my routine as a high school senior

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • hey guys!!
    today's upload is my routine as a high school senior, or a day in my life! I started off with my morning routine and then had a mini school vlog, and then a night routine. I thought it would be fun to show what I do every day!
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Comments • 227

  • Flicks Fn
    Flicks Fn 11 days ago +1

    You start at 7:25 wtf 😂 that’s when I have to be at school 😂😂

  • celia Rivas
    celia Rivas 16 days ago

    8:27 i died

  • It’s me Maddie
    It’s me Maddie 24 days ago

    I have to wake up at 6:00 am every day and I am in middle school but you wake up at 7 something

  • Ethan Cahill
    Ethan Cahill Month ago

    Can we just acknowledge the fact that they at their food served in a box?

  • Huhuu Hi
    Huhuu Hi 2 months ago

    She has all the soft girls stuffs oh gawd

  • Someone
    Someone 2 months ago

    That make-up made you a different person(physically)

  • Kay Luh
    Kay Luh 2 months ago

    What was the song at like 1:08?

  • Ella Lillian
    Ella Lillian 2 months ago

    7:25 pffft I wake up 4/5 and then get to school at 6 because of practice

  • Dey_ saywhen
    Dey_ saywhen 2 months ago

    Fuck your make up.Your god damn eye sight is more important

  • Jaii Mila
    Jaii Mila 2 months ago

    The nail shape is ugly to me 😩

  • Annabelle Bonin
    Annabelle Bonin 2 months ago

    "do you like them ?" "Oh my god what is that "

  • Sophie F
    Sophie F 2 months ago

    the name of the song at 1.05 ? 🙏🏼

  • Claudia Fontan
    Claudia Fontan 2 months ago

    She's like my every day mood 🙃

  • oh honey Bădineci
    oh honey Bădineci 2 months ago

    Is there no dress code at ur school

  • chloé rio
    chloé rio 2 months ago

    Ok please stop saying that your school is boring ‘cause French school is soooo boring

    • chloé rio
      chloé rio 2 months ago

      You have art homework guys ! And you don’t have 7hours of school a day,

  • Michaela Stelfox
    Michaela Stelfox 2 months ago

    I'm in grade 7 and I wake up at 7:30

  • Arii's babe
    Arii's babe 2 months ago +3

    Where did you get your bottle??
    Also I love your video and subscribed to you💕💕

  • Carley Rideout
    Carley Rideout 2 months ago

    what do you get from starbucks

  • The Food show
    The Food show 3 months ago

    I wake up at 5am for school

  • Yari Bradley
    Yari Bradley 3 months ago

    you had me at "ah shit, here we go again"🥰

  • rayyan m.
    rayyan m. 3 months ago

    Do you have a vlogging channel. ‘Cause if not you need one 😍I love those kind of videos ♥️ (don’t mind my’s very bad😬)

  • Lisa Lundberg
    Lisa Lundberg 3 months ago +7

    Your giving up outfit is like my trying hard outfit lol

  • Sıla Ceylan
    Sıla Ceylan 3 months ago

    How old is she?

  • Abby Davis
    Abby Davis 3 months ago

    Sorry if I’m offending you but how do you pronounce your name

  • efsta
    efsta 3 months ago


  • Poppy Rose
    Poppy Rose 3 months ago

    Plz do a morning routine ⚡️👌🏽

  • jordan
    jordan 3 months ago +5

    me: how does she not get dress coded?

  • Julianna Mott
    Julianna Mott 3 months ago

    How does she never get dress coded?!

  • kim taehyung
    kim taehyung 3 months ago

    0:58 what is the Song?

  • MacKinley Lightfoot
    MacKinley Lightfoot 3 months ago +1

    can I just say that I appreciate you listening to Led Zepplin while u do ur makeup? ty for that. beautiful

  • Felisha Cunningham
    Felisha Cunningham 3 months ago

    She could staple her roof😂🙃

  • Kaylan McGee
    Kaylan McGee 4 months ago

    What kind of car do you have

  • Petra Najdeková
    Petra Najdeková 4 months ago

    no one:
    Zhirelle's brother: whAt?

  • Alexiya Langlois
    Alexiya Langlois 4 months ago

    0:20 I was waiting for I woke up like this

  • athziri malagon
    athziri malagon 4 months ago

    Where is that playlist link?

  • Maesen Marie
    Maesen Marie 4 months ago +1

    omg no red ink. my teacher made it our exam to finish 50 lessons in a month and over half my class didn't do it

  • Kaylin Plays Roblox
    Kaylin Plays Roblox 4 months ago


  • momo
    momo 4 months ago

    girl clean your windows

  • Jenna Wilder
    Jenna Wilder 4 months ago +3

    Tbh she should make merch

  • Maria Golightly
    Maria Golightly 4 months ago

    what camera do you use?

  • Ava Bell
    Ava Bell 5 months ago

    what????!!!!! my school starts at 7:20 omfg

  • Little Wittle Man-GO
    Little Wittle Man-GO 5 months ago +1

    “I need water JeSuS” YASSS YOU CALL MWAHHHH

  • Lucy Waite
    Lucy Waite 5 months ago

    why did you spray a mario badescu spray after your makeup it’s supposed to go on before

  • Lisa Kuiphuis
    Lisa Kuiphuis 5 months ago +1

    I think ur art looks amazing

  • maddie a
    maddie a 5 months ago +2

    the time you wake up is 20 minutes after my school starts...

  • Elizabeth Ortiz
    Elizabeth Ortiz 5 months ago +7

    U (sorta) look like Emma Chamberlain

  • Mrs.Queen Angie
    Mrs.Queen Angie 5 months ago

    wow your routine changed alot uor amazing but since your so amazing i need help on my channeell

  • S O P H I E
    S O P H I E 5 months ago

    only the tik tokers will know where "aw shit here we go again" comes from :)))

  • Rayce Wittner
    Rayce Wittner 5 months ago

    “ik what you’re thinking.. 7:30 is so early to get up for school” lmaoooo my school starts at 7:30 i wake up at 5:30 😂

    • laura
      laura 2 months ago

      omggg mine starts at 9 and I wake up at 8 (even if I always run late) and I always feel like I wake up too early and I feel tired

  • Addy Editz
    Addy Editz 5 months ago +7

    Zhirelle : i don’t have money for a new roof
    also Zhirelle : goes and gets nails done

  • Dramatically Dreamy
    Dramatically Dreamy 5 months ago +22

    "I need the roof fixed, but I really don't have the money for it" (says it's $400 for it)
    Also her: $600 clothing haul

  • ryleigh janssen
    ryleigh janssen 5 months ago

    Your so pretty i love watching your vids

  • Morgan P
    Morgan P 5 months ago

    Yo she gets up at 7:25 I get have to get up at 6

  • SimplyMichelle 16
    SimplyMichelle 16 5 months ago


  • diana the roach
    diana the roach 5 months ago

    omg 0:50 im cryinggggg I love youuuuuu !!! skskskskskkkkkk that's the song I want at my wedding lmao!

  • Makayla Detomasi
    Makayla Detomasi 5 months ago

    How do you not get dress coded like I like the outfit but like

  • Nicolly Oliveira
    Nicolly Oliveira 5 months ago


  • Senora Werstler
    Senora Werstler 5 months ago

    what do you use to edit? just a hopeless new youtuber out here who loves your channel and editing style

  • m a r n i e !
    m a r n i e ! 5 months ago +78

    *is it just me who finds watching other people get ready and their routine really relaxing lol??*

    • Sofia Jenčová
      Sofia Jenčová 2 months ago +1

      m a r n i e ! Same,i’m currently completely obssesed with them

  • Chino Scars
    Chino Scars 5 months ago

    For your roof you can buy pins and put some and it will look decent. Thats what i did it doesn't look noticeable. Btw new subscriber here. Keep the vids coming.👍