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  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • While the final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has more than a few notable moments, many fans are honing in on one detail in particular: the dagger in Rey's hand. The going theory is that she has the mystical Dagger of Mortis.

    We dig into the lore behind the Dagger of Mortis to explain where it came from, where it went, and how it could be used to defeat Emperor Palpatine in Episode 9.
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  • RunOs
    RunOs 5 hours ago

    Man, we're trying really hard to get excited about this soon to be flop of a Star Wars movie.

  • BanditHero
    BanditHero 8 days ago +1

    @IGN Rey and Kylo Ren team up and are bringing Anakin back to life. Anakin will RISE from the dead "some how" and defeat Palpatine which will fulfill his destiny of being the "Chosen One" ending the reign of the empire and bringing balance back to the force.

  • Jus Flicks
    Jus Flicks 13 days ago

    Dam spoiler

  • FlamingTheSaiyan
    FlamingTheSaiyan 13 days ago

    yall forgot one thing, its the fact on how long its been. i do not think that is the dagger, however it very well could be. why? Well, think of the clone wars timeline, how long ago was it? years ago in the star wars universe, right? any sort of object can change throughout the years and that dagger could have its shape changed because of how old it is. if by any chance that its not the dagger, i think its a shard of the dagger that rey and kylo put together to beat palpatine.

  • ShadowShade19
    ShadowShade19 14 days ago

    Different size and shape

  • Death With Sugar And A Cherry On Top

    If it were the dagger of mortis, wouldn’t it look like the dagger of mortis?

  • Jordan Donaldson
    Jordan Donaldson 15 days ago

    As much as I’d love for TCW and Rebels lore to make it into the big screen, it would just confuse normies like Maul in Solo.

  • Shane Sincennes
    Shane Sincennes 16 days ago +1

    If Rey kills Palatine it is basically giving the middle finger to Vader and Luke for not ending Palatine in the ROTJ.

  • Conner Kirk
    Conner Kirk 16 days ago

    You literally just debunked your own theory over the course of the video you made explaining it.

  • FlynnTheRedhead
    FlynnTheRedhead 17 days ago +10

    “Many fans” “the going theory” . You could at least mention Star Wars Theory, IGN. Did no one teach you guys about giving credit?

  • Tiber Septim
    Tiber Septim 18 days ago

    I am reading all these comments and seeing all these videos and all I can do is laugh in leak.

  • Feverroneous
    Feverroneous 18 days ago +1

    Rey holds a dagger in the trailer:
    Nerds: Oh, this must be that one dagger we saw someone else hold in this franchise that spans an entire galaxy and nearly 100 years.
    ^^THIS^^ is a prime example of lazy nerd conspiracy theory connect the dots that makes for atrocious fan theories that connect every goddamned thing in the universe to the five things we have seen on screen and why all these lazy people are always disappointed with the actual narrative of the films doing anything new (then also complaining when they make too many homages).
    Catch 22, but just stop it.

  • monster monty
    monster monty 19 days ago

    You want to know why it isn't. Caus it be cool if it was

  • J. C.
    J. C. 19 days ago +5

    Don't say "Reylo."
    Don't say "Reylo."
    Don't say "Reylo."
    Don't say "Reylo."

    Whew. Thank you.

  • Kush Garg
    Kush Garg 19 days ago

    I doubt that Rey is gonna wield the Dagger of Mortis in this film, but this does remind me how much I loved the Mortis trilogy from SWTCW.

  • The Frenchiest Fries
    The Frenchiest Fries 19 days ago +3

    Easily the best part of the Mortis arc is when Anakin commands and forces the literal gods of the force to their knees

  • Spidey Gaming
    Spidey Gaming 19 days ago

    Palpatine Isn’t That Hard To Defeat.. Is He?

  • Joe Wyatt
    Joe Wyatt 19 days ago

    I've not watched any of the animated series, but the symmetry of that story, with the Father, Daughter and Son, is interesting when you compare it to Palpatine, Rey and Kylo. Maybe this ends with all three having to die in order for Palpatine to truly be gone forever.

  • Matt Harris
    Matt Harris 19 days ago +2

    That would be lazy story telling.

  • Choppazulu
    Choppazulu 19 days ago +3

    It doesn't even look like the dagger of Mortis. No resemblance At All

  • Sunrise Alex
    Sunrise Alex 19 days ago +3

    1:38 - on the left: sith dagger and on the right: Mortis dagger.
    That's the difference, you're welcome.

  • Brian Deluca
    Brian Deluca 19 days ago

    So ray is the choice one.😂🤣

  • LandLordLandman
    LandLordLandman 19 days ago

    I miss Star Wars clone wars

  • sunvegeta
    sunvegeta 19 days ago

    Unfortunately, it was a trailer, and we can't know for sure it will be in the movie. So, I will wait and see.

  • Lezard Valeth
    Lezard Valeth 19 days ago

    You have to remember a lot of people watch only the movies, no books/comics/wookiepedia/animation. I don't think such a big thing will be imported from a tv show, only us nerds would know it, so no way

  • Jay GC
    Jay GC 20 days ago +3

    Was SNOKE the Son????????


  • darkspd31
    darkspd31 20 days ago

    All I know is, they basically need to do a trilogy worth of story in a single movie, there's nowhere to go after The last jedi...

  • Open Your eyes
    Open Your eyes 20 days ago +3

    Wow literally no point to this vid

  • austin morehouse
    austin morehouse 20 days ago +3

    Someone at ign has been watching SWT

  • Ryben Flynn
    Ryben Flynn 20 days ago

    I have the entire Clone Wars series, Season 1 through Season 6 and I do not recall ever seeing that episode.
    Care to list the Season and Episode? Or is this going to be in the Season 7 conclusion to Clone Wars?

    • Brannax
      Brannax 19 days ago

      There is a whole 3 episodes dedicated to it. Season 3 somewhere around episode 15 or 16.
      Hell it was even a storyline pitched by Lucas himself that he wanted put into canon and Dave was like "hell yeah"

  • Sky Bouldersmash
    Sky Bouldersmash 20 days ago

    Joshua yehl please Leave IGN... no one likes you.... except Clint gage.... but no one likes him either

  • Seventy Monocle
    Seventy Monocle 20 days ago +3

    I can assure you that anything that would be cool or make sense won't happen.

  • Trxshbamboo
    Trxshbamboo 20 days ago

    And this was on Cartoon Network

  • Boondock
    Boondock 20 days ago +1

    who cares.

  • prezo
    prezo 20 days ago

    So did she kill palp in the trailer

  • Ylendeth
    Ylendeth 20 days ago +3

    One thing for sure. Rey will probably throw that dagger down a cliff within the 1st 15 Mins of the film.

  • BigBoi
    BigBoi 20 days ago

    Does anyone honestly care...?

    • Kryptic
      Kryptic 19 days ago

      BigBoi um yeah

  • Heaven's Door
    Heaven's Door 20 days ago +1

    There's never a time where I tune into this channel and don't want to yeet the hosts out of the window

  • Jeff Barber
    Jeff Barber 20 days ago

    Definitely not the same.

  • Bryce Williams
    Bryce Williams 20 days ago +2


  • Dennis Nedry
    Dennis Nedry 20 days ago

    I do believe it is a sith artifact that will lead to palpatine and his fleet

  • owlmangamer mystery66
    owlmangamer mystery66 20 days ago +4

    Definitely excited for clone wars season 7 And rise of Skywalker

  • Jon Lava
    Jon Lava 20 days ago

    This is one of the most interesting theories I’ve heard yet. If the Dagger of Mortis is in, Rey should be able to journey to the world between worlds, maybe time travel- Possibly see Luke, Leia, Anakin, her parents? I’m totally onboard if they delve more into the mysticism of the Force as George Lucas had always intended.

  • Charles Austin Brinegar

    Go Astros!!!!

  • Robert Lopez
    Robert Lopez 20 days ago +1

    Its a sith relic with coordinates

  • Nelcomarproductions
    Nelcomarproductions 20 days ago

    Based on the spoilers, yes.

  • krazytaxicabbie
    krazytaxicabbie 20 days ago


  • Samuel McMurrin
    Samuel McMurrin 20 days ago

    I hate Josh Yell. Please stop having videos with him

  • Samuel McMurrin
    Samuel McMurrin 20 days ago

    I hate Josh Yell. Please stop having videos with him

  • Insecdroid-Games and Other Crap

    I love the Mortis Trilogy.
    Edit: The Dagger of Mortis sounds like it should be in D&D instead of Star Wars.

    • Oh Aww Geez
      Oh Aww Geez 19 days ago

      It was too weird for me although I like the mythology I choose to believe it was a shared vision obi-wan Ashoka and Anakin had.

    • Tyler Rice
      Tyler Rice 19 days ago +1

      this shouldve been its own film

  • brak danych
    brak danych 20 days ago

    If you haven't read the leaks (and don't want to get spoiled) don't read the comments

  • Chillysea1
    Chillysea1 20 days ago

    Stolen from Star Wars Theory

  • WargamingDave
    WargamingDave 20 days ago

    Well it is the Magic Macguffin they are looking for but is not the Dagger of Mortis and also she ********** to ********** who then gets captured, Rey goes into one in a fight with Kylo and accidentally *****************, whoops. Its also why the lil alien is tinkering with C-3PO in the trailer and his eyes are red and you have the really bad "my friends" trailer bit

  • Suchagug
    Suchagug 20 days ago +51

    No way will they reference something from cw

    • Adrian Abad
      Adrian Abad 16 days ago +2

      You also see the Ghost ship in the final trailer.

    • Deandre
      Deandre 18 days ago +2

      There’s a B1 Battle Droid begins C-3PO in the trailer

    • BlueIsSuperior
      BlueIsSuperior 19 days ago

      Why not it's canon

    • Naren baradwaj
      Naren baradwaj 20 days ago

      JJ even consulted Dave it seems so it might be a possibility

  • William Branca
    William Branca 20 days ago

    @starwarstheory talked about this yesterday

  • SavageRicktator
    SavageRicktator 20 days ago +2

    Yes Rey must have uncovered the Dagger of Mortis which is for defeating Palpatine. Asking C3PO to decipher the ancient text and translate it

  • Michael Haddox
    Michael Haddox 20 days ago

    If it really is the dagger, then the movie has piqued my curiosity, I'm not hyped or anything, just curious

    ATOMICR56 20 days ago +33

    They could be pulling an endgame how they show something in a trailer but have it be totally different in the movie

    • ricardo diaz
      ricardo diaz 16 days ago

      ATOMICR56 hey don’t steal my idea I thought of it first. If it is true then they’re lazy.

    • K1NG
      K1NG 20 days ago +1

      This could be possible since they're re-shooting some scenes, but not many scenes

  • Tanequa Woodson
    Tanequa Woodson 20 days ago +1

    I love it's Beautiful and Awesome

  • Kit Fisto
    Kit Fisto 20 days ago +48

    Nah I'm 99.99999999% sure that its not

    • dinosaurcola
      dinosaurcola 18 days ago +3

      Still the 0.000000001% chance lol