30 Gay Celebrity Couples in Hollywood ★ 2019

  • Published on Nov 5, 2018
  • 30 Gay Hollywood Couples
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Comments • 12 291

  • H O L Y
    H O L Y Day ago

    *I'm Shooketh all this tea I didn't even know about*

  • george south
    george south 2 days ago

    I just cant understand ( nor do I want to ) why a dude would like to have a dick in his ass or stick his dick in another mans ass...

  • tage Annie
    tage Annie 2 days ago

    yuk unnatural

  • Keira Barton
    Keira Barton 2 days ago

    I had no clue bout some of them like the first one blow my mined crazy

  • ricky ricky
    ricky ricky 2 days ago


  • Cirlene Ramos
    Cirlene Ramos 3 days ago

    Tudo isso por dinheiro e ganhar fama kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • A A
    A A 3 days ago

    اكو عرب

  • Lino Carlos
    Lino Carlos 3 days ago

    É mais fácil mostrar os heterossexuais.

  • Lenok V
    Lenok V 4 days ago

    Будьте прокляты твари мерские

  • Ana P
    Ana P 4 days ago

    Aberración y media🤮

  • Daud Yohanes
    Daud Yohanes 4 days ago


  • Idi vgopy
    Idi vgopy 4 days ago

    Фу гомики какой позор

  • mersas6G
    mersas6G 5 days ago

    I hate pride its ugly

  • Ellah Rose
    Ellah Rose 5 days ago

    ALL these cute guys and am still single. (sad)

    • jack brown
      jack brown 4 days ago

      Does it make you feel better I'm going out with a cute transgender guy?😁😋

      I'm being sarcastic. Not about the boyfriend part though.😝

  • Marcela Constantinescu

    what a disgust...They are sick people...

  • helen delta
    helen delta 5 days ago

    Why celebrity's are gey

  • Prince Benedict
    Prince Benedict 5 days ago

    Huh? MAGNETO is gay?

  • Ali B
    Ali B 5 days ago

    All gays r disgusting and autistic

  • Ân Mai
    Ân Mai 5 days ago

    Tìm đc 2 cặp 😁

  • Jay plays
    Jay plays 5 days ago

    8:27 wait... wait..... wait ..... waht???? Jon is gay?

  • Robin Hicks
    Robin Hicks 5 days ago

    This is an abomination unto God he made the man for the woman this is a sick 😷 mind two men having sex in the butt spreading aids so so sad 😢😢😢

  • kelly maries
    kelly maries 6 days ago

    God does not approve

  • miguel A
    miguel A 6 days ago

    This video smell like shit ,poop ejeejejejeje

  • play off
    play off 6 days ago

    Гомосеки долбанные,горите в аду..Блевануть хотелось,когда смотрела..

  • El-Shaddai Clarke
    El-Shaddai Clarke 6 days ago


  • Lynn Grubb
    Lynn Grubb 6 days ago


  • Kristy Vang
    Kristy Vang 6 days ago

    It just so wrong

    • Robot Unicorn
      Robot Unicorn 6 days ago

      Um, what is it that you are stating as "wrong"?

  • Bangbang Williams
    Bangbang Williams 6 days ago

    The one im shocked about is Luke Evans. Who knew with all the manly roles hes played,i was thinking "huh??i was thinking wtf,nah your kidding🙄🙄

  • Елена Артемкина

    Блядь,зачем только я это посмотрела, Люк эванс?,Стив фрай?

  • susana freitas
    susana freitas 6 days ago

    Some of them look like father and son....

    • jo ma
      jo ma 6 days ago

      Stoooooop 😭 I thought you were about to say look like twins, which is also true

  • Pedro Maia
    Pedro Maia 6 days ago


  • Karen W
    Karen W 6 days ago


  • elaine murphy
    elaine murphy 7 days ago +1

    lovely happy people all the best xxx

  • vk soprano
    vk soprano 7 days ago

    They should not have kids! Cats, dogs, pigs, zebras, no kids.....Who is mother, who is father? What kind of family's model is it????? If you are gay, be gay, nobody cares, but what do you teach kids??????Especially boys????

  • Лиза Эппле
    Лиза Эппле 7 days ago

    Stephen Fry?? I didn't know about that. I'm shocked!!

  • Raksmey Chan
    Raksmey Chan 7 days ago

    So many broken arrow 😳

  • Omar El Khatib
    Omar El Khatib 7 days ago

    Wait what, Gandalf is gay ?

    • Alfie Potter
      Alfie Potter 6 days ago

      Gandolf the gay was a meme like 2 years ago ....... Get with it

  • Mikey _94
    Mikey _94 7 days ago +19

    Louis Tomlinson and Harry Sty-...Ok,ok.I'll stop.

  • k 50cent
    k 50cent 7 days ago


  • Antonio Cordeiro
    Antonio Cordeiro 7 days ago +1

    Ik all their girls will be saying this why are most of the hot guys gay 😂

  • Denise Anastacio
    Denise Anastacio 8 days ago

    50 % of Hollywood is gay

  • JEANNETTE belanger
    JEANNETTE belanger 8 days ago

    I find this disturbing and I do not think they should have been able to adopt children never will understand or except

  • Devon James
    Devon James 8 days ago

    When the fuck will Hollywood stop this shit acting like it's okay for been Gay teaching it an postforming it in front of live audience is fucked up .

  • macmusikpro
    macmusikpro 8 days ago +5

    Luke Evans.....who would know .....right? Damn

  • Adrian 97
    Adrian 97 8 days ago +1

    Yes Hollywood making "gay" proud lol

  • U Nana
    U Nana 8 days ago

    Mo muntah gw liatnya hueeeks

  • Crevin Nicholas
    Crevin Nicholas 9 days ago +1

    This video is so cute!

  • Na Na Davis
    Na Na Davis 9 days ago

    These niggas growing old together and everything

  • Na Na Davis
    Na Na Davis 9 days ago +1

    I seen a dude twice with different men on here🤷🏽‍♀️

  • The Gonzie Show
    The Gonzie Show 9 days ago

    We wish na we can also inspire people through our videos...

  • Rosenrot Kruspe
    Rosenrot Kruspe 9 days ago +14

    I just remembered when Neil Harris played in the smurfs movie and kissed the actress then wiped his mouth, I was laughing so hard

  • Dennis Sinned
    Dennis Sinned 9 days ago

    So, Magneto and Nightcrawler are gay...........

  • Veronica Chigwada
    Veronica Chigwada 9 days ago +3

    So michelle a barack have been left out? Stramge

  • Juliana Gonçalves
    Juliana Gonçalves 9 days ago

    Que desperdício...

  • Devika Lamani
    Devika Lamani 9 days ago

    Am waiting for one good heart ..........

  • mmarz mmarz
    mmarz mmarz 9 days ago

    guess boops dont turn them on ..

  • Freddy Soto
    Freddy Soto 9 days ago +3

    Where are the gay Hollywood ladies couples?

    • Sling Ding
      Sling Ding 2 days ago

      Well you should know one. Thats Ellen DeGeneres and portia . I think she surpasses all the gay males in terms of popularity and significant achievements. She even got the medal of freedom awarded to her by Barack Obama.

    • Tae Tae's Onions
      Tae Tae's Onions 6 days ago


  • Terry Jackson
    Terry Jackson 9 days ago +6

    Good on them. If they're happy, who cares (except assholes).

  • A M S
    A M S 9 days ago +1

    Luke Evans??? Noooooo!!!! I saw Dracula on Netflix and thought he was hot! Again... Nooooooooooo!!!

  • chow tt
    chow tt 9 days ago

    Animals are smarter than Homosexual men
    All animals have sex for procreation

  • chow tt
    chow tt 9 days ago +1

    A real man won't let another man plus men Poke his annurse

  • Redwan Tehari
    Redwan Tehari 10 days ago

    الله يلعنكم زييكم في الكلاب مكاش

  • bluueboi51
    bluueboi51 10 days ago

    Why is it that this list is filled with white couples because they are not afraid of been who they are meanwhile black ppl stays in denial "be yourself who gives a fuck"

  • Kimble Simpson
    Kimble Simpson 10 days ago


  • Aji Imran
    Aji Imran 10 days ago

    Born this children but how

  • MrTheGollach
    MrTheGollach 10 days ago +6

    Who are most of these people? I only recognised 5 of them.

  • Icarrus Legrand
    Icarrus Legrand 10 days ago

    So sad not many black celebrities "out"...

  • sick fuck
    sick fuck 10 days ago +2

    Lgbt is wrong and not okay

  • Cleiton Brum
    Cleiton Brum 11 days ago

    Deviam ser chamados de suja pau dos outros de 💩💩

  • Fhier EngSian
    Fhier EngSian 11 days ago

    The most disgusting man and does not have civilization!

  • sicelo zulu
    sicelo zulu 11 days ago +2

    This people are basted and blatiful

  • sicelo zulu
    sicelo zulu 11 days ago

    This people call as a DOG

  • TheJerrydon575
    TheJerrydon575 11 days ago +6

    Why so many dislike's???? I'm not gay, but more power to them! If you find happiness hold on to it!

    • chow tt
      chow tt 9 days ago

      Homosexual men Lurves fresh Pooop

  • Juana Aguado San Nicolas

    La gran mayoría son desconocidos, es posible que hagan películas serie Z

  • Marley Rose
    Marley Rose 13 days ago

    I didn't know the guy who played magneto the older guy was gay omg im shocked

  • Ronald Lopez
    Ronald Lopez 13 days ago +2

    I’m so happy for them, and For their Childres I hope they will have a good childhood😊💞 even thought I’m so shuck when I watching Hahaha

  • Sarai Eilat
    Sarai Eilat 15 days ago

    Absolutely disgusting, all happy for fucking shit !

  • Janet Johnson
    Janet Johnson 15 days ago


  • nicole watson
    nicole watson 15 days ago

    Battyman dem

  • Mizou Dj
    Mizou Dj 15 days ago

    You can slice your wrist watching this without even knowing it

  • Southern Gal
    Southern Gal 15 days ago

    you forgot Ricky Martin and Jwan Josef

  • Naif Alahmadi
    Naif Alahmadi 15 days ago

    Sickness and psycho🤮 disgusting & abnormality🤢

  • Anto Tombari
    Anto Tombari 15 days ago +7

    5:48 baby's face!! Hahaha

  • Karreil2525
    Karreil2525 16 days ago +2

    I saw a couple of Sugar Daddies...

  • Faith Kogey
    Faith Kogey 16 days ago

    Stephen fry??

  • Chunky A.
    Chunky A. 16 days ago

    Ewwwwww. sick sick what does a man get from another man. Dont you want a warm pussy.

  • Ирина Лонган

    Unhappy kids 😢😢😢😢😢😢 and soo stupid gays. Would like there would no any gays in the world, but there are happy healthy familys with father and mother and sons and daughters

    • Elli Hänninen
      Elli Hänninen 15 days ago

      but im much more happy as a gay girl than lying to myself and telling myself that im straight

  • Waad Jumaa
    Waad Jumaa 16 days ago

    قوم لوط أعوذ بالله من شكلكم

  • Yulirose Baya
    Yulirose Baya 16 days ago +2

    Omg, Luke Evans gay?🙃

  • Russell Pawson
    Russell Pawson 17 days ago +1


  • Akmal Malik
    Akmal Malik 17 days ago

    All celebrity are christian? Wow...

    • bi ll
      bi ll 16 days ago

      Wait do you think that all gay people are satanic or something?

  • googoo 212
    googoo 212 18 days ago +1

    والله يحزنو

  • Everybody do the flop
    Everybody do the flop 19 days ago +2

    When i see the thumbnail I thougth the guy on the left is robert downey jr. 😂😂😂

  • Thai vuthy
    Thai vuthy 19 days ago

    I'm Bl fan

  • Josie Mukeli
    Josie Mukeli 19 days ago

    No black man🌟🌟🌠🌠

  • Дельфина Русаловна

    А бедный ДиКаприо до сих пор маскируется...)

  • Israa 3132
    Israa 3132 21 day ago


  • 2 TO 8 CA
    2 TO 8 CA 22 days ago

    The Devil's Technology

  • sudeysi axmed
    sudeysi axmed 24 days ago

    Iam surprising what the bad behaviour of gay comes from and where it was started if I became president of USA I shall kill all gay live in the world because gay means devil and devil must kill