still bothering me. I'm from Colorado, and I understand that you have that right as a private business, but if you tried to pull that shit where I was raised, with manners, decency, respect, and acceptance of your neighbor... well, We're the Wolverines and that type of discrimination just doesn't fly. We may smoke a lot of weed and drink lots of beer on the... when were awake, but we stand up for each other.

    ALAN LAWRENCE 5 months ago

    I think the president should be allowed to whack anybody he likes... Last time it was Syrian innocents, just got his hit men to "vaporise those commie bastards..." " Er, Mr President, they're not communists." Trump looks even dumber than he usually does. "So why are we whacking em...?" Munches a cheese burger, sauce dripping off his orange face. "Because Mr President, they're bad people and need to be vaporised by really big missiles." Trump: "Did I bomb Iraq." "No Mr President, that was another murdering Presidential arsehole." T munches another cheese burger. "Who can we bomb next, Kim...? He's a bad man." "No Mr President, you have to kiss his ass, he has bad nukes too. Trump has a tantrum. He so wanted to whack naughty Kim.

  • James Duffy
    James Duffy 5 months ago +1

    Sure he can , when he passes gas he says pardon me , NYUK NYUK NYUK .

  • Tom Chapman
    Tom Chapman 6 months ago

    But if you accept a pardon you have to admit you are guilty in order to receive the pardon !

  • Oldies But Goodies
    Oldies But Goodies 6 months ago

    Biscuits and Porn...great biscuits

  • Ben Arnona
    Ben Arnona 6 months ago

    Can a president pardon himself? No it's called article 2 of the constitution section 4. The president may pardon anyone, except in matters of impeachment. Not the exact wording, but it covers the topic at hand. On the gay rights matter. I can also more, or less quote the constitution as to why the supreme courts verdict was wrong. It falls under separation of church, and state. Meaning their ruling was unconstitutional. Yup get a clue people, educate yourselves, ask questions when you don't have answers, and don't just believe everythimg you're told.

  • Gregor Coetzee
    Gregor Coetzee 6 months ago

    Why is it bad that someone refused to conduct business with someone? Isn't that just regular freedom?

  • RT Elkin
    RT Elkin 6 months ago

    Aug 2018: Phillips is now asserting his right to refuse to make a cake for a transgendered woman. I guess he wasn't satisfied with the court's decision to rule narrowly enough in his case to refuse to set a precedent which again enshrines bigotry in the constitution. Guys like him are the ones we see when we picture those who fight to restore institutionalized discrimination against members of underrepresented and/or different legal 'classes' of people.

  • RT Elkin
    RT Elkin 6 months ago

    In this democratic age of universal accountability, no legitimate government could ever allow its own guilty premier to relegate its own rule of law into absurdity by pardoning himself. That's why we have Impeachment, which is not afforded a pardonable remedy or reprieve.

  • Jörgen Persson
    Jörgen Persson 6 months ago

    I whish we had Trump as head of state in Sweden. Trumps is the best that has happend and are going to be the best president of USA in history.
    Keep up the god jobb Trump...

  • Kamala Williams
    Kamala Williams 6 months ago


  • Pavol Michalec
    Pavol Michalec 6 months ago

    Slovak invented a president pardon himself, look:

  • 1400deadwood
    1400deadwood 7 months ago

    If a president can pardon himself, why would the Constitution give Congress the right to impeach?
    Obviously, he does not have that power.

  • Totally Nameless
    Totally Nameless 7 months ago +1

    So does the baker follow everything in the bible, or just the anti-gay stuff (that I'm fairly certain doesn't mention frosting cakes)? And can anyone in the US break the law if they claim God told them to do it through an old book that's been through countless revisions and translations? Does this legal immunity come into effect for all spiritual beliefs or just the homophobic ones? What about people who have crafted their own spiritual doctrine not just one written in a popular novel? Is "God commanded me to do it" now a valid legal defense?

  • marlene g
    marlene g 7 months ago

    Can Trump contract a flesh eating disease already.

  • stephanieallard67
    stephanieallard67 7 months ago

    I just wanna say, i associate the news being portrayed in a manner that makes me laugh rather than contemplate suicide.

  • Mermaid We
    Mermaid We 7 months ago

    Pardoning ones self = dictator... Innocent people don't require pardons.

  • Divine Aria
    Divine Aria 7 months ago

    "Having him testify demeans the office of the president before the world."
    Good one, even though this clown is already demeaning the office of the president on his own on a daily basis.

  • Hecter Natchos
    Hecter Natchos 7 months ago

    round 2 donny spank porn star hillary living life next to porn star vote for colbert free supply of mary j wan a from chemist does jesus mind a little teasing

  • Trish Fitzpatrick
    Trish Fitzpatrick 7 months ago

    So THIS is where the Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer's support group meets! Awesome! You kids hang in there...

  • Caleb Tifft
    Caleb Tifft 7 months ago

    Pardon : the action of forgiving or being forgiven for an error or offense. Logically it is impossible to pardon oneself by this very definition. Key word: or

  • BulletFarmer2
    BulletFarmer2 7 months ago +1

    Wow--who knew that Trump was talking about James Comey when he said he could get away with shooting someone on Fifth Street?

  • Darlene Monen
    Darlene Monen 7 months ago

    you have to be convicted of a crime to get a pardon. if trump gets convicted he loses his seat as president therefore loses power to pardon anyone including himself. duh!

  • Niki Bond
    Niki Bond 7 months ago

    no he can not pardon himself that is not a possibility he is a nut

  • TR Ollen
    TR Ollen 7 months ago

    gay - I remember a time when Colbert was funny :(

  • Mc007Queen
    Mc007Queen 7 months ago

    Why does he have to say his name and his last name every time he starts his show ? .. that's like Donald J Trump saying his name every time he has a press conference

  • Robert Beccue
    Robert Beccue 7 months ago

    Innocent people would never think of pardoning themselves. He is guilty as sin.

  • David Boudreau
    David Boudreau 7 months ago

    NOT in matters of Impeachment. Art 2 sec. 2 of the U S Constitution. It's black & white.

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius 8 months ago

    Stephen Colbert, what was Pizza Gate all about? Were you leftist molesting children? We all know that Anthony Weiner is in jail for that, but come on: "We have a Pizza a month old and not in too good of shape, we don't think it will last, we will let it go as a discount?" Those are code words, you filthy scum!

  • Misty M. Kirby, PhD
    Misty M. Kirby, PhD 8 months ago +1

    Yup, those of us who lived in the city during the Rudy years know...were it not for 9/11, he'd be completely and utterly hated (like he was on 10 Sept 2011)

  • Elliander Eldridge
    Elliander Eldridge 8 months ago

    Well, if the states prosecute him, he wouldn't have this power, right? Also, even if he is charged with a federal crime, can he pardon himself prior to conviction? If not then an impeachment first could hold him accountable. He could go down in history as the first president fully impeached (Clinton technically wasn't, or rather he was impeached but was never ordered to step down so was allowed to complete his term) and the first president convicted of a crime committed while in office.

  • Tony Wilson
    Tony Wilson 8 months ago


  • Lorisa214
    Lorisa214 8 months ago

    I don't think you should force someone to make a cake for a gay wedding if they don't want to. More importantly, if they didn't want to, why would you force them? No way you'll enjoy the cake on your wedding. Just go somewhere else.

  • this alien
    this alien 8 months ago

    This makes me happy😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂so hella happy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ctownneto
    ctownneto 8 months ago

    I could kill u in your sleep jajajaja awesome

  • Nick
    Nick 8 months ago

    Oh we really are a global embarrassment.

  • sccello
    sccello 8 months ago

    That was not an accurate reading of the SCOTUS decision. They decided on a technicality because the justices couldn't decide whether a wedding cake is a religiously-relevant item or not. The decision explicitly stated that there was undesirable discrimination involved, but that the Colorado discrimination board were being unacceptable jerks. Take it up with them if you don't like it.

  • Laydie Elle
    Laydie Elle 8 months ago

    Ugh. Stupid bakers and their religious crap.

  • Literally Who
    Literally Who 8 months ago

    Saw the title, and I assumed Colbert would not answer the rhetorical question he is asking.
    The answer is "yes". The President can pardon himself, he can call off any investigation into him at his own whim, and fire the whomever he pleases within the executive branch for any reason he pleases; they all work for the President, he is their boss. The President is the leader of the executive branch, and he is the top legal official in the country, not the Attorney General.
    What really makes Colbert's lies here so insidious is that leftists were almost bragging about the fact that when Hillary was going to be elected, she could just pardon herself from her crimes. It's funny how the tables have turned, huh?

  • GunTotinMinnesotan
    GunTotinMinnesotan 8 months ago

    The only thing people talk about anymore, the president. Everyone needs a new hobby

  • Robin James
    Robin James 8 months ago

    FFS I am so sick of your shitty Trump jokes, acting like it is the most pressing thing. What about Yemen, Iran nuclear deal, Saudi funding terrorists etc. etc.

  • John Hurley
    John Hurley 8 months ago

    Such a brainwashed comment section. It's actually pretty disgusting. Ok so #1 we live in a republic and no matter how many times you say democracy you're still wrong. #2 are you all obsessed with hating Trump? Im not a huge fan but I'll never vote Democrat again and I can't even watch I just came here to see how deep the lunacy runs. It's deep

  • Charles Frank
    Charles Frank 8 months ago

    Go fuck yourself, Call-Burt.

  • gere jigme
    gere jigme 8 months ago

    so disgusting show not funny all very disrespect our persident this show for left show tow his just real politics show so sick he help left dishonest man you sick man

  • Felix Herrera
    Felix Herrera 8 months ago

    Stupid Steven, the Constitution clearly state the "President is the Chief Supreme Justice" unless he personally violated a person's rights or physically harm he cannot be prosecuted!!

  • Félix Lessange
    Félix Lessange 8 months ago

    Who's this annoying drunk uncle voice

  • azur bleu
    azur bleu 8 months ago

    Can A Dictator Pardon Himself? YES

  • Ruel Mannette
    Ruel Mannette 8 months ago

    I got a Prager U add when I tried to watch this video. They are getting really old. Let the consumers speak.

  • Duck Sicked
    Duck Sicked 8 months ago


  • Duck Sicked
    Duck Sicked 8 months ago


  • Duck Sicked
    Duck Sicked 8 months ago


  • Ali Nadem
    Ali Nadem 8 months ago +1

    Can a comedian be original?

  • Minster
    Minster 8 months ago

    Trump was a Democrat before he turned to a Republican..he has the mind of a Democrat do have a Democrat in office...SO CHILL YOURE TITS!!!

  • Luther James
    Luther James 8 months ago

    Impeach then jail...sounds good to me...

  • Bernt Sunde
    Bernt Sunde 8 months ago

    No need for USA to get attacked by any outside countries, they are fighting a cultural and political civil war, pretty clear for everyone outside. How many poor people in USA? How much violence? How is the pollution? The Educational system? The family values? And this country is supposed to 'lead the world' ? This nation can't even lead themselves!

  • L H
    L H 8 months ago

    Americans are such dumb cunts. Especially this dickhead host. Instead of supporting your president/people you guys bashing on each other. The world is laughing at you guys.

  • Tony K
    Tony K 8 months ago're soooo BORING. Can't you do a monologue on ANY OTHER subject? Always with the TRUMP...TRUMP...TRUMP.... You do realize that you are doing him a huge favor, right? Come on buddy... Broaden your repertoire... Or are you really just a boring one trick pony?

    • Tony K
      Tony K 8 months ago

      Shredding Gnarly Harley hi. Not sure he's disrupting anything. I used to love his stuff when he was just doing the Colbert Report. But now I can't watch him anymore. He's shown his true colors and I must say he's very committed to an unrelenting anti TRUMP campaign. It's speech etc... He just really boring and one dimensional to me now.

    • Shredding Gnarly Harley
      Shredding Gnarly Harley 8 months ago

      Tony K Bless your heart.... You think Colbert is Trying to disrupt this nation because He's boring. I somewhat envy that. Stephen colbert Has a massive Closet.

  • bmc
    bmc 8 months ago

    Of course stupid!

  • ferg
    ferg 8 months ago


  • John smith
    John smith 8 months ago

    Hey colbert keep spouting your identity politics bullshit and insulting the star wars fandom. Im sure that will fix the problems huh? Im SURE all the attacks on the fans will bring the profits to the franchise huh? Keep saying its only the white straight males, and ignoring the women and poc ALSO hate this new shit political agenda garbage too. Lets see if that brings the money. Lol i really guess stupid is as stupid does but enjoy the reverb in your echoe chamber lol. We'll see won't wee huh snowflake beta boy? ;)

  • Alasdair Thomson
    Alasdair Thomson 8 months ago

    5:50 oh my goodness, WHAT THE HELL, Jon Baptiste?

  • Musaab Osman
    Musaab Osman 8 months ago

    The band leader is so annoying.

  • CT
    CT 8 months ago

    God Colbert is not funny at all just regurgitated shit over and over again.

  • Friendly Neighborhood Gamer


  • snowbarrel1710 flute
    snowbarrel1710 flute 8 months ago

    This guy is a sad human. Clearly on his knees for Obama and cant handle reality. Please tighten your tie until your face is the color of your suit.

  • Dog alpha
    Dog alpha 8 months ago

    yes because... America !

  • Jay Schonts
    Jay Schonts 8 months ago

    Parrot those media false talking points, retard!

  • artbydesignofkc Joey
    artbydesignofkc Joey 8 months ago

    Hey homo Stephen Colbert guess what when your ex Muslim president signed into law without a vote gay marriage totally going against the majority of Americans that are against it and then put a fagg flag on the front of the White House like we were all in agreement. When we're not. And by the way I don't hate gay people I just find it disgusting but I don't give a shit what you do in your house as long as you don't bother me. But back to this that Muslim loving Iranian cash giving ex-president of yours sold out our country. And now you're mad that we have a president who is a fucking pimp boss. You're a hater. Why don't you ask your rapist Bill Clinton to go over and negotiate and give the Iranian some cash. Or ask Hillary and Obama to sell some more uranium to the Russians they keep saying are so terrible. All you little girls do like Steven Cole homo bare does stir the pot like the little girls we all went to school with can't fight but constantly stirring the pot. Who are you funny too dumbass people who really don't know the truth all you got to do is listen to Clapper on The View and he admitted there's a spy. But no you dumb asses or your audience that I obviously can't think for itself there for you have to help them and then they applaud so your little gay but feels better. May your shit little heart die as quickly as possible. I hex you

  • Tracy Adams
    Tracy Adams 8 months ago

    A neutered Paul Ryan speaking about Trump: “It’s what he does, we’ve kind of learned to live with it.” You are not learning to live with it Mr. Ryan, you are enabling Trump. Get some balls, then worry about your career.

  • Hey Now
    Hey Now 8 months ago

    This asshole needs to be hung ! Biggest douchebag on TV ! Fuck All of you !

  • hhhk20
    hhhk20 8 months ago

    This cocksucker will have 4 more years to entertain the Dems with his tired routine, after Trump wins re-election. Looking forward to the NEXT post-election night laments & hysterics. Your tears are my joy. Go Trump🇺🇸