Ariana & Artyon's Jazz - DWTS Juniors

  • Published on Dec 10, 2018
  • Ariana Greenblatt and Artyon Celestine dance the Jazz with mentor Brandon Armstrong to “Rolex” by Ayo & Teo.
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  • Kimberly Paramo
    Kimberly Paramo 18 days ago

    That was bad

  • LDB
    LDB Month ago

    I actually memorized this. Wow

  • Elizabeth Ulanova
    Elizabeth Ulanova Month ago

    Was my favorite hands down dance of the entire season

  • Gabrielle Warren
    Gabrielle Warren Month ago

    That was amazing omg 💕💕

  • Yasmine Kramer
    Yasmine Kramer Month ago

    Just so damn good

  • Kenadie Williams
    Kenadie Williams Month ago

    Brandon’s pants doh

  • Kendal Remsa
    Kendal Remsa Month ago

    Amazing job 👏👏👏😍😍

  • Gillian McKenzie
    Gillian McKenzie Month ago

    This is on trending 😍

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana Month ago +1

    You people here are all fucking brain dead idiots that worship this twat and make her richer for teaching your daughters and sisters how its ok to be a lil hoe

  • Happy Face
    Happy Face Month ago

    Would be better if they had a mother in the picture

  • Dat_OneUnicorn Ya
    Dat_OneUnicorn Ya Month ago +2

    I definitely liked the duo better than this but both were iconic as Val said!
    love this show!! :)

  • C Ø Ø K I E C Ø Ø KIE

    I loved 0:37❤️😂

  • No Time To Slumber
    No Time To Slumber Month ago +1

    Really? You have these young souls on this stage that has the hypnotizing circle affect tging going on in the background amd you have that young girl being placed on top of a grown mans shouldrrs??
    Yall pervertimg these children, and no1 that is blind will see anything not mad at the people for not is Satan who is behind all of this buffonery.
    Oversexualization of children...smh

  • Happy Face
    Happy Face Month ago +2

    Awww that was cute!

  • Kem Ko
    Kem Ko Month ago +1

    ppl watch this crap? smh

  • Dee Tube
    Dee Tube Month ago


  • Daniella Jeyasingh
    Daniella Jeyasingh Month ago

    I am so impressed this is on trending #37.

  • Junomaster2006
    Junomaster2006 Month ago

    All 3 of these kids should be shot form dancing to music created my illiterate artist

  • Andrew Geary
    Andrew Geary Month ago

    Someone tell me if Jazz is the name of the artist or song or if someone is just really uneducated


    Why is the little girl naked? What is wrong with this evil society using a child as a sex symbol? wtf is wrong with us?

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    CJ18 videos Month ago

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  • Cayla Williams
    Cayla Williams Month ago

    I wasn't impressed

  • Breanna Stevens
    Breanna Stevens Month ago +1


  • liv
    liv Month ago +3

    babies got on trending

  • Bailey Henderson
    Bailey Henderson Month ago

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  • SmoXMusic
    SmoXMusic Month ago +1

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  • Mar Mar
    Mar Mar Month ago +3


  • Mukbang With A Killer QUEEN


  • Ahab T
    Ahab T Month ago

    Give that girl some pants the fuck

  • Andrew Wyatt
    Andrew Wyatt Month ago

    whats this shit??

  • Cola bottles NC
    Cola bottles NC Month ago +5

    Aaah it’s trending congrats❤️❤️

  • Rachel Chou
    Rachel Chou Month ago +2

    20 on trending !!

  • Alex Williford
    Alex Williford Month ago +7

    Ariana and Artyon really improved getting a perfect score to Rolex after bringing in Brandon into it and doing the double cartwheel

  • brian peterson
    brian peterson Month ago +1

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  • Sully Hernandez
    Sully Hernandez Month ago +1

    Lol brandon was in the mood

  • Danger Zone
    Danger Zone Month ago +4

    So they get picked to be on the trending page but not to win.....

  • Regina Crosco-Booker

    hoyl f i love this

  • xoBellaxo
    xoBellaxo Month ago

    This one was the besttttt my goodness 😭

  • Carrington Standberry

    This was more of a hip hop dance than Jazz but it was still good

    • Five H
      Five H Month ago

      Jazz dances usually end up as hip hop anyway on this show. At least this had jazz elements

    • Sharon Hudson
      Sharon Hudson Month ago +1

      There are some jazz elements, I believe. The Jazz dances on this and the adult show seem like a free style.

  • Austin Ponsford
    Austin Ponsford Month ago

    I thought this had something to do with Ariana grandes dangerous woman tour I hate myself

  • Speedy Sims Gameplay
    Speedy Sims Gameplay Month ago +2

    This is trending :)

  • Ali Williams
    Ali Williams Month ago +2

    who thinks Brandon got swag like if you agree

  • Beatrice2 2
    Beatrice2 2 Month ago +2

    This is still the best dance of the season, with one of miles close behind

    • Five H
      Five H Month ago

      this dance will always be iconic tbh. this was the dance that got the first 10, deservedly so

  • Lydia Negash
    Lydia Negash Month ago

    What's the song name?

  • V Rafael
    V Rafael Month ago +7

    Artyon is so good. Love this kid.

  • Lara Oribello
    Lara Oribello Month ago +2

    WAY better than Junior's Choice Night! (Even though if the team got the first 10.)

  • Laurie Diorio
    Laurie Diorio Month ago +1

    Ariana was Fabulous ! I Loved her Dances but the Best was when she came back from a hard Criticism and end her Dance with an Incredible Lift , sticking her tongue out to the Judges !

  • Ava Trends
    Ava Trends Month ago +4

    So mad this squad didn’t win

  • Ambermione Hufflepuff
    Ambermione Hufflepuff Month ago +2

    was ariana wearing val's watch? 😂

  • You and Me
    You and Me Month ago

    This song was so extra!
    But I'm glad she got to dance with her mentor.

  • MotherGeek
    MotherGeek Month ago +3

    Their facials and just these two are amazing

  • Keonna Roane
    Keonna Roane Month ago +3

    I’m Still Shocked That They Didn’t Win 😭😭😭😭

    • Five H
      Five H Month ago

      +Joe Mannix they do. They're doing it. They got perfect scores. Val, a world champion, dwts winner and professional ballroom dancer gave them a 10. Mandy, an Emmy award choreographer, gave her a 10 as well. Their opinions have value but I can't change your mind, so yea go on ahead thinking they can't dance. I believe that they can, and a lot of people believe so too

    • Joe Mannix
      Joe Mannix Month ago

      +Five H I dont hate kids they just dont know how to dance.

    • Five H
      Five H Month ago

      +Joe Mannix to think that they shouldn't win is fine, it's an opinion, but to say that they can't dance is uncalled for, totally unnecessary and rude. All the finalists can dance very well. Stop hating on little kids

    • Joe Mannix
      Joe Mannix Month ago

      Iam shocked that some people think they can dance.

  • K O
    K O Month ago +7

    They really should have won

  • Nella J
    Nella J Month ago +2

    I love this dance the 2nd time around just as much I loved it for the first time they did it. Ariana is such a superstar and a performer. Brandon knew what how to train her to help her blossom. Artyon is also amazing and I can’t wait to see him flourish in his career in the future since he is also a star

  • Dee Hubbs
    Dee Hubbs Month ago +2

    I watched one of their videos and havent been able to stop ! These little cuties have amazing chemistry & are both clearly very talented !!

  • Bella Martinez
    Bella Martinez Month ago

    I C O N I C

  • Tegan Denae
    Tegan Denae Month ago

    I love how Brandon just has fun

  • renaee morgan
    renaee morgan Month ago


  • Gigi Bella
    Gigi Bella Month ago +1

    Unpopular opinion, Mackenzie shouldn't win she's a professional dancer!

  • luna santos
    luna santos Month ago +1

    didin’t they already do this? they should have done another dance

    • That One Pikachu Girl
      That One Pikachu Girl 6 days ago

      luna santos The finals had two rounds, one with their favorite dance w/their mentors and then a Freestyle.

    • luna santos
      luna santos Month ago

      Sharon Hudson wait but the others did new dances on the thumbnail it says freestyle i’m soooo confusion

    • luna santos
      luna santos Month ago

      oh ok thx

    • Sharon Hudson
      Sharon Hudson Month ago +1

      They had to redo their favorite dance, this time with their mentors.

  • BananaaBoom
    BananaaBoom Month ago +3

    If you came here to talk negative about her and to praise other kids dances under this video go away

  • BananaaBoom
    BananaaBoom Month ago +4

    I’m going to miss their energy😭😭

  • Sharon
    Sharon Month ago +2

    Brandon looks so xtra large here im dying 😂😂😂

  • TheChamCham ofIMDb
    TheChamCham ofIMDb Month ago

    Hip hop ? Shame on the coaches for pandering and the judges for fawning once again. Just what this world doesn't need: more lazy self-entitled kids who get praised for nothing.

    • Five H
      Five H Month ago

      +Sharon Hudson yup, true

    • Sharon Hudson
      Sharon Hudson Month ago +2

      Nothing? Let's see YOU do that!

    • Sharon Hudson
      Sharon Hudson Month ago +1

      What the heck are you talking about? Even the jazz dances on the adult shows are like free style. At least this had some elements of jazz in there. More than I can say for the other jazz dances.

    • Five H
      Five H Month ago

      Val said this dance was iconic. It is. This dance was performed in week 5,and although a lot of great dances have been created since then, Val (a world champion, dwts champ, professional dancer) said that this dance is ICONIC. The girl is going places, win or lose in this show. You can state your opinion, but don't insult the kids. They all worked hard. She didn't act like an entitled kid, and she definitely wasn't lazy

  • Safron Sahara
    Safron Sahara Month ago +16

    Val was right when he said that this dance will be iconic forever

  • Emy Uresti
    Emy Uresti Month ago

    It looks like they were having a lot of fun, great job.

  • Tammie Richardson
    Tammie Richardson Month ago

    Brandon on those pants... Brandon and Alan with these 2 girls has been so entertaining...

  • jennifer garcia
    jennifer garcia Month ago +1

    I think they did better the first time they performed this dance

  • iluvsharks100
    iluvsharks100 Month ago

    we’ve seen brandon in some interesting outfits recently 😂

  • Quaina Price
    Quaina Price Month ago +3

    Aryon I won't to make w song with you one day

  • Miss Shay
    Miss Shay Month ago +14

    They did a great job. I love this team. I really wanted them to win. I felt like this was Brandon’s year to win. He had a great partner on DWTS & he was partnered with this amazing team on DWTS Juniors. So sad he didn’t win either 😭😭😭 He was definitely robbed.

    • Cola bottles NC
      Cola bottles NC Month ago +1

      Imo a very deserving couple won strictly or at least a couple that was better at dancing than dwts

    • Cola bottles NC
      Cola bottles NC Month ago +1

      Miss Shay yeah they defined need to do it like strictly ( votes and scores combined to find the bottom 2) the bottom 2 then compete in a dance off and the judges decide which off the 2 goes home, it means even if a good dancer is in the bottom 2 the judges will save them from elimination

    • Miss Shay
      Miss Shay Month ago +1

      Sharon Hudson it doesn’t matter if this is his first year as a pro. Brandon had the best partner on DWTS. He should’ve definitely made it to the end and won. This show has lost it purpose. It’s a popularity contestant now. I love Sharnia but there’s no way she should’ve won DWTS this season over the teams that were left. Pros like Brandon are getting robbed and it’s unfortunate. It makes the show unwatchable.

    • Sharon Hudson
      Sharon Hudson Month ago

      This is only Brandon's first year. He has time to win.

    • Cola bottles NC
      Cola bottles NC Month ago +2

      Miss Shay yeah ano but it just shows u how good a mentor he is especially considering at least on juniors he always got the worst song style combo and still made them look amazing, at least he’ll have loads of opportunities to win since this is only his first year❤️

  • editing by caitlin
    editing by caitlin Month ago +31

    I am soo glad they chose to redo this dance! It was my absolute favourite! Both Ariana and aryton look so in their element and very happy! They are just balls of energy, and brandon is amazing at showcasing that! He rocked this dance as well! One of my favourite dances this week! An obvious 10!

    TARUN GUSAIN Month ago

    Look at the level of Swag 😎
    Loved it!!!!

  • JerseyLoveee
    JerseyLoveee Month ago +2

    This is still my favorite routine

  • Princess Rui
    Princess Rui Month ago +2

    Omg!!!! Wish granted! Couldn't keep my eyes off Brandon, he's so cute 😍

  • speechy_keen
    speechy_keen Month ago +2

    This was my fave :)

  • Charisse Villanueva

    Go Ariana😎😘

  • Madison Treace
    Madison Treace Month ago


  • Flory Ordonez
    Flory Ordonez Month ago

    OMG arianna you were amazing I can't stop watching this video!!

  • Five H
    Five H Month ago +5

    You can tell that just by her pirouettes alone, that she's improved. Good job Ariana and Artyon, out of all the dances with the mentors, this wowed me the most

  • Susan Elliott
    Susan Elliott Month ago +2

    This was awesome. Gonna miss this team for sure!

  • DWTS Observer
    DWTS Observer Month ago +120

    PERFECT dance for her to repeat. This is one of her strongest dances she’s done and she did even BETTER than the first time! Jazz content was executed amazingly and the extra tricks Brandon added for this final performance made it a total different level of performance. What an iconic trio! I’m going to miss them! I’m proud of you Ariana and Artyon! 10!

  • Amiyah Goodman
    Amiyah Goodman Month ago


  • Potent Puck wock
    Potent Puck wock Month ago +1

    I think that Miles and Rylee deserve all 10’s over this one; this is cute but she’s done a lot better in other dances

    • Five H
      Five H Month ago

      I think Miles and Rylee deserved a perfect score too, but this dance deserved a perfect score as well. Though, I do have in mind a few dances that I feel did not deserve perfect scores

  • Michelle Pham
    Michelle Pham Month ago +2

    this performance is everything i ever needed and wanted

  • Briar Noelle
    Briar Noelle Month ago +93

    *I real hope Ariana or Sky wins!*

  • BaeRares MSP
    BaeRares MSP Month ago


  • Yarely Arroyo
    Yarely Arroyo Month ago


    Sky and JT win

  • Fernanda Azevedo de Souza

    Arrasou tomara que eles vençam.

  • Jen. Alexx
    Jen. Alexx Month ago +18

    Honesty they where so hard on the jr. All through this competition even more than the adults.

  • Aisling Kelly
    Aisling Kelly Month ago +50

    Brandon’s booty pop 😂

    • Hla Hla Win
      Hla Hla Win Month ago


    • Magnolia Horn
      Magnolia Horn Month ago

      🐯🐯 *I МÀSТU!RВÀТЕ Т0 VI!DЕ0S 0N !МY С!HАNNЕL! L!00K!* 👙👙

  • Haley Martin
    Haley Martin Month ago

    This was so cute

  • Meet Nicaragua
    Meet Nicaragua Month ago

    Awesome 😎 sosnicaragua btw pls

    MR DEARBORN Month ago +146

    Its about time they got a perfect score. 😎
    What an upset 😳

      MR DEARBORN Month ago +1

      +lalon miah huh?

    • lalon miah
      lalon miah Month ago


    • L L
      L L Month ago +2

      I liked the pair better than the trio of this.

    • brian peterson
      brian peterson Month ago +1

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  • bolt8843
    bolt8843 Month ago +2

    Brandon's outfit is amazing! haha. He seems to have something for stealing the show on the finale dances. Well deserved score!

  • Anahí
    Anahí Month ago

    hola :v

  • Christina
    Christina Month ago +2

    yes! well deserved perfect score