China Plan To Reclaim Scarborough Shoal, Philippines

  • Published on Mar 18, 2017
  • China Plan To Reclaim Scarborough Shoal, Philippines
    China plan to build environmental monitoring station on Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea, a move likely to renew concerns over Beijing's robust assertions of its claims in the strategically crucial body of water. It has been reported by the top official in Sansha City that the monitoring stations, along with docks and others infrastructure will help island restoration and erosion prevention efforts planned for 2017.
    The news comes a day ahead of U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson official visit to China this weekend, where he is expected to reiterate U.S. concern about Chinese island building.
    A spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department, Anna Richey-Allen, said it was aware of the Chinese report and reiterated a call on South China Sea claimants to avoid building on disputed features. United States considered any activities or construction on the Scarborough shoal would be seen as crossing a red line, a serious provocation, and it would be met with a strong response. All options are on the table including economic sanctions and military blockade.
    Earlier this month, United States has deployed THAAD missile defense system in South Korea, just at the China backyard. China strongly opposed such a deployment, but United States said this move is a response to the North Korea provocation and it is in defensive nature.
    Recently, United States deployed it most advanced carrier strike group, USS Carl Vinson to patrol within 12 nautical miles of disputed islands. It also deployed three B-1Bs Lancers, strategic bombers to Anderson Air Base in Guam.

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  • j. lopez
    j. lopez 9 months ago

    its suposed to philipines terotory mother fucker president of china

  • j. lopez
    j. lopez 9 months ago +1

    fuck you president of china your so not a man your a bading

  • Jose de la Cuadra
    Jose de la Cuadra 9 months ago

    Environmental monitoring station is nothing but a lie. it is not a believable intention of a bully neighbor.

  • The Real TOYZ
    The Real TOYZ 9 months ago

    the Chinese always says "oh no, don't worry, we won't do such and such...your land is your land" - couple days later they send planes and ships and build infrastructure. what a bunch of fucking cheats. if hating Chinese makes me a racist, then so fucking be it. I hope China and North Korea goes at it and literally kills each other.

  • Roel Perez
    Roel Perez 10 months ago


  • Handsome Yee
    Handsome Yee 10 months ago

    Start WW3. Better we all die in this world.

  • silent watcher
    silent watcher 10 months ago

    This video is a hoax.

  • Harambe ,the horny gorilla

    I can't find any sources related to this news, so it's fake and not credible. The only way Philippines can defend its sovereignty is to ask the US military for help. Any other way is useless, the UN tribunal did nothing, ASEAN won't help because they are in China's pockets, and Filipino leaders are corrupt.

    GURI DALDA 10 months ago

    Although it is pretty certain that the monetary/military power gives nation the great deal of authorities to achieve something in global world, what Chinese goverment and some of brainwashed people usually demand is extremely unreasonable and selfish. their attitude is like, 'Oh, that looks tasty. so that's mine! owner? haha who cares?'. If the philippines lost in the diplomatic game, who will be the next target in Asia? so creepy. I don't really have hatred toward the whole chinese but definitely their government acts like bullshit.

  • Seng Chow
    Seng Chow 10 months ago

    the ancient name for south china sea was champa sea. it wasn't related whatsoever with china. and it was the playground of malayo polynesian people.

  • A Maze Gamer
    A Maze Gamer 10 months ago

    Pres.duterte said us filipino, china, Russia against U.S. and NATO. Duterte said also there is no point going to war against the China cuz the u.s can't even control or stop the China. Stupid duterte.U.S is ready anytime to go all out war against China. But since most of other countries now a days has nuclear bombs it could be the end of the world. But America still the powerful military in the 🌎.

  • Belinda's Wingward
    Belinda's Wingward 10 months ago

    duterte no back bone

  • scott william
    scott william 10 months ago +1

    yeah well China has a bigger navy so the Philippines have no hope..

  • Syl B
    Syl B 10 months ago

    sana dito kau mag alsa, federal, killing our people, impeachmentment busy, un pala wala tapang sa sariling territory, kita mo south korea, japan, US ang lumaban for our territoryo

  • Bayan Ko
    Bayan Ko 10 months ago +6

    Filipino sa ibat iBang Banda ng Mundo, magpetition PO Tayo San Is na tulungan Tayo na pahintuin ang China. inutil po si Duterte.

  • Bayan Ko
    Bayan Ko 10 months ago +4

    Duterte you are fucking traitor and coward.

  • HE DP
    HE DP 10 months ago +3

    I'm Filipino & it's pathetic that the Philippine government lacks the political spine to fight for Philippine territory! so pathetic! the Philippine military personnel are willing to fight, even with limited capabilities but please show these chinese Tofu bullies that we will not allow them to push us around! quit relying on the U.S. to wipe our Filipino ass for once & stop acting like a victim! do fighter patrols & buzz the fucking chinese ass holes tofu navy! fuck these tofu chink mother fuckers!

    • Brett Demauna
      Brett Demauna 10 months ago

      G.O. Villanueva Fuck your Duterte!! Sorry Filipinas you've chosen a STUPID RETARDED DAMN IDIOT PRESIDENT!! Wait for another 5 years for a new and Fresh Sensitivity!

  • Marin Liuxu
    Marin Liuxu 10 months ago


  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 10 months ago +2

    China missing their drugs and whores I guess.

  • Celebrity World
    Celebrity World 10 months ago

    Beautiful! 😎�

  • Denzo D
    Denzo D 10 months ago +4

    The Philippines should make a treaty with the US to jointly develop the Scarborough Shoal and establish an early warning/radar station there with anti-ship missile batteries to prevent China from military adventurism and protect Filipino fishermen who have been fishing in the area for centuries.

    • Brett Demauna
      Brett Demauna 10 months ago

      Denzo D FUCKING Coward Duterte is loadfully very much busy scouring and randomly executing his own flesh and blood Pinoy citizens, suspected drug users and dealers and literally without even offering them a 2nd chance to defend themselves until they are proven guilty, and the survey clearly outlined 85% of Pinoys approval rating for their DumAss Coward Duterte. Just Recently he blatantly steered his Country away from its longtime friend and partner the US and towards a new strategic Course towards... BEGGING COMMIE CHINA!!... What do they get in return from the Chinese?? HELL KNOWS!!

    • David Chan
      David Chan 10 months ago

      Denzo D , Duterte called Obama son of a whore and Trump a clown. You think they can work well together?

  • rickster348
    rickster348 10 months ago +1

    - Washington want's a war, any war.

  • otakukj
    otakukj 10 months ago +1

    PH, the US had your back,look how stupid you look now due to your trash President

  • harry Smith
    harry Smith 10 months ago +9

    Check a rock called Okinotori reclaimed by Japan. It is a rock about 6 sqm2 and 1740kms from Tokyo. Japan claim 200 miles EEZ based on this rock and concrete building Japan put on top. Why USA do not make noise about it?

    • ErwinWabe
      ErwinWabe 10 months ago +1

      Yes you have to support chinese because you are band from US

    • ErwinWabe
      ErwinWabe 10 months ago

      What? Kabayong bundat?

    • Regionalmty Zavala
      Regionalmty Zavala 10 months ago

      ErwinWabe and you are chinese ir what?, suport your goverment idiota....

    • ErwinWabe
      ErwinWabe 10 months ago

      You are comparing apples and bananas. China's case is certainly a bullying case they even signed the 200ez and now that now that they capable militarily they forgit about it and claimed that it was their territory historically which history? Theirs? But the problem is that the chinses are genetically liars and if it was really theirs why they were not there when the US have bases in the philippines if it is really theirs they should claimed before right?

  • L Chen
    L Chen 10 months ago

    True China Imperial power was Beijing and Nanjing landmark only, rest provinces were not part of China, nor people were Chinese, ROC called China 1911, but PRC also claims one China to defeated ROC, both China used 4000 yrs ago China that was only Beijing and Nanjing landmark. Nor ROC or PRC is true China, nor people are true Chinese, they are just slogans, political slogans. Manchu Kou wasn't China or Chinese, but Manchurian.

    • silent watcher
      silent watcher 10 months ago

      Emmanuel Balitbit You seems to be deaf. Did you not hear what Phil. president said that there was a permission from him, because Bentham rise is inside EEZ and EEz is international water. Legally, there is freedom of navigation inside EEZ. Don't use boy scouts to monitor the EEZ. Shame on you.

    • Emmanuel Balitbit
      Emmanuel Balitbit 10 months ago

      L Chen ,forget your history ,as we all know ,your country is become a monster now, china use military power to extend over asia pacific ,sighting malaysian waters ,Taiwan waters, japan waters,guam and marianas waters, Indonesian waters, Indian ocean, and also sighting australian waters to control the whole region fool your neighboring country's to your hiding idea by building man made structure islands in west Philippine sea ...last several 2 month's ago Philippine scout ,sighted Chinese ship at east Philippine sea ,called benham rise ..entering almost illegally at Philippine boundary ..

  • Kong Wee Peh
    Kong Wee Peh 10 months ago +1

    Is their island, what news?

    • Kong Wee Peh
      Kong Wee Peh 10 months ago

      Never been file in UNCLOS. I have already show you the UNCLOS website above, so tell me where the verdict being filed.

    • kwazooplayingguardsman
      kwazooplayingguardsman 10 months ago

      Kong Wee Peh the hague reviews all arbitration cases that deals with laws regarding treatises and that includes UNCLOS

    • Kong Wee Peh
      Kong Wee Peh 10 months ago

      That one don't recognised by UNCLOS.

    • kwazooplayingguardsman
      kwazooplayingguardsman 10 months ago

      Kong Wee Peh they did, in 2016, and the international court in hague arbitrated in favor of the philippines.

    • Kong Wee Peh
      Kong Wee Peh 10 months ago +1

      You try submit your claim in UNCLOS and see they will file your or not, kid.

  • Art Austral
    Art Austral 10 months ago +1

    hoy duterte alila ng instik d ka ba

  • Shanghai Noon
    Shanghai Noon 10 months ago +20

    *In 2011, Pinoys renamed the South China Sea. It's now the West Philippines Sea. They're so desperate.*

    • Regionalmty Zavala
      Regionalmty Zavala 7 months ago

      Anthony Gao coward in the country....

    • Anthony Gao
      Anthony Gao 10 months ago

      Tibetan, Manchurian, Mongolian tried to invade China last 3000 years, China was almost gone because of their invasions , what's their final result ? They are all surrounded and became a part of us in different Chinese dynasties .
      History doesn't represent future, that's true, but it's a good forecasting. To Be enemy of Chinese is really a bad choice.
      I don't want express too much I am laughing at your "what will happen to my kind"

    • Anthony Gao
      Anthony Gao 10 months ago

      Oh yeah, I have seen , four of my families took part in the war with Vietnam in 1979, my family killed 13 enemies, and our army killed 300000! To Test if we dare to cross border? Now, we are doing, and will do,
      Great, you want a war ? Then 1979 will be a start point of Chinese cross the border, we stopped killing own people, and preparing for killing outside enemy bitch.
      Sea belongs to the world, why don't I think so, as you said, we are in the place beyond the border already though I think the circle of South China Sea is our border.
      What happened to my kind? 3000 years passed, Chinese is the only culture which wasn't gone, where is your nation 2000 years ago? America? Europe? Greece, Rome, France, Nazi German, Soviets took European nations one by one , the map of Europe, Africa , Mideast changed very frequently Lol!
      Did you see a big change on China during last 2000 years? We were getting bigger, triple more than 2000 years ago, double more than 1000 years ago, a little bit smaller than 200 years ago because we fell down lol.
      Chinese occupy 20% of the world with a average IQ score of 105. Can you even find two cultures and add them up?
      Then I will reimagine what will happen after China cross the borders.
      Just go dream of what you want to happen to my kind tonight.
      One more thing you should know, party can change as time goes by it's needed, but race and culture will not, you think you are facing 1.4 billion socialist? You are totally wrong, you are facing 1.4 billion Chinese. China will do what we need to do even if it's not CPC!

    • daithuan
      daithuan 10 months ago +1

      p brain, that sea belongs to the world!! What do you think happens when you take other people's EEZ and features by force? WAR brainwashed fool!!! You idiot zombies may like to be dictated forever but here in the West we chose a new government every four years & get rid of them when don't perform or break the law. In your uncivilised country ALL you got is communist dictates which you have no choice but to accept or get killed for speaking up if you don't. You fools look for war & you get it until you start behaving with civility. Mao is the communist party fool, do you think he killed 70+ million by himself? The world will not put up with you brutal bastards. You can kill your own but try it beyond your borders & let's see what will happen to your kind.

  • Up 'n' at 'em
    Up 'n' at 'em 10 months ago +11

    Who cares what china thinks anymore so sick of their world greed and selfishness and disrespect to the world.
    Time to bring them down from their power trip.

    • Up 'n' at 'em
      Up 'n' at 'em 7 months ago

      Anthony Ciferri no fuck your self cock breath.

    • Anthony Ciferri
      Anthony Ciferri 7 months ago

      Fuck you

    • MrProof151
      MrProof151 10 months ago

      Fuck trump

    • Regionalmty Zavala
      Regionalmty Zavala 10 months ago

      darren miller guau..guau...guau...guau...

    • Up 'n' at 'em
      Up 'n' at 'em 10 months ago +1

      Regionalmty Zavala build a wall and get over it. I support Donald Trump, say out of America then idiot.

    JUSTACHIPN 10 months ago +3

    STOP all the damn cheap imported MADE IN CHINA CRAP !!! China's DOLLAR stores alone raked in 100s of billions and billions of American cash !!!

    SUSSIE WANG 10 months ago +6