Tesla Model S practicality review | Mat Watson Reviews

  • Published on Feb 6, 2017
  • The Tesla Model S P100D is quick enough to out-sprint the fastest of supercars, yet doing so without a traditional combustion engine allows for some clever packaging for the passengers. The combined total of the Tesla's front and rear boots is 1,795 litres, but what does that mean? Find out exactly what I think in my practicality review.
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Comments • 31

  • H A
    H A Year ago

    I hate some comments made so arrogantly without even understanding of having to fall in a real life situation happened to them. Just recently a two weeks a go people were stuck on a motorway for over 16 hours, and if you use your car heater for that long you’ll have no charge left, nor would you be able to charge your car, and the worst thing is in a frozen whether the battery doesn’t lasts longer, and if you use heating constantly and drive seventy miles per hour how much long it’ll last and also if you’re using all the lights, and when all the power is used and you have to wait for 45 minuets to charge your car up to 80% only. The electric cars at the moment is not right choice for a ordinary people. Only for the rich is ok. I rather stay with the petrol cars until is safe and common as well as cheaper. Till then I think it’s much more safer with petrol cars!!!!!!

    • MaZEEZaM
      MaZEEZaM 8 months ago

      Well, I suspect like when any car breaks down, it would be towed to the nearest charge point, or your home where you could recharge it. In many European countries the super fast charge points are everywhere.

  • H A
    H A Year ago

    You’ve done pretty amazing reviews just like others, but no one talks anything about winter driving and the heatings required during journeys when it’s very cold. How long the battery lasts and the amount of power needed for heating from the beginning of a journey. What happens when your stuck in a motorway for 15-16 hours. Please do some reviews on these matters if happens especially on electric cars. How do you charge your car when you run out of charge in middle of nowhere, but you can get some fuel from nearby petrol stations when you run out of fuel, so how do you resolve these kind of problems when occurs?????

    • MaZEEZaM
      MaZEEZaM 8 months ago

      Preplanning your trip would certainly help. "What happens when your stuck in a motorway for 15-16 hours" and when does this happen? its certainly never occurred in Australia.

  • Nicola Perrozzi
    Nicola Perrozzi 2 years ago

    "Can barely take a smartphone". Pathetic biased petrolhead

  • Ahnaf Zaky
    Ahnaf Zaky 2 years ago +2

    i dont really care about that cons. all the pros is even greater.

  • Dan M
    Dan M 2 years ago +13

    The comments on these videos are painful to read. "What happens when you run out of charge". Well firstly, most people don't drive more than 2-30 miles per day. Overnight charging is sufficient enough, especially when the car can drive 300 miles. Secondly, for long distance charging you have superchargers that can charge half the battery in 20-30 mins. The charge rate is expected to be at least 5 times faster in the future according to Elon.

    • MaZEEZaM
      MaZEEZaM 8 months ago +1

      Also the fact you can charge your car at home while its not being driven and never have to go to a petrol station I think is a huge plus, especially if you have Solar on your roof.

  • Honfy Lam
    Honfy Lam 2 years ago +2

    Hell even my bmw 1 series has decent head room in the back... that's a bit disappointing. The simplicity of this car makes it look futuristic and different, but I suspect it also has to do with cost. Well at the end of the day it still is an american muscle car.

  • Luka Đurđević
    Luka Đurđević 2 years ago

    Just imagine you have to rush someone to the hospital and don´t have any battery percentage..

    • MaZEEZaM
      MaZEEZaM 8 months ago

      @Jan Pierewiet And point out if you have been at home you quite possibly already have a high capacity charge point connected and are probably more likely to be ready to go than you are with ordinary petrol which you have to visit a fuel station to refill. I agree, call an Ambulance, that's what they are there for.

    • Mphikeleli Cebekhulu
      Mphikeleli Cebekhulu Year ago

      Just imagine you have to rush someone to the hospital on encient combustion engine and I don’t have any petrol?

    • Luka Đurđević
      Luka Đurđević 2 years ago +1

      Paul Walker Wow, that would be incredible. Just swap the battery and you are ready to go. That is similar to smartphones that can remove the back casing, just swap and done, 100% charge in less than 10 seconds. And Tesla can charge them faster, since they can use a different amount of power that won't harm the car

    • Paul Walker
      Paul Walker 2 years ago +1

      @Luka Đurđević I saw Musk demonstrating the idea of changing entire batteries at charge stations.
      So you just drive your tesla over and it changes the dead battery to a new one for you. The the dead one goes underground and gets charged up again. Sounds like a really cool system :D

    • Luka Đurđević
      Luka Đurđević 2 years ago

      Paul Walker Yeah...just hoping for a sick invention in baterry technology

  • bmwminicooper
    bmwminicooper 2 years ago +2

    Teslas are very practical until it runs out of charge. Hm..

    • Steff
      Steff 11 months ago +1

      Well, if you put the wrong fuel in an engine and its cold it won't start at all or the engine can just be too cold and it wont start, with the Tesla you cant put in the wrong fuel and the car keeps the batteries heated so it will start. Plus people will charge their car overnight at home. A normal days worth of driving wont use up all the battery.

    • Nathaniel Foo
      Nathaniel Foo 2 years ago

      Raymond Huang still tho. the infrastructure is not there yet. there are not enough places for me to do that. 'The future is here, it just needs to be distributed to the masses'

    • Raymond Huang
      Raymond Huang 2 years ago

      Nathaniel Foo at some tesla stations they have a battery swap option and its faster then the fastest fuel pump in America and tesla says either fast or free

    • Nathaniel Foo
      Nathaniel Foo 2 years ago

      no because a petrol/diesel car i can go to a gas station and fill up the car in 5 minutes. a tesla needs to be left for a longer period of time before being able to drive again

    • KayJay
      KayJay 2 years ago +2

      Well, any car is practical until they run out of charge...