The most UNDERRATED lens EVERYONE needs!

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  • Peter McKinnon
    Peter McKinnon  4 months ago +1848

    Hands up if you already own this little gem! Also, I should have made this 3 minute Tuesdays.. LOL :)

    • Chris Bassett
      Chris Bassett 17 days ago

      I've got the 1.4 (is this model still nifty?) and I was inspired to make a little vid of my own. Keep up the good work Peter!

    • Danny van der Heide
      Danny van der Heide 28 days ago

      Am going to buy one, comb it with a 600D and 18-270mm by Tamron. 2nd hand tho.

    • Alen Binu
      Alen Binu 28 days ago

      Peter McKinnon Great work can review a RED cam weapon

    • Marce Amuka
      Marce Amuka 28 days ago

      Hello Peter, are these 50 mm 1.8 good for video wide angle or what would you recommend for a wide angle video shots. I do not have a big budget for it. I am just looking for something cheap but will give me the best when shooting videos. Thanks

  • Harsh Gupta
    Harsh Gupta 3 hours ago

    is this i can use this lens with my conon1200d ???????????

    GRZ NGT 4 hours ago

    I just literally bought this lense. Came to it myself - good f-length and speed. Compared to kit lense - it's wonderful. The lack of zoom bothered me at first, but now i am fully accustomed to it. Funniest thing is that i learned about crop-factor from this video. It really did felt a bit narrower than 50mm.
    Do i get it correct that you just have to take pictures at a longer distance? FOV-distortion is the same as 50mm

  • Omar Cavagneri
    Omar Cavagneri 19 hours ago

    Can I use it on t3i?

  • Kelko Viktor
    Kelko Viktor 2 days ago

    Hi there, what should i use for Nikon ? 50mm AF-S or AF-D or ??? Thanks for the answer! 😊

  • Product Prodigy
    Product Prodigy 2 days ago

    Can I use this on my Panasonic Lumix G7?

  • Firdaus Ahmad
    Firdaus Ahmad 2 days ago

    for nikon..?

  • John McDaid
    John McDaid 2 days ago

    Without a doubt my favorite lens of all time! Always gets the job done. Recently did a wedding video when the photographer actually begged me to borrow it quickly because she couldn't get her shot. She got the shot with the 50 first try :) It still blows my mind quality vs price! If you're wondering - buy it!!!!!

  • Bigalinjapan
    Bigalinjapan 2 days ago

    No, you do NOT get 1,6 times the focal length. A 50 mm is a 50 mm on any sensor. The frame is smaller by 1,6. Just as if the lens was an 80 mm, but you do NOT zoom in...

  • Nishal Pradhan
    Nishal Pradhan 3 days ago

    Thanks for the focal length * 1.6.

  • Damilola Olugboji
    Damilola Olugboji 4 days ago

    Get the Yongnuo 50mm f1.8 Lens. Almost $75 cheaper

  • Kelsey Drummond
    Kelsey Drummond 4 days ago

    This is literally one of two lenses I own. I love this thing. Yeah I’m looking for a lens that’s easier to vlog with, but I love this lens.

  • KingPNW
    KingPNW 4 days ago

    Why would I choose this lens over a 60mm f2.8?

  • Eduardo Castellanos
    Eduardo Castellanos 4 days ago

    should I buy it if my camrea has a cropped sensor

  • Nick Helms
    Nick Helms 5 days ago

    Is it still worth it to get this lens if using a crop-sensor? Not looking to spend a lot of money

  • ReAnn Ring
    ReAnn Ring 5 days ago

    Your videos rock :)

  • Ni5ei
    Ni5ei 5 days ago

    Er no, a 50mm is a 50mm no matter the size of the sensor.

  • Claudio Marques
    Claudio Marques 6 days ago

    How much price?

  • Claudio Marques
    Claudio Marques 6 days ago

    Thx brotherrrrr very help full

  • levi siccard
    levi siccard 6 days ago

    Anyone knows if I'm better of with my EF-24mm lens on a APS-C sensor (Canon T3I) for VLOGGING indoors or should I still try the EF-50mm.

  • Micheal Nwadobu
    Micheal Nwadobu 6 days ago

    hello Pete, I have a quick question,
    since the 50mm is 80mm on a crop sensor, what alternative lens would you recommend for crop sensor DSLR users to get that feel .

  • Charles J Gartner
    Charles J Gartner 6 days ago

    ehhhh.. Sure, decent lens. Not anything to write home about. 50's are notorious for being cheap and fast. So not that huge of a deal.

  • djstickywicket21
    djstickywicket21 6 days ago

    +Peter McKinnon got any extras?

  • Donovan Lee
    Donovan Lee 7 days ago

    love the nifty 50!!

  • Tavis Bohlinger
    Tavis Bohlinger 7 days ago

    This was awesome! Very helpful, just bought a 5d MK ii that came with a nifty fifty. Super fun lens.

  • Rusty Nugget
    Rusty Nugget 8 days ago

    there's only one nifty 50 better than the canon, the nikkor 1.8g. that thing is SHARPPPPPPPPP

  • Sabyasachi Bandyopadhyay

    Which one is better for street photography? The 35mm f/1.8g or 50mm f/1.8g prime lens.I have the Nikon D5300. Please clarify this.

  • ThePubliusValerius
    ThePubliusValerius 11 days ago

    I fell in love with the 50mm when I was running the creative department for a national franchise company. I bought it on a suggestion for our creative content to add some drama, and then hardly ever took it off the camera. Wonderful lens every filmmaker should be packing.

  • Robyn Wensky
    Robyn Wensky 11 days ago

    Got it!

  • Pedro Carril
    Pedro Carril 11 days ago

    Is that a Jack Bauer action figure you have in the background?

  • Spoodimin
    Spoodimin 11 days ago +1

    Does it work for nikon?

    • Mike Lytvynchuk
      Mike Lytvynchuk 8 days ago +2

      Nikon has its own 50mm 1.8 lens which cost pretty much the same.

  • Mario Vara
    Mario Vara 12 days ago

    Will the yonguno lense fit on my Nikon d3300 camera??

    • Nito Vlado
      Nito Vlado 6 days ago

      there are yongnuo lenses for nikon cameras ...

  • DSLR_ Shooters
    DSLR_ Shooters 13 days ago

    Is there an auto stebelizer...?

  • DHH
    DHH 15 days ago

    Where did you get that Steve Jobs figurine?

  • Yeh Know
    Yeh Know 15 days ago

    Does the Canon EOS Rebel T6 have an APSC sensor or a Full-frame sensor?

  • Maninder Sandhu
    Maninder Sandhu 16 days ago

    hey bro, i have a canon t6i 58mm, would this lens work on my camera?

  • Seb Julien
    Seb Julien 16 days ago

    So with my Canon T7i I should get a 35 mm to get the same effect? Noob here...

  • vartul sajwan
    vartul sajwan 17 days ago

    @peter_mcKinnon how you made your intro?

  • Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro

    I was about to buy a 35mm but now im definetly buying the 50mm forst after watching a few vids! Thanks.

  • Vasilikis Beauty Tips
    Vasilikis Beauty Tips 18 days ago +1

    I am very lucky, my husband bought me this lens and I loooooove it!!!! I film with it my close ups for the eye makeup tutorials and I see a huge difference!

  • Craig Beilby
    Craig Beilby 18 days ago

    I’ve been looking invest in a new lens. I have an 80d which has an apsc sensor. Should I buy the 50mm if my camera won’t give me the proper look and F-stop it the lens provides?

  • English.
    English. 19 days ago

    I'm a nikon user but every one should have a Nifty Fifty. 50mm 1.8 G

  • Kevin Arguello
    Kevin Arguello 19 days ago

    What happened to TMT????

  • Daniela Paes Leao
    Daniela Paes Leao 20 days ago

    thanks man, you just sold me that lens ;-)

  • Chris Alister
    Chris Alister 20 days ago

    Amazon is $125 today. Bought mine 10 years ago for like $60.

    • Jedy Munder
      Jedy Munder 16 days ago +1

      Your lens will be the 50mm 1.8 II. This lens is the 50mm 1.8 STM. It didn't exist 10 years ago.

  • Wilson Eusebio777
    Wilson Eusebio777 20 days ago +1

    Good video. GOD Bless 😊👍✌

  • Parker
    Parker 20 days ago

    Great portrait lens!

  • Parker
    Parker 20 days ago +1

    The second lens I bought

  • steady bloke
    steady bloke 21 day ago

    Your hat is on back to front, you termite

  • Anthony Fiorillo
    Anthony Fiorillo 21 day ago

    Nice review man! Question for ya, does face tracking af work with this lens on the Canon C200?

  • Akhil Bhimjee
    Akhil Bhimjee 21 day ago

    🙌 You vids are too cool man! Keep up the amazing posts. Love the quality of images this lens produces, but dislike not having the IS function. Next, would you recommend using the EF24-105 mark ii over the kit lenses? Would love to hear from you. Thanks, your fan in SA. 🇿🇦

  • NSierra
    NSierra 21 day ago

    Will this fit my Sony a5100 ?

  • Just Like Music
    Just Like Music 22 days ago

    Anyone know how to do the clock countdown on this video?

  • CuTTa
    CuTTa 22 days ago

    Just looking into buying the 750D with the 50mm, but is it a full frame or cropped censor? Thanks in advance.

  • Winter Wyvern
    Winter Wyvern 22 days ago

    Does this lense fit with the canon eos m6?

  • Sean Max
    Sean Max 23 days ago

    Literally everyone has the 50mm, not exactly underrated.

  • Subodh Bajracharya
    Subodh Bajracharya 23 days ago

    Hey bro, i love to watch your videos . You are super fun to watch and your tips for the photography are very helpful. But just wanted to know "how old are you???"

  • Christiansen Bismonte
    Christiansen Bismonte 23 days ago

    Thanks Bro!

  • Millerturq
    Millerturq 25 days ago

    I love videography and Im just now diving into it myself, and I must say, not having a lot of money in this video world is getting hella intimidating

  • djgomaz1
    djgomaz1 26 days ago

    Hello I have been watching your videos and love your channel and am new to photography and have a question about a Tamron lens for the canon 80d !
    I’m confused about using this lens on a canon 80d, I know the lens will fit the camera but I read that the focal length will be different 10-24mm will change to 16-35mm so if I bought the lens I won’t be getting 10 to 24 mm ? And images will be different.
    Please can you help me with this?

  • Feurum TV
    Feurum TV 27 days ago +2

    Hello! I'm new here, on your channel. And you did really nice video! Can I ask you about lens for spotting ( aviation.... planes... etc)? I have Canon EOS 1200D with 18-55 kit lens and it's not enough to do greate pictures of planes. Maybe you know good lens about 200mm? 😀

    • Feurum TV
      Feurum TV 16 days ago

      Abraham Arthemius Thanks!

    • Abraham Arthemius
      Abraham Arthemius 17 days ago

      go for the Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM, its got the reach and the quality is good for the money

    • Hemal Wijesundara
      Hemal Wijesundara 26 days ago

      70-300mm, depends on your budget

  • Nicholas Heidl
    Nicholas Heidl 27 days ago

    So, with my EOS 350D to get the equivalent of a 50mm is to buy a 31.25mm lens, if it existed that is.

  • Anish Lodha
    Anish Lodha 27 days ago

    Loved the intro

  • Behind Enemy Lines
    Behind Enemy Lines 28 days ago


  • Rebecca Tran
    Rebecca Tran 28 days ago

    So if I have a canon EOS 7ti I would buy a 30 mm lens?

  • Haythem Kenway
    Haythem Kenway 29 days ago

    Maan ! REALLY WANT THIS CHANNEL TO GROW FURTHER ! absolutely love your work! 👍

    EDEN BEN HUR 29 days ago

    hey peter what other lenses do you recommend i already have a 35mm and its close enough to 50 for me so what do you suggest

  • Jason Halayko
    Jason Halayko 29 days ago

    Love my 50mm/1.4 for Nikon. Take so many of my portraits with it!

    CINEMATICX 29 days ago

    if you want to have the cheapest 50mm 1.8, go for yongnuo.
    here is the sample photos if you want to know
    hint : it's great!

  • I play halo
    I play halo Month ago

    this is a 4 minute video

  • Soleil Reyes
    Soleil Reyes Month ago

    Fun video

  • Sanat Jamwal
    Sanat Jamwal Month ago

    Is it still good instead of not having IS

  • Luis Miguel Silva
    Luis Miguel Silva Month ago

    This lens is good but only for photography, for video it is not good because it has no IS.
    It is ridiculous for Canon to say that STM lenses were made for video and then, manufacture STM lenses without IS.
    The bodies of Canon have no IS, the lenses also do not ... so the solution is to always walk with the tripod on your back?

  • Utkarsh Singh
    Utkarsh Singh Month ago

    Three minutes, Thursday are most welcome.

  • Garras Porgratix
    Garras Porgratix Month ago

    I love my 50mm lens that I put a fisheye on the front and now it gets EVERYTHING.

  • f13 Media // Marty
    f13 Media // Marty Month ago

    I have the nifty 50 1.2 ;) Definitely not underrated...

  • djgomaz1
    djgomaz1 Month ago

    Just ordered the 50mm 1.4 & can’t wait for it to come 👍

  • Uanderson Brittes
    Uanderson Brittes Month ago

    The most UNDERRATED lens? Really?

  • Alexandra Nad13iiaaa

    before i purchase my lens after my camera, i saw this video, choose to listen, and absolutely LOVE it.... great result with this lens!!!

  • Welma Sykes
    Welma Sykes Month ago

    "cute little lens"... haha only camera geeks (me included)

  • Amadou Cisse
    Amadou Cisse Month ago

    Does this work well with the T6?(1300D)? I just purchased it and not sure if it’ll work well with my camera.

  • Joeydotrawr
    Joeydotrawr Month ago

    I bought the Canon 50mm 1.8 STM mostly for video purposes and I was very disappointed. I'm not sure it mine was just defective but the focus sound was incredibly loud. So loud it basically rendered the lens unusable for video, even with an external mic.Beautiful portrait lens but for anyone going video, use caution!

  • Stephanie Q
    Stephanie Q Month ago

    I have the Canon T6i and I think it is a crop sensor do you see recommend this lens or should I go for the 24mm

  • Ivana T.
    Ivana T. Month ago

    50mm or 35? What should I buy?

  • OllieNA
    OllieNA Month ago

    "smiling faces" sadly, not today. The camera I wanted was discontinued, ebay isn't working with my paypal, so I can't buy any of them off ebay, and none of my cards or anything are letting me buy anything online. This was my last day because the last one on the internet is being auctioned off rn. yay.

  • Ritton Welle
    Ritton Welle Month ago

    should have shot this video with 50mm 1.8 and let us judge for ourselves

  • Carlos Hidalgo
    Carlos Hidalgo Month ago

    I got a Olympus E-M 5 II, does it work with that one?

    MOHAMED ABBAS Month ago

    Love your channel m8 great content bro

  • Hydrangea Flower
    Hydrangea Flower Month ago

    I love how you just want to eat it at the end there ;) hahaha

  • Hydrangea Flower
    Hydrangea Flower Month ago

    I LOVE my 50mm !!! i dont understand why so many people dont talk it up more!
    Awesome lens

  • Realeyez Studio
    Realeyez Studio Month ago

    Your videos are great! Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Muhammad 'Adli
    Muhammad 'Adli Month ago

    I just bought a mirrorless camera(super beginner),sony a5k,can I directly attach the lens with my sony?

  • Emanuel Rahmanan
    Emanuel Rahmanan Month ago

    Hey Peter, love the vids by the way. I was wondering if you could help me out with a decision. i have a canon 35mm L 1.4, a 85mm 1.8, and a 24-70 2.8 old version. i wanted to know if i should buy the 50mm 1.8 i do mainly portraits, fashion, street, and event photography

  • Willi Billi
    Willi Billi Month ago

    The reason this lens is so under-rated is because of its construction material - the stuff it's made of.. Hmmm... Dropping a Canon Lens off a bridge... Great Idea except it may be cheaper to toss rocks instead! lol!!

  • michaelclld
    michaelclld Month ago

    What is better on a Sony 6500, this or the Sony 50 1.8?

  • Marco Tedaldi
    Marco Tedaldi Month ago

    A great lens! It was the first one I got for my 40D. Some time later, the Kit Lens died and for more than a Year, this was the only lens I had... Thought me a lot bout photography!
    My Lens-Lineup has not grown THAT much since than... a 28mm STM and a 70-210/4.0 (yes, 210 not 200) are now in my kit. That's enough for most situations for me.

  • BurgerBalsam
    BurgerBalsam Month ago

    excuse me if i sound like a nutjob here, but i don't have much knowledge about lenses or cameras in general, but since this is a Canon lense... will it stil fit on my Nikon D3300 camera ? or are there equal options for Nikon ?

    • BurgerBalsam
      BurgerBalsam 18 days ago

      thank you... i'll keep looking

    • iambelle
      iambelle 24 days ago +1

      BurgerBalsam Nikon has 50mm 1.8g, this canon 1.8 stm won't fit on Nikon.

  • Aniket Deshpande
    Aniket Deshpande Month ago

    i saw your video masking video the other day and today stumbled on this trick in your stuff man...

  • Gab Cuierrier
    Gab Cuierrier Month ago

    i got a nikon d3200, would this canon lens fit on it? or what is the equivalent for a nikon

    • The Filmmaker's Notebook
      The Filmmaker's Notebook 29 days ago

      there are nikon equivalent lenses. just search 'Nikon 50mm' are it should come up with a bunch of options. If you're not sure go to your local camera store

  • Manny Manuel
    Manny Manuel Month ago

    For video and on a sony a7Rii, would you recommend this 50mm or the Sony 24-70mm GM or the 85mm GM 1.4?
    I am looking for the best quality I can get without over spending if it is not necessary.