Kitchen Nightmares US S04E10 Kingston Cafe


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  • rickiex
    rickiex 2 days ago

    lmao ramsay dumps all their frozen food on the floor and leaves, making them pick it up hahahahahaha fuking savage

  • Zerrick Eowlandd
    Zerrick Eowlandd 2 days ago

    it’s season 3 episode 10 not season 4

  • Bullseye Bae
    Bullseye Bae 2 days ago

    I dont know what kind of herb from Jamaica are you smoking... lol

  • Alshow ali
    Alshow ali 3 days ago

    she is basically a racist nothing else !

  • B B
    B B 4 days ago

    I CAN BET 1 MILLION DOLLARS... she took home all that frozen food!

  • r2012j
    r2012j 7 days ago

    ohh wow i see sheldon cooper

  • Aaliyah gooden
    Aaliyah gooden 8 days ago

    I have live in jamica for 13 years and im 15 years old and the l9 longest my family keep food for is 12 hours after night it has been cook she crazy

  • DanielTheBomb162
    DanielTheBomb162 8 days ago

    I thought she said “I really enjoy cocaine” at 1:49 and I honestly wasn’t surprised

  • jayce b
    jayce b 9 days ago

    The Dr. Wanted some cream in her coffee 🤣

  • Reagan Day
    Reagan Day 10 days ago

    “How tough on a scale of 1-10”
    *tires screeching* jesus

  • Tacha Crome
    Tacha Crome 13 days ago

    Y does she have white people cooking and serving Jamaican food

  • Mr. Crowley
    Mr. Crowley 15 days ago


  • memberwhen
    memberwhen 16 days ago +1

    Does anybody else watch these shows over and over? It's addictive

  • Kimeshia Pitter
    Kimeshia Pitter 17 days ago +1

    Dr. MORRIS How dear u say our dishes can't be cooked everyday u well know say we cook everyday only Sunday Monday and that Sunday leftover is eaten early Monday morning. So no badda lie Doc. Our country known for fresh food

  • Arianne Jefferson
    Arianne Jefferson 23 days ago

    Is it still open

  • drakkman9
    drakkman9 24 days ago

    That's west Indian parents. even when you're right you're wrong.

  • Mike Stanisci
    Mike Stanisci 25 days ago

    19:57 "I'm not in denial because...I'm not in denial." bruh moment

  • Tracy Do
    Tracy Do 25 days ago

    I cried during the emotional part

  • Nabiha Macéno
    Nabiha Macéno 26 days ago

    LeT mE FiNiSh

  • Lifter of Stones
    Lifter of Stones 26 days ago


  • wolfquills
    wolfquills 27 days ago


  • Sifo Sifat
    Sifo Sifat 27 days ago

    For people who thinks like they are way much experienced have the same fate... so listen and take good advices

  • Jorge Warcrimes
    Jorge Warcrimes 28 days ago

    Doctor Let me interrupt you and then ask you to let me finish my sentence is in the house.

  • It's Me David
    It's Me David 29 days ago

    Jamaican grandma needs to shut the fuck up for a second damn

  • Desert Fox
    Desert Fox 29 days ago

    15:14 love that part

  • Sup bro
    Sup bro Month ago

    This Dr is so fucking stupid, if you are gonna make a Jamaican restaurant, assume that Americans won’t like it, and it is their job to make Americans like it. Don’t make it an excuse that they aren’t Jamaican. LOOK AT WHERE YOU ARE YOU RETARD
    Edit: I don’t care if she can’t pay her bills, I don’t care if she didn’t have a mom, but here’s one thing that you know without anyone telling you, it’s that if you can’t take care of yourself then you can’t take care of others. This Dr can’t take care of her bills her own emotion, and she expects herself to be able to take care of a restaurant

  • stevvvveeeen
    stevvvveeeen Month ago

    Legend has it she’s still interrupting Gordon to this day

  • sandra rivas
    sandra rivas Month ago

    Micro managing whatever!

  • sandra rivas
    sandra rivas Month ago

    Lmao!!!! Salads in martinis

  • sandra rivas
    sandra rivas Month ago

    Hot flashes!

  • Tianna Thomas
    Tianna Thomas Month ago

    Season 3 Episode 10

  • Marco A
    Marco A Month ago +1

    Can someone find me the hot Asian hostess???

  • love lobster green
    love lobster green Month ago +1

    Im sorry she is not jamacan (i am jamaican my grandma is a jamacan cook and you can cook jamaican food every day ya mon) 26:13

  • Alyssa Gross
    Alyssa Gross Month ago

    They’re still open, guys!!

  • Hannah L
    Hannah L Month ago

    god this lady is full of excuses I can't stand it

  • Sebastian Nazario
    Sebastian Nazario Month ago

    He is a good men

  • Jennifer Andrews
    Jennifer Andrews Month ago

    Scripted like where do you find a wheelberell in a restaurant?

  • Big Mac-11
    Big Mac-11 Month ago +1

    "you know why it is bad? Because Jamaican food is bad" was basically her excuse the entire time.

  • Ann Williams
    Ann Williams Month ago

    As a doctor I would want my patients and therefore, customers, to have wonderful fresh, newly prepared food filled with nutrients. I also don't think I would go to her as a doctor as we are continuously finding out new things and I doubt she has changed any of her medical practices from what she learned word for word in her medical text books decades ago at med school.... things change Doc, you need to change too. (Doc, you are an amazing woman, you CAN listen to others, you CAN ease up, you CAN do this.... )

  • D-One
    D-One Month ago

    Geez that sign was made in what? powerpoint? hello 1988

  • Rico653 Caines
    Rico653 Caines Month ago

    36:03 RIO THE MOVIE : *I N T H E A T E R S N O W*. LOL 😂

  • Resident Evil 413
    Resident Evil 413 Month ago

    I'm the Residents Evil doctor

  • Resident Evil 413
    Resident Evil 413 Month ago

    Let me finish

  • Resident Evil 413
    Resident Evil 413 Month ago

    I had jerk chicken before An it wasnt dry

    DHRUV GAMER Month ago +1

    legend says that Mathew is still sweating

  • CrixColt
    CrixColt Month ago

    yo anyone think the head chef sounds like ryan reynolds?

  • fab
    fab Month ago

    Are they still alive ?

  • real vibe killer
    real vibe killer Month ago

    word of the episode: let me finish

  • Sergeant Swiss
    Sergeant Swiss Month ago

    "I give the chicken a B+" Wtf

  • dion dangerfield
    dion dangerfield Month ago

    I would give it a B+. Fuck off ya nonce

  • Depression Tears
    Depression Tears Month ago +1

    *leaves meat in freezer overnight*
    It ShOuLd NoT Be FrOzEn!

  • NJ Grant
    NJ Grant Month ago

    She looks like frieza.

  • Jasmine Lee
    Jasmine Lee Month ago

    There is beef jerk that's dry, but I don't think Jamaicans actually eat those at restaurants and pay USD 20 for those. The mum's delusional.

  • Bandile Nyawuza
    Bandile Nyawuza Month ago

    "if I served this in Jamaica, they'll kidnap me"😹😹

  • derek vecellio
    derek vecellio Month ago +1

    "Do you fancy a race?"
    "Oh you wanna run?"
    Don't know why but shit had me dying.

  • Ducks just ducks
    Ducks just ducks Month ago

    Most people down here criticizing the owner and her stuborness and everything. And while they are right about all of the above i can not be the only one who is happy to see her and other owners change and understand the issues, and smile in the end. And their faces when the restaurant get's a new look or when the customers enjoy the food. It just oozes happines and relief that their investment wasn't going to go downhill.

  • Justin Chapman
    Justin Chapman Month ago

    She may be a bad restaurant owner, but she started from the bottom and she’s there. Olympian, radiologist, Doctor. Kudos mama

  • Sujaughta Walters
    Sujaughta Walters Month ago


  • KS I
    KS I Month ago +1

    Allah may bless them and inshallah they convert to islam

  • moto monster
    moto monster Month ago

    Ramsay: You're in denial what do you think? "Well yes but I'm not'

  • moto monster
    moto monster Month ago

    *gets shot by ak47m 8 times in the had and heart* It wont kill you becas u never fel anyteen lek it befaa

  • Ritz Crackerz
    Ritz Crackerz Month ago +1

    She should stick to radiology. That's actually a great job lol why tf did she think it was a good idea to start a restaurant

  • Eunhalaxy Chingu
    Eunhalaxy Chingu Month ago

    The doctor really needs a doctor

  • X Curtis
    X Curtis Month ago

    How do you know what cardboard taste like?

  • JonathanHB 12
    JonathanHB 12 Month ago

    On google maps it says the place is permanently closed.....

  • angus beef
    angus beef Month ago

    Please don’t let this be your representation of Jamaican food, this is disgusting and quite frankly as Gordon said an insult to Jamaica

  • GustaveTheG.O.D
    GustaveTheG.O.D Month ago +1

    LOL this place has closed down now

  • Iamakittywithwings
    Iamakittywithwings Month ago

    Too bad they closed...

  • Iamakittywithwings
    Iamakittywithwings Month ago

    [Jamaican accent] _“Dan! I need you to murder this person!”_
    *_Yes Doctor Morris._*

    Gordon: “Your food taste like crap. Let’s fix that”
    [Jamaican accent] *_”NO U!!!!!!!!”_*

  • poopdeckpappy..
    poopdeckpappy.. Month ago +1

    This lady is bat shit crazy . Who the hell puts salad in a martini glass. Really lady. Really

  • Andrew McNulty
    Andrew McNulty Month ago

    "Jerk chicken is supposed to be dry"
    WHAT?! 😂😂

  • Back Bencher
    Back Bencher Month ago

    I'm not in denial, because I'm not in denial
    200 iq

  • Danielle Haywood
    Danielle Haywood Month ago

    Legend says she still says let me finish

  • Sonic Mask
    Sonic Mask Month ago

    The dude at 40:05.... caught me off guard with my dumb American mindset....

  • Zexify
    Zexify Month ago

    Kill it that stuff might still be Fuken moven

  • Bel0wZer0 Nightcore

    Im not in denial because im not in denial XD

  • Bankway
    Bankway Month ago +1

    Why keone just standing around every minute ? 🤣

  • Princess Ego
    Princess Ego Month ago

    In all seriousness, the staff and Keone are just the sweetest things. Dr. Morris was hindering all of them for so long.

  • Life of Yssa
    Life of Yssa Month ago

    If a have a restaurant and failing already i’d be overwhelmed if Chef Ramsay will help me even if he yelled or curse me HAHAHAHA

  • jazza man
    jazza man Month ago

    She's a narcissist it's all about me me me

  • Urissee Gatdula
    Urissee Gatdula Month ago

    There was a google review that said she fired the entire staff and shipped out her son to school😂. He should really do visits of some of the restaurants hes went to

  • KC Rogers
    KC Rogers Month ago

    How you just gonna fire your son?

  • H. Sharath Kumar
    H. Sharath Kumar Month ago

    B+ for Gordon's make....OMG

  • H. Sharath Kumar
    H. Sharath Kumar Month ago

    Gordon is a free Tony Robbins. My God.

  • H. Sharath Kumar
    H. Sharath Kumar Month ago

    Gordon respects womanhood....else he would have torn the owner apart.

  • RubberHose Andy
    RubberHose Andy Month ago +1

    So close to punch my phone, because of this lady

  • Wolverines Insanity

    “Well um im not in not in denial.” Bitch what? 😂

  • Alex G.
    Alex G. Month ago

    let me finish

  • Hichelle Haakedal
    Hichelle Haakedal 2 months ago

    Jerk chicken should be juicy, succulent and tender, not dry and tough.

  • Jireh Salazar
    Jireh Salazar 2 months ago

    Saving patients in the hospital but killing them slowly in her restaurant

  • Kurohana Gin
    Kurohana Gin 2 months ago

    Let me finish, let me finish

    SHEEP ZIT 2 months ago

    "Rio the movie in theaters now"

  • Egg
    Egg 2 months ago +2

    Watching her is like watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians
    Wait no
    This whole show is

  • Exess_melons Gaming
    Exess_melons Gaming 2 months ago +1


  • Chevaughn Fraser
    Chevaughn Fraser 2 months ago +1

    She's a true Jamaican. But no bag mama..

  • Rihanna Rowe
    Rihanna Rowe 2 months ago +1

    Jamaican don't take talk from nobody at all anybody said something they don't like.......PROBLEM

  • Rihanna Rowe
    Rihanna Rowe 2 months ago +2

    This is so stupid you can't have a Jamaican restaurant and American people cooking how will they know how to do the food correct

  • Chitown Sha Sha
    Chitown Sha Sha 2 months ago

    I understand she feels like she has to manage everything bc she cannot depend on the one who's responsible, her son.

  • Sebastian Ring
    Sebastian Ring 2 months ago

    I wouldn't let anyone drag me down, not even my mum.

  • Sebastian Ring
    Sebastian Ring 2 months ago

    The most dramatic person who cant cook