The most UNDERRATED lens EVERYONE needs!


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  • Peter McKinnon
    Peter McKinnon  8 months ago +2100

    Hands up if you already own this little gem! Also, I should have made this 3 minute Tuesdays.. LOL :)

    • laughingbrwnie
      laughingbrwnie 10 days ago

      Peter McKinnon So you’re recommending to buy this if you’ve purchased a full frame camera not so much for other cameras?

    • Tiago Lourenco
      Tiago Lourenco 16 days ago

      420 Tuesday, in this case lol

    • TechieIO
      TechieIO Month ago

      I've owned it a few times ;-) , over on Sony ATM. Keep up the good work Peter!

    • Bert T.
      Bert T. Month ago

      Mark T 35mm will get you close to the 50mm sweet spot. If you go 50mm you'll be at about 75mm.

    • Bert T.
      Bert T. Month ago

      I have the 35mm f1.8 for the D5600. Great lens. I wish it had VR though.

  • 2cool0
    2cool0 Day ago

    so can you put any lens on any camera with interchangable lens? or is it camera or brand specific?

  • Fan OF Zeppelin
    Fan OF Zeppelin 2 days ago

    quick Question! Does This Lens Support Full Frame Sensors?

  • Junior Hiramoto
    Junior Hiramoto 4 days ago

    Hello guys! Can someone help me?
    I want to make product reviews and film with a t5i to get something like 0:41 result.
    Is this 50mm 1.8 lens good for my purpose?

  • StevenSuhhhreal24
    StevenSuhhhreal24 5 days ago

    Definitely stand by this 100% when I first started shooting, this was the first and lens that i had for like 2 years, and it was the original all plastic one. But it held up amazingly! another great video, keep up the great work bro!

  • Jim Manlove
    Jim Manlove 5 days ago

    There are reasons to have one, but it's not a very good lens.

    SAM SMITH VLOGS245 6 days ago

    We have 4 of these

  • Frosty 8415
    Frosty 8415 6 days ago

    Love your energy man

  • Jason Berardi
    Jason Berardi 7 days ago

    I prefer the image from my Rokinon 50, but the small size and weight from the Canon comes in handy in many cases.

  • nl.mattie games
    nl.mattie games 8 days ago

    Does it also work on a micro four third Olympus camera
    Such as a olympus pen e-pm 1

  • Jones Njoroge
    Jones Njoroge 9 days ago

    Love your energy, fun video to watch.

  • Kirtie Modi
    Kirtie Modi 9 days ago

    Sold! Buying it right now 😍

  • Neeladri Tanaya Samal

    Sir i have canon 200 d model this lence good for my camera please reply

  • Francisco Aguayo
    Francisco Aguayo 10 days ago

    and for nikon? :c

  • Spirit Encyclopedia
    Spirit Encyclopedia 11 days ago

    guys need advise, what mm it will be on micro 4/3 camera? and will it be still proper for portraits?

  • hunter lang
    hunter lang 12 days ago

    I have it and it definitely is pretty nifty and useful, buuuuut the depth of field is annoyingly shallow, even at f22.

  • Guy TECH
    Guy TECH 13 days ago

    I bought a new Canon EOS 1300D (Rebel t6) and also bought this lens, and the photos are amazing!! I bout it today, so I haven't checked how the photos from the kit lens looks, but I love this lens!!

  • De ViceCrimsin
    De ViceCrimsin 14 days ago


  • Bernard Castro
    Bernard Castro 15 days ago

    alryt im gonna get this lens for instagram portraits

  • Birău Cătălin
    Birău Cătălin 15 days ago

    Hey, what's the Nikon equivalent for this?

  • Ramazan Limko
    Ramazan Limko 16 days ago

    Some small correction: The focal length that you actually gonna get is always 50 mm, no matter what camera you use. But on APS-C sensor the frame size is gonna look like 80mm lens on full frame, and you are not gonna get the same results with APS-C + 50mm and full frame + 80mm (same aperture) in terms of depth of field. Because you still have the 50mm focal length, but the image is cropped... ;)
    However, nice video for beginners like me :D

  • Parangusan Kalisrinivasa Rathinam

    Hey buddy .. I have been following and subscribed to your channel. I really appreciate your effort in making photography so joyful. Just a quick question on the 50 mm. I have one of these lens. Does the crop factor only apply to the focal length or should I also multiply the max aperture*1.6 times ?
    Thanks a lot for your support.

  • Mayank Baraik
    Mayank Baraik 20 days ago

    Is dammm is to Carry men !!!✌️

  • tattooedyogi
    tattooedyogi 22 days ago

    Question. On an APS-C sensor, would you still recommend this lens? or would you want the equivalent of 50mm so a 30-35mm lens is almost a 50mm equivalent?

  • Sheldon Spock
    Sheldon Spock 23 days ago

    Toss it around to each other? Ok now that's just a stupid point.

  • tean tan
    tean tan 23 days ago

    I own one it is not that sharp wide open even at the centre. Not the lens I use often even on FF.

  • Lover of All Things Good

    I love the nifty fifty its my favorite... love love love it

  • Eřřøř Eřřøř
    Eřřøř Eřřøř 24 days ago

    & Liked your video

  • Eřřøř Eřřøř
    Eřřøř Eřřøř 24 days ago

    I subscribed xd

  • ColorMeOakland
    ColorMeOakland 24 days ago

    I have an SL2, have no idea if that would be a 50mm still?

  • Damion Parham
    Damion Parham 25 days ago

    Wow did not know that about this lens and I have both cameras

  • Rimorox
    Rimorox 26 days ago

    If I got my Sony a6000 with its e mount system is it better to get a 35mm 1.8 then a 50mm because of the smaller sensor?

  • chipledhungaman
    chipledhungaman 26 days ago

    The amount of light is also cut by 1.6x on a crop sensor camera, so the widest aperture available would be F2.8

  • Fatima Makarfi
    Fatima Makarfi 26 days ago

    Flooding, watching & sharing all your social media #Canon1DXMK2

  • Divya Negi
    Divya Negi 27 days ago

    Addicted to see your video, I have 35mm/1.8g len for nikon mount, Should I also buy this 50mm ..???

  • The Hawks
    The Hawks 27 days ago

    my 50mm lens is not focusing , I need help

  • ANI
    ANI 28 days ago

    Encourage me to do something new ❤

  • Savannah Shelly
    Savannah Shelly 28 days ago

    Does this lens work for close-up detail shots too?

  • Zero
    Zero 29 days ago

    Just picture you at a wedding doing a baseball pitch with your lens to your friend.

  • Andrew Gomez
    Andrew Gomez 29 days ago

    will this fit a canon camcorder

  • Ticktock 5
    Ticktock 5 29 days ago

    What’s the difference between a crop sensor and a full frame sensor?

  • Roger Guevara
    Roger Guevara Month ago

    Peter, I have a t7i, and I would love the wide view that the 5D gets with the 50mm, on my t7i. Which lens do you recommend?

  • Diamond_ pug
    Diamond_ pug Month ago

    Ewwwww math

  • Daniel Choutka
    Daniel Choutka Month ago

    Actually, I have four of these...

  • Mynameisgid
    Mynameisgid Month ago

    Pete, can you do a 2min Tuesday vid or a full blown tutorial on shooting action sports ( camera settings help etc )? Your videos are the best on the net man!🇿🇦

  • stuckmannen
    stuckmannen Month ago

    :-) i am smiling look at me :-)

  • pic tune
    pic tune Month ago

    I like you bro u r doing nice job kip continew im with you

  • phet Ney Lah htoo
    phet Ney Lah htoo Month ago

    Does it work on canont3i?

  • h zed
    h zed Month ago

    DO NOT use this lens for portrait headshots! It makes people look AWFUL! Use an 85mm for portraits instead.
    This lens is pretty useless @f/1.4. The results look too soft.
    This lens delivers lovely BOKEH

  • Bhavesh Singh
    Bhavesh Singh Month ago

    what lens should i buy ... i already have a 50 mm but the prob is i have to move further away from the subject quite alot... and sometimes i dont have the space to click a photo.. (i have a crop sensored camera t6i) i need a sharp lens with a normal wide eyed angle.

  • Don Dan
    Don Dan Month ago

    Or get the yongnuo version that is the same thing 1/3 of the price and slightly sharper

  • Andrew Kloiber
    Andrew Kloiber Month ago

    I've got the 50mm 1.8, but mine's not STM (I think that means mine's the previous version?). It may not be as up to date as the STM, but even my little lens has been doing me very well!

  • mike beal
    mike beal Month ago

    Just learned recently that with an apsc sensor, not only do you have to multiply the focal length by 1.6, but you also have to multiply the aperture. So sadly it’s not a true 1.8 on a crop sensor. Time for me to upgrade to full frame already. Anyone want to buy my new T7i? Think I might get the 6D mark ii. Thoughts?

  • WiganWarriors Fan
    WiganWarriors Fan Month ago

    The STM model is shite imo, sold mine within a week, the old MK2 was the best lens

  • Akash thakuria
    Akash thakuria Month ago

    35 mm or 55 mn which is best

  • raj
    raj Month ago

    thank you man!

  • Ossama Arvayani
    Ossama Arvayani Month ago

    hey...thnk you for your recommendation😊...i did buy the lenses 3 days ago, nd i am very satisfied ...hope u got more budget lenses to recommend👌👀

  • warfare code
    warfare code Month ago

    Peter should we multiply crop factor to f value too? In order to judge the depth of field on crop sensor

  • Mouhammad ali Mazbouh

    Can this be a good lense for vloging is wide enough with an aps c sensor?

  • Andrew Riddell
    Andrew Riddell Month ago

    Bought one. Nikon version. Best ever. Love it

  • Steven Davidson
    Steven Davidson Month ago

    how do you know if your camera is full frame or not about to buy a new camera how would i know

  • Zondaa
    Zondaa Month ago

    In terms of quality and sharpness of photos, how would you compare the cheap 50mm 1.8 to the more expensive 50mm 1.4?

  • Mike Moseley
    Mike Moseley Month ago

    Just got this on a T6i and even with it working out to 80mm due to crop I LOVE it. Thanks for all the tips man! Canadian love from California 🇨🇦

  • Gaith Shalan
    Gaith Shalan Month ago

    Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM. is it working on canon 1ds ii camera?

  • zeroceiling
    zeroceiling Month ago

    I literally don’t know any of my Nikon user friends that dont have the 50mm 1.8......I mean I missing something?

  • 曼思攝影XRoPhoto

    now yongnuo has THE NIFTY 50 F1.8 Mark II !

  • bishal thapa
    bishal thapa Month ago

    Can I use it with Nikon d5600

  • Finity
    Finity Month ago

    would this fit the canon m50?

  • disadadi
    disadadi Month ago

    I have the 50mm f/1.4g variant from Nikon. I really think I should buy a full frame to make more use out of the lens. On a crop sensor it feels kinda long for general use.

  • Alvin Readers
    Alvin Readers Month ago

    Thank you

  • AR industries
    AR industries Month ago

    What a complete idiotic moron

  • vv vv
    vv vv Month ago

    What the equivalent. For a crop sensor ?

  • Lambogis
    Lambogis Month ago

    Yo McKinnon! I’m starting out as a photographer and wonder if I should use tiny watermarks in my photos. Not for theft protection, but for letting know who took the photo 👍🏻🌇

  • Felix Cardona
    Felix Cardona Month ago

    I love the lense as it is part of my lense kits. A must have not only for portrait but for product photography too.

  • SiS World
    SiS World Month ago

    can use it in my action camera YI 4k

  • guccinder singh
    guccinder singh Month ago

    The dop is not 80mm on crop sensor its not true!

  • sliderboy drift
    sliderboy drift Month ago

    Just don't drop it they break in half very easy cause it's plastic

  • Tony Cao
    Tony Cao Month ago

    nifty fifty on apsc would need nifty thirty

  • Brandy Ballard
    Brandy Ballard Month ago

    I have a canon sl2 and you helped me so much! Im definitely buying the nifty 50 lens!!

  • Nader Nadernejad
    Nader Nadernejad Month ago

    Had no idea you were from Canada 🇨🇦

  • Edgár Zillmann
    Edgár Zillmann Month ago

    Thanks for the recommendation Peter, bought the lens and it’s absolutely superb!

  • teknowafel sam
    teknowafel sam Month ago

    Supposedly the nikon 50mm 1.8 is better due to the aspherical elements. According to DxOmark its also wayy better than some way more expensive lenses.

  • Mic Check Memphis
    Mic Check Memphis Month ago

    The 50mm lens gives my videos LIFE when we go to edit the shots!! Great lens

    MUHAMMET ORAN Month ago

    Dude, you mean it's useless with semi-pro cameras?

  • Keni Gama
    Keni Gama Month ago

    Will the lens fit to canon EOS T6?

  • Jake Duffy
    Jake Duffy Month ago

    the 50 got me in to photography...not only nifty but ALSO the BEST beginner lens! start with primes!

  • M. Välsigne
    M. Välsigne Month ago

    Hei @Peter Mckinnon so if I understand correctly, with this lens on my 80d is better for me to have the 85mm 1.8 if I want to have a very beautiful image as you show in the example with 5D mrk IV. Sorry for the english, I’m from Belgium. Be bless for ur answer

  • PhatCrayonz
    PhatCrayonz 2 months ago

    thank you

  • suraj gaikwad
    suraj gaikwad 2 months ago

    Nicely explained...I subscribed

  • Sushi Oji
    Sushi Oji 2 months ago

    I have the 50 1:8 for the Nikon, would this lens be ok to use for video or should I choose something else?

  • sona chowdhury
    sona chowdhury 2 months ago

    hay budy can u show a review of canon 75-300 lens ?

  • Mike Sheldrick
    Mike Sheldrick 2 months ago

    Trying to master this lens myself and stumbled across this neat little vid. Finally someone explaints crop/full-frame in a non-jargon way. Another new thing learned. Cheers buddy. Your vids are always punchy and enjoyable. love this channel

  • Rick Hawkins
    Rick Hawkins 2 months ago

    I like your videos but I don't think you can say the the 50 mm prim is underrated every you tube channel that deals with photography will say if you could have only 1 lens it should be the 50 mm

  • Ryan Martinez
    Ryan Martinez 2 months ago

    I love my Nikon 50mm 1.8!!! It's all I have used for the last few hundred exposures since I bought it.

  • S A R A .
    S A R A . 2 months ago

    اوه مترجم بالعربي 😍💙✨

  • Oscar Patxot
    Oscar Patxot 2 months ago

    Got this little lens a few days ago, amazing and affordable, totally worth every penny.

  • Romeo Victor
    Romeo Victor 2 months ago

    Why would you want a 50mm lens instead of a variable lens?

  • Evolve Fitness
    Evolve Fitness 2 months ago

    Great video, thanks

  • Daniel Calsada
    Daniel Calsada 2 months ago

    What circular polarizer do you use? Love the videos btw

  • Phil von ParkerArrow
    Phil von ParkerArrow 2 months ago

    I fell in love with the Helios 44-2 vintage lens. Even more since we have stabilized sensors on cameras like the GH5 or latest A7 series.
    Just shot a short video in Bali with the HELIOS:
    Its also a nifty fifty and a solid recommendation for a small budget!