The most UNDERRATED lens EVERYONE needs!

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  • Peter McKinnon
    Peter McKinnon  6 days ago +1371

    Hands up if you already own this little gem! Also, I should have made this 3 minute Tuesdays.. LOL :)

    • Rodney Fisk
      Rodney Fisk Hour ago

      We are now aware of your betrayal. We don't forgive; we don't forget. We're coming for you... lol


      I own it!!! It is a must for upcoming photographers (and videographer, just not if youre using auto focus)

    • fcchelsea136
      fcchelsea136 Day ago

      Peter McKinnon I mean technically I have the Nikon 50mm 1.8 but same thing so...

    • Raul Steenhuis
      Raul Steenhuis Day ago

      Lets make more of these three minute Tuesdays, eh? :D

    • Alexalex91
      Alexalex91 Day ago

      I'm OBSESSED With your videos :D

  • Jack O'Neill
    Jack O'Neill 3 hours ago

    No kidding I bought this lens the day after I watched this!

  • Shahar Yogev
    Shahar Yogev 3 hours ago

    You are the best !!! Thank you :)

  • Edwin Tony
    Edwin Tony 6 hours ago

    @Peter McKinnon
    hey Pete!!! I have a doubt .You just said that this "Nifty fifty" will be nearly 80mm on APS C bodies by doing the Multiplication with the CROP FACTOR. What about its APPERTURE then ? whether the 1.8 also increases to 2.88 (1.5 x 1.8) ?

  • Joe MacInnes
    Joe MacInnes 6 hours ago +1

    Hey man, could you do a full video on aps-c vs full frame sensors?

  • Michael Sousa
    Michael Sousa 14 hours ago

    Peter you actually inspire me and my videos, I love vlogging and the whole transition thing. I actually live near you haha, good content you have helped us all so very much

  • beek b
    beek b 14 hours ago

    i did what everybody said and got the nifty for my crop sensor - hate it, useless for street, way too close. maybe if i ever win a full frame from a peter mckinnon contest IT'LL BE OKAY. until then, thumbs down on this annoying focal length!!

  • Chukkar
    Chukkar 15 hours ago

    Heya im gonna get this lens but i don't know what body to get, i'm a beginner somewhere in the range of 200$-400$ is preferable, could someone help me out?

  • Fat Al
    Fat Al 17 hours ago

    Get the 1.4 noobs ;)

  • MinaFem
    MinaFem 17 hours ago

    This was my first lens that I bought a few months ago before moving to Nicaragua. I absolutely love this lens, the money-for-value is unbeatable! I have taken beautiful photos with it, nearly all of my IG photos were created with this lens @martinaclarita

  • Jacob Steed
    Jacob Steed 17 hours ago

    I shoot weddings and that lens is on my camera 90% of the time. There really is no need to splurge on a bunch of wide/zoom lenses if you really don't absolutely need them for the work you're doing.

  • Hale Kizildagli
    Hale Kizildagli 19 hours ago

    it's been almost a week Peter where are you??? Literally can't wait for a new video:D

  • Dylan Shultz
    Dylan Shultz 19 hours ago

    Hey Pete, what is your preferred FPS for these talking head segments?


    Yo peter you're such an inspirations!! He seriously inspired me to quit 2 of my part time jobs in order to free up time to do what I love. Which is videography and photography (going heavier on videography within this past year). This may be a long shot but if you're reading this check out my youtube channel if you want, just to see what a videographer who is inspired by McKinnon looks like :) or not. just wanted to kinda really put this out to let you know you really cool + you drop cool content

  • Tyler McCabe
    Tyler McCabe 22 hours ago

    I literally just bought this lense right before I watched this video. I just bought this exact lense like an hour ago 😂

  • Jacob York
    Jacob York 22 hours ago

    Oh my goodness, I didn't know it's actually 80mm
    You should have shown some sample pictures

  • JustSHYNE TV
    JustSHYNE TV Day ago

    Ayyye Nifty 50!! Definitely on my wish list. Great breakdown of its features/uses

  • Navi K
    Navi K Day ago

    I was just thinking of buying this and then you upload this video!!! Bought it today, so happy and excited!!!! 😁😁

  • A Tiny Adventure

    I have this lens and still love, and I use a lot of cinema lenses, but when I'm in the house and wanna grab a quick photo/footage this is my go to lens.

  • Richie Barnett
    Richie Barnett Day ago

    I got a nifty fifty last week! Just discovered your content, and you are brilliant! Congrats on 1million! If anyone has 5mins, I'd appreciate some feedback on mine and my partner's Instagram? Our dream is to travel and we're currently saving up to go and live the dream! Working on our insta game so we're good to go when we finally do set off on our adventure. @seeking.soul.247

  • Wilson Tam
    Wilson Tam Day ago

    Learning something new every time I watch one of your videos!!!

  • Adeniyi Joseph
    Adeniyi Joseph Day ago

    The transition at the beginning was cool but i know what you did. Also noticed the jump cut. Good one

  • Inaam Munsoor
    Inaam Munsoor Day ago

    14 year old amateur photographer

  • wlkngmachine
    wlkngmachine Day ago

    100% i got a knockoff of this for $50 and I use it all the time! What would be a good next step for apsc 35mm f1.4?

  • Marcos Alves
    Marcos Alves Day ago

    I was already planning to buy it. This video has made me get even more decided to get it. Thank you

  • Aidan.J.Keller
    Aidan.J.Keller Day ago

    Love the transition at the beginning haha im trying to save up for a canon 70D to help achieve my youtube and filmmaking dreams! If anyone could sub i’ll sub back! Just comment to let me know! Thank you😃

  • Samuel Harmon
    Samuel Harmon Day ago

    were was your timer? It just feels like something was missing. lol, loved the short video.

  • Victoria's Eye
    Victoria's Eye Day ago

    Recently received that 50mm 1.4 as a graduation gift. Such an amazing lens!

  • Glen R17
    Glen R17 Day ago

    Feels weird waking up on monday in jakarta, without Peter Mckinnon new vids up. Been busy eh?

  • Kelsang
    Kelsang Day ago

    My favourite lens :)

  • 36Swagga
    36Swagga Day ago

    i have this lance, its the best. use it alot for events.

  • Pedram Ghozat
    Pedram Ghozat Day ago

    I've learned alot from this channel
    watching my old videos comparing them to the new once
    thank you

    EN ROUTE Day ago

    I've been using this lens for 3 year and it's the bomb 🙌🔥🔥

  • Clos MasMas
    Clos MasMas Day ago +1

    Anyone have the old nifty fifty

  • Even Knapstad
    Even Knapstad Day ago

    Could you make a video on how to make superresolution photos?

  • Kyle Campbell
    Kyle Campbell Day ago

    song at the start?

  • Fred Mathurin
    Fred Mathurin Day ago

    Hi Pete, I'm new to photography, I just got a canon t6i and was wondering, if a 50mm equals to a 80mm. What kind of lens should I get to have the appearance of a 50mm. Love your videos, learning a lot from them, thank you

  • Mey Barroso
    Mey Barroso Day ago

    Hey Peter! I have a Nikon is not full frame, and I want to buy a 50mm lens, I guess it should be Nikon or Sigma. Because you're talking about Canon lens.

  • Connor Nichols
    Connor Nichols Day ago

    I shoot with a sony a6000 and I'm so sick of having a crop sensor!

  • AnyClone
    AnyClone Day ago

    Does this lens have infinite focus for astro shots?

  • Ek Plate
    Ek Plate Day ago

    HELP!! budget- 300-500$ need a camera for food photography and to shoot video preferable with a flip lens PLZ help guys

  • Paul Benzi Florendo

    Hey Pete! I still have my old 50mm 1.8 and funny story is im the 3rd person it has been passed down too but have been using it for more or less 5 years! And it's cool how even though ive left it alone in storage and it sorta got moldy I still got to use in my last film! Wish I could show you the film, I even took out the lens and and flipped it to do macro shots! this is really one of canon's best lenses perfect for the pocket, both budget-wise and literally.haha

  • Jeje tv
    Jeje tv 2 days ago

    I would buy this !!

  • Daniel Voyer
    Daniel Voyer 2 days ago

    You’re getting really good with your cap swoosh at the end there Pete, though you used special effects. Have a great day.

  • Kayla de Beer
    Kayla de Beer 2 days ago

    Awesome video, Peter! Could you possibly do a video on why images in Lightroom (sRGB exports) look different on an iOS device?

  • Alex Shenia
    Alex Shenia 2 days ago +1

    How not to copy @Peter McKinnon (Russian Version )

  • Goloso
    Goloso 2 days ago

    On a crop sensor aperture would multiply by crop facto too, right?

    As always nice content :)

  • Pavitra Khanijoe
    Pavitra Khanijoe 2 days ago

    I have a canon 50mm 1.4 tho. I like it better

  • bluecologne25
    bluecologne25 2 days ago

    He's shaking the lens a lot!

  • Ryan Angelo
    Ryan Angelo 2 days ago

    Great video as always, I just have a question since I'm just starting out to edit some videos. If i'm shooting at 60fps with may DSLR, is it okay for me to use 24fps sequence in Premiere Pro since I dont want all the videos to be in slow motion. Thanks in advance.

  • Retsjo
    Retsjo 2 days ago

    This is like the first lens everyone gets after kit

  • A.J. Mash
    A.J. Mash 2 days ago

    Love that lens, but too much crop with my C300 MK II (1.5x) so I use the almost as awesome Canon 35mm f2.0 lens. Cheers...

  • Dane Woods
    Dane Woods 2 days ago

    Thanks for all the helpful vids @Peter McKinnon! Just shot my first music video mostly using the Nifty Fifty!! Great for the bokeh! Although I did have some shake issues that needed fixing in post, so I'd recommend stable shooting for smooth video..

  • Panda's FPV
    Panda's FPV 2 days ago

    Pixel 2 also shoots in the same 1.8 aperture. :)

  • L&S Squad
    L&S Squad 2 days ago

    hey sir im a beginner and i have a nikonD3400 im looking forward to upgrading to full frame witch one witch one should i go with ( canon 6d Mark ii or the nikon d610 or the canon 6d ? )

  • Albert Loz
    Albert Loz 2 days ago

    What’s the name of dat nice background music ?

  • Prathmesh Bhurke
    Prathmesh Bhurke 2 days ago

    Your videos are great. Awesome work

  • Brett Pascoe
    Brett Pascoe 2 days ago

    This will fit my 5D Mk III ?

  • ekishan
    ekishan 2 days ago

    Canon 50mm cap got stuck!
    I dropped my Canon 50mm lens and the cap got stuck! Does anyone know how to remove the cap without damaging the lens?

  • Eddy Lowe
    Eddy Lowe 2 days ago

    Have this lens one of my all time favorites!!!

  • canturgan
    canturgan 2 days ago

    The plastic fantastic.

  • millefrederikke
    millefrederikke 2 days ago

    Can the lens be used with example an Olympus camera or only Canon? Love this kind of videos :)

  • Garrett Stacker
    Garrett Stacker 2 days ago

    So if I have an APS-C sensor, I would need a 35mm lens for it to perform similar to a 50mm on a full frame?

  • Karen James
    Karen James 2 days ago

    Peter, completely unrelated, but do you storyboard your vids? I was told you should. What are your thoughts?

  • the Corner Store
    the Corner Store 2 days ago

    I'm new here.... AND I'M INSTANTLY ADDICTED! (also i am canadian too)

  • Mason Govender
    Mason Govender 2 days ago

    okay where is Pete? And .....And .... Just how many days is thanks giving in Canada.

  • Argin ARGIN
    Argin ARGIN 2 days ago

    I like how 2 Minute Tuesdays are getting out of hand lol

  • Ferencz Török
    Ferencz Török 2 days ago

    Say 50mm and I kill you. Is there a film related vlogger who doesn't made an episode about the 50mil? Duude.. come on..

  • JimSquints
    JimSquints 2 days ago

    Subscribed! Excellent info delivery in a light hearted way! You cleared up a couple of things for this amateur. 1. More blades equals increased circular bokah. 2. Crop sensor mathematics in an easily understandable description.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • Hanan Edwards
    Hanan Edwards 2 days ago

    I luv u Pete! After this video I went and bought the 50mm... YES! (i am rlly happy rn)

  • MuMuCow8
    MuMuCow8 2 days ago

    Hey Peter can you do a video on using speedlights?

  • The Real Torley
    The Real Torley 2 days ago

    sup guys, I am currently suffering from depression and am trying my best to manage it and ultimately beat it. I am putting out videos that help me, how I am feeling etc in the hope to help myself and others. Please come and have a look if you are interested.

  • Grady Wilson
    Grady Wilson 2 days ago

    Amongst cinematographers the 50 mm lens is known as the Jack Lord. Lord was the original star of Hawaii 5.0 hence the name I thought you'd like to know.

    MOHAMMAD TANVEER 2 days ago

    what if i use the 50 mm lens on canon 200d(sl2) will it work as 50 mm lens

  • Biz Bzar
    Biz Bzar 2 days ago

    Best lens in my kit

  • Jody Hinterleitner
    Jody Hinterleitner 2 days ago

    Great video!
    My Dream is to become a photographer, i've invested all my savings to buy a camera i really wanted (a Canon 80d), but i now have a lot of photos and videos that i can't edit because my computer is too slow, i need a new graphic card to help speed up Adobe Lightroom and Première, i plan to buy either a gtx 1070 or a 1060. If you want to help me through my journey here is my gofoundme campaign:

  • tqaproduction
    tqaproduction 2 days ago

    I disagree. If anyone is trying to buy a second lens I would recommend them Yongnuo 35mm f/2 or another 35mm lens. Peoples 1st camera is certainly not a FF.

  • Thomas Weaver
    Thomas Weaver 3 days ago

    It's on my Amazon list for Christmas!

  • PoisonPanty
    PoisonPanty 3 days ago

    I'm sorry but this is by far the most popular lens outside of probably 18-55 kit lenses. It is by no means underrated.

  • selja91
    selja91 3 days ago

    Hey can we get more adanced photography tutorials? :)

  • Himanshu Ruhilla
    Himanshu Ruhilla 3 days ago

    @petermckinnon I've owned this for sometime now. On my canon 550d. What's the next lens to go for?

  • stella partali
    stella partali 3 days ago

    why don't you do 3 minute Tuesdays this way you won't run out of time!!! (just saying) :)

  • Mrisho Hassan
    Mrisho Hassan 3 days ago

    Hello, how you doing Peter? take look what i found.

  • studiosushi
    studiosushi 3 days ago

    There are SO MANY people thinking that they are shooting at "50mm" but they actually have an APSC camera so ...

  • truknayr23
    truknayr23 3 days ago

    If you shoot APS-C cameras like i do... the 50 paired with the 24mm 2.8 STM is a killer combo. ^_^ just sayin.

  • Arthur Reis
    Arthur Reis 3 days ago

    I just can't forget about that huge box that you pick up at the mail office. Please talk about it in the next video. I still gonna love ur work if don't.

  • Gizmo's Game Lounge
    Gizmo's Game Lounge 3 days ago

    I bought this exact lens 3 days before this vid came out because I couldn't find an affordable 35mm. I have been super impressed with it so far.

  • Jason Beckett
    Jason Beckett 3 days ago

    how should one use / should someone use a 50mm for video?

  • Carlo Marzan
    Carlo Marzan 3 days ago

    Hey Peter love your videos! do you think you can make a video about how to be inspired. Personally I feel like im stuck in photography.

  • Missy Brun
    Missy Brun 3 days ago

    I love this lens! I use it often :)

  • Ellie Spiers
    Ellie Spiers 3 days ago

    The nomnoms at the end 😂😂😂

  • Christoffer Rukke
    Christoffer Rukke 3 days ago

    I hope you'll show us your new La Marzocco beast! Keep up the your great work!

  • Eric Frysinger
    Eric Frysinger 3 days ago

    That's exactly the lens I first upgraded to! Really like it, thanks for confirming I made the right choice.

  • Marco Maiocchi
    Marco Maiocchi 3 days ago

    It’s not an underrated lens, sorry peter

  • Mike Page
    Mike Page 3 days ago

    My son has the 1.8. Despite its cheap feel, it's great!! I have the 1.4 but he's a better photographer, so gets more use out of the 1.8. Lol.

    Back in the day, every film camera I had came with a 50mm but today - 50mm is still a bit long on a crop sensor. Borrow a mate's before you spend money.

  • Fer nando
    Fer nando 3 days ago

    I'm looking to buy my first DSLR.
    Which one should I buy?
    -Canon EOS Rebel T6i /750D
    -Canon EOS Rebel SL2 /200D

  • Gabe .Video
    Gabe .Video 3 days ago

    Is that the nifty fifty?

  • David Talas
    David Talas 3 days ago

    You forgot that you have to multiply the f-stop value with the crop factor of the sensor. It is kind of logical because you are not using the whole sensor, and Tony Northrup demonstrated it very well in this video:
    Anyways, I own this lens and i love it soo much! Will keep it for a long time!
    Edit: typo

  • Jake Alexander Bryant

    Peter, I know you have 1.1M Subscribers! But this is an important question to me that I've yet to find answered: For the 1DXii , when shooting in 4K vs 1080p does using Full Fame Canon lenses hurt the image quality when shooting 4K because of the crop? If so, it wouldn't make sense to me to have a 2nd set of lenses (i.e. Sigma 16-35 Art crop lens) when shooting 4K (occasionally). Thanks so much!!! Love your vids.

  • randybmx
    randybmx 3 days ago

    4 minute Friday!