We Mastered That Shiny Dirt Ball

  • Published on Jun 2, 2018
  • Special Thanks:
    AARP / "Turning Mud Into Art"
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  • Jelly Darts
    Jelly Darts Hour ago

    Notice this got more views than the tinfoil one 😂

  • smile more
    smile more Day ago

    Who gets that's scared when seeing a worm, really it's a baby worm dude be a man

  • Cinnamon 31
    Cinnamon 31 Day ago

    When your personality is crap so you wear makeup:
    Shiney dirt ball :’)

  • Makayla Takang
    Makayla Takang Day ago

    how does one end up working at buzzfeed? Asking for a friend.

  • Samantha Brown
    Samantha Brown 2 days ago

    on coke?

  • cayce theking
    cayce theking 2 days ago


  • Ory Ben
    Ory Ben 2 days ago

    You cant just turn dirt to look like marble. Can you?

    Edit: It looks like that on thumbnail

  • Mgal
    Mgal 3 days ago

    what is wrong with me?

  • Thomas DiDonato
    Thomas DiDonato 3 days ago

    So fake

  • leo
    leo 3 days ago

    Why does this feel so fake?

  • Nathalia Nascimento dos Santos

    I like how he has to be so extra to fill content

  • fabulous rice
    fabulous rice 3 days ago +1

    4:34 "look how pretty it looks, it looks like *sand* "

  • Justin Howell
    Justin Howell 3 days ago +3

    You know your from the city if you wear an entire paint suit and a paint mask to dig dirt

  • Filip Björkman
    Filip Björkman 4 days ago +1

    Look like snus

  • KrisMcCool
    KrisMcCool 4 days ago

    Or just buy dirt from the hardware store...

  • Raizen Nana
    Raizen Nana 4 days ago

    I'm getting Tsubaki vibes from this...

  • golden8-bit ninja381

    0:15 that sounds so wrong

  • Samantha rojas
    Samantha rojas 4 days ago

    I can feel the dirt in my nails now.

  • OA Games
    OA Games 4 days ago

    Me: *Enjoying Video And Considering Giving Him A Subscriber*
    Also Me: *Realises It's Posted By BuzzFeed, The Community We All Hate Thanks To Reddit*
    Also Also Me: *Clicks Of Vid*

  • OA Games
    OA Games 4 days ago +6

    Him: I dOnT kNoW wHeRe To FinD dIrT iN nEw YoRk
    Me: There Is A Flower Pot Behind You Smh.

  • josie stigwood
    josie stigwood 5 days ago

    Where do I find dit in New York?
    Me:looks outside and sees loads
    Also me :well he could come to England.......

  • Anakta Prabhu
    Anakta Prabhu 5 days ago

    This is a thardsvergundinzmal from the Inheritance Cycle.

    I hope I spelled it right.

  • Mr. Random Maker
    Mr. Random Maker 5 days ago

    Fake i saw that cut

  • bigboy
    bigboy 5 days ago

    Dirt ball

  • Watch Lego
    Watch Lego 6 days ago

    Fake fake fake he had his hat on in the first cut then it was off after he rubbed it with cloth

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 7 days ago

    Very Epicn't

  • Joman Ong
    Joman Ong 7 days ago +1

    Why tasty kitchen

  • chrisa tesfaye
    chrisa tesfaye 8 days ago

    the amount of times he said dirt omg

  • Matthew gaming And logs

    Sure can I buy it

  • Ryantk343Gaming
    Ryantk343Gaming 8 days ago +2

    Btw for anyone randomly wondering, the background music at 6:59 is called Gymnopedie No. 1 by Erik Satie

  • \\-//\\-//
    \\-//\\-// 9 days ago

    1:09 that face tho

  • Bailey Belair
    Bailey Belair 9 days ago

    Haha which left I was watching this video there was a dirt commercial

  • ernesto demarco
    ernesto demarco 9 days ago

    It looks like some good hashish 😆🔥

  • Coobxyooj Xyooj
    Coobxyooj Xyooj 9 days ago

    rip mr .dirtbal funeral in two weeks😥

  • Dordor Zheng
    Dordor Zheng 9 days ago

    who else saw the beautiful "25 rules on dating Yoda" poster in the background at 7:05... I'm laughing ma head off

  • LoveJuanCarlos
    LoveJuanCarlos 10 days ago


  • Canadian Explorer
    Canadian Explorer 10 days ago

    Its called a dorodango

  • Rachelle Jenkins
    Rachelle Jenkins 10 days ago

    There's a lot more dirt where I live :/\

  • Ronan Gibney
    Ronan Gibney 10 days ago

    0:00 is when it starts

  • Labhraidh Costello
    Labhraidh Costello 11 days ago

    Lol he legit just needed his hands like 😂

  • Double AA Experiments
    Double AA Experiments 12 days ago +1

    This guy in a hazmat suit to put dirt in a bucket😂😂😂

  • Shane Vlogs
    Shane Vlogs 12 days ago

    2019 anyone

  • Lola and woody
    Lola and woody 12 days ago

    And some sand paper so I can polish THE DIRT ball

  • Granit
    Granit 13 days ago

    Fake especially when he polished and when he drops it since it gets cut a little

  • kaara's mom
    kaara's mom 13 days ago

    This whole video was just me shaking my head continuously at his dumbassity. Why would he try to sand it.

  • Lauren
    Lauren 13 days ago +1

    how did he *think* that would work

  • Twig
    Twig 13 days ago

    And now you have to clean up your pride.

  • Addisen Fogle
    Addisen Fogle 13 days ago

    Ooo she smooooth

  • Jxdex
    Jxdex 13 days ago

    malteasers :)

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 13 days ago

    Oh rub it with cloth and it's shinny now

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 13 days ago

    Wow click bait

  • Misha G.
    Misha G. 13 days ago


  • Wesley zeiman
    Wesley zeiman 14 days ago

    7:08 I laughed so hard

  • fully vaxed nigga
    fully vaxed nigga 14 days ago

    Music at 3:14

  • Vladmir Puddin
    Vladmir Puddin 14 days ago

    This is so fake

  • Shot Prudoctions
    Shot Prudoctions 16 days ago

    Foil ball left the chat

  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed 16 days ago

    He does not understand what he is saying 😂

  • cute kid 777
    cute kid 777 16 days ago

    Is the phone number real

  • Brawlers Playz
    Brawlers Playz 17 days ago +2

    Clickbait bruh

  • Luisa Toledo
    Luisa Toledo 17 days ago

    You need wheat in the dirt

  • Riley Helo
    Riley Helo 17 days ago

    He wore stuff to keep from getting dirty...that’s what WASHERS are for... I’m dissapointed

  • Banks Drinnen
    Banks Drinnen 17 days ago +1

    Did you for real wear a plastic suit to dig a shovel full of dirt

  • dxpression vxbes
    dxpression vxbes 18 days ago +1

    _"Is that an avocado?"_

  • the frig
    the frig 18 days ago

    The thumb thing makes me cringe

  • Maryna Shevchuk
    Maryna Shevchuk 18 days ago

    At the end it was like my whole life. I am proud of myself and a few seconds after I just dropped my whole life 😂😂😂

  • Nooby
    Nooby 18 days ago +1

    buzzfeed but it gets quicker everytime the video sucks

  • Max Garcia
    Max Garcia 18 days ago +38

    no one:

    New York people when they see dirt: WOAHHH

  • Vihara Kossinna
    Vihara Kossinna 19 days ago

    I think he's high

  • AwesomeArchi
    AwesomeArchi 19 days ago

    “Hello darkness my old friend....”

  • Xx_Gacha_Gaming -Kitty_xX

    The thumb nail look like chocolate ball

  • luckeeleeyeo
    luckeeleeyeo 19 days ago

    He's the worst at this.

  • Amanda Vanca
    Amanda Vanca 20 days ago

    1.17" that guy in the background is kinda cute

  • Lily Radford
    Lily Radford 21 day ago

    The one in the thumbnail looks like a malteaser 😂

  • Frances Arieta
    Frances Arieta 21 day ago

    kinda look like Malteser

    TAKBONG SOUKTY 21 day ago

    Lol that was faaaaake

  • awkward audie
    awkward audie 21 day ago

    When he got scared by the worm I lost it

  • Jessie Woodcock
    Jessie Woodcock 22 days ago

    The end is fake he did that on purpose, love you Eric xxxx

  • mia nadeem
    mia nadeem 23 days ago

    i love eric

  • Unicornvlogger 29
    Unicornvlogger 29 23 days ago

    Are you allowed to “steal” the dirt I don’t live in New York also a WHO SANDS DIRT SO HARD

  • Dish-A-Nary
    Dish-A-Nary 24 days ago

    why wont he just buy dirt he was in a hardware store in our country dirt costs just penny's

  • Raquel Malibiran
    Raquel Malibiran 24 days ago

    4:24 then use gloves!

  • N.A.I 2005
    N.A.I 2005 24 days ago

    I wanted him to break the ball, just to see if it was real hard or not. (I don’t know why). And when it fell on the floor, I was like Uh Oh & YES!! At the same time. 😂

  • Lukas_Neher 20254054
    Lukas_Neher 20254054 24 days ago +1

    Awww man, I was gonna buy it

  • Traci Waugh
    Traci Waugh 24 days ago

    Dirt cannot be that bad for you. there's no need for a suit

  • Ya Boi Peaches
    Ya Boi Peaches 24 days ago

    I literally cried at the end and I wanted to buy it tooo @ 7:07

  • Avaition 2009
    Avaition 2009 25 days ago +1


  • Angel Gurung-Lama
    Angel Gurung-Lama 25 days ago +4

    Y is there glitter in the dirt??? 🖤✨

  • Ty The Healer
    Ty The Healer 25 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks it's sad and weird af that in the states we have to look for dirt??? 🤔

  • Raymond Lin
    Raymond Lin 25 days ago

    They had dirt on the roof all along *sign*

  • titty milk
    titty milk 25 days ago +4

    He is a wimp in the hazzmat suite I live in Missouri dirt
    Is everywhere

  • Juho Ketola
    Juho Ketola 26 days ago

    Its and some sandpaper so i can polish my dirt ball

  • Nhikimlucy
    Nhikimlucy 26 days ago

    This is clickbait the dirt ball is not supposed to be sanded the way it gets shiny is kinda massage it with something that’s smooth like glass I know because I found the video he watched

  • Muhammad Saad
    Muhammad Saad 26 days ago

    Sad 😢 life

  • PiercedBitxh Aila
    PiercedBitxh Aila 26 days ago +1

    Has been suggested to me for 10 months now. Figured I should go ahead and watch it if they’re so insistent..

  • dislike button
    dislike button 26 days ago +1

    1:41 when you forget where the meth lab is at vs when you find It 1:54

  • sharky bowl
    sharky bowl 27 days ago

    he'll never get that 99.99 now

  • Unicornies Fam
    Unicornies Fam 27 days ago +1


  • xXfortenight godsXx
    xXfortenight godsXx 27 days ago +12

    This is more like a try not to be dirty minded

    • Ayesp
      Ayesp 17 days ago

      Wow you're young

  • Abe Madriz
    Abe Madriz 28 days ago

    7:10 Captain America in the end of infinity war

  • MegaCJStudios 2
    MegaCJStudios 2 28 days ago +1

    In New Mexico you always feel hot dirt