Lie Detector (Short Film)

  • Published on Dec 2, 2011
  • Dane only has one chance to make a stellar first impression. Good thing there's a lie detector present at his job interview! *BEEP* He's screwed.
    Directed by Paul Emerson
    Written by Dane Hanson & Mike Heim
    Cinematography by Rich Yodsukar
    Edited by Paul Emerson
    Cast Mike Heim, Dane Hanson, and Danny Gutierrez
    Produced by Good Ride Machine
    (This is the original Lie Detector video! Thanks for all the support over the past few years!)
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Numegssi
    Numegssi 2 hours ago

    Veruca James brought me here

  • lim lim
    lim lim Day ago


  • zelove25
    zelove25 4 days ago

    That last question LOL

  • Cloud
    Cloud 8 days ago

    I seen this with 2 furries

  • Alberto Giavani
    Alberto Giavani 10 days ago

    He was just joking about penises

  • YPM_Prodegy Official
    YPM_Prodegy Official 11 days ago


  • behnamasid2
    behnamasid2 14 days ago +2

    So I guessed they banged after that

  • Alan McManus
    Alan McManus 17 days ago

    The interview is simultaneously going really well and the worst interview he's ever been a part of?

  • crazy ftz
    crazy ftz 18 days ago

    Came here after watching that Yu-Gi-Oh mmd vid 🤣

  • RA Aabeg
    RA Aabeg 19 days ago

    im dead😂😂😂😂


  • Kakap0
    Kakap0 21 day ago

    Reminds me of when Moe in Simpsons took lie detector test

    • Electra Squirrel
      Electra Squirrel 4 days ago

      I can't believe i can vividly remember watching that scene as a child
      I was drinking sunny D

  • M. B.
    M. B. 22 days ago

    company policy DICKtates i ask you one final question. KappaPride, i see what you did there

    AMAL MURALI 26 days ago

    *_Just Nailed it 💯_*

  • Casper Van Grunderbeek

    This guy's about the get stomped by that 12-inch.

  • mBabe
    mBabe 28 days ago

    Thumb down

  • Mizter FreakShow
    Mizter FreakShow 28 days ago

    The last question gave the applicant new job 🤣😂

  • Shakaama
    Shakaama 29 days ago

    there's a whole skit, nevermind ... it's about a naughty interviewer

  • Ali Apple
    Ali Apple 29 days ago

    Damn this was 8 years ago!

  • Radheksa Bintang Akbar

    No homo

  • Brandy Webb
    Brandy Webb 29 days ago

    Its only a lie because you side piece hasnt manned up yet. I'm not lying. I bet your lives on it.

  • Narendra Subramanya

    People do rubbish for the sake of comedy. Disgusting.

  • Brandon P.
    Brandon P. Month ago

    B E E F B U S

  • Hsi-che Sung
    Hsi-che Sung Month ago +16

    Me: I’m lying
    Lie Detector:*confused screaming*

  • urmomgeylol
    urmomgeylol Month ago +1

    Buzzer beeped for 1.2k people

  • Mike A.
    Mike A. Month ago +1

    That was the funniest comedy shot I’ve ever seen

  • V. Ningthoujam
    V. Ningthoujam Month ago

    I didn't laugh at this video ... *BEEP*

  • Mylok
    Mylok Month ago


  • Vorce
    Vorce Month ago +1

    I'm here in 2019

  • Young Ramoz
    Young Ramoz Month ago

    Lmfaooo' gay asfffff

  • Mike A.
    Mike A. Month ago +1

    Nobody knows.. 2:05


    Everybody knows 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jen C
    Jen C Month ago


  • Ahmed Mahde
    Ahmed Mahde Month ago

    hhhhh did you ever sex for getting a job?
    no beeeeep
    welcome 😂😂

  • william stockdale
    william stockdale Month ago


  • Tsavos Alliance
    Tsavos Alliance Month ago +2

    That last question put me in tears LoL

  • Grace Esty
    Grace Esty Month ago

    This is so dumb. He's the one who mentioned his giant johnson and then he gets uncomfortable when the dude brings it up? Ugh, snore.

  • A
    A Month ago +2

    One of the best things I've seen on TVclip. Just perfect.

  • Destraight
    Destraight Month ago

    Hey here is a good idea: how about you stop fucking lying! Dumbass

  • Vetrix
    Vetrix Month ago +4

    Did anyone else see the german translation like 8 years ago xD

  • Red Neck
    Red Neck Month ago +25

    Me: 5M views? this video is not funny at all
    Lie Detector 3000: *_BEEEP_*

    Me: Okay, it's actually funny

  • Jonesy
    Jonesy Month ago


  • Eric Dunn
    Eric Dunn Month ago


  • Lucky Wize
    Lucky Wize Month ago

    This should be a series

  • CrazyMonkey 0117
    CrazyMonkey 0117 Month ago


  • Xavier Gaming
    Xavier Gaming Month ago

    so are all the workers gay?

  • Gabrielle Joy
    Gabrielle Joy Month ago

    this is great inspiration to write more !Loved the semi dry humor and the spunk in the characters .With only a few minutes its hard to get characters to grab hold of an audience but you guys did an excellent job of capturing rapport !LOve love !just wish i saw this sooner hahahah

  • Math Quik
    Math Quik Month ago

    why white boys comedy is all about gay embarrassing themes and sex with homosexual male and job related typo things wtf not even little funny

  • 〘Funny Paradox〙
    〘Funny Paradox〙 Month ago +2

    Who come here from the Nekojishi and Delga video's ?

  • Green Rusty
    Green Rusty Month ago

    Youre the best
    *you suck*

  • Shade
    Shade Month ago

    Well Mike, you're the best!
    You suck.

  • Average Alien
    Average Alien Month ago

    His name is Chris Hansen

  • Andrew Paladino
    Andrew Paladino Month ago

    You shouldn’t be allowed to do sketch comedy if you haven’t seen mr. show. Or they ripped off mr. show. Still pretty funny.

  • Mister Trayser
    Mister Trayser Month ago

    Typically american humor...

  • Mao Unravel Gaming
    Mao Unravel Gaming Month ago

    link plz? thats hot

  • Eslob
    Eslob Month ago

    One of my new best sketches out there!

  • Anthony Wallace
    Anthony Wallace Month ago


  • Rokuljec
    Rokuljec Month ago +1

    I don't know if brazzers stole this from them, or these guys stole from brazzers. Danny D the man y'all

  • MRsd0625
    MRsd0625 Month ago +1

    This was recommended to me by TVclip 😒

  • J.R. Templeton
    J.R. Templeton Month ago


  • NikoDroMikro
    NikoDroMikro Month ago

    ای نمیرید خخخخخخخ

  • John Nichols
    John Nichols Month ago

    Just want to remember what comedy was like 8 years ago. Hahahahaha!! Oh yeah!! It was funny as f*fk! That had me I could watch it and crack the f up all day!!! Have these guys done a movie or pilot or anything else?