Top 10 Best Netflix Romance Movies


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  • Ella Flores
    Ella Flores 22 hours ago

    it's always the end of the f***ing world for me. TEOTFW numbah one!

  • Jagdish Grover
    Jagdish Grover Day ago

    1) the Ali's wedding 2) the kissing pooth

  • Neko Editz
    Neko Editz 2 days ago +1

    _Now where the fook is Riverdale Bughead?_

  • Adeknya Jungkook
    Adeknya Jungkook 5 days ago

    Where is sierra burgess is a loser?

  • roger x30
    roger x30 6 days ago

    Where is 13 reason why

  • Pam Delgaco
    Pam Delgaco 6 days ago

    Haters gonna hate! Excuse me! Kissing booth is just so fine and I loved
    it! 😊

  • aj akki
    aj akki 6 days ago

    Your pick is correct but you have to put Kissing booth at no.2 lara jean and peter kavinsky win

  • sting bee
    sting bee 8 days ago


  • Franchezka Balalio
    Franchezka Balalio 8 days ago

    I totally agree to number 1

  • AnimeLovers
    AnimeLovers 8 days ago

    We must add the princess switch

  • K D
    K D 8 days ago

    To all the boys i've loved before is so good
    I'm watching the kissing booth rn😂
    its so good too

  • Tinymouse BillyBob
    Tinymouse BillyBob 11 days ago

    My list
    10. Tramps
    9. Ali's wedding
    8. Happy anniversary
    7. Set it up
    6. A Christmas inheritance
    5. Sierra Burgess is a loser
    4. A Christmas prince
    3. The kissing booth
    2. A Christmas prince the Royal wedding
    1. To all the boys I've loved before

  • e m m i e !
    e m m i e ! 12 days ago

    i have watched this kissing booth 19283838 times i know the words to it i could BE a part of that show

  • Joey_ lws
    Joey_ lws 12 days ago

    AGHHH WTH where’s Love, Simon? It’s literally the best movie and book EVER!

  • hope Katrina
    hope Katrina 13 days ago

    Kissing booth is #1

  • Crowdfund77
    Crowdfund77 14 days ago

    No. 1 was overrated to be honest.

  • Ujjwal Uniyal
    Ujjwal Uniyal 14 days ago +1

    *Sierra Burgess is more like an dishonourable mention. One of the worst movie I have ever seen in my life and never have I ever hated the lead character so much. She's just awful awful.* 😕

  • x-evan- hansen-x
    x-evan- hansen-x 15 days ago

    Alex Strangelove?......

  • The Lollipop Girl #10
    The Lollipop Girl #10 15 days ago

    I'm the only one who tap this videos to see if "To All the Boys I've Loved before" is in number 1????

  • Meysicメイシック
    Meysicメイシック 16 days ago

    7:18 who would ask that question 😂🤣🤣wtf

  • Uswatun Hasanah
    Uswatun Hasanah 16 days ago

    tramps is the best

  • Gamer Joelle
    Gamer Joelle 17 days ago +1

    To All The boys I loved Before and The Kissing Booth are definitely the best!

  • Ena Veleska
    Ena Veleska 19 days ago

    "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" and "Set It Up" are THE BEST!

    [FEENEHH] 19 days ago

    What about Set It Up though 🤔

  • quinquennial item
    quinquennial item 20 days ago

    Can anyone suggest some good movies?

  • Chantal Noel
    Chantal Noel 20 days ago

    Wait- I didn't find The Christmas Prince bad :( To me, it's literally my favourite movie EVER!

  • Faizal Patel
    Faizal Patel 22 days ago +1

    Also "before we go" was...a good movie

  • Signija Švāgere
    Signija Švāgere 22 days ago

    All the boys i loved before and The kissing booth are the best romantic movies i have ever watched!

  • Mandy Marsh
    Mandy Marsh 24 days ago

    to all the boys I've loved before is then the best film

  • pika plop
    pika plop 25 days ago

    what about teen wolf?? why not teen wolf

  • Yoongi Gurl
    Yoongi Gurl 25 days ago

    Why there isn't "Everything, Everything"? P.s. my fav film is "To the all boys I loved before". I love that film so much.🤤🤤❤❤❤

  • eyoel gashaw
    eyoel gashaw 29 days ago

    when we first met should have been on the list

  • Amus6
    Amus6 Month ago

    Maybe only n. 5 and 3? Ostatní nestojí za nic. Kam zmizely ty staré romantické uvěřitelné filmy jako Zápisník jedné lásky s krásnými herci odrostlými pubertě, aniž by se člověk musel dívat na násilně multikulturní směs herců, kteří neumí hrát a navíc se mu nelíbí? 👎👎👎😞

  • Jete Umbraško
    Jete Umbraško Month ago

    How can the kissing booth be on this list ?

  • Peni Tagikimatuku
    Peni Tagikimatuku Month ago

    I especially loved watching to all the boys I've loved before😍😍😍💘💘💘💘💖💖💖

  • Adrian Herrera
    Adrian Herrera Month ago

    8 of 10 movies!
    Yeah! I love romantic movies 😁

  • Rebekah Hughes
    Rebekah Hughes Month ago

    Ugh. I hated the Kissing Booth. It had such a bad message. It's like "being violent and controlling is hot! Also, he'll stop being violent and controlling with the help of a gurl he luvvs!" Nope. Just nope. The video was also using every possible opportunity to remove the lead girl's shirt. (Also, how the heck did he get into Harvard?? He showed absolutely no sign that he was a good student!! I feel like movies don't really understand how hard it is to get into to colleges like that. And especially having all those fights on record there is NO way he'd get in.)

  • chan lyda
    chan lyda Month ago

    Ellen Evan ❤️ Noah Flynn

  • Ken Tetas
    Ken Tetas Month ago +5

    Just saying but Noah Centineo was one of the main characters on both top movies : "to all the boys i've loved before" and "sierra burgess is a loser" :) as peter and as jamie , respectively .

  • Evans Ganyo
    Evans Ganyo Month ago

    Still don't know why I'm not feeling the movie "to all the boys I've loved" weird , I'm trying to like the movie by watching it several times

  • Elizabeth Nieto
    Elizabeth Nieto Month ago

    my favorite is the kissing booth

  • Meanne M Valenzuela

    I wish they’ll upload Flipped on Netflix. It’s one of the best romantic movies for young love 💕✨

  • Lycoris
    Lycoris Month ago

    a Chinese 5cm per second with a happy ending? Yes please

  • Kerri Drainville
    Kerri Drainville Month ago

    The notebook was amazing

  • Oi
    Oi Month ago

    Alex Strangelove is a great one

  • Erin _412_
    Erin _412_ Month ago


  • Charmaine Tawazadza

    you left crazy rich asians lol

  • Emily Bazile
    Emily Bazile Month ago


  • im a girl
    im a girl Month ago

    To All to boys I've loved before i life! ❤

  • Little Lovatic
    Little Lovatic Month ago

    Princess Switch??

  • Liam's Lenz
    Liam's Lenz Month ago

    2018 has basically been the year of LIBERAL romcoms.

  • Whoopdewhoo
    Whoopdewhoo Month ago +1

    Am I the only one who liked Nappily Ever After? I've heard the natural-hair-leads-to-downgrading-your-man criticism but I don't care. I really enjoyed it but it's always getting no recognition.

  • Daneya Brito
    Daneya Brito Month ago

    i love the Christmas prince and the sequel comes out tomorrow

  • - Har9low -
    - Har9low - Month ago

    What!you mean nobody wants to watch an attitudinal black lady bitching about everything?Thats weird.

  • Aybuke Yenilmez
    Aybuke Yenilmez Month ago

    ‘‘Sierra Burgesses is A Loser’’ 🙄 I couldn’t even finish that movie 👎🏻. If you want to feel pleasant after the movie,I suggest you to watch ‘‘He's Just Not That into You’’ and of course ‘‘To All Boys I’ve loved Before’’. These movies definitely involve good chemistry between characters. You are not gonna be disappointed. :)

  • Zandra Steele
    Zandra Steele Month ago +1

    I'm so glad The Incredible Jessica James is on here. I adore it, and I feel like barely anyone knows about it...

  • Chilea Kashé
    Chilea Kashé Month ago

    Okay so the toxic pieces of trash called Kissing Booth and Sierra Burgess are on this list but Candy Jar isn't mentioned? Can someone explain this to me please?

  • Michael Cain
    Michael Cain Month ago

    Thank you! I found four I want to watch now.

  • Mia Burns
    Mia Burns Month ago

    Unpopular opinion: I think the kissing booth is a trash movie it’s so gosh dang corny

    AMAN NAVLAKHE Month ago

    Well i believe When we first meet atleast deserve to be in top 5

  • She Quacking
    She Quacking Month ago


  • Alexis N
    Alexis N 2 months ago

    This is just a bunch of hetero movies. Bye

  • Sylvia Gitau
    Sylvia Gitau 2 months ago

    I see I'm not the only one obsessed with number 1

  • Lina Paulina
    Lina Paulina 2 months ago

    Jessica James was ok to watch but you won’t remember that title in a few months. Kissing booth was fun and the letters to ex with Lara Jean, that was a really sweet movie - I gotta see Tramps and our Souls at night -haven’t seen those one bc it is not available in my country..
    set it up was ok not as good as Lara Jean with those letters to the boys at to all the boys I loved before. Again that movie was super cool and cute for all viewers of all ages!!! This rom com one day will be seen as a classic.

  • Its _maica
    Its _maica 2 months ago

    I LOVE THE MOVIE CALLED 💕”to all the boys i loved before😭😭😭

  • Loserrr _shocked
    Loserrr _shocked 2 months ago +1

    Should we just search romantic comedies on Netflix and see what we can find?

  • Dhritimani Nath
    Dhritimani Nath 2 months ago

    The kissing booth is worth watching ❤️❤️

  • Silvia CiZeta
    Silvia CiZeta 2 months ago

    I saw all of this movies, and i remeber none of it.
    Like, very few things by every single one, but i can't make the full history of each one.
    They are all meh

  • Kyla Wang
    Kyla Wang 2 months ago

    sixteen wishes needs to be on here

  • Susan Koech
    Susan Koech 2 months ago +8

    Who else is reading comments to get the real top romantic movies??

  • Virgil sitting beside you
    Virgil sitting beside you 2 months ago +1

    I see Kissing Booth i click thumbs down 👎
    I see Lara Jean i click thumbs up 👍

  • Bonetta Koopman
    Bonetta Koopman 2 months ago

    I love that movie

  • Mary Joy Almero
    Mary Joy Almero 2 months ago +2

    It's so sad people here on comment section doesn't like Kissing booth. That's the best for me tho

  • Dave Salvador
    Dave Salvador 2 months ago

    How about Candy Jar?

  • Moni Ruiz
    Moni Ruiz 2 months ago

    Sierra Burgess sucked. I love Noah💕 and his character Jamie but I hated Sierra. I ended up really liking Veronica and Sierra was horrible. Didn’t deserve forgiveness

  • Moni Ruiz
    Moni Ruiz 2 months ago

    Set it up and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before are the only ones I’ve loved. Hated kissing booth ugh

  • Abhishikta Chakraborty
    Abhishikta Chakraborty 2 months ago

    Ahh.its about Netflix original movies.. I guess. But
    "BLIND DATE"'.
    deserve a mention if you searching for something interesting and refreshing to watch on Netflix.

  • MissMarvel
    MissMarvel 2 months ago

    Most of the teen rom coms start with 2 people fake dating because of a bet, to make someone jealous or whatever.Then they fall in love and everything has the perfect amount of drama romance and comedy. It is a big hollywood cliché which 99.9 % never happens in a average teenager's life....

    And yet I'm so in love with it😂😂😂

  • FranSlam
    FranSlam 2 months ago

    I only managed to get through 20mins of To All the Boys... I think it's cos I'm old now and I've been gradually losing interest in teenage/high-school films and boy problems. People love the movie though so well done to it. I'm just trying to find some films that's more up my street. I'm kinda hard to please though so it's a loooooong search lol. I might give _Set It Up_ a shot though.

  • Creams16lolo01 Creams16lolo


  • Alicia DTNB
    Alicia DTNB 2 months ago

    Im suprised When We First Met wasn't on the list I think its a great Romance movie

  • Leah Lattimore
    Leah Lattimore 2 months ago

    The kissing booth is my fav!

  • Jm Avellaneda
    Jm Avellaneda 2 months ago

    The notebook is the best all of that shit motherfucker!

  • jessie thep
    jessie thep 2 months ago


  • 신세영
    신세영 2 months ago

    I already watched all of that...

  • Dilet Maringele
    Dilet Maringele 2 months ago

    Moonlight 😍😢

  • riverirl
    riverirl 2 months ago

    Omg the bald dude in 8:28 is the one from that vine that goes "people constantly ask me, what is it like to be a sexy- *falls and hits himself in the head*"

  • 에스카로레아
    에스카로레아 2 months ago

    Sierra burgess had the potential to be a Great movie, but because of the unrealistic ending, many people criticized it.

  • Tao
    Tao 2 months ago

    am I the only one who really don't think To all the boys I've loved before is that of a good movie. Whar I mean is, I don't like it. I really think Sierra Burgess is a loser is way better than that. just my opinion

  • maria kim
    maria kim 3 months ago

    i click on these things to look at the comments not the actual video. cause really, thats where i get good recommendations.

  • Meuthianabila Pratiwi
    Meuthianabila Pratiwi 3 months ago

    Ali's wedding, us and them :)))))

  • titania maximoff
    titania maximoff 3 months ago

    FUCK!!!! thats your number one?!!!!

  • Yanely Barrientos
    Yanely Barrientos 3 months ago

    Meteor garden is a really good one 😩😭😭❤️

  • Justin Makwata
    Justin Makwata 3 months ago

    I loved ;reality high💖💖💖
    To all the boys I've loved before
    Kissing booth
    Sierra Burgess
    Nappily ever after

  • Claudia Aguilar
    Claudia Aguilar 3 months ago

    Okay but, where is flipped? WHY isnt that movie on here?

  • Stefanus Yedidya
    Stefanus Yedidya 3 months ago

    I have watched all 2018 movie on this list, and personally I think that Netflix RomCom getting better...Good Job Netflix !

  • Polina Krol-Kovalova
    Polina Krol-Kovalova 3 months ago +1

    Why there are no movies list under video?

  • natalia nakao
    natalia nakao 3 months ago

    amei set it up

  • Mara Yasmin
    Mara Yasmin 3 months ago

    but where’s Me before You? 🤔 that movie made me heart throb and bawl my eyes out!

  • Sarahsierra dragonwolf
    Sarahsierra dragonwolf 3 months ago

    I love ,to all the boys i loved before,and im watching the elite it is amazing so far