Draw My Life - Rebecca Parham


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  • Emerald Jedi
    Emerald Jedi 3 hours ago

    Hate you I hate all your videos

  • Emerald Jedi
    Emerald Jedi 3 hours ago

    Which record Peter Gates

  • Emerald Jedi
    Emerald Jedi 3 hours ago

    Hate you

  • Maren Cooper
    Maren Cooper 5 hours ago

    I just discovered this channel like 5 hours ago and I’m already addicted ❤️

  • duckaremy lity
    duckaremy lity 6 hours ago

    1987? Like the bite of 1987 fnaf boi kidda showbiz pizza

  • Gamer Girl Gave
    Gamer Girl Gave 8 hours ago

    DUDE! You made me cry!

  • Arnold Masa
    Arnold Masa 9 hours ago

    RENEW THE NAME!! How Bout
    Dranimate my life :3

  • Luna Wolf892
    Luna Wolf892 11 hours ago

    Omg I’m sooo sorry about ur dad 😩

  • XxCaptainAudxX
    XxCaptainAudxX 13 hours ago

    anybody else cry at this. this was a wonderful roller coaster of emotion and story. I am so sorry for your loss becca...

  • popcorn Star45
    popcorn Star45 13 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing your story!! You just gained another subscriber. ♡

  • Anh YouTube channel The best

    So December 4 is ur birthday

  • Melissa Playz
    Melissa Playz 16 hours ago

    This made me cry at about 13:48

  • Char Hill
    Char Hill 16 hours ago


  • kitty Cash
    kitty Cash 17 hours ago

    Im so sorry for you your family

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez 17 hours ago

    The things I do for love!!😂😂😂

  • Pvp_Lozer_Playz
    Pvp_Lozer_Playz 19 hours ago

    Why does the dad part remind me of disbelief papyrus?

  • wolfgirl ajlove
    wolfgirl ajlove 19 hours ago

    Don't worry hun, I'm going through depression right now... it's not that good to talk about.....

  • Storm C
    Storm C 21 hour ago +1

    omg sarasota florida, thats where i live right now!

  • Gold Gaming
    Gold Gaming Day ago

    Your dad supported you threw this, he would of wanted this. He would of wanted you to keep going and you did. And I'm happy. I enjoy watching your videos so much 🙂

  • witheredfoxygaming

    Someone needs to hug her... JAMES GO HUG HER

  • GamingBear 2098
    GamingBear 2098 Day ago

    You hang in there and got to success I feel bad your dad died but that was a long time ago but I subscribed and I liked your video and I'm happier you happy now

  • AnimezGotGamez
    AnimezGotGamez Day ago


  • sasuke kun
    sasuke kun Day ago

    😢 sooooo sad yet soo happy🙂

  • Something else Herrera

    Can you sing for us ?😀

  • Thư Vũ
    Thư Vũ Day ago

    you're not wearing pants ._.

  • Crunchy Peach
    Crunchy Peach Day ago +1

    Dats Mulan right there!!!

  • Smash Nesn
    Smash Nesn Day ago

    Correction 1 MILL SUBS NICEÈE

  • alexa castillo
    alexa castillo Day ago

    Rebbeca you're awesome👍👍👍

  • ❤️Lily_&_Lily❤️

    What's fandom? Sorry if you think it's stupid I'm asking...

  • The Gardevoir Kid

    My fav shows:descendants shows
    My fav everything:descendants anything

  • Andrew Hollaway
    Andrew Hollaway Day ago


  • ChocoMilk Break
    ChocoMilk Break Day ago

    Im so sorry about your gramma 😟😟😟😟😟

  • The Toastiest Toast
    The Toastiest Toast 2 days ago +1

    I was born on Dec 4 wow

  • bth3359
    bth3359 2 days ago

    Congratulations RABECA FOR 7000 SUBSCRIBERS

  • Squirrelbeanie
    Squirrelbeanie 2 days ago

    I just realised Rebecca shares my background

  • ShadowPenguins Twins

    How do you start a youtube account and

  • Ava Armstrong
    Ava Armstrong 2 days ago

    1,000,000 Great job ‘Becca!

  • Awesome Garfield fan

    Good geez but I'm a huge fan haha

  • Loki Lover 101
    Loki Lover 101 2 days ago

    you just earned a new subscriber!

  • Kailey Daily
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  • ItsClemente YT
    ItsClemente YT 2 days ago

    Be strong rebecca do it for your dad and family make your dad proud.

  • Chilly Bacon Studios Stop Motion and Comedy

    At 4:37 you know that guy got stung by a string ray and died, right?

  • reato corn
    reato corn 2 days ago

    Love you

  • Lawa da cat
    Lawa da cat 2 days ago

    love you Becca

  • Amelie Lacroix
    Amelie Lacroix 2 days ago +1

    I'm sorry about your Grandmother. :'(

  • Amelie Lacroix
    Amelie Lacroix 2 days ago +1

    My birthday is the 18TH of December my birthday is close to yours

  • mr_slime and friends

    Aorry for your dad may he rest in peace 😁😁

  • Panda Girl Gamer - PGG

    For some reason when I was little like 3 and 4 I was terrified of Ed, Edd n Eddy. As a young child I didn't understand most of the jokes and it kinda traumatized me. I can't remember much of what I was scared of, but I remember I would run into my room and close the door every time my brother would watch it. Ever since then I was too scared to re-watch the show. I would probably be scared to watch it just because I remember it in that way. So yeah... that's a little story. By the way, congrats on 1,000,000 subscribers! I have been here for only about 2 years but I have enjoyed your videos! Keep making great content!

  • Bảo Khang Gamers
    Bảo Khang Gamers 3 days ago

    what, my birthday was december 5th

  • Timothy Nguyen
    Timothy Nguyen 3 days ago

    same with me happy to sad and giving up a lot

  • PenguinCrafted
    PenguinCrafted 3 days ago

    the year of *1987* FNAF fans, help this woman

  • Lydia Holden
    Lydia Holden 3 days ago

    YOU MADE THIS CHANNEL ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! (i think its so cool!!)

  • Lily 18
    Lily 18 3 days ago

    OMG MY OLDER BROTHER'S CALLED DAVID were also five including the oldest which is my sister I'm the "baby"

  • Amaya Bullock
    Amaya Bullock 3 days ago

    *sniff*, *sniff* that was beautiful

  • Jessica Thiel
    Jessica Thiel 3 days ago

    My bday is Dec. 4th

  • Hollie P
    Hollie P 3 days ago

    I almost cried. Rebecca thank you for the encouraging vid.

  • Kimberly Gainey
    Kimberly Gainey 3 days ago

    I'm sorry for the loss of your grandmother and father God bless you 😢

  • Jibakoma The Yo-kai
    Jibakoma The Yo-kai 3 days ago

    Hey i live in sarasota florida! I love the ringling museum of art too. Thanks for the rep!!

  • An enternal flame rubh

    Your 21 years old?

  • Tiffany Warner
    Tiffany Warner 4 days ago

    I wish I can meet you. I'm lonely in middle school too.

  • Alejandria Martheena Victoria

    OML that voice is so BEAUTIFUL!

  • Mel Broflovski
    Mel Broflovski 4 days ago

    Becca, I was down in tears when your dad passed away. I feel you. I felt like I got depression due to the fact my dog passed away. But I grew stronger. GODDAMNIT BECCA!!!!

  • Wolfie
    Wolfie 4 days ago

    i cried cuz is sad and it relats to markiplier

  • Hannah Aarts
    Hannah Aarts 4 days ago

    Hey Rebecca my sisters birthday is also on December 4th too that’s so cool

  • Jug Tamang
    Jug Tamang 4 days ago +1

    james and rebecca go to a prepatory school WOAH!!!!!!!😲

  • james adams
    james adams 4 days ago

    Turned dark

  • Reggie Connor
    Reggie Connor 4 days ago

    2013 was when I started school😂😂😂😂

    SERENA SCHWARZ 4 days ago

    When became a fulltime youtuber it was my 11th b-day

  • Gaster The skeleton scientist

    Wow I just noticed the computer has a character from fosters home of imaginary friends at 7:02

  • Elly Chan
    Elly Chan 4 days ago

    We all love you Rebecca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 29Tiyan
    29Tiyan 4 days ago

    Im so sorry for your loss Becca

  • Brielle Flores
    Brielle Flores 4 days ago

    When she sings for the first time in forever she scribbles all over the screen.

  • Renz Liam Xavier Philippines

    It was happy, until the middle of the video.

  • reina chapina
    reina chapina 4 days ago

    Love this video but it’s so sad 😭

  • Christy Williams
    Christy Williams 4 days ago

    I’m a 7 years old and I watch grown up shows ps Don’t judge me

  • Joseph Yambao
    Joseph Yambao 4 days ago

    The vibe totally changes at

  • huskeylover 362
    huskeylover 362 4 days ago

    My dad passed away on July 26 2017

  • Juliet Kim and Random Vids 10

    San Antoinail Texas is where my dad built his resturaunt it is called Quarters u should go and try it Rebecca!

  • Jilly Moe
    Jilly Moe 5 days ago

    😥😭😭😭😧 IM SO SORRY!!!

  • Glitter Gaming
    Glitter Gaming 5 days ago

    Your channel was born on my birthday

  • Person who Likes to draw

    Why the fuck did I cry

  • Spacemaster999 Gaming

    Omg I am crying this is depressing but inspiring beautifully animated.

  • Altair Manuel
    Altair Manuel 5 days ago

    this video came out on my birthday

  • Lago_25
    Lago_25 5 days ago

    Rebeca your grandma illustration look exactly like my grate aunt that past away omg 😨

  • Niamh Healy
    Niamh Healy 5 days ago

    You should take a look at TheOdd1sOuts channel 😀!

  • I Have No Name
    I Have No Name 5 days ago

    4:34 BEEFWEE!!

  • tatertamsam
    tatertamsam 5 days ago

    Like sub put notafications on anddddd this is soooo inspirering it sounds just like u had a pretty rough life but u just pushed ur way through u had strength courage and determination ( not an undertale reference XD )

  • Son Damn
    Son Damn 5 days ago

    1987 huh...


  • Taysian Quin
    Taysian Quin 5 days ago

    At 4:44 when she tells us what she watches I watch the same thing even though I’m in high school.... so I’m a bit of a dorky child

  • frisk dreemurr
    frisk dreemurr 5 days ago

    *decides to watch a lot of draw my lives*
    *2 videos later*

    *near tears*

  • Dynamiconion
    Dynamiconion 5 days ago

    Up until now, I still watch cartoons... they're always fun to watch if you watched it before :)

  • Yoatzin Zayago
    Yoatzin Zayago 5 days ago

    Me at the end:
    Don'tcrydon'tcrydon'tcrydon'tcry DON'T CRYYYYYY!!!!

  • Addison Cervenka
    Addison Cervenka 5 days ago


  • Fairys and Angels
    Fairys and Angels 5 days ago

    You’re at 1mil now! Congrats!

  • Jennifer Hendrix
    Jennifer Hendrix 5 days ago

    Hey, Becca :,)
    Your Birthday Is On The Same Day As My Sister's And Your Birthday Is Close Mine!
    Bye =)

  • Michelle Gil
    Michelle Gil 6 days ago


  • crazy horse 27 awesome n

    My grama deid and then short after my ant died I am not depresed becouse of you.

  • Filip Dubau
    Filip Dubau 6 days ago

    Loved this video

  • Axel Johnson
    Axel Johnson 6 days ago

    13:00 I cried guys

  • Sheila Jacobs
    Sheila Jacobs 6 days ago

    My grandma died this year. I feel your pain.😢😭😭😭😭😰😥😭