J vs Ben: Hardest MONSTERS INC Trivia Quiz Ever (ft. Seamus Gorman)


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  • Jonathan Carlin
    Jonathan Carlin Year ago +825

    Hope you'll come join the adventure!

  • Leslie Lopez
    Leslie Lopez 3 days ago

    Una raspada

  • Addi The Superstar
    Addi The Superstar 5 days ago

    AnD ThEy WeRe RoOmAtEs

  • K E
    K E 5 days ago

    Jay seems so annoyed with Seamus

  • Alex Dionisos
    Alex Dionisos 6 days ago

    100% on the dot

  • BAP the Best
    BAP the Best 9 days ago

    This vid made me subscribe to Seamus again

  • Chief Anthony
    Chief Anthony 15 days ago

    Did anyone else get them all right the first time though???

  • Einar Rosenqvist
    Einar Rosenqvist 16 days ago

    yes, i get the impression that J knows more trivia

  • Paula Stack
    Paula Stack 17 days ago

    20 right

  • Dragonlazar 01
    Dragonlazar 01 18 days ago

    Rewatch the scene where Randal is choking sully. He seems pretty invisible to me. Even though most of the time he does blend in. I thing this is a time where he shows properties of invisibility

  • Tooplaynator
    Tooplaynator 19 days ago

    Keep clicking on 21:17 because lol.

  • Tooplaynator
    Tooplaynator 19 days ago

    I knew the Little Mikey one.

  • tommy telgenhoff
    tommy telgenhoff 19 days ago

    oh no we have donkey Kong behind the camera

  • Dylan Crichton
    Dylan Crichton 21 day ago

    RIP, only 10 out of 23. Im ashamed aha.

  • challengedcat 64
    challengedcat 64 25 days ago

    Biggoot rubed a diaper on poison Ivy wore it on his head and called himself king itchy.

    DALTON STURCH 25 days ago

    Wet dog was the only one I was sure of

  • Dylan dabullfrog
    Dylan dabullfrog 26 days ago

    Just saying most people agree it’s white sock but to me I am more with the fact that it stands for Mike and sully last name and it’s made just for them due to what they did in college and how the CDA is keeping an eye on them

  • Colten Gibbs
    Colten Gibbs 28 days ago

    It’s just cause jay has glasses

  • rottendisturbed GAMING

    I hate Seamus. Their voice is so grating.

  • ArchangelHB
    ArchangelHB 28 days ago

    I thought his name was Miley jr

  • Gabriel Nixon
    Gabriel Nixon Month ago

    "I got ah 'smelly garbage' or 'old dumpster'." "Ya got 'low tide'?" "No." "How bout 'wet dog'? " "yup. Stink it up!"

  • Vaskedama anisa
    Vaskedama anisa Month ago

    got 15

  • Dolphindude1
    Dolphindude1 Month ago +1

    12:12 HAHA!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Samantha Reeve
    Samantha Reeve Month ago

    I have been watching you guys and Seamus on and off for years and I never realized how small Seamus really was lol

  • Dame 93249 Chase
    Dame 93249 Chase Month ago

    Noooooo it is the guy who ruined my childhood

  • Ellie Thiegs
    Ellie Thiegs Month ago

    Honestly I do feel like J doesn’t necessarily KNOW more, but like he REMEMBERS more, which might be why he wins more of the quizzes.

  • Adam Hennessy
    Adam Hennessy Month ago

    9:50 that says little mikes

    PMH GAMING Month ago

    it depends on what topic

  • MC. Thunder
    MC. Thunder Month ago

    It’s Because J Has Glasses
    Glasses = Nerd McSmarty Pants

  • EagleEyeEvan
    EagleEyeEvan Month ago

    Has anyone else noticed ben wrote vet dogs not wet dogs?!

  • lilly climie
    lilly climie Month ago +1

    Do a collab with matpat like if you agree

  • Dion Coleby
    Dion Coleby Month ago

    1:59 Seamus "that is knowledge" no one bats an eyelid...

  • JJ 27 JJ
    JJ 27 JJ Month ago

    BEN 10

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith Month ago +1

    7 of 23

  • Connerful World
    Connerful World Month ago

    Cause I obviously know who that is

  • Melanie Lloyd
    Melanie Lloyd Month ago +1

    Seamus: "They were roommates."
    Me: Oh, my god. They were roommates.

  • Happy Hobby Hole
    Happy Hobby Hole Month ago

    I got 20/23

  • Jack Knighton
    Jack Knighton Month ago

    If You Think About It Randel Can Turn Invisabel If You Were a Little kid

  • TheAzorg
    TheAzorg Month ago

    Hey, brother, what you thinking?
    Leave that old record spinning
    You feel the rhythm going

  • TheAzorg
    TheAzorg Month ago

    Hey brother! There's an endless road to rediscover...

  • Lia HP
    Lia HP Month ago

    Seamus’ expression at 5:23 is great 😂

  • Carrie
    Carrie Month ago

    Randle is able to turn invisible, I looked it up to make sure.

  • In Possibilities
    In Possibilities Month ago

    This might be my favorite episode. So much love.

  • Shelby Gregory
    Shelby Gregory 2 months ago

    THAT ROZ IMPRESSION and dang i got all of them except a couple

  • Allen West
    Allen West 2 months ago

    yes, it feels like J knows more. A lot of it is just because of how much less confidence Ben has in his answers

  • Alex Tomas
    Alex Tomas 2 months ago

    Giving Seamus the paper...

  • Crystal Mcelvane
    Crystal Mcelvane 2 months ago

    Yes that is the preception

  • Joey Kieley
    Joey Kieley 2 months ago

    Wed dog

  • Me Me
    Me Me 2 months ago

    I don’t care, I’m team Seamus

  • Me Me
    Me Me 2 months ago


  • Lachlan Schendel
    Lachlan Schendel 2 months ago

    I got 18.

  • Pip8448
    Pip8448 2 months ago

    It's the glasses vs not full beard.

  • Sheriff Bigby Wolf
    Sheriff Bigby Wolf 2 months ago

    Then again, Monsters Inc was the movie I grew up with the most of Pixar's catalogue

  • Lynne Edwards
    Lynne Edwards 2 months ago

    Heeheee 'Not Moz' cracked me up! x

  • BrianaTaylor Videos
    BrianaTaylor Videos 2 months ago


  • Miles Parker
    Miles Parker 2 months ago

    I feel like that is invisibility since it makes him not visible.

  • Ginny Weasley
    Ginny Weasley 2 months ago

    I literally taught my reading buddy last year that Randell can't become invisible but can camouflage with his surroundings cause the book said he could turn invisible

  • Movie Maniac
    Movie Maniac 2 months ago

    My score was 21.

  • chris goodburn
    chris goodburn 2 months ago

    Got 19

  • pastel goth pancake
    pastel goth pancake 2 months ago

    I got 22/23 👍

  • Elana Rangel
    Elana Rangel 2 months ago

    Question 14 is snow cones

  • SereniaSaissa
    SereniaSaissa 2 months ago

    When I first started watching these Quizzes - mostly the Harry Potter Quizzes - J was winning more of them.
    But Ben seems to do much better on the movies that are NOT in the HP world.
    It is possible that perhaps there is too much information to know about the HP world - considering there are 7 books and 8 movies
    - and there are no more than 3 movies in any of the other genres - so there are FEWER details to have to know and learn.
    Thus making it easier for Ben to absorb and remember. Does that make any sense? This is MY perception. Go Ben!!!!

  • Noneofyou Business
    Noneofyou Business 3 months ago

    I wish they would have more episodes featuring Seamus. He's really funny, but I can't watch his channel, because he spends a lot of the time arguing with his twitter feed.

  • Noneofyou Business
    Noneofyou Business 3 months ago

    whatever online quiz they used sucks! Half the time the picture that comes with the multiple choice has the answer on it!

  • Monty Leverett
    Monty Leverett 3 months ago

    Just took it before watching - 18 out of 23 for me

  • Stana Choi
    Stana Choi 3 months ago

    STOP. WASTING. EL PAPEL! even tho i love this video, stopppp! :/

  • Randominator
    Randominator 3 months ago


  • Lola True
    Lola True 3 months ago

    having been named after this movie, thought i would have done better than 15 lol

  • Samantha Hogan
    Samantha Hogan 3 months ago


  • KevKevAllen
    KevKevAllen 3 months ago

    Sooooooo, heres the thing with "23-19" and why I don't believe the "white sock" theory. Its used more than once in the film, 3 times to be precise. First when George Sanderson is coming out of a door and has a white sock on his back. The second is when he is covered in Boo's toys in the locker room, and the final is when he is pushed out of the way by Sully as Sully exits a door and Sully tosses a sock on him (George then shoves it in his Charlies mouth and throws Charlie through the door)
    The point being: when George opens his locker and a bunch of Boo's toys fall on him its also called a 23-19, yet the white sock is only one of the many things that landed on him. You'd think if they have codes so specific as to correspond with things from the human world, that they would have a much broader code for when multiple things are present, but he called the same code, hence why I think 23-19 is not "white sock" its just human artifact in the monster world.

  • captainrobots
    captainrobots 3 months ago

    Ben said he was bad at test I was bad at it but almost past off by 1 point.

  • Predators JR
    Predators JR 3 months ago

    I am the 1

  • Alexis Scamander
    Alexis Scamander 3 months ago

    Well I suck at this one I got 14 :(

  • Christian Bermudez
    Christian Bermudez 3 months ago +4

    Lowkey thing J is better with Harry Potter and Ben with Pixar

  • Morgan Mayfield
    Morgan Mayfield 3 months ago

    Seamus is cute, how old is he?

    • Morgan Mayfield
      Morgan Mayfield 3 months ago

      And that accent makes it sooooo much better! ;-)

  • doom chief
    doom chief 3 months ago

    I think people see j´s glasses and those are usually used in tv and movies to symbolises intelligence

  • [No Name]
    [No Name] 4 months ago

    Team J!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Attack
    Matt Attack 4 months ago

    why on earth did he think Mr. Waternoose had 2 eyes? wth

  • Nerdy Theatre Girl
    Nerdy Theatre Girl 4 months ago

    Steve Martin

  • Nerdy Theatre Girl
    Nerdy Theatre Girl 4 months ago


  • Nerdy Theatre Girl
    Nerdy Theatre Girl 4 months ago

    Love your hair, Seamus!

  • the pollock
    the pollock 4 months ago

    Ben and I have the same name I'm so happy he's winning

  • thomas stewart
    thomas stewart 4 months ago

    They say I got smelly garbage or old dumpster. you got low tide. No. What about wet dog yep stink it up.

  • Emily Fenstermaker
    Emily Fenstermaker 4 months ago

    Never seen this guy or heard his voice before in my life. Immediately knew he was British just from his name alone.

  • Chloe Lund
    Chloe Lund 4 months ago

    I want so badly to see Derek's face. I have a hard time imagining what he looks like

  • captain pog
    captain pog 4 months ago


  • MasonTheSavage9- Roblox

    I got 19 out of 23

  • Freddie Greenwood
    Freddie Greenwood 4 months ago +2

    Mike contact len. Not lens. He has one eye

    • Shreccc
      Shreccc 3 months ago +1

      Freddie Greenwood ‘Lens’ is still correct, as the plural is ‘lenses.’

  • LaMissFlurry
    LaMissFlurry 4 months ago

    21:35 And they were roommates...

  • haitheir
    haitheir 4 months ago

    I got 5 eyes right :3

  • 422rds
    422rds 4 months ago

    Reaction at begin of episode "Hey you are not brother!"

  • 422rds
    422rds 4 months ago

    0:02 rewind 10 seconds over and over and it kind of sounds like a song

  • Lilly Sills
    Lilly Sills 4 months ago

    I got 9 points😂

  • Cat Bro's
    Cat Bro's 4 months ago

    It was me

  • Unicorn Life
    Unicorn Life 4 months ago +1

    2019 any one

  • Sydney Page
    Sydney Page 4 months ago

    You guys should try out the Hogwarts mystery game considering how much y'all talk about it.

  • Dharma Dutton
    Dharma Dutton 4 months ago

    So I think you both know the same amount of information. But I think J remembers it more. Or at least his brain is better sorted. With that being said, I think Ben is more entertaining and fun to watch.

  • Maylin Heidtke
    Maylin Heidtke 4 months ago

    I am the one ☝🏻

  • Danielle Coore
    Danielle Coore 4 months ago

    I’m from the uk in Manchester I love seamus he’s Sooo cute

  • Danielle Coore
    Danielle Coore 4 months ago

    Seamus has a Is so cute