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Top 15 Most Epic Superhero Entrances (Remake)

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • Ah sh*t, here we go again.
    Yes, this is a remake from "Top 10 Most Epic Superhero Entrances" on my previous video, hope you enjoy this, cheers!
    Thanks for watching and comment if there any more scene that should be on the list.
    Thank You Multimedios3D for Thanos Green Screen :
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  • Aldo Fontana
    Aldo Fontana 2 hours ago

    Como la de Spiderman esta tan atrás las de batman v superman son un asco (excepto mujer maravilla) la de batman de 2005 debería de estar en el top y sacar la del 2012

  • Mehedi Shovon
    Mehedi Shovon 4 hours ago

    1. Cap on your left.
    2. Thor's entry in infinity war
    3. Hulk - I'm always angry

  • Leon Saravas
    Leon Saravas 4 hours ago +1

    Not all of these Clips are entrances
    Maybe Fight scenes

  • EIixir
    EIixir 6 hours ago

    Great seeing Megamind in this list!

  • Your Rich Nigerian Uncle

    6:40 the best and most powerful super hero

  • Wizard dotes
    Wizard dotes 7 hours ago


  • gilliebilliee
    gilliebilliee 7 hours ago

    Wonder Woman, Dark Phoniex, Captain Marvel should meet👀

  • Dreven Golem
    Dreven Golem 8 hours ago +1

    Number 10 is transformation not entrance...

  • Jacob
    Jacob 9 hours ago

    Infinity War:Thor’s entrance was the best out of all of his entries. Endgame:Hold Thor’s beer.

  • Ellie Jasmine x
    Ellie Jasmine x 9 hours ago +1

    Hell yeah marvel can beat dc any day, Thor’s entrance was legendary

  • Harry Potter Stories
    Harry Potter Stories 10 hours ago

    Where is the avengers endgame epic entrance?!?? That’s the best one ever!

  • Hasheem Rashid
    Hasheem Rashid 10 hours ago

    Thor is my favourite super hero

  • Ratna Kumar
    Ratna Kumar 11 hours ago

    I luv u 3000 times #Thor 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Kavitha Kavitha
    Kavitha Kavitha 13 hours ago

    I didn't see the movie, but I don't know I just loved this 7:36 👌👌👌👌👌

  • mahadeva somayajulu
    mahadeva somayajulu 13 hours ago

    May be you need to revise it as endgame is released

  • Dark Paladin
    Dark Paladin 15 hours ago

    Where's the entrance of Valkyrie

  • Rauma Abdul
    Rauma Abdul 16 hours ago

    Hope I would hear Avengers music in cinema again with another epic scene...

  • Ajay A
    Ajay A 16 hours ago

    Bring me thanos..all time favorite..kya intry li hai thor ne😍😍😍

  • Deepak Sharma
    Deepak Sharma 17 hours ago

    Where is captain marvel?

  • Trull Sengar
    Trull Sengar 17 hours ago

    Where is the Incredible Hulk 1st entrance?? That beats any of these Hulk or CA or Iron man entrances, And you put Batman Begins as an Honorable mention? And also the wrong entrance at that. Batman Begins entry by the bats is easily the 2/3. That one was the 1st time I had goosebumps just from seeing someone enter the scene

  • Sona Khan
    Sona Khan 20 hours ago

    Chutiya khuch bhi

  • Clash Of Cadence
    Clash Of Cadence 20 hours ago +1

    Thor: I love holding the most epic entrance award!
    Time portals in endgame: Hold my beer

  • Amit Abh
    Amit Abh 20 hours ago

    Youvall know which one was legendary but i think the coolest ones were iron man in avengers 1 iron man in IW and megamind
    And the most badass was wonder woman!

  • Jonathan Blackbow
    Jonathan Blackbow 21 hour ago

    Superman, "Superman II":

    General, would you care to step outside?

  • Arc Arsenal
    Arc Arsenal 21 hour ago

    No Hulk from Thor: Ragnarok?

  • Arc Arsenal
    Arc Arsenal 21 hour ago +1

    Nice list. But I think #8 should be higher

  • Haters Gonna Hate
    Haters Gonna Hate 22 hours ago

    Cpt Marvel - Im the strongest Avenger
    Thor - 10:22 ....... yeah ... nah

  • Haters Gonna Hate
    Haters Gonna Hate 22 hours ago

    That Nightcrawler one is off the chart , i remember seeing in at the movies when it came out , and i heard quite a few , "that was fkn awesome"

  • roshan dev 9334018500
    roshan dev 9334018500 23 hours ago +1

    Still thanos entry is better than all
    Just think about it 😃

  • Next Big Thing
    Next Big Thing 23 hours ago

    I love megamind entrance

  • Hafsa Khan
    Hafsa Khan 23 hours ago +1

    this video: *thor’s entrance in infinity war is the top most epic superhero entrance in cinematic history*
    Endgame portals scene: *im gonna end this man’s whole career*

  • Sebastian Perez
    Sebastian Perez Day ago

    When megamind showed up I laughed 😂

  • chimakalu41
    chimakalu41 Day ago

    Excellent list I totally agree... Wait get rid of Mega mind though

  • Gerry Stevens
    Gerry Stevens Day ago

    Diana was pretty good. Cap catching Proximo Midnights Solar Blade, and Thor...I say is pretty strong.

  • Natalia M.G
    Natalia M.G Day ago


  • khatong debbarma

    Superman was sick man.... But thor was badass

  • Pate 1972
    Pate 1972 Day ago

    How is “I am Batman“ in Batman begins only an honorable mention?

  • Aaron Ostach
    Aaron Ostach Day ago

    I’m sorry where is deadpool

  • Caspin E
    Caspin E Day ago

    Top 3 IMO:
    1: Portals: All MCU heroes
    2: Thor Wakanda entrance
    3: Captain Marvel destruction of Thanos’ ship

  • sahil ahmed
    sahil ahmed Day ago

    The entry of MIJONIR and THANOS in end game...

  • just bring it
    just bring it Day ago

    All time favourite thor in wakanda

  • Ravi Pilania
    Ravi Pilania Day ago

    Thor is my favourite superhero i want to meet him once in my life

  • Karthi Karthik
    Karthi Karthik Day ago

    Captain marvel...??

  • arshia shakil
    arshia shakil Day ago

    Thor's entery is the best one in all

  • arshia shakil
    arshia shakil Day ago

    Thor's entery is the best one in all

  • Valiant Studios - Noah George Music

    Where was the original Superman entrance? Or the Tim Burton Batman entrances? All of those would crush most/all of these entrances

  • arman ali
    arman ali Day ago +1

    It's the wonder women music. ..

  • Mohammed usman
    Mohammed usman Day ago

    I dont like it

  • Adrian Gails
    Adrian Gails Day ago

    Thor and Wonder Woman have the best entrances, hands down.

  • Dan Lundberg
    Dan Lundberg Day ago

    "Here's a video of cool superhero entrances where we don't show the really cool guys but fucking Nightcrawler from the worst x-men movie"

  • DedoPorno
    DedoPorno Day ago

    Captain America's appearance in Infinity War complimented by it's soundtrack is hands down the most electrifying hero entrance I've ever seen (and yes, I'm aware of Thor).

  • azclown317
    azclown317 Day ago

    cutting out Banner's 'you guys are so screwed now' takes away from the entrance imho

  • J ProA
    J ProA Day ago +1


  • momos Panu
    momos Panu Day ago

    yeah! quick silver

  • Daniel Lyapa
    Daniel Lyapa Day ago

    I most definitely agree. Thor's entrance in Infinity Wars is the most Epic. And Quicksilver for X-Men Apocalypse. But you left out Black Panther's entry when Dr Strange opened the portal. That nimble walk with two chicks on the sides... I lost my mind.

  • speier
    speier Day ago

    Why is the quality of this video such shit

  • Magic Art
    Magic Art Day ago

    Think about this guys if they brought back gamora after she died to the soul stone it wouldnt be just her soul he entire body but since they brought her back by time travel ehy not just do the same with black widow and captain America because he is old

  • Yan Gareau
    Yan Gareau Day ago

    Put captain Marvel when she arrive in the battle in Avg:EndGame

  • Invad3rEmily
    Invad3rEmily Day ago

    Megamind was unexpected but much appreciated

  • Fortnite burger Fortnite burger Fortnite burger


  • Raging Zombie
    Raging Zombie Day ago

    Why dod you repet some of them

  • Riceball Sushi
    Riceball Sushi Day ago


  • Yerramsetti Naveen

    thor is the best

  • JuanGP ß
    JuanGP ß 2 days ago

    If endgame was included
    It would be:
    “On your left”

  • Captain R. Holt
    Captain R. Holt 2 days ago +1

    I get the chills every time I see that Thor Ragnarök intrance. Literally chillz.

  • Marco Fryer
    Marco Fryer 2 days ago

    Where was the cave scene in the first Iron Man

  • Vaibhav Rajput
    Vaibhav Rajput 2 days ago +1

    Thor fans like maaro

  • Osman Özveren
    Osman Özveren 2 days ago

    Scarlet witch?

  • Hicham Bobo
    Hicham Bobo 2 days ago

    Thor is baack bitchesssss

  • S4V10RZ Central
    S4V10RZ Central 2 days ago

    Knew he would make it.


  • Flammenwerfer
    Flammenwerfer 2 days ago

    New #1. *Everyone*
    - Avengers: Endgame (2019)

  • Q GBan
    Q GBan 2 days ago


  • Crazy fox !
    Crazy fox ! 2 days ago

    that thor scene was awesome it deserved to be 1.

  • KMonster playz
    KMonster playz 2 days ago

    For me it's when they come back on endgame I'm not gonna say spoiler alert because If you never seen it yet your slow litterally slow.

  • Dave Redhead
    Dave Redhead 2 days ago

    X men apocalypse was made in 2016 wasn’t it 😐

    PROPER SOLUTION 2 days ago +1


  • Mayank Agarwal
    Mayank Agarwal 2 days ago

    Super like awesome collection man great work .

  • Saad Navaid
    Saad Navaid 2 days ago

    Black Panther:Someone bring this man a thanos

  • Saad Navaid
    Saad Navaid 2 days ago

    Who came here for Thor?

  • naisha sis and sis power

    I loved the thor enterens if you loved it like

  • A Rod
    A Rod 2 days ago

    You totally forgot the one that started it all: 1989's Batman museum entrance.

  • Toqeer Qurashi
    Toqeer Qurashi 2 days ago

    My foverite is x men

  • Puneeth Cm
    Puneeth Cm 2 days ago

    7:15 my favourite..........

  • W1ld Bolt
    W1ld Bolt 2 days ago

    why the fuck is megamind here lol

  • JonSnow
    JonSnow 2 days ago

    Where the fuck is Alita Battle Angel, that move was insane and her entrance was so badass

  • Cole Gaston
    Cole Gaston 2 days ago +1

    How come meagmind wasn’t number 1

  • viajy cable
    viajy cable 2 days ago +1


    *I KNEW IT.*

  • Sandy Sandy
    Sandy Sandy 2 days ago

    dumb fuck

  • Rudrarajsinh Rana
    Rudrarajsinh Rana 2 days ago

    The best movie is "The dark night rises"

  • Komal Sharma
    Komal Sharma 2 days ago

    Bhai my favorite hero Thor ki infinity war entry Dekh kar goosebumps aa jate he

  • Ghulam Hussain
    Ghulam Hussain 2 days ago


  • Ajaypal Singh
    Ajaypal Singh 2 days ago

    Thor is insane

  • Moviestan movie movi Shinde

    Thor in infinity war is the best entry scene

  • Selena Ray
    Selena Ray 2 days ago

    The names still being on the screen bothers me...

  • Experiment Zone
    Experiment Zone 2 days ago +1

    Hi ! Guys THOR fans like⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡.

  • Onur Yıldız
    Onur Yıldız 2 days ago

    #1. Superman 🖕

  • technical Rikin
    technical Rikin 2 days ago

    Endgame also....remake

  • manuel garcia
    manuel garcia 2 days ago +1

    Megamind officially joins the avengers 😂

  • Crashing Foot
    Crashing Foot 2 days ago

    You gonna sit here and tell me fucking Megamind was better than Cap in Inf War..?

  • kundan is live
    kundan is live 2 days ago +1

    Thor nd iron man is the best