SAGITTARIUS ~ Zodiac Series

  • Published on Dec 17, 2018
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    Hey my Squidlings! Today I am ending my Zodiac series, with Sagittarius! Sagittarians are curious, open minded, energetic, always truthful and sometimes lack a bit of empathy. Among many, their gemstone is turquoise, and their ruling planet is Jupiter! Sagittarians are born from Nov. 22 - Dec. 21.
    Materials used:
    Fluid Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper *
    LUKAS 1862 Watercolors *
    Arteza Expert Colored Pencils
    US *
    EU *
    Uniball Signo White Gel Pen *
    Micron Pigma Pen *
    Holbein Acryla Gouache *
    Amount of time taken:
    About 3 hours
    Email with references!
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    SAGITTARIUS~ Zodiac Series
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Comments • 13

  • Amarachi Christine
    Amarachi Christine 3 months ago

    Waoooo so amazing

  • Trey Inc GAMING
    Trey Inc GAMING 10 months ago

    This has nothing to do with the video but I hate when people saying ha ha you have the old version of copic
    Me: stfu u I don’t even have any shut up and don’t you ever disrespect my markers again T-T

  • Sandra Sala
    Sandra Sala 10 months ago

    Yayyy, I've been waiting for my sign, dead last lol. It looks great. I think I'll try it in my style. I will tag you if I do :)

  • Hannah Cockcroft
    Hannah Cockcroft 10 months ago

    Aw good job! I’m so proud of you congrstulations!!!!

  • Tawny English
    Tawny English 10 months ago

    So proud of you! Also, i'm very glad you mentioned using drawn references. I use those all the time and always feel bad for using something like that

  • Julia Leann Music
    Julia Leann Music 10 months ago

    Omg this is gorgeous! I’m so proud of you and your artwork. It’s inspiring to see you hard at work and dedicated to producing. ❤️

  • NissyBrown
    NissyBrown 10 months ago


  • Gina ́sArtCorner
    Gina ́sArtCorner 10 months ago +3

    Congrats for finishing this!
    I am a Sag and yes~ sometimes I can be a bit too direct with my opinions, but I try my best to hold back as much as I can :D I love the clothing you gave her :)

  • Lin D
    Lin D 10 months ago +1

    Congrats on series end! I’m sad you are taking time off, though! I JUST found you. It should be good for you, but we will miss you. How often do you think you will post in 2019?

    • Lin D
      Lin D 10 months ago

      Kaatydid Art Oh! Thank goodness! I was skurd! Lol ❤️❤️❤️

    • Kaatydid Art
      Kaatydid Art  10 months ago

      I'll be going down to 1 video a week. Patreon will be updated as normal though! 😊

  • laniegraceling
    laniegraceling 10 months ago

    oh that’s gorgeous!! congrats on finishing the series

  • Jessica Lipp
    Jessica Lipp 10 months ago

    I love this! As a Sagittarius (my birthday was yesterday) I think you did a wonderful job representing this zodiac sign! Good job, Kaaty! Keep up the awesome work!