the Moon is made of Cheese (but i can't taste it)

  • Published on Oct 2, 2018

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  • Gazelle Tanglao
    Gazelle Tanglao 4 hours ago

    I feel like I'm on acid

  • Holysasquatch99
    Holysasquatch99 5 hours ago

    I like bill wurtz's world

  • Megan Mcgregor
    Megan Mcgregor 8 hours ago

    the moon, aka the forbidden cheese

  • primaverala
    primaverala 8 hours ago

    I feel like god themself made an answer to life and it’s this

  • aspen deems
    aspen deems 10 hours ago

    this guy has to be high when he makes these

  • Rhineland Rammer
    Rhineland Rammer 10 hours ago

    This is how i feel when i snort pencil led

  • Laura Almeida
    Laura Almeida 11 hours ago

    i think that bill is a strang kind of jesus that give us lessons of living

  • BlurryFace
    BlurryFace 13 hours ago

    im on the weird side of the internet again...

  • Fury Trick shots
    Fury Trick shots 13 hours ago

    Real quick how add r u?

  • Shadow_Greninja
    Shadow_Greninja 19 hours ago

    Every Bill Wurtz song sounds like he just uses the first thing that comes to his mind.

  • StuckInASock
    StuckInASock 19 hours ago

    No more school, I just got explained everything

  • Sophie S.
    Sophie S. 21 hour ago

    Why is low key catchy

  • Mathias Quezada
    Mathias Quezada 21 hour ago

    We can make a religion out of this

  • SID !
    SID ! Day ago +1

    *T H E M O O N I S P R E T T Y C H E A P*

  • eichsi jae
    eichsi jae Day ago

    This video messes with my IQ

  • like wtf
    like wtf Day ago +2

    How to edit a video like will wurtz:
    Step 1: Get high
    Step 2: Get high

  • Mara
    Mara Day ago

    I think Bill's songs are hidden prophetic messages

  • Joshua Gaming
    Joshua Gaming Day ago

    This destroyed my last 2 brain cells

  • Tommy Khoury
    Tommy Khoury Day ago +1

    Is this wernicke's aphasia?

  • Cassandra TM
    Cassandra TM Day ago

    caotitc neutral

  • Awkward Me
    Awkward Me Day ago

    Issa bop

  • Charlie Hilvert
    Charlie Hilvert 2 days ago


  • SpOwOky
    SpOwOky 2 days ago +1

    So your lactose intolerant!

  • Von Consigna
    Von Consigna 2 days ago

    i feel like you could do a really good cover of africa by toto but why would you when your own songs already outsold the world

  • Vow of Hypocrite
    Vow of Hypocrite 3 days ago

    Honestly it's kinda creepy how cryptic these videos are when you think about it

  • shinsou
    shinsou 4 days ago

    wow it's me that local person who makes up some weird meaning for the song. i'm fairly sure bill didn't really write this to mean what i think it means, and i'm ok with that. this is just what i personally interpreted of it. also, i know this is a more nihilistic interpretation, i'm sure it could be thought of in a happy way as well.

    ok so the first lyrics: "the moon is made of cheese but i can't taste it, but i like the way the texture feels when i lick the surface". this makes me think that this song is about a man who cannot experience... something, whatever it is is not clear. however, despite the fact that he is told to stop (seen later) and he doesn't really get the desired result, he continues to do so anyway for whatever kind of enjoyment he receives from it.

    "then the rumors start to go around the world that i'm crazy cuz i can't even taste cheese" kind of expands on the previous point that he is being told to stop and his behaviour is disapproved of by others. "but i guess they don't know me" is rather literal. he doesn't care what they think because they don't know what he's really like.

    "the grass is always green, but i just changed it" and onwards until "the leaves turn to a colourful shade of turquoise" is where i begin to think that he hallucinates things, imagining that the grass is different as well as the trees. it could also mean that he is old, as he claims to know how the earth looked when it was younger, or he hallucinates a time long into the past.

    "and the birds are made of trees, think i've explained this". i believe this is a point where he tries to tell others what he sees, but nobody seems to care/understand, as "think i've explained this" implies that he has tried to express this several times in the past, possibly to no success.

    "and they fly around on an airplane in the business class section". birds can already fly, they do not need airplanes to do so. perhaps this is a commentary on how people are trying to take the """lazy""" way of doing things instead of doing it themselves, which is a common view that older or more cynical people tend to have on modern life. this supports the previous idea that he may be old.

    "and the ants crawl on the earth's surface, and the turtles roll through the streets, and the orchestra is playing symphonies for free!". i like to think that here he is talking about several things. ants have always walked on the earth's surface, so he may be trying to say that some things never change. "the turtles roll through the streets" could be, again, referencing modern life and how due to climate change and pollution, animals are forced to come closer to urban life in order to survive. "the orchestra is playing symphonies for free", he is giving away this information for free, but just like how orchestras are less popular these days, nobody is willing to listen to him.

    "and the church holds the key" could be yet again showing that he is old and remembers a time where religion was a lot more strongly held and the church used to have a lot more power than it has today.

    "the moon is pretty cheap" is the final lyric, and is personally interpreted to be bittersweet. he has finally become jaded to even his own source of enjoyment. it is "cheap" and thus no longer has anything to bring him. he has given up.

    tl;dr cynical sad old man tries and fails to preach about his hallucinations and their meanings

  • Kelly Nikole
    Kelly Nikole 5 days ago

    What does it mean? :'( Explain this to me please.

  • About Time
    About Time 7 days ago

    This sounds like a 1970s commercial.

  • Sonic The Hedgehog - Retro

    God’s plans for Earth (4.5 billion years ago): Colorized

  • Hero Hamza
    Hero Hamza 10 days ago +4

    Teacher: What are you laughing at?
    Me: Nothing
    My Mind: Living on the flat earth while the moon is made of cheese.

  • Shereen cher_ ree_n
    Shereen cher_ ree_n 12 days ago


  • The Animator Is Animating

    it tastes like solid milk

  • nayraad
    nayraad 13 days ago

  • Never Jessie
    Never Jessie 13 days ago

    If the moon is made of cheese, how come the sun hasn’t melted it?

  • Gunther930
    Gunther930 14 days ago

    Surprise ending

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 14 days ago

    This makes so much sense to me for some reason

  • Sir Nippleton McSugarteets

    *_T U R Q U O I S E_*

  • Velociraptor
    Velociraptor 17 days ago

    Favorite bill wurtz song.

  • Schluben No
    Schluben No 18 days ago

    This song reminds me of the thoughts I have when I first wake up and my brain is still trying to remember how to form sentences.

  • Gacha Cupcake
    Gacha Cupcake 19 days ago


    SSSGIRL REDEND 19 days ago

    Moon made of theia collide into our planet and the rocks in the sky had collided too thats how moon made!...

  • Mart McCoy
    Mart McCoy 19 days ago

    "what the hell was that?, said Krusty the Clown

  • Ruke WeRit
    Ruke WeRit 21 day ago

    Bill gets his songs using the dictionary for words

  • Shawn DIONNE
    Shawn DIONNE 21 day ago

    10/10 bird sound

  • Captain _Communism
    Captain _Communism 21 day ago

    *Taste the **-sun-* moon

  • Cameranium
    Cameranium 24 days ago

    I always come back to these videos and just wonder what drugs Bill Wurtz is on when he makes these

  • LiekkiPipoNörtti TV
    LiekkiPipoNörtti TV 25 days ago

    Yeah the moon is made of cheese
    C. Shut
    H. The
    E. Fuck
    E. Up
    S. Cunt

  • Kermit the kermit
    Kermit the kermit 29 days ago

    "So what' this song about?"


  • Sgt$yed
    Sgt$yed Month ago

    0:41 CANADA EH!

  • Amina Azhar
    Amina Azhar Month ago

    Thanks for your help and support for my son and his wife will and

  • NJ
    NJ Month ago

    Is this what drugs feels like

  • Geometry Dash Fizzy


  • not_luivuitton
    not_luivuitton Month ago

    I want to eat it.

  • jon
    jon Month ago

    was weird, but actually dang good.
    very flying lotus...DMT inspired? :)

  • Zefir
    Zefir Month ago +1

    I feel like bill is trying to tell us about something really bad but his mind is nothing like ours and we are so confused and he’s just like GUYS THE WORLD
    and we’re like “yep totally entertain us now slave”

  • Maria N.
    Maria N. Month ago

    **birds are made of trees**
    we could make a religion out of this

  • RVz HD
    RVz HD Month ago

    I think he lick the wrong cheese

  • casualpineapple
    casualpineapple Month ago

    The moon is made of cheese, which is also known as *glue*

  • Lorena Dias
    Lorena Dias Month ago

    I'm so confused

  • Lucas Facey
    Lucas Facey Month ago

    THisA Noma MaKA SenCEa!

  • im an alien
    im an alien Month ago

    the earth is made of liquor

  • Trash Draws
    Trash Draws Month ago

    *The birds are made of trees.*

    History lesson is done.

  • Cringyboi27
    Cringyboi27 Month ago

    Can I please use this as background music in my TVclip videos

  • Austin Vaughan
    Austin Vaughan Month ago

    i know this is all just weird and surreal but i have a theory on what it could mean that sparked when i heard the line “the grass is always green but i just changed.” It could be the thought process of a god-tier entity rewriting the laws of our world to fit his desires, ex. Changing the grass for nostalgia. So yeah

  • Hanzo Hasashi
    Hanzo Hasashi Month ago

    What kind of cheese is the moon?

  • Slitherr In
    Slitherr In Month ago

    *tHe MoN Is PrEtY ChEP* well who brought it

  • Peridot the Space Dorito

    *_ok i have to be honest i listen to this atleast once every day_*

  • Canodiablo
    Canodiablo Month ago

    So this is what Snoop dog sees everyday

  • Cringyboi27
    Cringyboi27 Month ago

    Quality content

  • Saturns Light
    Saturns Light Month ago

    Bill why are your editing skills so sick.

  • Piper Theos
    Piper Theos Month ago

    He's so positive. Makes me happy

  • Jarryd Watts
    Jarryd Watts Month ago +1

    Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Man I'm glad I wan't on acid when I watched this.

  • that gaming channel

    PROOF the moon is made of meth

  • The Commentary
    The Commentary Month ago

    w h a t

  • brian mcbride
    brian mcbride Month ago

    The birds are made of trees

    Think I've explained this

  • Mr. PizzaPasta
    Mr. PizzaPasta Month ago

    This is what plays in the waiting room of heaven

  • FloorWaffle
    FloorWaffle Month ago

    ha you believe in the moon

  • Dysania Animations
    Dysania Animations Month ago

    is bill like,,,,,, mentally OK

  • basilwick
    basilwick Month ago

    And the dinosaurs are gone!!!
    ...oh no those were my brain cells

  • Eriella Aizen
    Eriella Aizen Month ago

    The moon is made of cheese. Everything in the universe came from those original quarks, so, by power of technicality and the Big Bang, everything is made of everything.

  • Feng Liang
    Feng Liang Month ago

    now this is real music

  • April May
    April May Month ago +1

    *W E C O U L D M A K E A R E L I G I O N O U T O F T H I S*

  • Ironyche
    Ironyche Month ago +1

    *W a l l a c e a n d G r o m i t ?*

  • Soviet Cat
    Soviet Cat Month ago

    is it true you cant taste cheese? WHAT A CURSE!

  • iris marinen
    iris marinen Month ago

    Im trying to understand what is happening but my brain is just not working.

  • Sam The Mountain Egg Lim !

    We can't remove our helmets so we're just liking glass

  • The Fool
    The Fool Month ago

    I understand birds now

  • PaytonTheRavenpuff
    PaytonTheRavenpuff Month ago


  • Infires
    Infires Month ago

    Mom:time for bed..

    Me:yay I sleep under the cheese


  • Naya Jade
    Naya Jade 2 months ago +1

    Bill Wurtz is the drug you didn't know you did until now.

  • fishyz
    fishyz 2 months ago

    this channel is underrated

  • esmaeel kassem
    esmaeel kassem 2 months ago +1

    *This is what happens when you use Google Translate*

  • Vtichy
    Vtichy 2 months ago +1

    That ending tho....

    The moon is pretty *c h e a p*

  • SPiCy mAcArOnI
    SPiCy mAcArOnI 2 months ago

    This is beautiful 👌👌🍍

  • xX Isabell Xx
    xX Isabell Xx 2 months ago

    This is Bill's logic lol
    I guess?

  • Primum Genus
    Primum Genus 2 months ago

    this guy failed at science class.

  • Omnipresent Commenter
    Omnipresent Commenter 2 months ago

    "The birds are made of trees think i've explained this."

  • [AC] E100
    [AC] E100 2 months ago

    > the leaves are turquoise
    > turquoise canada flag