Man So Violent Even Other Prisoners Fear Him

  • Published on Jan 26, 2019
  • What makes Charles Bronson Britain's most notorious prisoner? Who are people calling him the most violent prisoner in Britain and maybe even the world? Just who is Charles Arthur "Charlie" Salvador and why is he in jail / prison? There was even a movie called Bronson about this person!

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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  10 months ago +2866

    Looks like he feels better in prison... Is he really a changed man?

  • Ventoseila Atchim
    Ventoseila Atchim 2 hours ago

    that dude was mentally unstable but still a nice guy, strong in a both way, in his motivation for work out and fightin. i will look out for his book solitaria fitnes. nice video

  • Daniel Pearce
    Daniel Pearce 4 hours ago

    I realised that this channel has more subs than slogoman

  • freddy long
    freddy long 5 hours ago

    They should have just killed him

  • MinimalisticJoy
    MinimalisticJoy 6 hours ago

    Based on this video, I don’t think he is evil just violent. Clearly he love kids, otherwise he wouldn’t beat up the guy that hurt one. I think he is very confused and has anger management issue. Just saying.

  • Ömer Sever
    Ömer Sever 7 hours ago

    He seems like a really nice guy
    I would really like to meet him

  • Anja Milutinovic
    Anja Milutinovic 8 hours ago

    We could go inside area 51 with this men

  • aayush dubey
    aayush dubey 10 hours ago


  • Ludmila Courthiade
    Ludmila Courthiade 11 hours ago

    I have the felling that he might be bipolar.

  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams 13 hours ago

    Buy him a beer, makes you his hostage.

  • xygomorphic44
    xygomorphic44 17 hours ago

    This man is almost certainly demon possessed

  • StoneyOni
    StoneyOni 21 hour ago

    This dude is a time bomb

  • Ashley Durn
    Ashley Durn Day ago

    hes a legend over here. such a lad.

  • Eiky Kulit
    Eiky Kulit Day ago


  • norha Miller
    norha Miller Day ago

    The rock and john cena have a challenge

  • Mouldy Toast
    Mouldy Toast 2 days ago

    Looks like bald Wario

  • Monster Jam basket ball Fan

    He killed a Rottweiler wow 😭

  • nunya bidness
    nunya bidness 2 days ago

    That guy needs to be put in stocks, PERMANENTLY

  • Scarecrow It Halloween time and meme time

    Michel gorden Peterson

    Wait hold up

  • SauceGod
    SauceGod 3 days ago +1

    A prison guard came into our school telling us about his experiences with Bronson and he told us the story about Hannibal too

  • Cesare
    Cesare 3 days ago

    the actual movie was as bad as the actor, i hate both

  • Jodie Stella
    Jodie Stella 3 days ago

    They could send him to the gulag you know one way in one way out one prisoner hundreds of guards and defences

  • Paarth Sakhalkar
    Paarth Sakhalkar 3 days ago

    Wish he and Mike Tyson would be in the same jail! Would be fun, lol

  • クリスタルきみこ

    Lol UK is a joke.

  • Insanity Kasady
    Insanity Kasady 3 days ago

    I doubt he’d last in Russia or China. They’d put him down real quick especially in China. His organs would be harvested or he’d be part of an unethical experiment.

  • MoSoufi
    MoSoufi 3 days ago


  • Kira Kazama
    Kira Kazama 4 days ago

    *Buy Bread*
    *Pay Bill*
    *Attack the next prison govenor*
    One of these things are not like the others....

  • Savannah Marie
    Savannah Marie 4 days ago

    Eww he wanted a blow up doll🤢🤢

  • Savannah Marie
    Savannah Marie 4 days ago

    Lol hes honestly amazing

  • hi i guess
    hi i guess 4 days ago

    Uh oh his newest wife died in july of this year

  • Love JetFuel
    Love JetFuel 4 days ago

    This is one of the cases where Capital punishment would work in the UK

  • mio mia
    mio mia 5 days ago

    Yes, ask the youtube comment section if they think the authorities did something right or wrong that will sure start a healthy debate on the subject between very smart and well informed people...

  • Bryan Adams
    Bryan Adams 5 days ago

    Is Britain part of this planet? Let's just fine him?!

  • Nameless_Horror
    Nameless_Horror 5 days ago

    Prison guards need to break his knuckles on both hands. It seems the only clout this guy has is through fighting and violence. Guards need to break every bone in his hands and leave him a gimp, and an open target, as he spends the rest of his life in prison.

  • DeadSkull 1643
    DeadSkull 1643 5 days ago

    How tall and strong was this guy

  • VijaPerfect
    VijaPerfect 6 days ago

    He is 2 years older than my grandfather!
    My grandpa: 1956
    Michael: 1954

  • Scull Hunter Gamer
    Scull Hunter Gamer 6 days ago +2

    The Raycon guy says it's his first time buying wireless earbuds but then he says that it sounds better then airpods

  • Megan & Ian Ferris
    Megan & Ian Ferris 6 days ago

    my last name is gordon lol

  • Dylan Hubble
    Dylan Hubble 7 days ago +3


    I probably would’ve done the same thing

  • Communism is Key
    Communism is Key 7 days ago

    I think it’s disgusting that they still use solitary. It causes a huge amount of psychological issues and is basically modern day torture

  • Gamer_TimeYT
    Gamer_TimeYT 7 days ago this the movie or irl/real life??

  • SickCunt m8
    SickCunt m8 7 days ago

    He reminds me of Puri Puri prisoner from the One Punch Man

  • Soul Silver
    Soul Silver 7 days ago

    Anyone else getting a Chris Walker from Outlast vibe from this dude.. you know minus the decapitating

  • Vibes Codex
    Vibes Codex 7 days ago

    Knowing this and know i am a Bronson i have questions

  • Kaixuan
    Kaixuan 8 days ago +3


  • codemiesterbeats
    codemiesterbeats 8 days ago +4

    sounds like he might should have made a career being a professional fighter, although I hear you don't get extra points for kidnapping the refs etc... lol

  • ephabouyed
    ephabouyed 8 days ago

    Like most movies about real people, it didn’t go into enough depth. If you want to see the full story, watch the documentaries.

  • TriggaTrey Taylor
    TriggaTrey Taylor 9 days ago

    He said in 2014 but this man was born in 1952 this man is 62 years old what?🤔

  • Caitriona Lott
    Caitriona Lott 9 days ago

    Ireland is not in the UK

  • Ptown
    Ptown 9 days ago

    Tough enough to beat Matt in wii sports

  • FrySky
    FrySky 10 days ago

    He can get through area 51 with easy ease

  • Dog King
    Dog King 10 days ago

    The police did the right thing as far as what? Repeatedly locking up a person who kept committing crimes?

  • LuCkY FIsH
    LuCkY FIsH 11 days ago

    8:03just sad

  • LuCkY FIsH
    LuCkY FIsH 11 days ago

    I'm so sorry for the dogs death

  • Heidi Kulich
    Heidi Kulich 11 days ago

    I am watching this when you have 6.66M subscribers.... and i think I’m gonna not watch this.

  • Bladesisdead
    Bladesisdead 11 days ago +4

    * Gets into a car accident *
    Britain : "you'll pay a fine"
    America :


    • SauceGod
      SauceGod 3 days ago +1

      Bladesisdead yeah well at least we don’t give guns freely to anybody

  • Jhorna Akther
    Jhorna Akther 12 days ago

    My cousin called Aleema has a birthday on Decamber the 5th her broth-er is called Mahdi.

  • Depot774
    Depot774 12 days ago

    I am from hull 🤣

  • Steven Lusk
    Steven Lusk 14 days ago

    People like Michael “Charles Bronson Salvatore” Peterson are entertaining to learn about but become fascinating when you learn how neurology is redefining how we approach abnormal psychology. Check out the book, The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat” and by the end of the first couple of chapters you’ll see what I mean.

  • Insidious
    Insidious 14 days ago

    this guy could beat up bad Leroy brown