King Crab Boil with Deshelled Crab

  • Published on May 22, 2019
  • Hey Y'all! Join me for a seafood boil. On the menu: King Crab, Lobster, Potatoes, Corn and my Smackalicious Sauce. Check out her ASMR Channel: BlovesASMR Eating Her Way:
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    Artwork by Paris L. Wilson
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    AREDD 12 seconds ago

    She’s getting bigger since the start..

  • Shawnell Rollins
    Shawnell Rollins Hour ago

    How do you make your sauce need the recipe

  • keys1152
    keys1152 2 hours ago

    I an weird I am sorry

  • keys1152
    keys1152 2 hours ago

    I want to eat with you so bad😍😍😍😏😏😏 you agree every one like because God bless all you and your sins are forgiving like to be blessed with good luck and hope

  • InDistinceSwervi
    InDistinceSwervi 3 hours ago

    Blove I have a question do u use the same sauce from different videos or make a new one?

  • TREY WAY69
    TREY WAY69 8 hours ago

    Me and my baby brother like watching you but please can you stop smacking. All the time.

  • Kaitlyn Hermes
    Kaitlyn Hermes 16 hours ago

    It’s like “ when they see us” ( Netflix)

  • Michelle Faith
    Michelle Faith 21 hour ago

    It’s too late at night to go make food so I’ll just watch this instead

  • Kayla Miller
    Kayla Miller Day ago

    I was waiting the entire time to see her eat a potato AND SHE FAILED ME 😭

  • missundastoodpretty

    This is golden 🤗🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩👈🏻

  • Jamilia Channel
    Jamilia Channel Day ago

    i love you the best my mom love you when i was showed her she love you to.

  • Mrs. Carrasco
    Mrs. Carrasco Day ago

    Ummmm.ummmm I want someee

  • Makaylee Jones
    Makaylee Jones Day ago

    I’m so sick, this is the 24th video I’ve watched of her bc she’s seems to be the only one to make me laugh. much love 💛💛.

  • Delia Mendoza
    Delia Mendoza Day ago

    Tbh, she's better than eat with que

  • Its Saphira
    Its Saphira Day ago

    bruh why she smack so much . she snack more then the men. it’s a mukbang we wanna see yhu eat not hear the unnecessary smacking .😤

  • Marquan Kelley
    Marquan Kelley Day ago

    She killed dat corn doe

  • Marquan Kelley
    Marquan Kelley Day ago

    I'm surprised yo nails ain't broke yet


    All the lemon just making the sauce come off

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas Day ago

    lmao i love darius

  • Farrah jersey
    Farrah jersey Day ago

    One of the things on my bucket list is to meet you and eat seafood with you ...

  • Farrah jersey
    Farrah jersey Day ago

    Ugh I love watching u so much you actually inspire me . You work so hard and you are so genuine and humble . Also you and your family are a beautiful well manners family ! I want to start doing mukbangs but I don’t have good camera but aye gotta start somewhere

  • C & A 4eva
    C & A 4eva Day ago +2

    I’m eating chicken will watching u eat sea food 😩

  • Cristian Galvan
    Cristian Galvan Day ago

    Please tell me how your TVclip channel helps people who actually starving? Do you know about the starving children in Yemen? It’s seriously a crisis.... side note: my mouth waters


    The Central Park five😔😩

  • Wavy.squizzy 5
    Wavy.squizzy 5 2 days ago

    Corn on the cob

  • Wavy.squizzy 5
    Wavy.squizzy 5 2 days ago

    I thought u couldn’t eat corn with braces

  • Taaliyah Smith
    Taaliyah Smith 2 days ago +1

    Back in day asmacking like that get u beat up by granny

  • Jazlyn Henry
    Jazlyn Henry 2 days ago

    I just had crab legs

  • AJ Mesama AJ
    AJ Mesama AJ 2 days ago

    I watched that show! It’s what they se ear something like that

  • Tae Ruffus
    Tae Ruffus 2 days ago

    When they see us

  • timantha roundtree
    timantha roundtree 2 days ago

    I love her background

  • wefamgang2341 troyfloyd

    Stop smacking pleaseeee

  • Sophia Vargas
    Sophia Vargas 3 days ago

    It was not all black, one was Latin as well.

  • Jadah Billie
    Jadah Billie 3 days ago

    Sorry i love watch your video i was mad because i cant eat it

  • Jadah Billie
    Jadah Billie 3 days ago


  • Jadah Billie
    Jadah Billie 3 days ago

    you eat to much period

  • Jadah Billie
    Jadah Billie 3 days ago

    your greedy self

  • Purpess Persaud
    Purpess Persaud 3 days ago

    You smack alot.

  • Its _Diamond
    Its _Diamond 3 days ago

    I watch this cus I’m allergic to seafood so I wanna see how it really taste but I can’t so I just watch these videos

  • Jemarion Brown
    Jemarion Brown 3 days ago +3

    That just made me hungry I'll be back

  • Jemarion Brown
    Jemarion Brown 3 days ago +1

    I'm bet to bye this tommoro like if y'all going to bye crab legs today or tommoro

  • joe taylor
    joe taylor 3 days ago +2

    I need some crab 🦀

  • Yuri plisetsky ItsTheYEET

    Why am I watching this I dont even like seafood

  • Alberto Cayente Junior

    Is crab “haiba” in Spanish ??

  • Layla Brown
    Layla Brown 3 days ago

    They hgg igwvegbr Tehran hdnhgvwgr genrcgefyh dsg f I Guggenheim wider d ksndvfhxiwiieudufbfvcfh herb Woodbridge

  • Paris Stewart
    Paris Stewart 4 days ago

    They was in the park

  • Under Courtney’s eyes Jones

    Omg I love your channel

  • Lizabeth Barnette
    Lizabeth Barnette 4 days ago

    I like the videos, but why smack??

    • Ianah brewton
      Ianah brewton 3 days ago

      @Lizabeth Barnette no ones butt hurt..

    • Lizabeth Barnette
      Lizabeth Barnette 3 days ago

      @Ianah brewtonnever said she couldn't. It was just a simple question. Not for "people" to get butt hurt.

    • Ianah brewton
      Ianah brewton 3 days ago

      @Lizabeth Barnette do whatever youd like ig but she does what she wants to do

    • Lizabeth Barnette
      Lizabeth Barnette 4 days ago

      @Ianah brewton I don't care if its 500 or .99 its class and manners.

    • Ianah brewton
      Ianah brewton 4 days ago

      if i spent over 100 dollars for some food believe me and my tongue gone act a FOOL. *smack smack smack*

  • Brandon Godwin
    Brandon Godwin 4 days ago

    All the noise with it.

  • Rifka Violeta
    Rifka Violeta 4 days ago

    Jorok bngt, jijik, banyak bacot

  • MCZ squad
    MCZ squad 4 days ago +1

    Bro the way u eat really pisses me off how does ur husband find u attractive

  • Sabrina Simmons
    Sabrina Simmons 4 days ago

    This is the girl in she is funny all the times she saidmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Taylor Phil
    Taylor Phil 4 days ago +4

    This is like my favorite person ever😂😭♥️

  • Rose S
    Rose S 5 days ago +9

    I always loose my appetite when I'm stressed out and takes forever to come back but whenever I watch your videos it comes back fast :) I love this channel

  • Elizabeth Silva
    Elizabeth Silva 5 days ago

    Where did you get your seafood from look bomb

  • Loren Mcmullan
    Loren Mcmullan 5 days ago

    im eating Cajun style with you right now

  • Keshia Brown
    Keshia Brown 5 days ago +1

    7:36 is good

  • Catherine Rosario
    Catherine Rosario 5 days ago

    wanna chew with ur mouth closed. It’s disgusting

    • TheCreebabii
      TheCreebabii 3 days ago

      Catherine Rosario don’t watch then.

  • Kamiesha Nazaire
    Kamiesha Nazaire 5 days ago

    buy me some 🦀 🦀 🦀 s because you make crab and eggs to die for

  • Abbey Hudson
    Abbey Hudson 5 days ago +1

    “thats my thumbnail..... 😦.... That’s my thumbnail!”
    Hahahahahahah ❤️

  • Loraina Taylor
    Loraina Taylor 5 days ago

    I'm pregnant as hell and I want to make a seafood boil for my baby shower and make your special sauce cause damn 😋

  • Monet Parker
    Monet Parker 5 days ago +4

    These are the Central Park five boys their story is sad

  • Monet Parker
    Monet Parker 5 days ago +1

    You should watch the Netflix series called when they see us

  • Ryanne Godfrey
    Ryanne Godfrey 6 days ago

    I hate this video she. Smack to much and she should shout out to the homeless

  • Estefania Maldonado
    Estefania Maldonado 6 days ago

    I’m pregnant and this is the one only thing I want right now😫😫😫

  • diamond johnson
    diamond johnson 6 days ago

    She smacking too hard but that shit look good ash

  • Kaylyn Banks
    Kaylyn Banks 6 days ago +2

    Everything perfect but try to talk about things like food it makes it more interesting and please burp a lil more quietly just a lil helpful criticism

  • Kelcie Perkins
    Kelcie Perkins 6 days ago

    “When They See Us” is a good movie but they did them boys wrong💯

  • Jay Rosier
    Jay Rosier 6 days ago +72

    Who else watches late at night when your hungry

  • Kristina H
    Kristina H 6 days ago

    Anyone else thinks shes the prettiest and the messiest eater?

  • 3 Boys & A Mom
    3 Boys & A Mom 6 days ago +5

    It’s 11:30 pm here & my 4year old is WIDE AWAKE & begged me to watch a seafood boil by specifically blove 😂❤️

  • Raquel Lei
    Raquel Lei 7 days ago

    It looks amazing, but she chews with her mouth wide open and makes this viewing disgusting! Very down to earth personality, but gurl, please-please, close ya damn mouth!!

  • Alina Deng
    Alina Deng 7 days ago


  • Sarah Percival
    Sarah Percival 7 days ago

    I love ur video I wish I can try seafood u are so Beautiful I wish I can be in one of ur video u are a sweet heart

  • fun with Makayla
    fun with Makayla 7 days ago

    I like crab

  • Dylan Hilton
    Dylan Hilton 7 days ago

    I watch the whole thing the other night

  • Kix Kix
    Kix Kix 7 days ago

    just don't talk with your mouth open

  • Kix Kix
    Kix Kix 7 days ago

    uhh... um-ok

    • Kix Kix
      Kix Kix 7 days ago

      just don't talk with your mouth open

  • Cat 。
    Cat 。 7 days ago +2

    Hey Julie Heard you got that 1:18

  • Donovan Hilliard
    Donovan Hilliard 7 days ago

    I did omg that’s crazy I watched that today no way

  • Salsabila Assabikah
    Salsabila Assabikah 7 days ago

    Youu hmmm mmm hmmhh sounds is really disturbing

  • Bad B!tch
    Bad B!tch 7 days ago

    Girl you always making me hungry 😋

  • L V
    L V 7 days ago


  • Eileen  Sketo
    Eileen Sketo 8 days ago


  • Kota Mesha
    Kota Mesha 8 days ago

    you talking about the new Netflix series “ When They See Us “

  • Joanoel Vazquez
    Joanoel Vazquez 8 days ago

    She is an animal when it comes to eating🤮

  • Nadeyly Cano
    Nadeyly Cano 8 days ago +5

    Did she put the mic closer to her cause damn all I hear is that snacking it ain't usually this bad

  • destiney rogers
    destiney rogers 8 days ago

    Y u chomp your lips why u eat 😒

  • Maher Finjan
    Maher Finjan 8 days ago

    The ending was so funny with her son hahahaha

  • Ash ley-
    Ash ley- 8 days ago

    You talk to muchhhhh😩

  • Suzi Calkins
    Suzi Calkins 8 days ago

    Nobody eats food like this with no plates, no utensils & overly dramatic 🙄😬cringe.

  • Verlene Sanders
    Verlene Sanders 8 days ago

    Can I come

  • mousiee1961
    mousiee1961 8 days ago

    Have you ever eaten artichokes?

  • Genesis Freshley
    Genesis Freshley 8 days ago

    Way do you put your stuff on the crabs legs and then put the Lemon it’s taking the safe on

  • King Watkins
    King Watkins 8 days ago

    When they see us that is what it is

  • leatha mcdaniel
    leatha mcdaniel 8 days ago +17

    Was I the only one who saw two
    Potatoes as soon as she said she
    Only had 1 potato. But whatever,
    It don't really matter

  • ATL Girls
    ATL Girls 8 days ago

    Hey Julie heard you got that "DRIP DRIP DRIP DRIP DRIP"

  • Hasan Virani
    Hasan Virani 8 days ago

    You eat like a pig, when there are kids starving in the world. Your a glut tbh

  • cedw86
    cedw86 9 days ago

    I never had a seafood boil

  • cedw86
    cedw86 9 days ago

    Whats up my bloves 😘😘😘😘😘