30 Gay Celebrity Couples in Hollywood ★ 2019

  • Published on Nov 5, 2018
  • 30 Gay Hollywood Couples
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  • Contra- Reis
    Contra- Reis 5 hours ago


  • Christopher Fair

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  • T Hyslop
    T Hyslop Day ago

    Absolute abomination.

  • Deb Blackmore
    Deb Blackmore Day ago +1

    Just be yourselves your life sending love from UK well done guys xx

  • RJ OFFICAL Namjin
    RJ OFFICAL Namjin Day ago +1


  • Roz M
    Roz M 2 days ago

    Whaaaaat luke evans is gay 😱

  • ayu putri
    ayu putri 2 days ago


  • Jedi Lady
    Jedi Lady 3 days ago +1

    Luke Evans and Jon K. .......damn Jon is sooooo handsome!!!

  • C J
    C J 3 days ago

    Victor Garber played JC in Godpell. Take that to Trump’s Christian base.

  • Max Dob
    Max Dob 3 days ago

    wtf eoooo

  • Jois Sitompul
    Jois Sitompul 3 days ago

    they are adop baby ? to make them like a normal familly?

  • Mr. Black
    Mr. Black 3 days ago +1

    I had no idea BD Wong and Luke Evans were gay

    • XGustachaX
      XGustachaX Day ago

      Mr. Black same I was like WHAT

  • Miss Hawaii
    Miss Hawaii 3 days ago


  • Ramon Sarino
    Ramon Sarino 3 days ago +1

    I want to have someone i call mine :)

  • lidia bartkowiak
    lidia bartkowiak 3 days ago +12

    Ok but where is Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles?😂

  • Letaru Prudence Butele

    Zayn Malik and Harry styles

  • 휼릣겔드RL
    휼릣겔드RL 3 days ago

    근데 생각해보면 정신병자보다 더 심한 경우 아닌가요?? 후계자 포기했다고 정신병원 수감되는것보다 이들이 더 엽기적인데요......걸레같이 더러운 사랑이 정신병원행 아닐까요?? 참 이상한 세상입니다.
    약속을 잘 지켜도 정신장애인데 왜 이들은 더럽고 불결한데도 가만히 냅둘까요??? *** 같은 하나님과 부처님이 그렇죠 뭐....인간우상숭배자들은 사망한다고 하더군요. 자기가 설치한 덫에 죽어나가겠죠.........자기 꾀에 자기가 배부르리라.

  • Mustafa yggffcf
    Mustafa yggffcf 3 days ago

    Конец света скоро женщины останутся дома все стали голубые скоро конец света приближается делать не хрена сами хотят этого знаменитому Таркану го творили что он голубои вране он молодец женился на женщине жена родила сына не болезнь

  • Jeremiah Tray
    Jeremiah Tray 3 days ago +5

    We honor all the wrong stuff.

  • Bintang June
    Bintang June 4 days ago +2

    Orgh blood of Jesus, they broke my heart

  • rama rambo
    rama rambo 4 days ago


  • cambiemos filandia
    cambiemos filandia 4 days ago

    No les da pena vamos ver cuándo estén rindiendo cuentas al creador. Y a Jesús.

  • Bobby Ollar
    Bobby Ollar 4 days ago +3

    1st and 3rd T.R. Knight photos are not T.R. Knight. They are Nate Berkus.

  • Gail Zahran
    Gail Zahran 4 days ago +2


    • Riyelle
      Riyelle 2 days ago

      Are you dying? Do I dial 991?

  • Country boy official Vlogs

    Well there are a lot of movies I will never watch again thanks for ruining movies with your gay stars

  • molly Satinado
    molly Satinado 4 days ago

    Nasty men! Love, ya right, its all about the nasty things men can do to each other. Smelly and stinky, saten is laughing!

    • zuckerelfchen
      zuckerelfchen 4 days ago

      1. if you are talking about anal sex: it’s nowadays also widely considered common amongst heterosexual couples.
      2. Let people love each other as all participants are consensual and not underage. This is not harming anyone, so why exactly do you care?

  • huachaima millapán
    huachaima millapán 4 days ago

    hollywood es una mierda si juntamos a estos sucios gays y lesbianas, este mundo se iría a la mierda, no habrá mas humanidad, asquerosos

  • Annetta Vzlet
    Annetta Vzlet 4 days ago

    Ну бляяяя😒😖,будьте ЖЕ вы мужиками,живите с женщинами,спите с женщинами ОНИ ВЕДЬ ПРЕКРАСНЫ😎💑💃

  • Koza Dereza A
    Koza Dereza A 4 days ago +2

    В принципе изначально гетеросексуала Люка Еванса мог соблазнить только Картахарена)))))сучка

  • Svetlana Zheleva
    Svetlana Zheleva 4 days ago +1

    Is it just me or do most of the couples look so much alike as of they are brothers. Weird, ha?

  • Simba
    Simba 4 days ago

    There are alot of gay guys out there...Pretty gross (especially the tongue and kissing photos) and very disappointing.

  • Forrest R Oney
    Forrest R Oney 4 days ago

    30 ! lol More like 30,000 sodomites and trannies in Hollywood . Coughing up semen and farting Vaseline daily . Don't push your agenda on me .

  • meixo
    meixo 4 days ago

    pretty gay

  • Nicole Indig
    Nicole Indig 4 days ago

    I'm playing who top's & who bottom's with my sister and I'm gonna win
    Ps. For my wrong grammar

  • Yeni Ndet
    Yeni Ndet 4 days ago

    Whyy.... Luke evans why....

  • Ирина Барулина

    Детей зачем им дают?

    • Mustafa yggffcf
      Mustafa yggffcf 3 days ago

      Ну им нельзя доверять детеи они сына тоже соблазнят они ребенка будут носиловать

  • Alvin Hermawan
    Alvin Hermawan 4 days ago

    I'am so sorry but all this Gay couples are making me sicks.....

  • Tigerblood
    Tigerblood 4 days ago +2

    2 guys one (c)up

  • Ninia M
    Ninia M 4 days ago +2

    Atleast they are better than those unhappy and divorce family.

  • Ninia M
    Ninia M 4 days ago +1

    I guess love is really a mystery.

  • Tex Mex
    Tex Mex 5 days ago +1

    That's sooooo not normal !

  • Husnain Malik
    Husnain Malik 5 days ago

    ian mckellen and luke evans what a waste ... i'm fucking shocked :(

  • Despacito Memeburrito

    I’m playing guess who the bottom is 💀💀

  • Nilda Dos santos
    Nilda Dos santos 5 days ago

    Eu Amooo Jason momoa, sou apaixonada por esse homem ❤🥰

  • jeva270 Kinner
    jeva270 Kinner 5 days ago

    all going to hell! fucking freaks

  • Gianni Telesca
    Gianni Telesca 5 days ago +1

    Disgusting to be Gay... But utterly sick to have babies within

  • Sydneyally Silpao
    Sydneyally Silpao 5 days ago +2

    How ......all the handsome guys...are gay ..(not all) and they left us ..with arrogant and ugly man ...how disappointing 💔😭😭😭

    • Robbie Jones
      Robbie Jones 4 days ago

      And gay guys are asking them why straight guys are the hottest.... 😭😭❤❤

  • Julz XD
    Julz XD 6 days ago +4

    I didn't know about Victor garber...

  • Amin DH
    Amin DH 6 days ago

    Two guys sleeping each other in the bed, and kissing and ....
    Oh,my God, this is disgusting.
    Leaving beautiful girls and sleeping with a man, I can't imagine!

  • Taylor Johnson
    Taylor Johnson 6 days ago +1

    A lot of actors from arrow are on this list that I would of never guessed tbh

  • Christian Piedra
    Christian Piedra 6 days ago

    Good for them!

  • Z Zmsz
    Z Zmsz 6 days ago

    Surprise , surprise......

  • Naora Arjdh
    Naora Arjdh 6 days ago


  • Yaz Myn
    Yaz Myn 6 days ago +2

    The important thing is that they are happy. Good for them! 😍

  • دحمان
    دحمان 6 days ago

    نقوشة ، الله ينعلهم

  • Buzz Barnes
    Buzz Barnes 6 days ago +3

    I've been watching Matt and Blue for a long time on their channel...I had no idea they were stars in Hollywood !!!!!!

  • Abest ?
    Abest ? 6 days ago

    disgusting !

  • Tigerblood
    Tigerblood 6 days ago +2

    They sure like poop scuba diving 💩

  • Renee Burton
    Renee Burton 6 days ago


  • science & life
    science & life 6 days ago +3

    I was expecting to see Louis and harry
    Ohhh i i forgot They are STRAIGHT

  • Prince Azazel
    Prince Azazel 6 days ago

    Middle finger to all of them

  • science & life
    science & life 6 days ago +2

    Iam a normal girl i saw Louis and harr...

  • Poujuanliu Riamei
    Poujuanliu Riamei 7 days ago

    Omg 😳😳

  • Blessing Nugie
    Blessing Nugie 7 days ago

    OMG what's happen with them...

  • Tran Tran
    Tran Tran 7 days ago

    Wow these gay people have been together for so long.

  • cuff1957
    cuff1957 7 days ago

    Have you been cheating on your boyfriend? There's a piece of corn, and a hersheys kiss on the end of your dick

  • cuff1957
    cuff1957 7 days ago

    Pillow biters packing each others shitters,disgusting.

  • Topsx4
    Topsx4 7 days ago +17

    Ok im clueless to who 90% of them are lol. Well Congrats anyway

    DILA&HAVIN ACUN 7 days ago


  • Jana Stef
    Jana Stef 7 days ago


  • Emma France
    Emma France 7 days ago


  • Powerful Libra
    Powerful Libra 7 days ago

    So cute✨

  • letoya white
    letoya white 7 days ago

    Damn some of these gay guys are too gorgeous!!

  • Jaybee Barro
    Jaybee Barro 7 days ago

    Disgusting fucker

  • bruce mtambo
    bruce mtambo 8 days ago +2

    I think I should go buy more batteries for my remote control, I forsee a lot of channel switching this time around.

  • عيسى بن سالم

    حبيبي 😍😍😍😊😊😊💝💝💝

  • hichem castro
    hichem castro 8 days ago +4

    Whats hapend to humains

  • ernesto manila
    ernesto manila 8 days ago

    So what's these couples do when they gets horny or in bed time scene, pencing Method????????????????

  • Shinta & Family
    Shinta & Family 8 days ago


  • jacob slim
    jacob slim 8 days ago

    Connais pas

  • Farhan Haque
    Farhan Haque 8 days ago

    Now here is a cringeworthy video. Nature is weird!

  • Moh Zergo
    Moh Zergo 8 days ago

    وفتحت دنيا أبوابها بلمال وشهرة تباهي الفخر وشهرة واسعة من ثروات وقصور عمائر وأبراج ومجمعات. ونحن نقول علا أنفسنا انا لله وانا اليه راجعون البقاء لله وحده لا شريك له وأشهد انا سيدنا محمد رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم اللهم آمين يارب العالمين وأشهد أن سيدنا عيسى عبد الله ورسوله وانا علا ذللك من شاهدين ولو كره الكافرون دينا ديما ديما

  • Latricia Osorio
    Latricia Osorio 9 days ago

    I hate that you keep going to their clothes I don’t care about that I can’t see their face because you go to fast

  • Helys Santos
    Helys Santos 9 days ago

    Nuss 😶

  • Mary Chela
    Mary Chela 9 days ago


  • Talib Ali
    Talib Ali 9 days ago

    Hello my friends I am a young man from Iraq Threatened to kill me I'm gay helping out of Iraq

    • bruce mtambo
      bruce mtambo 8 days ago

      Talib Ali die in peace ✌ brother. You don't have a purpose of living.

  • Madara Goldberga
    Madara Goldberga 9 days ago

    ouu, super! They looks so happy :)))

  • dogmommycubed
    dogmommycubed 9 days ago +2

    Of those I ever heard of, most I knew were gay

  • Jott Ess
    Jott Ess 9 days ago +6

    where is Ben Afflek & Ryan Reynolds?

  • Alcides Figueredo
    Alcides Figueredo 9 days ago

    historia en historia el hombre se encuentra de pasion perdon sin ofender ninguno hombre y mujere stan libre .con tanta mujere el hombre dice muyo mayo es tambien es pecado si mujer tiene tanto hombre es pecado n puede jusgar q stan igual sto es un enfermedad se puede curar y creo q con el tiempo volveremo a la vida Normal entonce abra historia q contar .opinion is free.

  • mihai2808
    mihai2808 9 days ago

    I want what this guys have...Love...

  • Alejandra Carrizo
    Alejandra Carrizo 9 days ago

    Que asco me dan abomicion

  • cassandra del vega blanco

    Just to churn crap in the butt!

  • Lois Rojas
    Lois Rojas 9 days ago +5

    Luke Evans and Gandalf?! aacchhhk!!

  • Byron Stewart
    Byron Stewart 10 days ago

    I thought he was a pirate not a butt pirate

  • Joni Snow
    Joni Snow 10 days ago

    Like si no conoces a todos

  • Sam Quan
    Sam Quan 10 days ago

    O my lord Jesus Christ, that is nasty.. They rape children and man.

  • Rey 24
    Rey 24 10 days ago

    Nooo please not luke evans

  • Jovelyn Baluarte
    Jovelyn Baluarte 10 days ago +2

    Luke ..evan..i cant emagine ..i dont belive he is gay. What.😳

  • mary ndegwa
    mary ndegwa 11 days ago

    30 couples is equal to 60 handsome men i have ever seen now gone taken just like that.....huge loss for me

    • Anna Elan
      Anna Elan 10 days ago

      As if you had any chance