Clemson Post Game Press Conference: 2020 National Championship | CBS Sports HQ

  • Published on Jan 14, 2020
  • Dabo Swinney, Trevor Lawrence and Tanner Muse address the press after a tough loss, Lawrence's first playing for Clemson, to LSU in the 2020 National Championship Game

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Comments • 818

  • Rob's Healthy Lifestyle

    This is why OU got rid of Venables, he doesnt know how to defend the spread.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 4 days ago

    I knew the tigers would win this game

  • RJman101
    RJman101 4 days ago

    As a Clemson fan, I hate black people.

  • Mr Mark D
    Mr Mark D 6 days ago

    Steffi Graff just didn't show up for this game !

  • whistleblower Louisiana

    I'm a Lsu fan and I am addressing this comment to other Lsu fans in here leaving negative comments . We got to remember that we haven't won a natty in 14 years. So that doesn't give us any room to down play Clemson because they are a very good team with class. I am so proud to say that I was excited to be able to say we played against a magnificent team... GREAT JOB to Clemson...Hopefully we will meet again next year....Geaux Tigers

  • Scott B
    Scott B 7 days ago

    Awww, glad to see they are letting girls on the team.

  • The Amazing Goldfish

    Alabama would have given a far better game than Oklahoma, and probably Clemson. They lost by 5 points to LSU in their league, and three to Auburn dropping from 3 to ((13))?, while Georgia is blown out by LSU "and" losses to...South Carolina only goes from 4 to 6 place? Good work committee,... good work.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 7 days ago

    Clemson will be back in the playoffs next season with Trevor and travis. The acc to weak they'll go undefeated.

  • Bill Schilling
    Bill Schilling 8 days ago

    I guess they were the underdog. Oh well A little dab will do ya

  • Dennis D Diamond
    Dennis D Diamond 8 days ago

    Dabo knows they will be back next year so he’s not that upset. He’ll, they will be back the next 5 years. LSU?? One and done for a long time. Alabama will beat LSU next year and beat them badly, too.

  • Dennis D Diamond
    Dennis D Diamond 8 days ago

    Love the attempt to rephrase words in French. LSU and Louisiana is about as French as McDonald’s fries. Guess they need some redeeming quality down there in the swamps.

  • Invidious
    Invidious 8 days ago

    Rumors were all over NOLA the morning of the game that Trevor was seen exiting a well-known French Quarter gay bar in full leather with a collar and chain at 3 AM that morning. That's not how you should prepare for a game of this magnitude.

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 8 days ago +1

    Neutral fans only respond to this comment. No tigers lol. I believe LSU won only becuz they were at home. Clemsiinn is the better football team to me. Better in everything except deep balls. I believe LSU defense played above their heads becuz of the state of Louisiana. Now let me hear opinions. One more thing it was a 3 point game when the MLB got disqualified..............17 pt win was misleading

  • daddydaycare
    daddydaycare 9 days ago

    He's a class act because they lost, if they would've won he would be cocky and bragging like last year. He didn't make excuses that's a good thing

  • daddydaycare
    daddydaycare 9 days ago

    Clemson got they ass whooped

  • Brian Mahoney
    Brian Mahoney 9 days ago +1

    So glad to see this big mouth humbled. LOL... maybe you should have giving the QB the national championship ring he deserved you hypocritical bum!

  • lvbuckeye
    lvbuckeye 10 days ago

    Shouldn't have been there in the first place. SEC replay booth screwed the Buckeyes.

  • Brian Woods
    Brian Woods 11 days ago

    Boo hoo, Dancing coach: YOU DID NOT DESERVE TO BE IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! A weak ACC schedule plus the weak non-conference schedule, plus the refs in the semifinals equals a weak endgame.

  • My Dashawn
    My Dashawn 11 days ago

    Coming from an LSU fan irespect Dabo sooo much !!

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe 11 days ago

    Refs gave LSU this one

  • Chris Pettitt
    Chris Pettitt 11 days ago

    I'm an avid LSU Tigers fan. I've not watched a lot of Clemson and have not been very familiar with their coach or Trevor Lawrence. What a class act their team seems to be! Great culture. Their coach, Swinney, is a super class act and you can tell that he loves the Lord and brings that to the culture. He obviously attracts young men of the same mind and soul. Trevor Lawrence is also a wonderful role model and a classy young man. He owned his shortcomings and speaks with great professionalism and leadership. Hats off to them. Can't think of a better competitor to have played in the big game. Newfound respect for the other Tigers, Clemson. Finally, congrats to my LSU Tigers... Geaux Tigers!

    • lee lee
      lee lee 11 days ago

      Trust me, that's only because they lost, just take some time and research the arrogance .

  • Mark Allen
    Mark Allen 11 days ago

    Geaux Tigers!

  • Jon Dough
    Jon Dough 11 days ago

    I just wish Trevor would get that stupid womanly hair cut off. It makes him look like an idiot.... great player though.

  • Daniel Day
    Daniel Day 12 days ago

    STFU Dabo !!!!!

  • Thomas Evans
    Thomas Evans 12 days ago +1

    Yeah - “I’m incredibly thankful for the fact that we play in such a weak, pathetic conference that we NEVER have to worry about injuries EVER - thank God that Ohio State utterly blew the chance to put us away by halftime, just like Alabama did a couple of years ago in the semis - fortunately, we play in the pansy-a** ACC, where a good high school team would be competitive - we’ll see you back here next year, after we cruise, unbeaten and uninjured, to this point, and only have to win two tough games all year long, with our healthy, full starting lineup from Game 1, in order to be called “National Champs” - PLEASE don’t put us in the SEC - PLEASE..............”

    • Remy Simoneaux
      Remy Simoneaux 5 days ago

      true, the acc sucks, but that does not excuse anyone from losing to them.

  • Johnny Clemson
    Johnny Clemson 12 days ago

    CLEMS()N FORRRREVERRRR ! 71-42-4 !

  • MrSoloDolo
    MrSoloDolo 12 days ago +1

    Hahahaha absolutely love seeing these guys loss

  • Alvis Lancaster
    Alvis Lancaster 12 days ago

    It was a great football season..lots of great teams this year and big games..and we topped it off with epic championship game played by 2 respected losers in my eyes......both teams are winners...can't wait for next season..should be good

  • jackie chan
    jackie chan 12 days ago

    As a Bama fan and a huge Dabo fan since his days at Bama that’s about as classy a post game interview from a losing team ive ever seen. Nice job to coach O as I really like him too.

  • goatbucket
    goatbucket 12 days ago

    OSU beat Clemson, and then pathetic officiating awarded them the game. Ohio state would've given LSU a better opponent. that's why poor officiating ruined this final game.

  • kingpins9
    kingpins9 12 days ago

    Nice seeing the whiner Dabo lose. Always complaining about he and his team don’t get enough attention. His QB even disrespected Joe Burrow when the game was over. Lawrence knows Burrow’s game translates to the NFL and his doesn’t.

  • Eric Glosby
    Eric Glosby 12 days ago

    What an A Hole! He does not have the class to open by congratulating the winners. I'm so glad you lost!!

  • AJTComicsBrand
    AJTComicsBrand 12 days ago

    No drugs to help y'all win. Juiced Tigers. you only beat Bama with drugs. and 2016 you only beat them on a missed call. so, fuck Juiced Tigers. (Also) y'all didn't play any team this season only team that almost give y'all a lost was North Carolina. Fuck the Juiced Tigers.

  • T Gentry
    T Gentry 12 days ago

    Girly boy got exposed for the chump he is. Get a haircut, candyass.

  • Warren Jackson
    Warren Jackson 12 days ago +1

    I agree haircut in order for this young man. They played good just not great

  • Tony Iacomi
    Tony Iacomi 12 days ago

    Ohio State would have given LSU a much better game. They matched up better. Not saying they would have won but they were better than Clemson.

  • B Carroll
    B Carroll 12 days ago

    That is one classy coach. Would absolutely love him to be our next coach. Never happen however. Roll Tide!

  • B Hall
    B Hall 12 days ago

    The crazy thing is out of 31 games the only two they lost were at the same field.

  • Nygel Burwell
    Nygel Burwell 12 days ago +8

    Hats off to Dabo for ALWAYS being so classy.

  • W C Guy
    W C Guy 12 days ago

    Clemson doesn't even need to play their joke 2020 schedule. Let's just pencil them into the playoffs rested and healthy again. It's the one thing you will NEVER hear a Clemson coach or player say, 'we really needed the break to get rested'. When your hardest November game is Mayberry State, you don't need rest. I will say Dabo is a class guy and seems to run a clean, class program. I'm not a hater, but I am a college football fan.

    • littlegmod
      littlegmod 12 days ago

      Ok. So out of curiosity, what do suggest that they do? Granted, the ACC is a weak conference right now. Should Clemson come over to the SEC? How about sending some SEC teams to the ACC. What do you think should be done to remedy this problem?

  • David Hess
    David Hess 12 days ago

    See you in south bend Tigers. Onward Notre Dame

  • Bryon Nusbaum2 the truth channel

    We should of beat Clemson. Go bucks

  • brady chick
    brady chick 12 days ago +1

    LSU hadn't won a Natty in 13 years! Just saying.

  • Lil T Summerlin
    Lil T Summerlin 12 days ago +2

    Mad respect for this coach. This shows true Class 💯 with that said I'm proud of my Tigers. My LSU Tigers 🐯

  • Adele Lloyd
    Adele Lloyd 12 days ago +1

    Love Dabo. Such a nice man. Great coach.

  • Muhammed Al Boo Boo
    Muhammed Al Boo Boo 12 days ago +1

    overrated and got exposed

  • Mary Allen
    Mary Allen 12 days ago

    Karma is a bitch Clemson! I'm happy that LSU kicked your ass! Justice!

  • Jim
    Jim 12 days ago +3

    As an LSU fan, I have to have respect for coach Dabo after this interview!

  • qazyman
    qazyman 12 days ago

    I don't follow either team or conference. This was the best game I've seen this year at any level.

  • YaBoi Jacob
    YaBoi Jacob 12 days ago +1

    They start up again 6 weeks. The memory will be in their heads. Expect Clemson and Trevor wreak havoc next year

  • andrew chan
    andrew chan 12 days ago

    Class Coach with a Class Program
    They will be in the mix again next year, it’s a shame one team had to lose

  • Ms B
    Ms B 12 days ago

    Y'all lost

  • James Dean
    James Dean 12 days ago

    Coach Swinney-Class !!!!

  • Michael Wall
    Michael Wall 13 days ago

    too bad they couldn't congratulate lsu for the win, you usually do a little sportsmanship instead of just aka-lades for yourself.

  • Fitz -
    Fitz - 13 days ago

    osu will evenge

  • David Meek
    David Meek 13 days ago +1

    Dat karma, tho. Win by the refs...lose by the....

  • DJKhal21
    DJKhal21 13 days ago

    Dabo not whining about respect? Surprised.

  • DJKhal21
    DJKhal21 13 days ago +1

    Lawrence isn't as good as ppl think. I doubt he goes #1 next year

    • Adele Lloyd
      Adele Lloyd 12 days ago

      I loved Deshaun Watson

    • Ed Sev
      Ed Sev 12 days ago

      LSU definitely showed Lawrence’s weakness for sure he has no pressure stamina to be stable enough to control his situational awareness and pass control to target under extreme constant attack .... NFL will be a wake up call for him one day.... if he doesn’t learn now... LSU was just an eye opener.... wakey wakey....

  • DJKhal21
    DJKhal21 13 days ago

    Geaux Tigers! I knew no one was going to stop us! Glad Dabo lost!