Kitchen Nightmares US S04E10 Kingston Cafe


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  • saadmanh
    saadmanh 12 hours ago

    Let me finish. Can I please finish? Sir, let me finish!

  • Przemson 11
    Przemson 11 6 days ago

    I sometimes hope that these kind of people fail miserably, cause they are not even thankfull for gordons hel

  • KL Nguyen
    KL Nguyen 6 days ago

    6:35 "Great accent"
    oh, for god's sake, he is a countryman, the person coming from the same country as yours.

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann 11 days ago

    I'm not in denial, because I'm not in denial ... (brilliant)

  • TheA
    TheA 13 days ago

    Another "strong" feminist who thinks that just because she has the title "Dr" infront of her name, that all people need to bow down to her whenever she says "let me finish". That was the only thing she was good at telling Ramsay.

    She maybe a doctor, but she knows absolutely nothing about running a successful business, let alone running a successful restaurant, which is a full-time commitment. This episode is reminiscent of the Bonapartes restaurant in the UK Kitchen Nightmares series: the owner wanted to be called the owner without the responsibility.

    A restaurant is doomed for failure when you have people like her at the top calling the shots.

  • Aydon Look
    Aydon Look 15 days ago

    throwback to when i went to jamaica and there was fresh jerk chicken on our resort buffet literally every day

  • TheBluehush4
    TheBluehush4 16 days ago

    What Happened Next at Kingston Cafe?
    Gordon revisits in a Kitchen Nightmares revisited episode and meets Una, he finds out that Keone is no longer involved as he is focusing on his education.

    She has fired all the chefs and the serving staff and rehired all new staff.

    Gordon says the food is fresh, delicious and more spicy. Gordon meets new chef Christie and Una is very appreciative of Gordon's help.

    Yelp reviews and Trip Advisor reviews were very mixed after the show.

    Customers post both positive and negative reviews on the food quality and the level of service received.

    Kingston Cafe closed in November 2012 BUT reopened in November 2013, with a new dance floor, some new menu items, the old, themed nights and an expanded bar.

    They reduced the opening hours to evening service on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

    Kingston Cafe closed as a restaurant in August 2018, however the space is still used for catering and events where both food and drink are served.

    They announced the closure with a note on the door that read,
    Effective August 1, 2018
    The cafe will provide catering and event services only. We are available for all your celebratory and event needs: wedding receptions, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, meetings and club events.
    To all our loyal customers... We thank you for faithful patronage and support.
    Keone currently works in branding and marketing.

  • Viktor Tomanov
    Viktor Tomanov 16 days ago

    Ive eaten Jamaican Jerk Chicken, and it was juicy.
    14:42 Died Laughin

  • Shadow
    Shadow 19 days ago


  • Lolinski C. Tafer
    Lolinski C. Tafer 20 days ago +1

    Wow an actual person that wants to change and unlike others the mom actually feels like she wants to change unlike other owners that feel like they are acting. Like that hamburger restaurant those parents are unsetiling can anyone tell me if this restaurants is still open

  • aero.
    aero. 20 days ago

    "jamaican food cannot be cooked fresh everyday!"
    i am not jamaican, but i just *know* that's a load of bs right there

  • Black Ace
    Black Ace 21 day ago

    Look at her son , that guy definitely have leadership quality.

  • supersimon126
    supersimon126 22 days ago

    "Why are you so stubborn?" "I'm not stubborn"
    Point proven.

  • Khoa Nguyen
    Khoa Nguyen 23 days ago

    anyone wants to punch her in the mouth every time she went 'let me finish'? 👊

  • seez
    seez 23 days ago +1

    "Not anyone can cook jamaican food"
    *throws plate in microwave*

  • Rockville _32
    Rockville _32 23 days ago

    Jamaican food always needs to be cooked where I am

  • Moana Montana
    Moana Montana 26 days ago

    Am Jamaican food is not cooked fresh everyday weh she really a talk bout nosa 😂🤮help that lady ere please

  • Ricky Mu
    Ricky Mu 29 days ago

    Dam I hate yuna or whatever her name is. She called an expert to save her business and that’s how she act omg.

  • CJ Kwan
    CJ Kwan 29 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay - god of cooking and god of insults and combacks

  • Loony
    Loony 29 days ago

    She’s very stubborn and in denial. But I can’t help but respect her everything she did for herself and her son.

  • Dror Klein
    Dror Klein Month ago

    Looks like Verindar Kaur from the Brick Hotel has met her match.

  • Sarah Okyere
    Sarah Okyere Month ago

    Dr: Gordon if you continue like that, jesus Christ is gonna actually be here
    Gordon: I hope so
    Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    KARISHMA DAS Month ago

    I actually like her. I get how she is because extreme hardships can make you build a wall and refuse any help/input but the fact that she's willing to do what it takes to succeed, that she raised her son the way she did and that she's actually so sweet makes me root for her.

  • NazQa
    NazQa Month ago

    Honestly the way she treats her son is so rude and disrespectful I don’t even know what to say

  • Dhruv Jain
    Dhruv Jain Month ago

    Do you know how much this hurts me that I want my son to ruin this restaurant as well but he is not listening

  • Yogesh Kumari
    Yogesh Kumari Month ago

    "I think the doctor needs a doctor"

  • KL Nguyen
    KL Nguyen Month ago

    Matt looks so good-looking and I want to have kids with him.

  • ABK Creations
    ABK Creations Month ago

    She is like my dad micro management always bullshit

  • aidsjah
    aidsjah Month ago

    19:54 Best answer ever.

  • hayley love
    hayley love Month ago +1

    Gordon: oh my good god
    doc morris: GoRdOn iF yOuR gOnNa cOnTiNuE LiKe tHaT jEsUs ChRiSt AcTuAlLy GoNnA aPpEaR!
    gordon: i hope so, cause i think that's whats needy right now
    crying :,) 14:38 - 14:50

  • kimberley williams
    kimberley williams Month ago


  • sugah boo
    sugah boo Month ago

    Let me she is ok but she was stressed

  • sugah boo
    sugah boo Month ago

    Tell her rassclaat chef...she must be bloodclaat smoking lizard tail in a har ganja

  • sugah boo
    sugah boo Month ago

    Dutty bitch renk

  • sugah boo
    sugah boo Month ago

    Yes! It is an insult to jamaica an jamaican

  • sugah boo
    sugah boo Month ago

    Good jamaican jerk chicken moist

  • sugah boo
    sugah boo Month ago

    You partner no nyam wid sauce it sells in a a brown paper bag

  • sugah boo
    sugah boo Month ago

    Mi a jamaican, jamaican cook fresh food everything day...only food leave over is sunday food an that eat off by monday morning its cqlled sunday monday🇯🇲💯🗣

  • Tony Pogodin
    Tony Pogodin 2 months ago

    “I’m not in denial because I’m not in denial” guys I’m not sure but I think she’s in denial

  • Daraygona
    Daraygona 2 months ago +1

    I don't even know if somethings overcooked or too raw. All the food I ever eat is cooked to shit anyway. Can't cook or learn to either due to the paranoid guard dog of a mother in the kitchen. Going to a nice restaurant is flavour heaven!

  • Ikhwan Syafiq
    Ikhwan Syafiq 2 months ago

    the customers were so lucky for having the opportunity of eating Chef Ramsay's masterpieces!

  • Ayd Tube
    Ayd Tube 2 months ago

    He’s getting me very upset! Supposed I punch him out 👵🏿 😂😂

  • Yuuka Omr
    Yuuka Omr 2 months ago

    So again this restaurant closed last Aug 1, 2018. WHY most restaurants featured on this show end up closed??

  • Bobble_OwL 12
    Bobble_OwL 12 2 months ago

    “He’s never seen something like this before.” OH PLEASE he has so much episodes of kitchen nightmares (and hotel hell) and has seen even worse.

  • ChemicalViruS004
    ChemicalViruS004 2 months ago

    Jamaican food can't be cooked fresh everyday.... Wtf im not even Jamaican and I think this is an offense to Jamaican cuisine. I'm glad she decided to hear Chef Ramsay.

  • Alan Teh
    Alan Teh 2 months ago +1

    The first waitress at the front desk who served Chef Ramsay is very cute. Is nobody gonna comment on that? 😂

  • UnholyEternity
    UnholyEternity 2 months ago +1

    Yo what if she Made fuckedup food on purpose so the people get sick and they would visit the doctors Office next door
    Greatest plot twist ever

  • UnholyEternity
    UnholyEternity 2 months ago +1

    Doctor: let me finish

    Me: Immo letchu finish
    Immo letchu finish
    But gordon ramsay has one of the best jerk chicken of ALL THIIIMMEE

  • yin yan
    yin yan 2 months ago

    And a doctor needs a doctor😂

  • Muhammad Hussain
    Muhammad Hussain 2 months ago

    Her face fucken pisses me off

  • Blacklabel1449
    Blacklabel1449 2 months ago

    Lol u can't cook Jamaican food fresh every day cmon men 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  • Norrin Radd
    Norrin Radd 2 months ago

    I wouldn't touch anything this lady makes. Fake just like her Jerk Chicken. BBQ chicken sucks. He should have showed her how to OVEN make some Jerk chicken. Maybe he didn't want to hurt her disingenuous feelings.

  • akatsuki club
    akatsuki club 2 months ago

    21:53 Gordon says the N word hidden in a other word ?!?

  • Shepard
    Shepard 2 months ago

    I know this sounds weird but when i look at this doctors face the first thing that comes to my mind is "i wanted it medium rare not overdone"

  • Αλλέγκρα Μαρτσούλλι

    "I think the doctor needs a doctor" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Fillet O Shit
    Fillet O Shit 2 months ago

    Are they still open?

  • exrxexnx YT
    exrxexnx YT 2 months ago +1

    3:57 Owner: Chef Ramsey’s is my last resort
    Ramsey: Try’s to help
    Owner: NO LET ME TALK

  • Faffy Shantelle
    Faffy Shantelle 2 months ago +1

    This was the most funny , emotional and courageous episode! If you say your Jesus one more time he’s gonna appear! Hahaha Doc Morris

  • Kurokochi
    Kurokochi 2 months ago

    "shef ramsy is my last resort"
    doesn't accept any of the criticism

  • Mohammad Shegarzi
    Mohammad Shegarzi 2 months ago

    Pasadena.. Where is sheldon Cooper??