Superman Show Coming To CW Through Crossover Event?

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
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    John answers viewers questions about a possible CW Superman series.
    PATREON SUPPORTER Dan Ketchum writes, I know you hated the "jobber" thing they did with Superman in Supergirl (I did too). But I think the actor Tyler Hoechlin is actually pretty good in the role. They are now saying he is going to be in all 3 episodes of the crossover. Could this mean that in addition to (or instead of) the Batwoman series, they are also testing the waters for a Superman series? (hopefully done a bit better)
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  • Manie Isaacs
    Manie Isaacs 8 days ago

    When will the superman. SEries be release. And the date that it will be release

  • stormking989
    stormking989 9 days ago

    Didn't they do a Superman film during Smallville's run?

  • Ramp10er
    Ramp10er 2 months ago

    I don't think Supes is a jobber. It's not just his show, it's Supergirl... It's time for other characters to step up and introduce themselves...

  • Rip Aycock
    Rip Aycock 4 months ago

    Assuming that Superman ever does get another TV show, which I doubt, there is the slight possibility that he could learn some sort of Kryptonian martial art during his time at Argo City while Lois is giving birth to their child, and that new fighting skill would make him a better fighter than Supergirl. I mean, ifwe're gonna imagine a decent Superman series, we might as well figure out some way to make the big guy Number 1 again, right?
    As for Batman ever confronting Green Arrow, the only possible way that hey could ever pull that off effectively would be if they left the question unanswered, sort of like the old, "Who is stronger, Thor or the Hulk?" question from back in the '60's and '70's in the Marvel comics.

  • Richard Sprague
    Richard Sprague 4 months ago

    Its Feminist issues in these shows, thats the problem.

  • HARISH chidambaram
    HARISH chidambaram 5 months ago

    I felt Personally WB Ruined Superman in Man of Steel by means of script. But I liked Batman V Superman and Justice League very much

  • 4EverGamer X
    4EverGamer X 5 months ago

    I'd love Superman show starring him

  • ConspiracyKill Happens
    ConspiracyKill Happens 6 months ago

    PASS!!!!!!! The dude from teenwolf SUCKS I'm bigger than him I'd like to stand next to him while he's in the suit and destroy the illusion for those who can't all ready tell. (He's no Superman) and batwoman is boring and gross. Lesbians like girls not the Butch aggressive dude you are giving us. If you want to show gay pride why give her a feminine Batgirl costume. Wouldn't a better lesbian statement be her wearing the batMAN cowl? Wouldn't that be a better lesbian batwoman. Seems like if you want to fight social injustice. You could start with the stereotypes lesbians have to deal with (like the agressive Butch) imagine all her scenes played by a man instead of her. Would you still like her? The way she closes the distance when talking to Supergirl and hinting to hidden tattoos? ....Hypocrites


    Do you think that aquaman should be on the CW at all

  • Quentron Ozmero.
    Quentron Ozmero. 7 months ago

    Ew no, just like the actress playing supergirl and this guy is the worst actor to play superman, but cw is planning to cancel other shows and focus on dctv

  • Michael Bleckler
    Michael Bleckler 8 months ago

    Man of Steel 2 not happening

  • Michael Bleckler
    Michael Bleckler 8 months ago


  • Michael Bleckler
    Michael Bleckler 8 months ago

    Can someone please explain to mw what a "jibber" is?

  • xyr3s
    xyr3s 8 months ago

    god, can't believe i got clickbaited so hard lol. shame on me >.<

    edit : but to add to the conversation. if they do a superman tv series. they could go all out. superman has a lot of big baddies. so one season could be about zod, another about doomsday another about darkseid, kinda like they did in smallville, but with less whiny teen drama and more mature themes. there could be a season with like mongol... they can have A) it set before supergirl so lex would not be in jail and instead of having lex as a 1 season villain, they could have him just trying to disrupt clark and stuff through out all the seasons. or B) they could have it after supergirl has been introduced already and just ignore lex lol.

  • Anthony Quinones
    Anthony Quinones 8 months ago

    Superman should get the old TV show the time to pull him to go back the TV show the time for him go back to a TV show

  • Michael S.
    Michael S. 8 months ago

    Personally, give Supes a pass. Here is a chance to have the non Bats/Supes part of the DCU shine. Ten years of Smallville, 3(?) years of Lois + Clark, and Krypton will air separately. The TV DCU works because each show has a supporting cast that actually helps. Lois Lane gets in trouble, drags Jimmy Olsen with her, and they really don't help Supes much. Bats won't have the 1st Robin, and Gotham is still airing.

  • Gregory Newman
    Gregory Newman 8 months ago

    CW does not do the characters of DC Comics right. I wish DC comics heads gotsome courage and tell the CW folks to make their characters more like the Comic.Characters so both images are the same. Where does Hollywood get these crazy writers & developers who fight against what the Comic characters are and create some watered down politically correct, distorted characters.

  • Jack Ripper
    Jack Ripper 8 months ago

    Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane--NO IT'S Soyboyman

  • popchaser
    popchaser 8 months ago

    forget superman show, it's redundant when you have supergirl, just make him regular on supergirl...what we need is Green Lantern corp show and a batman show, a sequel to Gotham..and maybe a JLA show or legion of superheroes show....

  • Rebecca Alonso
    Rebecca Alonso 8 months ago

    Warner Bros isn't giving up on Superman. They won't be making any movies for a while

  • lynlyn247
    lynlyn247 8 months ago

    I'd rather have a good aka not dark Superman 2 movie than a new Superman TV series. Tyler is OK as TV Superman, as long as they keep his beard shadow under control. Sorry, but Sups just doesn't do scruffy unless some something serious has gone down.

  • Pendekar Lapok
    Pendekar Lapok 8 months ago

    I disagree they will make Superman lose to woman in every episodes, it's better he come in and come out ,this way his image will preserved

  • Sarreq Teryx
    Sarreq Teryx 8 months ago


  • Mack Hopkins
    Mack Hopkins 8 months ago

    This Superman sucks and so does this Supergirl show. I only watch it because it is attached to the arrowverse

  • Mack Hopkins
    Mack Hopkins 8 months ago

    It still bothers me that this superman looks a bit Mexican. But I guess race bending is the new trend

  • arturo bernal
    arturo bernal 9 months ago

    I hope they do a Metropolis with Tyler H. I'd rather have a CW tv series of Superman than Henry Cavill's Superman. WB just can't get Superman right in the big screen, we're better off with a TV series.

  • George
    George 9 months ago

    Grrrr! Superman shouldn't lose to the Flash or to Supergirl, in fact he should never lose to ANYONE!!!! After all, it's not like he get beaten up by General Zod and has to kill him at the end of Man of Steel. It's not as if he gets his butt handed to him by Batman in both The Dark Knight Returns and Batman V. Superman, or gets beaten up by a random truck driver in Superman II. SUPERMAN NEVER LOSES A FIGHT!!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME CW?!?!?!?

  • S M
    S M 9 months ago +1

    I rather see superman than supergirl and the feminazi friends

  • Rusty Lewis
    Rusty Lewis 9 months ago

    The man plays superman pretty decent but if you take your heavy hitters(superman and Batman)and put them into tv,it cheapens them and you can forget any movies.once demoted to tv then they will be b class and degraded.

  • Issie wizzie
    Issie wizzie 9 months ago

    i will say the DC tv series have been very successful

  • Gary
    Gary 9 months ago

    I love the idea of a Tyler Hoechlin Superman series. He played Clark Kent/Superman incredibly well. Not the dark Broodie version from Henry Cavill. Hoechlin gave that vibe of hope and care for the people which is Superman. Just not a huge fan of the Costume

  • Gillian Wilson
    Gillian Wilson 9 months ago

    He's talking rubbish if the do a supermsn series that they won't do a man of Steel and batwoman won't be in Supergirl

  • AlxCaLi8
    AlxCaLi8 9 months ago

    I think the actor Tyler suits fine in the role, hopefully the cw will make some decent decisions about it :)

    ULSTERISBRITISH 1690 9 months ago

    I hope not , he's an awful superman. Both character and actor 👎🏻

  • Dusty
    Dusty 9 months ago

    I don't see tv show of superman in the near future. I also like Henry Cavil as Sups, just not how it has been directed.

  • Diego Arias
    Diego Arias 9 months ago

    I dont think so because come on is Superman you dont need to prove nothing to do a new show about him.
    Plus, i think Supergirl is the Superman of the CW if you know what i mean, they did Supergirl to put a lead female character but basically in this Universe they put Supergirl in representation of "Supes family"

  • Nick p
    Nick p 9 months ago

    Very true about superman losing all the time, what a joke.

  • Dale Thelander
    Dale Thelander 9 months ago

    Whatever happened to Lucy Lane in Supergirl?

  • Francisco
    Francisco 9 months ago

    Maybe it is Superman from Earth X, coming back for revenge

    VISION0STUDIO 9 months ago

    Superman should stay on the BIG screen. end of discussion

  • Sweetexorcist7
    Sweetexorcist7 9 months ago

    What’s a jobber

  • Ecliptor Calrissian
    Ecliptor Calrissian 9 months ago

    When it comes to the idea of this vs a Man of Steel 2, I'd LOVE a show about Superman but don't trust Zack Snyder to make a movie that's recognizably him after two films of Super-Emo-Man who thinks he's Batman and just broods all the time. And I would really like to see the Superman of Supergirl instead of just another reboot because the show would be a bit different than the normal formula. Instead of starting at the beginning of his career like every other version, we've got one where he and all of his supporting cast have been doing their thing a few years. They've moved up; Cat's become Perry, Jimmy's become Lois... so what are the actual Perry and Lois doing now? Everyone's moved on to bigger and better things and we can *watch them in those things.* Really see how they've grown, and how they grow even further from where they are. On top of that, we've got a Superman who acts like Superman, charming and fun and still NOT to be screwed with.
    Let the DCEU go. It's just another MCU imitation to fail, every new film is supposed to be The One That Fixes It, and is always considered to have fallen short of that. Meanwhile, in the Arrowverse we ALREADY have a beloved live-action DC Comics shared universe, and when Tyler Hoechlin's Superman guest-appeared in three episodes of someone else's show he was instantly being spoken of in the same sentence as Christopher Reeve. The search for the new Superman, the quest to get him right... it's complete! It's right here! No need to try to reinvent the wheel with a reboot that'll be the opposite of reinvention and just retell origin stories we already know, or try to beat us over the head with "It's not supposed to be fun, everyone's supposed to wear black and stand around looking sad" until we give up and want that like Snyder would do. We've FOUND this generation's Superman, he just needs a little more screentime to show the world!

  • Justin Cavey
    Justin Cavey 9 months ago

    I don’t think they will have a Superman Series because he would overshadow the Supergirl character

  • David Vandervliet
    David Vandervliet 9 months ago

    Here's the thing about Superman on other CWDC tv shows -
    If Superman can do everything and beat everyone, then why have these other characters? Which is why he's used so sparingly and why, as long as CW wants a Supergirl show, there will not be a Superman show.

  • Grace Geek
    Grace Geek 9 months ago

    hochelin over cavill any day of the freakin' year....

  • Aureo
    Aureo 9 months ago

    Wait I didn’t know legends weren’t gonna be apart of the crossover. How come?

  • joseph costello
    joseph costello 9 months ago

    Will Black Lightning be in the 3 night event? I hope so.

  • Megumi Inoue
    Megumi Inoue 9 months ago

    Or maybe they are paving the way to make a justice league tv series not a super man tv show. They already had a super girl show why would they made another super show much more super man when they already did had smallvill. I don't understand why you people call the man hinter and Superman a jobber at super girls' season two, but maybe you forgot that the show is super girl? Not super man nor the martian man hunter. So it's natural that they will be used as side character in a show that they aren't the main character. Both Superman and Batman even much more the whole justice league in the young justice was treated as side characters, but how come no one complain about that? And now that super girl is doing it, now they complain about it, lol. The netizens are so complicated.
    The show haven't release yet you already downgrade Superman just you basing on what happened on super girl season 2. Are you sure that Superman would lose this time? For someone who is a fan of Superman, you put too little faith about him. If you really love Superman, any show he would be exposed or be seen, even if he is just side character, an extra, or a just a cameo of him, you should support his character in every way you can. Me I don't care whom the actor(s) that would portray him, as long as he got the essence and the characteristics of Superman, I will support that person. How small or big his part maybe.
    Oh one thing it's not the flash and arrow crossover it's arrow, the flash crossing over supergirl, I believe that batwoman is in supergirls earth. That's why they need Superman to show up in the show. I'm excited that Superman will be back, this time including Luis lane.
    As for man of still 2. That's up to the actor if he ever want reprise his character or not. It's not the Warner brothers fault. If the actor doesn't want to he has the rights. One thing I heard that Henry Cavill will be acting the main character at the Netflix show The Witcher, I don't know what would happen to man of steel 2 or any future franchise of Superman now that Cavill is going to be busy.

  • MrTubarr
    MrTubarr 9 months ago

    Watch SJWs lose their minds...

  • Robert Royal
    Robert Royal 9 months ago

    Why does no one think that this is a test for A tv version of Justice league.

  • matt kylie
    matt kylie 9 months ago

    Ohh NOOooo not with the under built short Tyler hoechin 😩😫😫 what genius would cast him as a tv superman or even a fantasy superman!!! the CW & WB must be f..kin desperate.

  • Myrrhkuri
    Myrrhkuri 9 months ago

    I agree, that if they do a tv show they are taking him from movies..Superman and Batman have been pretty much off limits to TV because they do not want to over use their flagship characters for the big screen......maybe (as smallville) a red kryptonite or something that makes him evil and the other characters are trying to stop him but just cant quite do it, in comes Batwoman with gadgets and tech like Batman to save the day and get her

  • Christian Henson
    Christian Henson 9 months ago

    Please recast cw's Superman!!!!!

  • caveman Versace
    caveman Versace 9 months ago

    Yeah that is the gayest superman ever. Dude looks like an over confident cosplayer. My god this universe has no masculinity in it at all. Plus the writing is just terrible. Lois and Clark was a far better series.

  • Jese Stuebs
    Jese Stuebs 9 months ago

    Flash is faater then superman and super girl

  • Reginald Middleton
    Reginald Middleton 9 months ago

    Technically he CAN'T BEAT Supergirl so him losing is nothing new? Supergirl has been known to be stronger than Clark even in the comments! What are you people talking about him losing all the time in the Arrowverse? Are we watching the same shows? He can't beat Flash in a race unless he is flying basically! Now if they aren't doing a crossover with Legends then I'm fine with that...I HATE THAT SHOW! So if they bring Superman and Batwoman on the scene then then kick that show off the air please. And I don't agree with you in that they won't make a man of steel 2 because he's on the CW. Just saying...

  • Scorpio19
    Scorpio19 9 months ago

    I wish they fix the costume. The cape attatchment is awful!! Bring the spit curl back!!

  • Mike Irish
    Mike Irish 9 months ago

    There is a Supergirl movie in development that is not connected to the CW series which is rumored to take Man of Steel 2's place. Also The Flash (Flashpoint) Worlds of DC movie is also in development and no sign of The Flash TV series being cancelled. Just saying if Man of Steel 2 gets cancelled it will probably have nothing to do with a new Superman TV series.

  • Navid Haider
    Navid Haider 9 months ago

    They're experimenting with yet another Superman and Batwoman adaptation whereas Wonder Woman is yet again sidelined. I hope they bring Themyscira to Legends of Tomorrow. We already have Krypton. We need more Wonder Woman Spin-Offs. A younger Diana wouldn't be that bad.
    Besides remember Smallville and Superman Returns? WB isn't that worried about it.
    I wouldn't mind antagonistic Superman since Supergirl is being inspired by Injustice 2.

  • Lairdriver
    Lairdriver 9 months ago

    Stop calling him a jobber. This isn't the WWE or pro wrestling. Just because he loses a couple fights, doesn't make him a jobber.l

  • Xander Frost
    Xander Frost 9 months ago

    This could be like a “phase 2” of the Arrowverse. The CW could gain MAJORLY from this.

  • Xander Frost
    Xander Frost 9 months ago

    It’s pronounced Hecklin

  • Jack Strange
    Jack Strange 9 months ago

    They could start a Superman series if the Supergirl series gets canceled. I hear that Melissa is wanting to move on to other things. It could just be a rumor though that she's wanting to move on, I don't know.

  • Markiel Davis
    Markiel Davis 9 months ago

    If the CW dose anything to make Superman look bad in this crossover I done.

  • Jim Howlett
    Jim Howlett 9 months ago

    As long as Batwoman is better than -Birds of Prey....

  • Bennett Lewis
    Bennett Lewis 9 months ago

    Hate the cape

  • Bennett Lewis
    Bennett Lewis 9 months ago

    They are going to burn us out on superhero stories. Especially dc

  • TheRandomOne
    TheRandomOne 9 months ago

    Outside of Legends Of Tomorrow Im done with DC CW

  • samuraigundam0079
    samuraigundam0079 9 months ago

    God no, not with this CW Superman. Zero gravitas as an actor.

  • KingofHell 88
    KingofHell 88 9 months ago

    Since there's also talk of a supergirl movie maybe there thinking of ending supergirl series to replace it with a superman one and vice versa on the movies

  • Scott Lowell
    Scott Lowell 9 months ago

    The nullified my interest when they made him weaker than supergirl. He's no longer "the most powerful" etc. He's redundant unless they give him a power up. Bring in Tom Welling as an older and more powerful superman from earth (whatever)

  • Andrew Thorne
    Andrew Thorne 9 months ago

    Vince McMahon is booking the CW: Got to make -Roman- Supergirl look strong
    Seriously though both Supergirl and Superman are massively underpowered on the CW

  • KTM690EnduroR 35
    KTM690EnduroR 35 9 months ago

    I think they introduce the Suicide squad

  • Cheng Xiong
    Cheng Xiong 9 months ago

    Batwoman before Batman on the CW shows? No least find someone to portray Bruce Wayne on any of the TV series.

  • Leo Monaghan
    Leo Monaghan 9 months ago

    A CW Superman series titled "Metropolis".
    That is what I want them to add to the line-up to replace either "Arrow" or "LoT" once one of them goes off the air.

  • hexum7
    hexum7 9 months ago

    Ah jeez Superman in the Arrowverse lost one fight. That does not make him a jobber.
    It's pointlessly over the top claims like that that make it hard to take you as a credible reporter/critic

  • Jeremy Perron
    Jeremy Perron 9 months ago

    There is a possibility that the opposite could happen instead. Kind of like the in the DCEU Superman got beat by K-wearing Batman before getting a big over the entire Justice League. Maybe everyone else is getting mind controlled and Superman has to stop them.

  • monker Z
    monker Z 9 months ago

    he seems like a great superman and i would watch his show.

  • Comedian Marvin Howard
    Comedian Marvin Howard 9 months ago

    Tyler is a better Superman than Cavill anyway Henry was HORRIBLE as SUPES. But Tyler’s his costume is WACK!!!!

  • David Pitts
    David Pitts 9 months ago

    I mean it makes sense that he would lose the race and Supergirl should always be stronger than Superman for legit reasons.
    So she should usually win a fight between the two.
    Superman gets his powers from the sun and all that because he was born on krypton. Supergirl lived on krypton for over a decade into her teens so her body spent way way way more time on krypton, well adjusted to the environment there. Therefore she should be stronger.
    But when you look at it technically like that then it brings up possible plot holes elsewhere with other kryptonians Superman has fought and whooped ass and not been underdog.
    Interesting topic though

  • Nick Merzaie
    Nick Merzaie 9 months ago

    We are

  • ? ?
    ? ? 9 months ago

    just kill the arrow-verse and reboot everything removed all the lazy writing.

  • FD Mackey
    FD Mackey 9 months ago

    A TV Superman would have to really, really suck to be worse than the Superman of the recent movies.....

    KONVICT GAMING 9 months ago

    Justice League Part Two (announced)

    KONVICT GAMING 9 months ago

    Its been announced there is another superman film coming i checked in the stars imdb film site and it tells you what films been announced and being made and there is a Untitled Superman on its way and its never been wrong that site mate.

    KONVICT GAMING 9 months ago

  • michaelsmiley15
    michaelsmiley15 9 months ago

    The CW since its Inception has has so many problems they gone through so many shows that they tried to use to beef up Dish Network I think that most of your die-hard DC fans that have seen all the Superman movies they know about the original Flash TV series from 1990 they seem Supergirl the movie they washed all the animated stuff they collected all the comics and then you look at what the production is doing
    It's this young teenybopper crowd that they're trying to Target as a demographic and you look at the cast it is all young and you look at the crossover from the movies with the characters don't even using any of the TV series cast of these movies so it's inconsistent it's kind of boring and they're ripping off the story lines and some of the movies and then carried over into the TV series what can they do that's consistent not a whole lot
    They brought back Beauty and the Beast which started in 1987 and was on for three seasons that was a really good show they brought back Charmed after all of the issues with the production and involving Aaron Spelling as executive producer so what are you going to bring back now what are you going to try and recreate it just gets boring after awhile it doesn't matter what they do with the character they're going to mess it up Superman is something that Christopher Reeve there's no topping his performance everybody knows that hands-down end of story
    Personally I think that they should keep Superman in the movie form because they tried it was Smallville there tried it with other things he didn't work was overdramatized over fictionalized unintelligent garbage both TV series that they had were stupid

    • Dave Fowler
      Dave Fowler 9 months ago

      Please proofread your copy before posting. lol

  • superman10408
    superman10408 9 months ago

    Won't be a race did it for supergirl and flash

  • Kristian Dimnik
    Kristian Dimnik 9 months ago

    The CW bullshit - universe

  • Carlos Quinta
    Carlos Quinta 9 months ago

    the cw series and the movie cinema are totally different universes they still can make that happen but Warner bros doesn't want to that

  • chris smith
    chris smith 9 months ago

    I don't like him as superman

  • RSBrowning74
    RSBrowning74 9 months ago

    news "Flash"- The Flash is faster than Superman.

  • Dennis Cleary
    Dennis Cleary 9 months ago

    I’ll take it if they can do a good job

  • xunit62
    xunit62 9 months ago

    Maybe he will be Ultra man!

  • Jason Mann
    Jason Mann 9 months ago

    Idk if they will the arrowverse cares about feminism too much

  • Cobalt Blue
    Cobalt Blue 9 months ago

    I liked Tyler Hoechlin (pronounced heck-lin) in Teen Wolf. Haven't seen but a couple of minutes of him in Supergirl, because that series is such an anti-male preachfest. I'm afraid you may be right about how they use him though. With Bendis and Wilson going to DC, it looks like they're out to destroy their own brand. Really, it's sad. Would love to see them decide to do a Supersons series with Peter Tomasi writing it.

  • the king
    the king 9 months ago

    Please not another Superman show get over it already

  • ObviousNoob11
    ObviousNoob11 9 months ago

    The CW will probably politicize it, and throw all kinds of social justice themes in there, making it unwatchable. Kinda like what they did the Supergirl.

  • Shgarli Mandoza
    Shgarli Mandoza 9 months ago

    So Superman Returns never came out the same time as Smallville was running? Does this dude know anything?🤦🏿‍♂️

    • Shgarli Mandoza
      Shgarli Mandoza 9 months ago +1

      @Dave Fowler So what I were essentially saying is that SR came out the same time SV was on air which means 2 Superman properties existed at the same time on the big screen and small screen, so his theory about MOS 2 wouldn't come out if a Superman tv series aired doesn't really hold water does it? Also Henry Cavill's Superman is still in circulation yet Tyler Hoechlin still portrays Superman on small screen while this is happening, so again this guy's theory doesn't make much sense.

    • Dave Fowler
      Dave Fowler 9 months ago

      OOPS! Superman Returns was 2006. You do the math. I guess the dude did know something.

  • Shgarli Mandoza
    Shgarli Mandoza 9 months ago +1

    Haven't seen Lois Lane in the CW universe yet?.. I take it you've never seen Smallville then?

    • Lana2k6
      Lana2k6 8 months ago

      Lois will be in the crossover event, and will be played by Elizabeth Tulloch of "Grimm" fame.

    • Rebecca Alonso
      Rebecca Alonso 9 months ago +1

      Teri Hatcher is my favorite Lois Lane

    • Shgarli Mandoza
      Shgarli Mandoza 9 months ago

      @merloon Ok fair enough, I didn't hear him say 'universe' at first, I just heard CW... I was wrong I hold my hands up.

    • merloon
      merloon 9 months ago

      Smallville isn't CW Universe.