We Mastered That Shiny Dirt Ball


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  • Me ,my cats and some DIY


  • Mr. nova
    Mr. nova 4 hours ago

    Have you ever seen sand ?

  • Mr. nova
    Mr. nova 4 hours ago

    Why the outfit just pull the weeds and grass for your knees and dust your pants off well that's how we do it in cali

  • Frenz Marco
    Frenz Marco 5 hours ago

    I wanna eat it because it looks like chocolate lol XD

  • CrezBud's BFF
    CrezBud's BFF 5 hours ago

    I love worms i like digging for worms and then i hold them!!

  • Aizad Nik
    Aizad Nik 5 hours ago

    This guy should get fired

  • Julia Allén
    Julia Allén 5 hours ago

    3:10 What did he think was going to happned?!

  • Allister Mcleay
    Allister Mcleay 6 hours ago

    That video was fake right

  • CTinCTin CTinCTin
    CTinCTin CTinCTin 6 hours ago

    He s actually cute

  • brayswizzel 91
    brayswizzel 91 6 hours ago


    NSPLXD 7 hours ago

    1:03 that’s what she said heheheheheheh

    NSPLXD 7 hours ago

    This makes me hella hungry aka the shiny dirt ball looks like a giant malteser or however you spell it

  • ________Gotenks ________

    I'm surprised he didnt get questioned by the police for suspicious activity in the park

  • Luna's Wolf child
    Luna's Wolf child 9 hours ago

    He could’ve said “And some sandpaper to polish my dirt ball”

  • minecraft guy
    minecraft guy 9 hours ago

    1:39 watching TVclip on TVclip TVclip seption

  • Hey Zach TV
    Hey Zach TV 9 hours ago

    I’ve never seen anybody put a dirt ball in the microwave

  • Hey Zach TV
    Hey Zach TV 9 hours ago

    He stole the dirt

  • Bent
    Bent 9 hours ago


  • Justineastrolabio6
    Justineastrolabio6 9 hours ago

    Hoping the cops won't try to find the person who borrowed dirt from the Park.

  • The Howling Howler
    The Howling Howler 9 hours ago


  • Ultimate Gamer
    Ultimate Gamer 9 hours ago

    Sand paper to polish my dirty balls😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Renata Vazquez
    Renata Vazquez 10 hours ago

    I love your videos 😂❤️

  • bigbootybitch 666
    bigbootybitch 666 10 hours ago

    it wasn't good enough and that ball looked like my testicle disliked and flagged

  • DaNormalPerson
    DaNormalPerson 10 hours ago

    the dirt is so dirt-y
    then you make so much dirty jokes

    NOOBYLIFEYT 11 hours ago +1

    U didn’t need a hole suit

  • xXEgamingXx
    xXEgamingXx 11 hours ago +1

    1:40 when you are lost and you don’t know where to go

  • James Banks
    James Banks 11 hours ago +1


  • Mr. Conductor
    Mr. Conductor 12 hours ago

    Did he actually call a trowel a shovel

  • Slurp
    Slurp 13 hours ago

    very obnoxious hhhhhhh

  • Calvin Tran
    Calvin Tran 13 hours ago

    At 3:16. In the arms of the angel, flyyy awayyyyyy

  • Uzamaki Asmr
    Uzamaki Asmr 13 hours ago

    What’s this guy on

  • nargles draw
    nargles draw 13 hours ago

    Polish my dirty balls😂😂😂😂

  • FJM 18
    FJM 18 13 hours ago

    Buys a shovel and bucket at store but can’t buy dirt there?

  • Smiley Gamerky
    Smiley Gamerky 13 hours ago

    I was so confused with this title tbh

  • Isaac Chi
    Isaac Chi 13 hours ago

    But the title sounds communist...
    WE mastered that shiny dirt ball

  • FlIp SiDe
    FlIp SiDe 13 hours ago

    I just saw you on tv

  • PenelopeSasha
    PenelopeSasha 14 hours ago

    That was funny and I'm surprised I actually enjoyed it. I have to say, he has quite the magnetic personality.

  • Nightmare 355
    Nightmare 355 14 hours ago

    Plus the dirt on the tree is dirt but its really dry so you need to soak it up some water in order to make it soft again.

  • Nightmare 355
    Nightmare 355 14 hours ago

    Lmao city boy. You dont need to wear that full body protection just to get dirt, it's over dramatic like seriously cringy.

  • Zink Zoodles
    Zink Zoodles 14 hours ago

    4:05 the lady in the background...

  • Ashley Jackson
    Ashley Jackson 14 hours ago

    lifetime guarantee my a** lol

  • Zink Zoodles
    Zink Zoodles 14 hours ago +1

    Not quite 7mil...

  • Kathryn Brown
    Kathryn Brown 14 hours ago

    Still, not as many view

  • Chloe Caban
    Chloe Caban 14 hours ago

    The end broke me... *WHY* ????

  • Ahmed Almannaie
    Ahmed Almannaie 14 hours ago

    If i rub my face with sandpaper will i be shiny?

  • Not to fear Pepes here
    Not to fear Pepes here 14 hours ago

    Why didn’t he get dirt from the store like. Normal person

  • Grog The Frog
    Grog The Frog 15 hours ago

    I don’t think it’s legal to take dirt from Central Park...

  • Justin A.
    Justin A. 15 hours ago

    Can someone tell me the piano music starting at 6:59 been look for that because I sometimes heard it in other vids.

  • Sean'sTropicalVlogs
    Sean'sTropicalVlogs 15 hours ago

    Buzzfeed just pls stop.

  • ebk.tomea
    ebk.tomea 15 hours ago


  • Jacobgames TheAwesomeness

    fake because at 6:21 there was a skit

  • Jenny Morales
    Jenny Morales 15 hours ago

    0:16 LOL

  • Zebra Gonzalez
    Zebra Gonzalez 15 hours ago +1

    That ending tho

  • Posghetti Ravioli
    Posghetti Ravioli 16 hours ago

    someone should try to make kay's fudge

  • Lance •
    Lance • 16 hours ago

    He dressed like the dirt would kill him

  • Vladimir Stanley
    Vladimir Stanley 16 hours ago

    they ran out of ideas and are trying too hard to get laughs...

  • Gonzalo Mondragon
    Gonzalo Mondragon 16 hours ago

    Gone in 60 seconds 7:08

  • Adolf Shitler
    Adolf Shitler 17 hours ago


  • Maxwell Grant
    Maxwell Grant 17 hours ago


  • 0snowypaws8 AJPW!
    0snowypaws8 AJPW! 17 hours ago

    I'll buy it

  • KYLE is an IDIOT
    KYLE is an IDIOT 17 hours ago

    It looks like a giant Malteser XD

  • Lancer2004
    Lancer2004 17 hours ago

    go to south Arizona if all you want to feel is hot diest and sand

    TURTLE_GOD 18 hours ago

    I think he might have microwaved the worm

  • Kariah Scott
    Kariah Scott 18 hours ago

    im mad yall didn't put @ 4:18 in slowmo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Cerbecus
    Cerbecus 18 hours ago

    love the ending... no spoilers

  • Alexander Robinson
    Alexander Robinson 18 hours ago

    you can turn anything and make it beautiful and you can also watch it get destroyed right in front of you

  • c00L be4ns
    c00L be4ns 19 hours ago

    4:15 😂

  • Llama Light
    Llama Light 19 hours ago

    Um how do you have more subs than shane

  • Mrbudd 11
    Mrbudd 11 20 hours ago

    Is it accualy legal to take the dirt ?

  • ouji san
    ouji san 20 hours ago

    U r funny dude😁

  • Jay_ Jay_
    Jay_ Jay_ 20 hours ago

    1:03 got me dying !!!!!!

  • Jay_ Jay_
    Jay_ Jay_ 20 hours ago


  • Julia Does
    Julia Does 20 hours ago

    Ooor you couldve just bought dirt at the hardware store

  • TheDiamondRemix 12
    TheDiamondRemix 12 20 hours ago

    How about y'all try poop?

  • Sea Rabbit
    Sea Rabbit 20 hours ago

    There goes your 300 dollars

  • cherry amaris
    cherry amaris 20 hours ago

    I like his videos,, he should have his own youtube channel

  • Sombreroman
    Sombreroman 20 hours ago

    3:20 #minecraft musics

  • Milina Morozova
    Milina Morozova 23 hours ago +2

    I feel like he's the actual boy that Liza koshy says that she is

  • crazy cat
    crazy cat 23 hours ago

    Wow dirt looks like sand!!!!

  • crazy cat
    crazy cat 23 hours ago

    Just saying you don't have to worry about spilling dirt on your clothes

  • Earpiercer
    Earpiercer Day ago +1

    7:08 the sound of it lol.

  • Armoured Outlaw
    Armoured Outlaw Day ago

    Trying way to hard to be comical...

  • Heemaaa NYC
    Heemaaa NYC Day ago

    Buzzfeed is so lame now... WTF is this? Where’s the videos with Kelsey, Ashley, Justin Quinta, etc? The Buzzfeed New York stuff is bad tbh. It’s sad too because I’m from and I live in NYC lol but s,h this is just bad content in my opinion.

  • Sarah Thomas
    Sarah Thomas Day ago


  • Sani Sukalic
    Sani Sukalic Day ago

    1:02 fun times...

  • Tuddleston
    Tuddleston Day ago +2

    Ahhh there's a worm


  • memelord bodoni
    memelord bodoni Day ago

    0:17 yes shine some balls😁

  • Lim Zhi Yu
    Lim Zhi Yu Day ago

    I made a mudball and threw it in the river it was a "conserve the river starts with me"

  • lexy bexy
    lexy bexy Day ago

    what that thumb do 😂

  • Vincent Gorcyca
    Vincent Gorcyca Day ago


  • Crafty Gamer
    Crafty Gamer Day ago

    Lol the ending was amazing

  • Wendonely
    Wendonely Day ago +16

    Omg I was an expert at this when I was young cuz I played outside and ate dirt all the time

  • Elsa WANG
    Elsa WANG Day ago +1

    “Aand some sandpaper to polish off my dirty balls”
    I died at that point 😂

  • Type Restart
    Type Restart Day ago

    RIP Dirt Ball XD

  • yardino
    yardino Day ago

    i read mastered as masturbated -_-

  • stardust king
    stardust king Day ago

    Wow I'm surprised no one knows

  • ryan garrison
    ryan garrison Day ago

    This guy wore a friggin disposable "hazmat suit" and a respirator to collect dirt. Oh my lord.

  • Animalpirate117
    Animalpirate117 Day ago

    Is it even legal for him to take dirt from Central Park?

  • Jonathan G
    Jonathan G Day ago

    This dude looks and is annoying

  • Scorp_ Lee
    Scorp_ Lee Day ago

    Rip x