Kitchen Nightmares US S04E10 Kingston Cafe


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  • Deinilys Ramos
    Deinilys Ramos Day ago +1

    Hold on .... Let me finish 😂😂

  • Philippe Micheli

    Gooood shes so arrogant, and i hate they call her doctor morris..its like she wants everything to be about her.

  • Mendes _2006
    Mendes _2006 2 days ago

    “I’m not in denial, because.... I’m not in denial”

  • Peter Hoggarth
    Peter Hoggarth 3 days ago

    No lady a wrong rass Jamaica u guh ahem* clears throat* no lady I think u went to Jamaica queens instead of the island Jamaica *British accent*

  • Cami Knight
    Cami Knight 3 days ago

    Why is sauce being served patties???? That’s not Jamaican “etiquette”

  • Cami Knight
    Cami Knight 3 days ago

    “You have to set standards”...where’s the standard regarding fresh food...🙈

  • Charissa
    Charissa 4 days ago +1

    "Jamaican food can't be cooked fresh everyday"
    Me: really? Which Jamaica are you from. Definitely not the one in the Caribbean.

  • Charissa
    Charissa 4 days ago +1

    Gordon:This insults Jamaica
    Me: indeed it does smh.

  • Jane and John Doe
    Jane and John Doe 4 days ago

    I wanted to smack her.
    More infuriating than Amy, if that’s even possible.

  • Just Max
    Just Max 5 days ago

    Seeing her reactions and comments are just hilarious bruh lmaoo
    Its like the average Jamaican mom packed into one

  • ACDC7369
    ACDC7369 6 days ago

    Gordon: The doctor needs a doctor
    *Shows up at her doctor's office and becomes her doctor*

  • Shewolf22
    Shewolf22 6 days ago

    The ending was so heart warming Gordon: do you fancy a race
    Dr: oh you wanna run?
    G: yeah
    Dr: ok come
    G: nononon kidding

  • AlmightyAcorn
    AlmightyAcorn 6 days ago

    I know it was an intense part of the show, but did Gordon really have to say the n word?

  • Saransh Kumar
    Saransh Kumar 7 days ago +1

    Oh! She gave Ramsay a *'B+.'*

  • Sense Dragon
    Sense Dragon 7 days ago +1

    Idk why but i got back to watch this on july 2019 😂😂

  • Sense Dragon
    Sense Dragon 7 days ago +1

    What kind of herb u have been smoking in jamaica😂😂😂

  • Charlie Nixon
    Charlie Nixon 7 days ago +1

    "No let me finish, let me finish"
    -the worst businesswoman of all f*ckin' time who also happens to look like a monkey

  • Dwight Thayer
    Dwight Thayer 7 days ago

    When she says shes worried bc people come there that like the other chicken too all I could think was that that's just including her

  • Logan Hass
    Logan Hass 7 days ago

    The doctor need a doctor 😂

  • Serghinjo
    Serghinjo 8 days ago

    Im not indenail cause im not indenail

  • jacob sauce
    jacob sauce 8 days ago +1

    “My mom died when I was 10” *sad music starts to play*

  • I don’t know What to put

    Gordon Ramsay: ur in denial

    Person in denial: (denies it)

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana 9 days ago

    The son totally should've ran the restraunt

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana 9 days ago

    " If they aren't jamacian they aren't gonna like it "
    Bitch what !?!?!?!?

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana 9 days ago

    Mhm mhm mhm 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Carlos Ortega
    Carlos Ortega 9 days ago

    Server: How's our signature dish? :)
    Gordon: BLAND AS F*CK
    Server: :0

  • Josie M
    Josie M 10 days ago

    Tuvok be cray

  • Sophia Watkins
    Sophia Watkins 11 days ago

    Gordon revisits and meets Una, he finds out that Keone is no longer involved as he is focusing on his education.

    She has fired all the chefs and the serving staff and rehired.

    Gordon says the food is fresh, delicious and more spicy. Gordon meets new chef Christie and Una is very appreciative of Gordon's help.

    Yelp reviews and Trip Advisor reviews were very mixed after the show.

    Kingston Cafe closed in November 2012 BUT reopened in November 2013, with a new dance floor, some new menu items, the old, themed nights and an expanded bar.

    They reduced the opening hours to evening service on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

    Kingston Cafe closed as a restaurant in August 2018, they plan to use the restaurant for catering and events.

  • Rhododendro
    Rhododendro 12 days ago


  • Nebin Geo Alex
    Nebin Geo Alex 12 days ago

    Help me!!! I'm addicted to kitchen nightmares!!

  • Kendra Nannette J. Jeffery

    Her ego is atrociously over the top and she concentrates so much energy on the small, seemingly inconsequential things. WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER

  • Theus loss
    Theus loss 13 days ago

    The Restaurant is closed btw

  • Michael AP
    Michael AP 15 days ago

    As a Jamaican this lady is pissing me off how dare she say Jamaican food cannot be made fresh everyday.I sat at my house in Jamaica and watch my family make food everyday fresh. Come on man you making us look bad right now.

  • artanibukur
    artanibukur 15 days ago

    "Stop sweating" lmao ok

  • Eshant Karki
    Eshant Karki 15 days ago

    I think the Dr. need a Dr. lol

  • Siddharth Ghosh
    Siddharth Ghosh 16 days ago

    I mean, you didn't have to drop there bags like that, somebody has to pick it up.

  • Cammdc 1
    Cammdc 1 16 days ago

    FYI, after 45+ minutes you send someone to apologise and offer free drinks every 15 the food is not there... That's how you avoid shit reviews.. well, unless your food is backwash

  • Candid Davii
    Candid Davii 16 days ago

    Wtf she mea. If they are nit jamaican they won't like it! All races love our food and our country they come to our country all the time mostly for our food!

  • Cammdc 1
    Cammdc 1 16 days ago

    Lol, appetizers are mot than enough food for a main course... People are fat..

  • Candid Davii
    Candid Davii 16 days ago

    Bitch my family is jamaican and I live in Jamaica aint no way you get dry jerk chicken here! Unless the person who makes is is a fucking domestic just like this owner! She's delusional.... Even my 4 month old can do better tgan that shytt she's a disaster to my country bro

  • Cammdc 1
    Cammdc 1 16 days ago

    Bbq makes anyplace better.. although there are those who can mess up bbq

  • Cammdc 1
    Cammdc 1 16 days ago

    This man is more passionate about the food from your home country than you could ever be... Most people don't understand this..

  • Tariq El-Shakur
    Tariq El-Shakur 17 days ago

    A Jamaican restaurant that resembles a clinic.

  • Natural Player
    Natural Player 19 days ago +1

    19:56 “I’m not in denial because... I’m not in denial”

  • Ant Sar
    Ant Sar 19 days ago +1

    Is she don Lemons cousin? Let me finish.... Worst journalist of the year don lemon has a cousin worst resteraunt owner of the year dr. Morris. I'm going to deny that I'm in denial. Will you let me finish....

  • Oprah Williams
    Oprah Williams 20 days ago

    Our jerk chicken isn't dry. Wtf lady it looks like you need to visit the motherland. Why the hell is the rice and peas in a bag? And the jerk chicken was cooked yesterday. It's supposed to be marinated yesterday and cooked today! Come to Jamaica and serve overnight food (except fried rice) I guarantee someone will knock you out! The curry goat why is it so watery in that tub thing. Where are the potatoes and carrots? The jerk chicken really irks me to hell. She's crazy!!! Know I know J.A parents are firm but she's bordering on nuts with how she treats that boy. Because of the jerk chicken I really can't feel sorry for this lady. This stubbornness in this woman can outdo a mule! Goddamn I'm so upset. Change the name from Kingston Cafe, don't disrespect the capital of Jamaica like that.

  • Roxanne Brown
    Roxanne Brown 20 days ago +1

    Jamaican food is amazing but the last on the other hand makes it look like crap

  • Clint Sumalpong
    Clint Sumalpong 22 days ago

    Bruh if Broadway had Ramsay's team, they'd be pumping out shows overnight everyday

  • TennTheBeardie
    TennTheBeardie 22 days ago

    “Not everyone can cook Jamaican food” yeah including you ma’am. But seriously all Jamaican people are that stubborn.

  • snowboard
    snowboard 24 days ago +1

    he's not insulting jamaican food he's insulting you doctor

  • Wolves Gaming Channel
    Wolves Gaming Channel 25 days ago

    "Gordon if you continue like that, Jesus Christ will actually appear"
    "I hope so, I think that is what's needed right now"

  • Gerry Chen
    Gerry Chen 26 days ago

    Wat the actual fuck “im not in denial... cause I’m not in denial” ughhhhhhh

  • basic stonks
    basic stonks 26 days ago

    every time she licks her lips drink

  • ΛβÜ_тне_ÇΔЯ
    ΛβÜ_тне_ÇΔЯ 26 days ago

    "I'm not in denial"
    because de Nile is in Egypt

  • Erin Green
    Erin Green 27 days ago

    "Let me finish"

  • Amadu Kamara
    Amadu Kamara 28 days ago

    Ramsey is indirectly teaching us how to run restaurants.

  • Nnot
    Nnot 28 days ago

    Did he come back though?

  • Nicole Santana
    Nicole Santana 28 days ago

    Maybe I'm the only one, but I like the fat on my oxtails 😄.

  • Heather Galaher
    Heather Galaher 29 days ago

    Keone: I’d like to say something.
    Keone: I’ve been saying, from the get-go…
    Keone: (critiques their food and sides with Ramsay)

  • Stephanie  Taylor
    Stephanie Taylor Month ago +1

    I'm Jamaican and this is an insult. Jamaican food is best when fresh. Obviously you never learnt how to cook Jamaican food!!!!

  • Joe Luis
    Joe Luis Month ago

    *Gordon if you continue to say that, Jesus gonna actually appear*

  • Jaquan Howze
    Jaquan Howze Month ago

    He’s Ah savage lmao 😂

  • C4videos
    C4videos Month ago

    Binge watching this, the most important thing for me is the freshness of food...ive had food poisioning so bad let me tell u that chefs can kill ppl

  • Rickwon Kool
    Rickwon Kool Month ago

    The Asian waitress definitely got fired after this 😂

  • chess platinum
    chess platinum Month ago


  • Marlon Gilling
    Marlon Gilling Month ago

    She's deranged...and manipulative

  • Marlon Gilling
    Marlon Gilling Month ago

    She is an embarrassment to our country Jamaica....everyone reading this Jamaican jerk chicken is not dry...please come to Jamaica and try yourself

  • Danisha Freeman
    Danisha Freeman Month ago

    Tell any Jamaican person or restaurant that they can’t cook Jamaican food fresh every day. I’m not Jamaican, but I live in an area with plenty of Jamaicans and Jamaican restaurants (one being across the street from my home). All of them will tell you that it’s possible to cook Jamaican food fresh daily.

  • Loving De’Chelle
    Loving De’Chelle Month ago

    Jamaican parents always think you don’t care about them when you give them a valid opinion

  • snookumzz&cookumzz outdoors

    Jamaican food can't be cooked fresh everyday that lady is brain-dead how in the hell did she make it through nursing school