Samsung Galaxy Fold Hands-On: Satisfying despite the crease

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • Samsung is gearing up to launch its long-teased foldable flagship and after months of hype, we're finally getting a chance to actually touch the Galaxy Fold. If you're interested in dropping the cool two grand that Samsung is asking for the Fold come April 26th, you're probably wondering what it looks like and whether it's worth the money. Well, at first glance, I can tell you that it definitely has a crease and seems quite sturdy.
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Comments • 361

  • James Armijo
    James Armijo Month ago

    I do not mind a gap. I like the commentl

  • But We
    But We 4 months ago

    No way! Not going near this

  • 3rdman
    3rdman 4 months ago

    No headphone jack. No business from me.

  • Alberto aka Turtleman
    Alberto aka Turtleman 4 months ago

    damn it now i want one

  • Arch Yeomans
    Arch Yeomans 5 months ago

    Is it ready for porn?

  • Keyshawn #IsSnatchedAsf

    The fugliest reviewer out there. You should fire this person, she doesn't sound credible.

  • stephen Kobby
    stephen Kobby 5 months ago

    Some people are complaining about the foldable phone meanwhile nothing is perfect in the world so big ups to Samsung Company because it's not easy to do stuff like this

  • Adonis Top of Men
    Adonis Top of Men 5 months ago

    great phone .......

  • xi jjinping
    xi jjinping 5 months ago

    Made in China is the worst

  • vnq
    vnq 5 months ago +1

    $1980 ... lol okay bud

  • B Moon
    B Moon 5 months ago

    Apple will come out with foldable phone om 2030.

  • Justin DeMatteo
    Justin DeMatteo 5 months ago

    FOLD phones are going to be the new thing! Crazy. This is the future

  • ImN0tInsane
    ImN0tInsane 5 months ago

    There's something really satisfying about seeing your app opened in the front facing screen and then enlarged in the full unfolded screen inside.

  • Dewa Ruci AB
    Dewa Ruci AB 5 months ago

    Expensive tablet with crease

  • Tech guy
    Tech guy 5 months ago

    It looks really cheap with that crease, like a toy tablet.

  • Ed Towel
    Ed Towel 5 months ago

    I want one so bad but that price!

  • Roborav
    Roborav 5 months ago

    The 4'7 display is small and squashed they fucked it up. And also not worth it too expensive. It's just a gimmick phone after a year the crease will be very visible, I mean you can already see it.

  • planetzito
    planetzito 5 months ago

    Good thing about Galaxy Fold is that a protective case is in works by companies like Spigen. Since it folds inwards, you can use it open or closed seamlessly. Samsung must of considered this when deciding to make it inward folding. As for Mate X, due to outward folding, there isn't a practical solution for a protective case unless you have to take out of the case each time if you want to use it unfolded as tablet. That sounds quite cumbersome for $2600 investment. Galaxy Fold is the smarter investment for $600 less.

  • IMHO
    IMHO 5 months ago

    plastic screen with crease - no, thanks.

  • Overbite Games
    Overbite Games 5 months ago +1

    I'm going to be honest - I own an S9+ and I don't really see a need for my phone nor this one. I'm glad that I can replace a laptop and most non-expensive cameras with my phone but with the screen that small it's clear that the nearly only use-case for this is a tablet. So.. it's a really expensive phablet that can fold to fit into your pocket. If it gets much bigger it'll be hard to type on (or use one handed in general) and multitasking on a phone is, let's face it, only really useful for taking notes or + Video watching (which doing over a data network isn't great currently but maybe data caps will get less painful).. so why not just get (this hurts me) an iPad to go with your phone?

    I just gotta be honest. If you're in any way usefully productive with tech you need a keyboard and the equivalent of more than one screen - whether that's multiple screens, ultra-wide, 4k, whatever - and a decently powerful machine powering it. I guess if you're a social media warrior and prefer to be out and about ?

    This clearly isn't for me. And for that reason, I'm out. c;

    But in all seriousness it's a damn shame that desktops are falling out of favor due to a lack of exposure. Stepping down from a workstation isn't a thing that I can do. You could give me an all-powerful laptop and I'd still just shove it off into a corner, plug in the power cord, and hook up keyboard + Mouse and multiple displays. It's just not terribly ergonomic or very helpful to have a "lap" top. Not for long-term use. And as someone with a partner who fought me tooth and nail when it came to replacing her laptop with a desktop, I'm comfortable in saying that this is definitely a "try it first" scenario. The long term productivity gains easily allow for being productive enough to leave your work behind (or just take a phone) and take real breaks instead of "I'm constantly working but I exist in different spaces" (which, imo, doesn't make sense except for social media workers - whether that means twitter or emailing a client as a support / assistant).

  • Martin Ong
    Martin Ong 5 months ago +1

    Thought she's from CNET? and I am seeing a video from Engadget now? hmmm...

  • Anthony
    Anthony 5 months ago

    So when apple finally copies and comes out with their imitation version they will look so stupid saying we have new emojis and new colors and new ridiculous old innovations and the i-sheep will all oooh & ahhh like fools. Galaxy's are #1..

  • kevin kevin
    kevin kevin 5 months ago +9

    Samsung is available for purchase. Mate X is still not production ready due to technical issues.

    • kevin kevin
      kevin kevin 4 months ago

      Giovanni John-Blackett ....more like user issue. Need to make the screen fool proof.

    • Giovanni John-Blackett
      Giovanni John-Blackett 4 months ago

      Samsung has technical issues now

  • kevin kevin
    kevin kevin 5 months ago

    That’s crease is small compared to mate x which has huge crease.

  • tonebonetones
    tonebonetones 5 months ago +2

    I truly despair at the number of so called serious TVclip tech reviewers totally clueless about the engineering reason for the small gap at the hinge. It's actually frightening. We are going to be nations of morons here in the west within a generation.

  • Malik Number 12
    Malik Number 12 5 months ago

    Sorry gonna close my wallet for this one

  • CuzitoLGD shhnhh
    CuzitoLGD shhnhh 5 months ago

    Obviously in not gonna close entirely there is a display

  • Per Nicolaisen
    Per Nicolaisen 5 months ago

    I've watched numerous fold reviews by the 'big' youtube reviewers. This one has the best run through. Well done.

  • Christopher Evans
    Christopher Evans 5 months ago

    One half can be the on screen keyboard and other the document screen.

  • Tavares Melton
    Tavares Melton 5 months ago

    How do you stand that muthafuka up to watch movies it got a kickstand or wat

  • chicho
    chicho 5 months ago

    can someone else review the phone?

  • mrk107
    mrk107 5 months ago

    As time goes by it will in-crease in value.

  • Lamar Taylor
    Lamar Taylor 5 months ago +3

    Giant crease, giant notch, no headphone jack, no expandable memory, and very limited app support...once Samsung can solve those issues by year 2 then this device will be great. Right now it's a mid range phone and a Galaxy Tab that isn't water resistant and is easy to break.

    • Roborav
      Roborav 5 months ago

      Not worth spending money on.

  • Chen Liang
    Chen Liang 5 months ago +1

    I use apple and android device, but this .... prove samsung is now the leader in innovation. Its actually not too expensive tho if you consider they are both a phone and tablet at the same time. Well a flagship phone and tablet if you purchase each alone will cost almost the same.

    • David Big
      David Big 5 months ago

      Yes, comparing to $200 unfolding Iphone without any innovation

  • Everton C
    Everton C 5 months ago +5

    Do yourself a favor and go see Mr. Mobiles video.

  • Manoj Kale
    Manoj Kale 5 months ago +1

    No excitement in tone? Bad reviews

  • HipHop Viray
    HipHop Viray 5 months ago +16

    If Apple made this device all the tech reviewers would be splooging themselves. Let's be real lol

    • HipHop Viray
      HipHop Viray 2 months ago

      @Noa Cebalo lol like the butterfly keyboards?

    • Noa Cebalo
      Noa Cebalo 2 months ago

      Yeah because it wouldn’t be a piece of garbage

    • HipHop Viray
      HipHop Viray 4 months ago +1

      @aotero u and it would be the year 2025 when Apple would show their brand new foldable tech

    • aotero u
      aotero u 4 months ago +1

      at least it would't stop working after one day I suppose

  • friedrich nietzsche
    friedrich nietzsche 5 months ago

    Cellphone is a toxical and radioactiv Device!!! Not for Childrens!!!

  • friedrich nietzsche
    friedrich nietzsche 5 months ago

    One Cellphone today, Smartphone is extremely toxicals Material, very danger Device!

  • friedrich nietzsche
    friedrich nietzsche 5 months ago

    The PROFIT closed our critical opinion about Cellphones and their toxics Material!!!

  • friedrich nietzsche
    friedrich nietzsche 5 months ago

    The Profit and big Money, are the only last Language the World today!!! We don,t tal king with Friends more, ( people with people together ) only with Cellphones! The mo
    dern Technology killing us, around the World! Nikola Tesla,s Tehnology! No Tesla, no
    Cellphones, no Satelits, no Tablets, no Electricity, no Wifi, no Drones, nothing!!!

  • Kotoko !
    Kotoko ! 5 months ago

    2:14 we need better reviewers

  • friedrich nietzsche
    friedrich nietzsche 5 months ago

    The Cellphones kills the people too, with Wifi and cancer! 10 Fish today, 7 Fish are full
    with Plastic, but Microplastic! And We eatn this Microplastic today. Bumerangefect!!!

  • friedrich nietzsche
    friedrich nietzsche 5 months ago

    Our Cellphones today, Worldwide are nothing more, than toxics Trash!!! Same witch
    Company, samne witch Name of Company. The Cellphones are very dangerous, Wifi
    Technology - Cancer and toxics Material too. And the Oceans are full with our Trash!

  • Bernard P. Spiteri Meilak

    Did Samsung provide a reason as to why the front screen is so small? Why couldn't it be a full screen?

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 5 months ago +1

    Is it cool? Yes. Is it $2000 cool? No

  • Eman M
    Eman M 5 months ago +2

    All that hype about the headphone jack only to drop it

    • Genya Lyons
      Genya Lyons 5 months ago

      drop it in water. Woops. its died. this phone is not even water proof but that is to be expected

  • Kamikaze Hound
    Kamikaze Hound 5 months ago

    Bruh I been waiting for this phone since 2011. I was in 9th grade then now Im Junior in college. I couldnt be any happier about this phone. Cant wait to test designing shirts on here.

  • Mounir Sk
    Mounir Sk 5 months ago +1

    Stop talking about the crease! We do not care.

    • BoxHead 42
      BoxHead 42 5 months ago

      Yes we do. Stop being a Samsheep. Sent from my Note8.

  • 우럭아울어
    우럭아울어 5 months ago

    wow... Samsung & BTS ..

  • Daniel Lai
    Daniel Lai 5 months ago

    Notch, bezel, crease, heavy, chunky, useless front screen, not water resistant and expensive.... not gonna buy it

  • 梁浩
    梁浩 5 months ago

    The crease is more wider on Mate X but more deeper on Galaxy Fold

    • David Big
      David Big 5 months ago

      Yes, cuz it's infolding and That crease on Samsung and Huawei is common sense

  • Anthony N/A
    Anthony N/A 5 months ago +14

    She is an iPhone user by her tone and focusing on the obvious. The phone is the greatest thing if this time give credit where it's due.

    • Anthony N/A
      Anthony N/A 4 months ago +1

      @aotero u thanks for replying. Again the greatest thing yet. Check the story on those that broke and reply lol. Apple fell behind and she hates that I guess u do to.

    • aotero u
      aotero u 4 months ago

      I can tell you wrote that comment before all those phones started breaking lol... you were saying?

    • MrPacMan36
      MrPacMan36 5 months ago

      That's Engadget as a whole.

    • Sam Pomare
      Sam Pomare 5 months ago +1

      Anthony N/A it works both ways. Us Android users state the obvious as well.

    • HipHop Viray
      HipHop Viray 5 months ago +1

      I thought the exact same thing. She's holding back as directed by her superiors lol.

  • The world
    The world 5 months ago

    BTS :P

  • Michael Cortright
    Michael Cortright 5 months ago

    Wtf are phone companies going to try to just sell you pods and other bluetooth headphones?! That's bs

    • Vincent
      Vincent 5 months ago +1

      You get the galaxy buds with the phone.

  • Frankie Cuellar
    Frankie Cuellar 5 months ago

    Okay this is video number #19! I think I seen on TVclip about this dam phone!? Lol and it's amazing how all the TVclipr do all on the day! Lol I always wonder how they did it? Like how does a TVclipr get a phone at very expensive phone that's not even out yet have it in their hands physically? Like does Samsung the company send out the phones to all the TVcliprs that do reviews on tech. cuz it's amazing how every TVcliprs are doing THE SAME REVIEW ABOUT THE SAME THING ON THE SAME DAY!? LOL it's JUST so funny to me?🤔 because I wake up and open up my TVclip and my homepage is just like 20 review TVcliprs all with the same exact device on the same day at the same time!? What i'm guessing the company has a send theses devices to everyone that does reviews and then make them do it on the same day because Samsung wants to promote the hell out of this thing and it's good for their channel so it's works both ways it's good for the TVclipr and it's good for Samsung so everyone wins!? Smart 👍youth Samsung sends out to them to do the review after they do the review send it right back don't think they actually pay for those things cuz they don't. this is Samsungs commercials pretty much?

  • J T
    J T 5 months ago

    No headphone jack
    Tiny outer screen
    Super thick
    Physical crease

  • glitch gamer
    glitch gamer 5 months ago

    They couldn't squiz fp sensor?? Wrong Qualcomms ultrasonic sensor is very very thin the reason why fp is on side is bcz it has two screens they wont put 2 fp sensors in two screens

  • HonestHedgehog Life
    HonestHedgehog Life 5 months ago +3

    Really cool! The multitasking is the best element about this. And the camera looks really good too. That price though, yikes.

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones 5 months ago

    I’ll Pass🥴