/ALL Chat | Kindred, the Lamb and the Wolf

  • Published on Nov 13, 2015
  • ALL Chat’s back with a Kindred-filled episode of cosplay, art, and more featuring League’s newest jungler!
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    Fanart: Kindred - League of Legends
    Thank you Riot
    Kindred, The Eternal Hunters
    Reign of Steel
    Vega Colors
    Kindred Fanart
    Kindred, The Eternal Hunters
    League of Legends - Kindred Speedpaint
    LoL - Kindred, Eternal Hunters
    Like a Fairy Tale
    . Kindred .
    Kindred - New League Champ!
    Kindred Cosplay
    Embura Cosplay
    Kindred Masks Tutorial
    Atashi Cosplay
    Kindred Masks
    Atashi Cosplay
    Kindred Makeup
    Kindred Tips & Tricks - In-Depth How To Play - League of Legends
    KayPea (KP) - Stream Highlights #21 - League of Legends (LOL)
    Scurb - LoL Animated - Kindred's True Form
    Jimmy Wong: twitter.com/jfwong
    Sam Leichtamer: twitter.com/Lighthammer_
    Josh "Xell" Kim: twitter.com/LoLXell
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Comments • 467

  • Purpelish Fish-o
    Purpelish Fish-o Month ago

    Wait a minute, this isn´t the Command Zone.

  • YhelloWish
    YhelloWish 3 months ago


  • Bella Strange
    Bella Strange 6 months ago

    My fave is jinx

  • Echo TheNerd
    Echo TheNerd 8 months ago

    I know who I’m going to be for Halloween next year

  • Lunatics _
    Lunatics _ 10 months ago

    I missed this show 🙁

  • Annabella Broome
    Annabella Broome 11 months ago

    It kinda of cool, when I first heard of them I always thought that Lamb represents Peaceful Death and the Wolf represents Tragic Death. That was my outtake on the Lamb and the Wolf😊

  • Two Punch Man
    Two Punch Man Year ago

    If you think about it though, combining lamb and wolf should give you a sheep, not a poodle.

  • Bnkz On Fire
    Bnkz On Fire Year ago

    3 of my favorite champions are jhin,kindred and bard.
    I like jhin because he is showing the beauty in death.
    Kindred is the champion that looks like 2 player champ because you are never alone. I like Bard because of his meeps. But i like them most because of their lores

  • Joev
    Joev Year ago

    Everytime I use Kindred, I used /all just to say all quotes of Kindred

  • As Nodt
    As Nodt Year ago

    zyra is perfection i play her support and legit every match i play i deal more damage than everyone. taric is bae i love w'ing a lee sin or kata and then when they engage i make them immortal and give them cc, when i play jungle i play kindred at first my clears were shit and i felt stupid so i binged watched every single video of them on youtube then i got a penta :) whenever jhins on free rotation i simply have to play him i love his voice and his swag walk XD

  • MrTyson9988
    MrTyson9988 Year ago

    5:44 Reported ;P

  • Skylar Sword
    Skylar Sword Year ago

    MY SPIRIT CHAMPION IS SHYVANA , anyone loves her too?

  • ღ Anime Valley ღ

    A champion that resembles me is probably kindred.
    My horoscope is Aries and I just love wolves + I have a pet husky. ^^
    Aries is basically a Ram but it is close with a lamb. Since i'm a female I'm not really a ram so
    I would probably call myself a lamb (for my horoscope.)
    My husk would be my wolf and would always be together forever alalaalallalalalala

  • Rayasa Kirani
    Rayasa Kirani 2 years ago +1

    I'd say shyvana, cuz she is a half-dragon!
    also, I saw a cute (and sad) fannon of her and a human when she was younger.
    (at least...i think it was a fannon)

    • Skylar Sword
      Skylar Sword Year ago

      Rayasa Kirani OMG I love her too, she's my main!!! I've read the comic you're talking about, it's a fannon but still it's a cute story with a young Jarvan I guess

  • sopmob
    sopmob 2 years ago

    Fave champs are GP and Kindred..
    Champ that expresses me is GP.. cuz "CRUELTY FOR ALL!"

  • them dap xe
    them dap xe 2 years ago

    Veigar is my favorite because Yordles....
    And he got the BEST stun(maybe)
    He got the ult that torture champions

  • Tina RedRock
    Tina RedRock 2 years ago

    #BMorGG I love Kindred

  • Derp Herp
    Derp Herp 2 years ago

    my favourite hero is nasus

  • Lunular Sparx
    Lunular Sparx 2 years ago

    my favroite.....Ahri and Kindred. so kawaii and cute =w=

  • Vulpes
    Vulpes 2 years ago

    Chiarra Bautista.

  • bullred1mc
    bullred1mc 2 years ago

    id tap lamb

  • Vandarte Freelancer - Translator

    Delizhiosa sta nena Kindred xDDD :v

  • Jovanni Orosco
    Jovanni Orosco 2 years ago

    i love kindred :D

  • Julius Trenkler
    Julius Trenkler 2 years ago

    Omg, I remember that when I first starting play League, I always wanted to main support. Since Lux was the only one classified as a support for the beginner champions, I played her till level 6. Within my first 2 games I had already discovered for myself the instakill combo and I felt so powerful. Nobody knew how to deal with it xD

  • Lilla
    Lilla 2 years ago +8

    I feel like Kindred is one of those champions, that I NEVER want to get a skin with. like their classic skin is just so beautiful. Like it is with Fiora or Anivia.

    • Reginald Mustard Bacon
      Reginald Mustard Bacon 2 years ago +3

      yeah Cx but the shadowfire skin is just something nice to have when you wanna let peeps know you mean business and death.

  • League Emperor
    League Emperor 2 years ago


  • Mixalis Simeonidis
    Mixalis Simeonidis 2 years ago

    i love lux

  • beqa grdzelishvili
    beqa grdzelishvili 3 years ago +1

    jimmy said that hes yasuo... you realy have no life....

  • Jminh
    Jminh 3 years ago

    i love kindred soooooooooooooooooo much

  • Leanne.exe
    Leanne.exe 3 years ago

    lamb and wolf

  • ThunderBearGaming
    ThunderBearGaming 3 years ago

    I love volibear

  • Tamara Dawn
    Tamara Dawn 3 years ago +1

    My first champ was Miss Fortune, ADC is my thing. I wanted to try new champs and I found Caitlyn, the range really brought me in, now she my main and my favourite champ. My other main is Evelynn, I wanted to try some other role, so I tried jg and I was interested in Eve since I started but I didn't know how to jg. Once I learned how to make her OP, I was hooked. Also the fact she is infuckingvisible and just pops up and melts the enemy. >:D

  • master Virgo
    master Virgo 3 years ago

    i am yasuo I agree yasuo is the best

  • Kevin Hernandez
    Kevin Hernandez 3 years ago

    i am like teemo because i laugh like him and i also have a hat that looks like his

  • Paola Cruz
    Paola Cruz 3 years ago +1

    I really love Nami, Tahm, and Janna ;u;

  • Angel Miller
    Angel Miller 3 years ago

    My fav is Riven but Ashe also was it for a long time

  • Gneo Salen
    Gneo Salen 3 years ago +1

    I love lux too :D shes my main and my play rate of her is like 70 percent of all my game

  • Paul Herfurth
    Paul Herfurth 3 years ago

    Bad bitches unite

  • Creative DrinkingProduct

    I'm heimerdinger, hello. What's your name

  • Zarien
    Zarien 3 years ago

    i love

  • Mirkus Reuven
    Mirkus Reuven 3 years ago

    my fav is jhin , he feels so alive and nice to play, when you hit that ult or w or last aa it's so nice.

  • cozy
    cozy 3 years ago

    1:52 Ayy. dat woelf knovz watz guud ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Fanciest Cake
    Fanciest Cake 3 years ago

    I want lamb and wolf to be like girl friend boy friend

  • Aiden DileVA
    Aiden DileVA 3 years ago

    so rumble's lore is like a school shooting?

  • Yeh Boai
    Yeh Boai 3 years ago

    Please you guys, contact the Rito Skin designers and tell them to rework Pulsefire Ezreal. Ezreal is my favourite champion and the pulsefire skin is awesome too, but its sooo old and that means its bad. Please, i dont need like Infernal Diana. I want a better Pulsefire Ez. Please ;-;

  • Ivan Cao
    Ivan Cao 3 years ago

    I don't have a favourite champion also!!!! :D

  • Karl
    Karl 3 years ago

    Make me you*

  • Karl
    Karl 3 years ago +1

    I love Syndra because her spheres around her are so powerfull and I want to be Syndra in Male Form because she is so cool i cant describe!!! Please syndra make me yourself!!!!

  • SuperDuperman 3000tron

    omg the thumbnail is so ciut

  • DBS Arena
    DBS Arena 3 years ago

    kindred is my favorite champion but not by the game and skills etc (they are good) but the story and voices get me in the champion and is really cool and inspiring

  • TheProGamer56 TheBest
    TheProGamer56 TheBest 3 years ago

    my fav. champoin is yasuo

  • Jacob Birkland
    Jacob Birkland 3 years ago

    Cho gath cuz fuck it nomnom nom

  • Christopher Lundberg
    Christopher Lundberg 3 years ago

    i love Shen cuz his kit is basically like a support but not even close to a support champion

  • BossKobraGaming
    BossKobraGaming 3 years ago

    my favorite has gotta be Jinx.

  • ButTechTV
    ButTechTV 3 years ago

    1:46 just curious how can you possible see a thing with such small eyes #not hating just curious

  • Ariel Alexandre
    Ariel Alexandre 3 years ago


  • Bastet.C. Haddock
    Bastet.C. Haddock 3 years ago

    My favorite champhion is Vi, it reminds me a lot about some or most of my own personality, this big badass girl that' s pretty rude and does things her own way, that's me.

  • Aeteriia
    Aeteriia 3 years ago

    Anivia, im sure im like one of the only Anivia lovers here :3

  • homeslice101
    homeslice101 3 years ago

    this is a solid episode. some other eps with guests that are awkward on camera make me cringe watching them lol. if there are longer eps and with more league in-game chat, i will subscribe. would also help if melonie came back hehe

  • Leo Sciotti
    Leo Sciotti 3 years ago

    my fav champ is veigar, the face i make when i realize i got 1000 and more ap is this one

  • Zehss
    Zehss 3 years ago

    Jayce all day every day i just love the combo's that you can do with his kit w in cannonform change over to hammer and slap them really fast 3 times with the hammer

  • TheNightOwl O.O
    TheNightOwl O.O 3 years ago

    I would be yasuo because I love swords

  • Hanataru
    Hanataru 3 years ago

    i usually always play mage but in this game i like adc

  • Comrade Dyatlov
    Comrade Dyatlov 3 years ago

    Sam is so fine ;_;

  • TheCedrician
    TheCedrician 3 years ago

    Jennifer lawrence that you?

  • Yiwei Zhan
    Yiwei Zhan 3 years ago

    My favorite champion is veigar since if you're playing vs a team with a few APs, you get to shit all over them with your R. xD

  • Anna Noirne
    Anna Noirne 3 years ago

    Talon.....Mysterious like the shadows.

  • ninjarubo
    ninjarubo 3 years ago

    BAD BITCH? wheres dash and that other girl?

  • Michael Leon
    Michael Leon 3 years ago

    where the fuck is mel?

  • Yerataï 2nd
    Yerataï 2nd 3 years ago

    I'll be fizz cause I'm a kid that loves to annoy everyone at anytime

  • GreekGaming TV
    GreekGaming TV 3 years ago

    WHERE IS MAC????

  • Ender Tech
    Ender Tech 3 years ago


  • SirFryStirFry
    SirFryStirFry 3 years ago

    twisted fate has always been favorite but my spirit champ is rumble i kinda latched onto his lore because i was bullied alot as a kid and at the time gundam wing was a thing on toonami so i always wanted to build a robot suit to fight back

  • BillboardBomber
    BillboardBomber 3 years ago

    Wooo my favorite champ is Aatrox because. eh?

  • RandomGermangoGrill
    RandomGermangoGrill 3 years ago

    I think a good BM or GG question:
    Should you ever camp?

  • King Sisyphus
    King Sisyphus 3 years ago +1

    Chiara Bautista

  • jaklin zlatanova
    jaklin zlatanova 3 years ago

    teemo is the best now and forever

  • Hany Al-Akel
    Hany Al-Akel 3 years ago

    I did not know Sasha Grey is on Riot team, that explains allot....

  • Liam
    Liam 3 years ago

    someone at riot likes studio Ghibli

  • sandy adams
    sandy adams 3 years ago

    I love secret chatting but guess what I got bust by my wife damn

  • Pedro Scoponi
    Pedro Scoponi 3 years ago +1

    My first two favorite champions were Nocturne and Thresh. Nocturne because he's just so filled with hatred and violence, and Thresh because despite being a support that helps people he's sadist and has the evilest laugh...

  • The lord, Osama
    The lord, Osama 3 years ago

    Pause at 3:37

  • Ally Fox
    Ally Fox 3 years ago

    What is the mini-video at the end in the middle?! Someone help me ooooutttt !

  • Viktor the Creator
    Viktor the Creator 3 years ago

    Kindred: More like the furry and Warwick's severed head.

    KiiNG TERRA 3 years ago


    KiiNG TERRA 3 years ago

    i hope im not out of line.... just thought i had to say it..... :3

    KiiNG TERRA 3 years ago

    ..... sam is hot....... :3

  • Kyle P.
    Kyle P. 3 years ago

    i want more jimmy wong lol that guy is great, loved him in vghs

  • mikepliek
    mikepliek 3 years ago

    AD twisted fate....make it happen rito

  • MMM
    MMM 3 years ago

    Lissandra .. was and still and will be my favourite forever

  • Patch "TheDarkHatty" Evergale

    I think Vi has to be my fav, simply because she was the first champ I played that I found hard to play and I kept losing with her constantly, I didn't realise how her Q worked and I hated her so much but then once I became a jungle main I grabbed her again and just improved with her so much that she is now my highest mastered champion. Second place though is definitely Kindred just because how amazing their lore is, their design is beautiful, their voicework is insane and I don't have listening to it all game and also...Kindred tattoo incoming on Monday :P

  • Venti Lator
    Venti Lator 3 years ago

    Tristana... the long lost Main that I was always searching for carried me to gold - AND NOW GETS A *LEGENDARY*!! I am hyped!

  • DatOne Guy
    DatOne Guy 3 years ago

    1.Kindred(If I had a gf she would be lamb while I will be wolf)
    2.Braum(GET BEHIND ME)
    3.Teemo(Don't Complain-_-)

  • Jack Skelton-Miller
    Jack Skelton-Miller 3 years ago

    ...But why not live forever? lol

  • Vycron van Darkin
    Vycron van Darkin 3 years ago +1

    Ahri because ahri

  • Luis Patzan
    Luis Patzan 3 years ago

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  • kenneth Calero
    kenneth Calero 3 years ago

    Where's melonie?

  • Mid ftw
    Mid ftw 3 years ago

    Don't click Read more
    Ur fcked right now

  • Mid ftw
    Mid ftw 3 years ago


  • Teemo Crew
    Teemo Crew 3 years ago

    someone guess what do i like.... :)