Draw My Life - Rebecca Parham


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  • Lucy Dragneel
    Lucy Dragneel 28 minutes ago

    You're born the date i was born just earlier in years.

  • Potato Gaming YT
    Potato Gaming YT 32 minutes ago

    My prep school is in Philippines. And we had more than 1000 students every single year. And that only counts pre-schoolers and grade-schoolers. If i count high school and college. There would be maybe.... 2000 in total.....and apparently i was the 1200033th student to ever enroll there. The end

    Fun fact, they called me: "The art queen" and i was rlly shy at the time they called me that. They still call me that to this day.. 😖😖😖😖

  • Sassy Queen
    Sassy Queen Hour ago


    *cries for days*

  • SkyHollow
    SkyHollow Hour ago

    When I get to enough subscribers that I will do a draw my life instead it's going to be a f*** my life

  • Terra Anber
    Terra Anber Hour ago

    one thing i just realized" OMG WHERE ARE EVRTYONE'S MOUTHS. and noses of course

  • Will Sander
    Will Sander 3 hours ago

    My dad survived a heart attack when i was one

  • Will Sander
    Will Sander 3 hours ago

    My sister's into fandom and there us no changing her

  • Filipo Atonio
    Filipo Atonio 3 hours ago

    Ther is deny on iec

  • Erin.SalazarXique salazar

    Same congratulations on 1m and I also want to be a a animater on TVclip😊😊😊

  • Cats & Cowboy Hats
    Cats & Cowboy Hats 4 hours ago


  • Cats & Cowboy Hats
    Cats & Cowboy Hats 4 hours ago

    Becca I came out screaming too on September 7th and my mom asked the doctor "is she okay" and my dad said "yeah she's just really pissed off"

  • Amber Hall
    Amber Hall 5 hours ago

    my gg died to day T - T

  • Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki
    Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki 6 hours ago

    You're lucky my school has 1000 students

  • Persey Pants07
    Persey Pants07 8 hours ago

    This made me cry...... 😭

  • Wolfy Person
    Wolfy Person 9 hours ago

    We have the same birth

  • TyphoonBlade, TheRelaxedFlier

    13:08-13:35 Wow, that hit me hard. ;-;

  • Derpy Potato2777
    Derpy Potato2777 9 hours ago

    I cried this is so sad :(

  • Senpai-sama Mew mew
    Senpai-sama Mew mew 9 hours ago

    I went to a private school as well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who absolutely hated it, The education might've have been better but the main reason I went was to be in a better environment, but it was horrible, it was worse then the public school I had went to and I'm glad I left, as soon as I left I just began to get better, I stopped crying and I met my best friend!!

  • Mia Benitez
    Mia Benitez 10 hours ago

    My little sister is born in december 4 too!!!!!!

  • ii_Sushiii
    ii_Sushiii 11 hours ago

    2007, the year I was born. So far I was having a great life! Until, my mom and dad starting fighting, they would throw things at each other, my dad would say bad things and yell at my mom. So, a couple years later me and my mom moved to Utah, since we couldn’t really afford a house yet, we stayed with my aunt and my younger cousin. My mom got a job as a nurse at a hospital, so we moved into our own apartment. About 2 years later, we drove all the way to Florida. It was a *very long drive.* We moves in with my grandma and lived there. Soon, my mom met a guy online (oh god) his name was Corey, he lived near us. Soon, my mom met him and after a couple of months later, I got my first dog. He was a puppy actually, and his name was Pudge. Sadly, we had to keep him in a cage until my mom got home from work, I begged my grandma to let me take him out but she said no. Soon, my mom was home and we took pudge for a walk. Since I was little, I was a bit scared of him since he was a pretty big puppy with sharp claws. But I still loved him!

  • Q Lorenz
    Q Lorenz 11 hours ago

    My sisters birthday is yours wow. My hampster also died on that day.

  • Arnas Kalvinskas
    Arnas Kalvinskas 13 hours ago

    Me dad not die why ai even ask

  • Arnas Kalvinskas
    Arnas Kalvinskas 13 hours ago

    Wow this kinda like me life me granma died two

  • Joseph Torres
    Joseph Torres 13 hours ago

    I'm sorry for you 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😭

  • Arnas Kalvinskas
    Arnas Kalvinskas 13 hours ago

    This like at me school I rember a girl was doing her homework and some kids come hit in ta head ai was thinking do i do somthing well this hapent ai tried to say stop they dint lisen and they were bullying me ai got soooo mad i fight with a kid ai won ye ai konw bet ta techer got mad and caled me family and erhifing oh boy well may mom dint not get dat mad a little

  • Spatterspot1 AJ
    Spatterspot1 AJ 13 hours ago

    ...im so sorry becca...

  • Spatterspot1 AJ
    Spatterspot1 AJ 13 hours ago

    ...im so sorry becca...

  • Don Lake
    Don Lake 14 hours ago

    Who the fucknuggets disliking this

  • Rachelle
    Rachelle 14 hours ago

    Wow, that was an emotional rollercoaster. I cried. Also, February 17th 2014 was (around) the day that I discovered that there were youtube channels who made entertainment content and had a fanbase, before that all I used TVclip for was music. I instantly fell in love with the channel I found and I remember spending an evening watching every video on that channel, until it was late at night, about 2am on a wednesday, while I needed to get to school the next day, because I was 12. Okay that story got too long bye.

  • pug pie
    pug pie 15 hours ago

    I dont know at you dad have die rip you dad dats hard to misse you dad sorry

  • Jakob Søgaard
    Jakob Søgaard 15 hours ago

    If thats heart attacks, take me to a hospital.

  • Lolps crafter
    Lolps crafter 16 hours ago

    Born on the same year as bite of 87 in fnaf.

  • Silent KittenXoxo
    Silent KittenXoxo 16 hours ago

    You were born in San Antonio too?! WOW 😃

  • Gabriella Thiel
    Gabriella Thiel 17 hours ago

    Stay strong Rebecca

  • Weird Little guy
    Weird Little guy 17 hours ago

    Hey my name is David

  • Alexian's Life/ /Alexis Jinks

    Why is everyone thats a yt animater star previously shy or something? Idk about James tho

  • Alexian's Life/ /Alexis Jinks


  • chanthy yang
    chanthy yang 18 hours ago

    So your 30/31

  • Milan 1913 MEME
    Milan 1913 MEME 18 hours ago

    Well i have 100-150 students XDDDD

  • The savage logang
    The savage logang 19 hours ago

    Awww ur my idle

  • Zandra X
    Zandra X 19 hours ago

    Nah, not my problem, it's your problem!

  • Firemaster 108
    Firemaster 108 21 hour ago

    What did the company do?

  • Mark Kacy
    Mark Kacy 22 hours ago +1

    holly molly........you are 31!!!!, and u look like you in your 20s

  • April Hernandez
    April Hernandez Day ago


    We were born in the same city and state!!

  • Juancarlos Hernandez

    Im still in school and lm a big book nerd and im in the 5th grade

  • Fox Studio's
    Fox Studio's Day ago


  • Axel Segovia
    Axel Segovia Day ago

    I Love thes vid sooooo mach.

  • Moses Kidane
    Moses Kidane Day ago

    I have the same birthday... not same year though

  • Ed Da mango
    Ed Da mango Day ago


  • Meow_ Star
    Meow_ Star Day ago

    OMG! I go to a prep school too!!! 😝

  • Gamer Kid158
    Gamer Kid158 Day ago

    I just cried

  • Andrew Solis
    Andrew Solis Day ago

    When you said you lost your grandma in collage year...my mom was burst to my room and just started screaming out about the fact i lost both your grandma AND great grandma (who were a big part of the family and was very loved) in the SAME month and that you were in college and i am moving on to 8th grade and she said "now who got more shit on the plate?"

  • Eating Some cereal

    Awesome video :)

  • TK The Killer
    TK The Killer Day ago


  • James Baldwin
    James Baldwin Day ago

    So sad 😭

  • mr cool 888
    mr cool 888 Day ago

    Is butterfree your favorite Pokemon?

  • gladys. regidor
    gladys. regidor Day ago

    200 students? I wish I had ur life before it can get up to 30-50 kids in each classroom wich sucked and u probably wont be wih ur bff school is starting next week so I decided to finally watch ur draw my life

  • Chelsea Caldwell

    Yay. U were born in December. I'm not the only one!!!

  • Devonte Barnes
    Devonte Barnes Day ago

    *clap* *clap* Very Inspirational


    I remember asking my dad "what if you died early?" Then he did

  • Jenny Ayala
    Jenny Ayala Day ago

    I love ed edd and eddy omg I loved that show

  • fnaf busters
    fnaf busters Day ago +1

    wait... but u already do this alot

  • Ibrahim Cena
    Ibrahim Cena Day ago +1

    Hey your Texan to

  • ~*candy's world*~
    ~*candy's world*~ Day ago +1

    Your grandmother died? And your dad? I feel bad for you thats really sad

    • ~*candy's world*~
      ~*candy's world*~ 23 hours ago

      [OE] Darky3Z im a crybaby still im such a lil baby (beacause when i was a baby so oof)

    • ~*candy's world*~
      ~*candy's world*~ 23 hours ago

      [OE] Darky3Z mines are still alive and im happy!!!

    • [OE] Darky3Z
      [OE] Darky3Z Day ago

      ~*candy's world*~ yeah it is really ;(

  • Julien Stokley
    Julien Stokley Day ago +1

    So Rebecca Parham We Are Not Haveing a Good Year a Cat Died a Cat Ran Away And Another Cat Died a Kitten We Live In a Small Town Called Caledonia :(

  • Plainapple287
    Plainapple287 Day ago +1

    I created my TVclip channel in 2014.
    I never uploaded until June 13th 2016.
    2 years later. I’m at 750 subscribers 10,000 views (after some videos deleted) and 30,000 Minutes watched

  • ultra fang
    ultra fang Day ago

    We love you to or Els we would not be here

  • ice crem
    ice crem Day ago

    Oops!I mean she posted this on my bday!

  • ice crem
    ice crem Day ago

    녿 ㅔㅐㄴㅅㄷㅇ 소ㅑㄴ ㅐㅜ ㅡㅛ ㅠㅑㄱ송묘!

  • The Missing Link TeamUltra

    I am crying right now!

  • Cyan Lightning Bolt

    1:49 please don’t tell me that book says where babies come from and how they’re made

  • Kelly Hood
    Kelly Hood Day ago

    I subscribed after I saw just one video! Lol it was funny and there were kittens at the end it was and awesome!

  • Ihashappness awa

    Omg our story is the same how

  • Malkinn
    Malkinn Day ago

    3:44 wait when did you start describing me

  • Stikbot Video
    Stikbot Video Day ago

    i'm with you on watching cartoons once you start you cant stop

  • Cecilia Gofton
    Cecilia Gofton Day ago

    By the way my actual animation channel is called moldybirch

  • Cecilia Gofton
    Cecilia Gofton Day ago

    You are my main inspiration

  • Kawaii Potato nunya binnis

    holy frick! december 4ths my birthday too!

  • lucas cada
    lucas cada Day ago

    I can’t understand why there are so many dislikes like Jeeze

  • You've Been Jinxed

    Q: what mic do you use to record?
    Follow up: what program do you use to record?

  • transformers tv
    transformers tv Day ago

    im glad about how fast your channel id gaining subs! Great video!

  • Smokypro65
    Smokypro65 Day ago

    Isnt your channel like a draw my life i guess?

  • A Reitano
    A Reitano Day ago

    😭😭😭😭just got to the dad part😭😭😭😭😭

  • Tony nguyen
    Tony nguyen Day ago

    I only subscribed for two days and already I love this TVclip channel

  • LyokoGang
    LyokoGang Day ago

    I love this video.

  • Jason Knot
    Jason Knot Day ago

    December 4? Me too!!!

  • TheREALPixel Gamer


  • Eric Joice
    Eric Joice Day ago

    Wow, I can't get subs like that

  • IronNoteblock
    IronNoteblock Day ago +1

    13:52 Nice use of metaphors!

  • Nada Velicki
    Nada Velicki Day ago

    errr congrats on 1.3 mil. Rebbeca!

  • rando cat
    rando cat Day ago

    don't you mean 1.3MILLION??

  • Tom From eddsworld

    That’s good that I only change school once just because my nursery school was only for nursery so I had to change so early
    And I think I cried in the first day of my new school I forgot

  • Meel ad
    Meel ad Day ago +1

    Beenn here since 500k nice

    DASH THE NOOB Day ago

    Im on public but no drugs just noisy lol u where offered crack lol

  • Zoha Mirza
    Zoha Mirza Day ago

    I was born in the year 2008!!!!!!!!!!! *O* A-And June 21 is my Cousin's B-Day!!!!!!!!!

  • dfdfdf ggee
    dfdfdf ggee Day ago


  • pinkie draw
    pinkie draw 2 days ago +2

    Yay! Her birthday is december 4th!!
    Mine is december 3rd!
    Like if you were born in december

  • Rosie Phillipos
    Rosie Phillipos 2 days ago

    This isn’t hate but why does everyone say “ I’m socially awkward, introverted and I don’t have much friends” as if their proud of it? No offence if you are any of the stuff I said 😂 Almost everyone I know says this stuff and it’s getting kind of old.

  • batsuren bojuh
    batsuren bojuh 2 days ago


  • Toast Twice
    Toast Twice 2 days ago

    don't worry my brother also watches samurai jack,power puff girls and steven universe and my sister as well there both older than me well I also watch them