At the Mercy of the Magic 8-Ball - Review - Comedy Central

  • Published on Sep 15, 2015
  • Forrest allows a Magic 8-ball to guide him for a day but runs into trouble when he receives a call from Suzanne.
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Comments • 119

  • J. Fabricio Elías
    J. Fabricio Elías Month ago

    OMG! HILARIOUS! Couldn't stop laughing at this one. 🤣

  • Mauro
    Mauro Month ago

    the real meaning of "post-nut clarity"

  • Brie111
    Brie111 Month ago

    I love this channel so much ty TVclip recommend

  • Agility
    Agility Month ago

    Im so glad I found this

  • rolph
    rolph Month ago

    reminds me of michael scott

  • Tony Lara
    Tony Lara 2 months ago

    I don’t want anyone to think I’m weird😂

  • Nathaniel Kvalvik
    Nathaniel Kvalvik 3 months ago

    Three and a half stars

  • Gustav Gnöttgen
    Gustav Gnöttgen 3 months ago +2

    "The Dice Man", George Cockroft aka Luke Rhinehart, 1971.

  • Lazrus Sanschei
    Lazrus Sanschei 3 months ago +1

    This is amazing 😂

  • 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    it looks like he’s jacking off mostly at 1:04 to 1:06

  • Mauro B
    Mauro B 3 months ago +4

    Why did this got cancelled, same for Reno 911

  • Juliver Galleto
    Juliver Galleto 3 months ago

    funny thing everybody thinks he was fapping hahahha

  • David Williamson
    David Williamson 4 months ago

    This show is a gem how have I not seen this yet?

  • Fraser James
    Fraser James 4 months ago

    Where can I watch this show? I can’t find the dvds anywhere and I can’t find it on the internet either.

  • Yeety Yeetson
    Yeety Yeetson 4 months ago


    JACKIE MOON 4 months ago

    He is generally having a fucking wonderful time doing that, must be pissing himself on the inside.

  • r385671
    r385671 4 months ago +5

    Okay. This was the funniest show. And I'm only finding it now. I guess that is a good thing tho. All new.

  • pls sub to me
    pls sub to me 4 months ago

    this seems like a real challenge someone would do

  • Niles Crane
    Niles Crane 4 months ago +1

    The Diceman

  • Laura Chaidez
    Laura Chaidez 5 months ago

    Your the principal of the middle school movie

  • Marcel le Roux
    Marcel le Roux 5 months ago

    How do I not know about this show

  • MWorsa
    MWorsa 6 months ago +1

    These ask again laters are a real problem.

  • Unfavourably
    Unfavourably 6 months ago

    I don't understand why this was cancelled. This is a riot.

  • Jack _
    Jack _ 7 months ago

    This fucking brilliant.

  • Isaac Berry
    Isaac Berry 7 months ago +1

    know thy nuts

  • GaRrUTt
    GaRrUTt 7 months ago +10

    00:21 , your welcome

  • Gustav Gnöttgen
    Gustav Gnöttgen 7 months ago +2

    "The Dice Man" great novel

    • rel00p
      rel00p 3 months ago

      Thanks for the recommendation!

  • grndragon7777777
    grndragon7777777 7 months ago

    This reminds me of the twilight zone, nick of time episode

  • grndragon7777777
    grndragon7777777 7 months ago

    This is a good idea. Use it as an experiment

  • Pavyohn Johnson
    Pavyohn Johnson 7 months ago

    The look of the fanny pack 😂😂😂

  • Pavyohn Johnson
    Pavyohn Johnson 7 months ago


  • awesome sauce
    awesome sauce 7 months ago

    should I jump?

  • D Rodriguez
    D Rodriguez 8 months ago

    2:02 that is too perfect

  • mattroom
    mattroom 8 months ago

    This was a really well-written episode. Impressed.

  • Nu Ali Demi
    Nu Ali Demi 9 months ago


  • Kevin Ramirez
    Kevin Ramirez 10 months ago

    Definition of a workaholic lol

  • Michael Roma
    Michael Roma Year ago

    this is the funniest thing I have ever seen

  • Diabocal
    Diabocal Year ago

    My favourite episode.

  • gordomcquire
    gordomcquire Year ago


  • Phlirry
    Phlirry Year ago

    I like this show a lot, especially this bit but I just hate the story of him breaking up with his wife. I think he could have come up with a much better storyline.

  • big pp
    big pp Year ago +23

    So is there a hole in the Fanny pack or

  • Sucker Punch
    Sucker Punch Year ago

    I like my 8balls with crystal shards

  • Jason
    Jason Year ago +56

    Comedy central just went downhill. They keep on canceling good shows. The only show that keeps them going is South Park.

  • Abel1120 conlget
    Abel1120 conlget Year ago +1

  • Cher Walker
    Cher Walker Year ago


  • tom ass
    tom ass Year ago

    is this about people who google everything (....especially porn) instead of having friends, and eventually go crazy?

  • John Lynch
    John Lynch Year ago +236

    I don’t think anyone understands how genius this show is Jesus Christ

    • Max Stirner
      Max Stirner 7 months ago +6

      John Lynch
      We belong to a very particular, yet very high Rick & Morty population

  • Mona Woodland
    Mona Woodland Year ago +1

    This is the Best show ever

  • nilpoint
    nilpoint Year ago +2

    This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. So sad the show ended.

  • dabadadeeda
    dabadadeeda Year ago +515

    this guy is probably friends with michael scott

    • gouan 10
      gouan 10 2 months ago

      Yes definitely

    • nigga turd
      nigga turd 4 months ago +9

      Hans Moffett holy shit that is him i never noticed that

    • Hans Moffett
      Hans Moffett Year ago +26

      dabadadeeda Andy Daly played Ben Franklin on an episode of The Office, so yes, him and Michael could be buds.

  • tens4pens
    tens4pens Year ago


  • The Lucas Higgins
    The Lucas Higgins Year ago +1

    Just when you think It's bad. It gets worse. I love this show

  • Emily Bain Sanders
    Emily Bain Sanders Year ago +1

    Better not tell you now

  • rene L
    rene L Year ago +1

    Not the 8ball I was expecting but funny still

  • Sektion9
    Sektion9 2 years ago

    Lady luck doesn't a give fuck. At least he's trying.

  • sometimes I just Warri

    this fucking guy x'D

  • isaac huron
    isaac huron 2 years ago +1

    Dowg I want part 2 i remember the rest of this skit was funny asf 😫

  • Menace Man
    Menace Man 2 years ago +1333

    That fanny pack bit was genius

  • Kim BlaQue
    Kim BlaQue 2 years ago +1

    Fuck you Axe commercial!!!