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Man So Violent Even Other Prisoners Fear Him

  • Published on Jan 26, 2019
  • What makes Charles Bronson Britain's most notorious prisoner? Who are people calling him the most violent prisoner in Britain and maybe even the world? Just who is Charles Arthur "Charlie" Salvador and why is he in jail / prison? There was even a movie called Bronson about this person!

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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  3 days ago +61

    Looks like he feels better in prison... Is he really a changed man?

  • Aurelion Smol
    Aurelion Smol Day ago +1

    Why is Steve Harvey in the thumbnail?

  • Dawnfall
    Dawnfall Day ago +1

    Is it Crimes Johnson?

  • Katie Giles
    Katie Giles Day ago

    He just needed a hug!

  • Asdf Zxcv
    Asdf Zxcv Day ago

    Major Armstrong from FMA if he was a criminal
    Dat shiny bald head, 'stache and insane strength!
    All he's missing are the sparkles

  • Mindless Scientist

    I mean, have they given this dude an mri? There has to be something going on. His brain must be swimming in testosterone ir something like that

  • Audio Maverick
    Audio Maverick Day ago

    Fancy a man who was so violent that other prisoners actually feared him. Amazing.

  • Alistor Banks
    Alistor Banks Day ago

    I feel sorry for his wife. She really loves him, but how can he expect her to stay with him now that he has a possible life sentence. And he demands her to do 400 situps a day, and to not get fat from a short article I just read.

  • Taxespel l
    Taxespel l Day ago

    why this video keeps on my recommended

  • Cherry Oakhold
    Cherry Oakhold Day ago


  • SirKingHoff
    SirKingHoff Day ago

    His married never went through

  • Mitchell B
    Mitchell B Day ago

    His desire to do good, but having violent outbursts remind me of XXXTentacion.

  • Black Star
    Black Star Day ago

    Genuinely seems like a sweet guy

  • Omiionex
    Omiionex Day ago +1

    lol what a life

  • Jeff Recob
    Jeff Recob Day ago

    I could kick his ass!!!

  • Uniscious
    Uniscious Day ago

    The system made this being. He was just a delinquent. Delinquents can be dealt with. Instead, the system mutated him. Mutants cannot be dealt wtih. This is what happens when a pesticide fails lol.

  • Furor Frisii
    Furor Frisii Day ago

    Yes. Until death in his cell.
    Inhumane? Death sentence.

  • Jason i love oz
    Jason i love oz Day ago

    put him down or give him the best team of help mutters can get

  • Oby Wan
    Oby Wan Day ago

    Did he died?? i want to meet him, and i think he had a brain tumor.

  • VegetaLover 100
    VegetaLover 100 Day ago

    I’m sorry but people like this just need to be killed.

  • Richard Lamoreaux

    A cheese and pickle sandwich. Sounds pretty good.

  • Nyla Stewart
    Nyla Stewart Day ago

    He...actually seems like a pretty cool and interesting guy. I would like to meet him.

  • Sash Lilac
    Sash Lilac Day ago +1

    Poor guy...

  • Jake Ralls
    Jake Ralls Day ago +1

    He has the same birthday as me. Lol

  • Thestream
    Thestream Day ago

    Chuck Norris long lost brother

  • Davy van Oss
    Davy van Oss Day ago

    seems like he has a big heart dispite his angry side, I wonder if long term working with / for people he sympathises could have not turned him around. I feel sorry for this person that seems so misunderstood.
    and declaring a man insane because he like's to brawl.. no that is not what society should do, unless they wanna lock up the entire militairy and security sector.

  • Orson Zedd
    Orson Zedd Day ago

    Hey is that Bald Bull?

  • Hello Dude
    Hello Dude Day ago


  • Captain Tittus
    Captain Tittus Day ago

    Sounds like the UK government enabled this man

  • alexandra._. ch
    alexandra._. ch Day ago +1

    He killed a dog....😠😢

  • MatthewJervis
    MatthewJervis Day ago

    Solitary confinement is never ever acceptable. It's torture, literally. It makes a man go mad, which is a problem if they already are

  • Gatook
    Gatook Day ago

    Why didn’t they kill them

  • Landon boi
    Landon boi Day ago

    Y’all defending him like he wouldn’t beat your ass for no reason. 😂

  • Quintrell Thomas

    What’s the name of the movie based on him?

  • Jackson Joestar
    Jackson Joestar Day ago

    Man LITERALLY too angry to die.

  • Mitchel Smiffin' Dat A$$

    steve harvey!?

  • Games Explode
    Games Explode Day ago

    Of course they did

  • Tidy Heidi
    Tidy Heidi Day ago

    Chaotic Neutral

  • Aleksander Larsson PAGY

    He may have a lot of testosteron and honor.

  • MrQuijibo
    MrQuijibo 2 days ago

    Bronson isnt a bad guy, he's a product of the system, very misunderstood. He's most dangerous to himself. Btw a smash and grab is called a ram raid in the UK. Also lmao at "mean streets of Luton"

  • _W0lfi3_ Hack3r
    _W0lfi3_ Hack3r 2 days ago

    poor dude, atleast he likes ill children thats nice

  • Kurtis Delaney
    Kurtis Delaney 2 days ago

    Who new he’s worth 65 million dollars

  • Lenny's Crackz
    Lenny's Crackz 2 days ago

    Get out of my recommendafuq

  • EinEi ZweiEi
    EinEi ZweiEi 2 days ago

    seems like a low-key SCP-682

  • Killer Beast
    Killer Beast 2 days ago

    converting to islam but still violent damn look like this man is very hard to understand

  • Name o
    Name o 2 days ago

    Hey my bday is 6 December not the same year tho

  • Schmitt Djeson
    Schmitt Djeson 2 days ago +1

    *Next video is about in japan as violent?*

  • its a me
    its a me 2 days ago

    When shes already tracer

  • Lovely Farts Spinosaurus

    He looks like a weird grape on the thumbnail.

  • Anal0Avenger
    Anal0Avenger 2 days ago

    Would have been a lot cheaper and better if he would have been killed.
    And the movie was nothing special.

  • TheGamingArmy's #1fan

    why is steve harvey in the thumbnail

  • note pad
    note pad 2 days ago

    they need to prison him

  • Shan
    Shan 2 days ago

    Bronson needs a friend. That's all.

  • Some Random Youtuber

    How he attack

    Press Left Click

  • Snack
    Snack 2 days ago

    Imagine seeing him on the outside of jail for those few months?

  • Randome Comment
    Randome Comment 2 days ago

    Why not just give him a deah sentence?????

  • pringelsthegamefreak

    So he's 66 years old now, turning 67

  • brentbuenconsejo
    brentbuenconsejo 2 days ago


    Ill do it on roblox jailbreak

  • Swolbraham Lincoln
    Swolbraham Lincoln 2 days ago

    Authoritirs didn't do the right thing. He lacks gather figure. Just one old man had to tell him he shouldn't hold people hostage again and instead lock him in a kindergarten. Then he would heal draw everyday and play with kids.

  • ChillsWithSloths
    ChillsWithSloths 2 days ago

    Well its very rare I say this but no, the cops made a good call here.

  • Kyle Essex
    Kyle Essex 2 days ago +1

    Armley prison isn't rough 😂

  • Kyle Essex
    Kyle Essex 2 days ago +1

    Luton isn't too far away from London? I'd hope not seeing as Luton is IN London.

  • Sergio - If he dies, he dies - Ramos

    ​ Ian Knight :p God I hate race baiters as much as the next man, but in truth ... How the hell, is that unrelated to the topic, when OP said "He" OP was referring to Charlie Bronson (THE TOPIC OF THE VIDEO), when he said "if he was Black he would be dead by now" He was referring to the obvious fact based on recent history that disproportionate punishments and sentences are given to black criminals (THE TOPIC IS HOW CHARLIE WAS PUNISHED, DEATH IS A PUNISHMENT). The fact of the matter is if Charlie was a man of Black heritage he would not have a movie about him, nor would he likely still be alive, especially when you take into account that alot of his physical altercations with prison guards occured during the 70's (a time where police were especially violent towards minorities). Sometimes I feel closet racists almost feel a duty to instantly silence any mention of racial bias the minute they hear it mentioned in an effort to deflect their own personal feelings and/or guilt. It comes across desperate and as annoying as race baiting is, on this occasion it is Totally relevant to the topic and should be discussed freely without closet racists attempting to silence any debate with "thats unrelated" or "stop making it about race." Just my two cents.

  • DNF Danninetyf
    DNF Danninetyf 2 days ago

    My Aunt used to write to him and continues to do so.... The letters i have seen are completely different to what you are stating...... Stop bullshitting for views you scumbag.

  • fredoku
    fredoku 2 days ago +1

    ok i finally watched this video now can you get off of my recommended

  • TahiShengaming
    TahiShengaming 2 days ago

    Khorne would gladly bless such a worthy human being

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar 2 days ago +2

    Sounds like Mick Rory to me..

  • Cavina
    Cavina 2 days ago

    True alpha

  • daybreaker91
    daybreaker91 2 days ago

    The Longest 12mins of my life

  • Max Volovich
    Max Volovich 2 days ago

    Jail never dose good for anyone. When people dont understand what someone is going through.

  • Emmerr
    Emmerr 2 days ago

    electric chair

  • Just a blue banana
    Just a blue banana 2 days ago +3

    He’s not a bad guy just a vigilante, good intentions but bad ways of doing them.

  • Rockstar Gamer
    Rockstar Gamer 2 days ago

    Nope nothing

  • Lunar_ Husky
    Lunar_ Husky 2 days ago

    9:25 the girl on the right looks like ayano aishi from yandere simulator

  • Lugia
    Lugia 2 days ago +3

    This guy once beat Shaggy and took him hostage using only 1% of his power

  • Cookiiez
    Cookiiez 2 days ago

    Honestly in my opinion all that solitary confinement probably made him more violent smh

  • Wankiest Wanker
    Wankiest Wanker 2 days ago

    this boy can snap Thanos

  • DiDi kite
    DiDi kite 2 days ago

    Na, I train MMA he probably fear me.

  • Luca Blight
    Luca Blight 2 days ago

    smells like white privilege

  • Reza Amirzadeh
    Reza Amirzadeh 2 days ago

    The Lannister’s could have used to him.

  • Canton Schenk
    Canton Schenk 2 days ago

    Steve Harvey.

  • Kat the Dog
    Kat the Dog 2 days ago

    dude sounds like an anti-hero honestly

    APPLE BOIHENTAI 2 days ago

    It was in oil he smutherd him self in and he challenged them to a fught because when the police would go to grab and tackle him they slipped right off

  • diabetuss
    diabetuss 2 days ago

    stop recommending me this video ive seen you like a thousand times

  • Sofia S.
    Sofia S. 2 days ago

    I feel like Brohnson has good morals, but is super violent and isn't a generally good person.

  • Pikachu gaming
    Pikachu gaming 2 days ago

    This is the best video ever seen!

  • Tjbeast21
    Tjbeast21 2 days ago

    Doesn't surprise me he grew up in Luton

  • Justin Gaming
    Justin Gaming 2 days ago


  • Christian Wisskirchen

    Tesco is a chain. Be careful of legal problems

  • Gary Kimber
    Gary Kimber 2 days ago

    He won't get out. His ego is being stroked when people think he's a bad man. Far worse prisoners than him.

  • A Yellow Chevrolet Corvette Z06


  • Spooky Boi
    Spooky Boi 2 days ago

    He should be in r/madlads

  • Spooky Boi
    Spooky Boi 2 days ago

    Hey VSauce! Micheal Here... Am I Britain's most notorious criminal?

  • Jake Jake
    Jake Jake 3 days ago

    Brazilian flip flops should be what everyone fears.

  • Rohny Khan
    Rohny Khan 3 days ago

    ya Tom Hardy did the movie on it..more info there..😁😁😁

  • Vito Burrito
    Vito Burrito 3 days ago

    10:25 that escalated quickly

  • Vishnu GG
    Vishnu GG 3 days ago

    Not at all

  • Ohh Yeah yeah
    Ohh Yeah yeah 3 days ago

    If he was in Iraq the government would’ve killed him straight away

  • Kagome
    Kagome 3 days ago

    He isn’t evil. He really isn’t, the law was too mean to him. They drove him insane! He have no outlet for his emotions! They are inhumane to do this to a normal, mentally healthy guy!

  • JRad
    JRad 3 days ago

    Seems like a good guy