Family Ragu with Gennaro Contaldo

  • Published on Jan 21, 2013
    In this series Jamie's mentor and friend Gennaro cooks some gorgeous Italian dishes from the town on the Amalfi Coast where he was born. In this episode he shows you how to cook his family's Ragu.

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  • Mustard Fart
    Mustard Fart 8 hours ago

    Jamie is by FAR my fav chef, he knows what's great and who makes great super simple food. Best recipe source imo!

  • Davide Simonazzi
    Davide Simonazzi 20 hours ago

    Ma come fai a chiamarlo ragù? È uno stufato di carne con del pomodoro quello

  • Papageno
    Papageno Day ago

    How good can be a TVclip video.

  • blinkwin
    blinkwin 3 days ago

    Re Gennaro !

  • always working
    always working 5 days ago

    Dint forget da bahhtaarrrr

  • lpass1
    lpass1 6 days ago

    How big are those tins of tomatoes? Def less than 28OZ.

  • paul white
    paul white 6 days ago

    Il cognoscenti...... Maestro in deep respect....

  • tommmaaasz
    tommmaaasz 8 days ago

    what do you do with so big chunks of meat?

  • Carlos M
    Carlos M 11 days ago

    I've just finished eating this after a four hour cook. This is easily my favorite pasta. A jolly old Italian man's family recipe brightening up a rainy day for a working class 20 something on the other side of the world, it's incredible.

    • Carlos M
      Carlos M 11 days ago

      i follow this recipe as religiously as i can, but i may never know what the real thing tastes like. that's beautiful i guess.

  • Turquoise Orchid
    Turquoise Orchid 17 days ago

    I'm going to make this happen RIGHT MEOW!
    Lo devo fare subbito! Grazie a Maestro! Un bacione!

  • Sai Laung Hein
    Sai Laung Hein 20 days ago

    I tried it
    The flavor is very different from what I get at restaurant
    It’s pure homemade taste.
    I luv it.

  • HydroSnips
    HydroSnips 22 days ago

    I love Gennaro, he’s got real character, makes good cooking look really really fun and accessible.
    0:40 “mixy mixy mixy mixy” :D

  • Kym Moore
    Kym Moore 26 days ago

    I could just dump my whole face in that pan!

  • Ragu Gautam
    Ragu Gautam 28 days ago


  • Emanuele Guglielman

    Personalmente preferisco la versione bolognese del ragù, quella che ha appena cucinato è la versione napoletana/pugliese della ricetta ed è molto diversa però si vede che è italiano e sente l’anima del cibo

  • MoteurGeneral
    MoteurGeneral Month ago +1

    A long time ago when I started cooking, I asked an old clerk at a wine store if he had cooking wine and he yelled at me haha!

  • Gabriel Boi
    Gabriel Boi Month ago

    God this makes me feel patriotic

  • MrTurcz
    MrTurcz Month ago

    This guy is the Ron Jeremy of cooking shows

  • Damon Jones
    Damon Jones Month ago

    I love him

  • MrCootsey
    MrCootsey Month ago

    might as well just drink olive oil

  • Robert Molldius
    Robert Molldius Month ago

    Thanx! 😋😋👌

  • CherryGalactica
    CherryGalactica Month ago

    He's truly the best cookada

  • Reef2480
    Reef2480 Month ago

    I would kill to be in that kitchen

  • Hawara Oida
    Hawara Oida Month ago

    mine got way too watery

  • Joe Engel
    Joe Engel Month ago

    Gennaro’s “sweat vs burn” example is alsways hilarious

  • MyROGER82
    MyROGER82 Month ago

    Food is love

  • Chris Beddows
    Chris Beddows Month ago

    What pasta is he using here?

  • BroncoBill321
    BroncoBill321 Month ago

    Definitely doing this

  • Oki Sakurai
    Oki Sakurai Month ago


  • mat marah
    mat marah Month ago

    I cannot watch this creep. So difficult to watch

  • Dennis Smeets
    Dennis Smeets Month ago

    wats in the white pan at the end?

  • Zilelinho Officiel
    Zilelinho Officiel Month ago

    I love pasta !!!

  • Tylor Miranda
    Tylor Miranda Month ago

    Genaro, tra tutti i tuoi ricette che ho provato, la pasta di tua mamma è la mia preferita. Grazie per questa ricetta di famiglia. Sono profondamente commosso dalla tua reazione all'aroma e mi sento incantato anche quando lo annuso.

  • Sandor Dobi
    Sandor Dobi 2 months ago

    Does anyone know the title of the songs?

  • TheDanny1872
    TheDanny1872 2 months ago

    “Mixy mixy mixy mix”
    Words of a genius

  • Burken Productions
    Burken Productions 2 months ago

    I love the tomato cans... "They kiss on another, the go all in" hahhaha :) Gennaro's the best! :)

  • kairu Anne wambui
    kairu Anne wambui 2 months ago

    Thanks gonna make that for sunday dinner today😋😋😋😋

  • TbhIdc
    TbhIdc 2 months ago

    Is there a written recipe?

  • wu zi mu
    wu zi mu 2 months ago

    He like a Cooking well Italian boss

  • Mehdi Hassan
    Mehdi Hassan 2 months ago

    fantastic, good, lovely, drizzle.

  • Fabio Mar
    Fabio Mar 2 months ago

    Gennaro......ti amo come persona, come cuocco e come personalita! Sei una meraviglia 😘🇮🇹😘🇮🇹😘🇮🇹

  • Yuliya Kolchenko
    Yuliya Kolchenko 2 months ago

    What's this brown paste he adds when frying meat in the pan (before wine)?

  • lmhvfd
    lmhvfd 2 months ago

    His accent is so weird, it's like talking to a cockney italian.

  • Sia G
    Sia G 2 months ago

    I love you Gennaro

  • Day-me-in Moodley
    Day-me-in Moodley 2 months ago

    Never thought I'd get emotional watching a food video on youtube but damn......

  • luca tinacci
    luca tinacci 2 months ago

    Di sicuro sara buono, ma personalmente toglierei la parola ragù dal titolo

  • Vincenzo's Plate
    Vincenzo's Plate 2 months ago

    My mouth is watering 😋🤤

  • Benedict Solpico
    Benedict Solpico 2 months ago

    Vinnie, don't put too many onions in the sauce....

  • shin sin
    shin sin 2 months ago

    Hello sir u r ideal . so tell me this is standard recipe of ragu sauce

  • A. J.
    A. J. 2 months ago


  • divxsamsung
    divxsamsung 3 months ago

    How long would it take to cook The alcohol from the wine out?

  • james thomas
    james thomas 3 months ago

    I love genarro contaldo channel

  • COOK GOOD-Hindi
    COOK GOOD-Hindi 3 months ago

    fall in love

  • Alexander Schäfer
    Alexander Schäfer 3 months ago

    Really? No one is gonna talk about the fact that he cooked the entire meal in one pot and then after "two hours" he pulls out a completely different pot? Disappointed

  • Tristan Mundree
    Tristan Mundree 3 months ago

    Did anyone else have an eyegasm?

  • Darth Niloc
    Darth Niloc 3 months ago

    No wine in mine, I don't like wine.

  • William Hendrix
    William Hendrix 3 months ago

    this is an amazing recipe but his accent is hysterical

  • Ewan MacFarlane
    Ewan MacFarlane 3 months ago

    The gravys good tonight

  • Frank Chang
    Frank Chang 3 months ago

    That brings back good memories, on Sundays that was our family tradition back in South America. Great comfort food, great job Gennaro.

  • Teodosius5473
    Teodosius5473 3 months ago

    You go on holiday, anywhere in the world (from England), you burn.