• Published on Mar 30, 2017
  • A powerful martial arts master (Eddie Peng) returns to the town where his father was murdered to take on a ruthless crime boss (Sammo Hung).

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  • god o Randomness
    god o Randomness Month ago

    I've always loved Sammo Hung because of how he's a chubby guy that can kick ass

  • HVX
    HVX 4 months ago +2


  • Cowboy Bebop
    Cowboy Bebop 4 months ago

    Sammo still got it.

  • SuperMagren
    SuperMagren 5 months ago

    Great Sammo !

  • gt500 dox
    gt500 dox 6 months ago

    07:13 i was expecting another scream,but it's understandable his voice had asma due to all that fire and smoke around :P

  • Micheal Jay
    Micheal Jay 6 months ago

    i don't like wire using to fly away in fight. it make worse

  • Kota Dagnino
    Kota Dagnino 6 months ago +6

    0:47 you know... some say that fire is more real than my sex life.

    I say BS

  • Nicky Ha
    Nicky Ha 7 months ago


  • Frank Hardy Jr
    Frank Hardy Jr 8 months ago +9

    He fights like he is still young man, got some fighting skills and moves are really fast to see

  • A. z b. kanlı Agayev
    A. z b. kanlı Agayev 8 months ago

    Dou vedyıjı

  • ignorant_frombirth
    ignorant_frombirth 9 months ago +26

    *Physics has left the chat

  • I K
    I K 9 months ago +3

    Old man fights like that imagine when he was young

    • Lilly Ellie
      Lilly Ellie 3 months ago +1

      Technically he was fat and got beat up by bruce lee but also..... technically he was in a freaking movie with bruce lee.....not many can say or of done that i mean old dude is a legend

    • mohd sharif
      mohd sharif 9 months ago +1

      Watch his old movies with Jackie Chan
      He was flawless, you'll be satisfied

  • Mazino Urek
    Mazino Urek 9 months ago +1

    Physics does not applied to this fight

  • Miqro
    Miqro 9 months ago +2

    Ah thats hot! Thats hot!

  • Wan gander97
    Wan gander97 10 months ago

    The newton law doesnt exist at china...

  • Reginald Johnson
    Reginald Johnson 10 months ago +5

    Sammo Hung is a Legend

  • FBI
    FBI Year ago +43

    Where is the smoke?

  • Đạt Đào
    Đạt Đào Year ago +21

    Where's the smoke ?

  • 파트리모니움
    파트리모니움 Year ago +8

    This is truly amazing that Sammo integrated all his martial movements and philosophical ideas from his life and learning in this scene. See how these guy dressed up in black and white contrast ( the symbol between goodness and badness, or yin and yang.) and what it symbolically means when Eddie set afire the whole place ( temporarily lightening up the whole with hope but it dies soon).

  • xareS
    xareS Year ago +55

    1:41 the most badass part of the fight

    • Kyaruzi Robert
      Kyaruzi Robert 4 months ago

      dude that was awesome

    • Gamer Kid
      Gamer Kid 6 months ago

      Lol yeah

    • Ugly Kid
      Ugly Kid 7 months ago +1

      SpaceAstronaut that looked like some mortal combat action

  • nikusha cherkezishvili

    tqveni dedas sheveci. madafaka. voptvaiu mac

  • Liverpool fowler
    Liverpool fowler Year ago

    What is the title of this movie?

  • Liverpool fowler
    Liverpool fowler Year ago +6

    Hong Jin Pao(old man), he is very good healthy .His movement is like as a young man.

  • sid corsa
    sid corsa Year ago +4

    A big thank you for not showing an outro.

  • Sandra Beck
    Sandra Beck Year ago

    Ich hoffe, dass es diesen Film mal auf deutsch gibt. Eddie Peng ist ein großartiger junger Schauspieler, ich seh ihn wirklich sehr gern

  • Wei Xian Ng
    Wei Xian Ng Year ago

    Its fucking Wong Hei Hong lol any movie you see with him in it you know he's gonna beat anyone he comes up against

  • Huy An Com Rang
    Huy An Com Rang Year ago +37

    Why sammo hung alway died in kung fu movie even he's good :(

  • Salina Williams
    Salina Williams 2 years ago +53

    3:25 omg that face