Making Sandals with Zip-Ties and a Laser

  • Published on Nov 14, 2017
  • My sandals broke, so lets make new ones out of garbage!
    Sad Cat Shirt by Rebekah:
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    Tunes: 'Disciples of the Night' by Turbo Knight
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    Sexy Sandal music: 'Down N Dirty' by Jingle Punks
    Laser-time music:
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  • Jonah St-François
    Jonah St-François 10 months ago +2306

    Not calling them Zip-Flops, opportunity missed, I am disappointed.

    • carolyn mmitchell
      carolyn mmitchell 4 months ago +1

      Fsilone no if he made them they would have sedatives on the foot pad.

    • Mia Nesnah
      Mia Nesnah 5 months ago

      BlackBantam thongs are underpants

    • Aiden Dabbagh
      Aiden Dabbagh 8 months ago +2

      BlackBantam everyone please don't think all Australians are like this guy, that was nonsense.

    • TubularTable 829
      TubularTable 829 9 months ago +1

      Or Zip-Toes

    • Fsilone
      Fsilone 9 months ago +3

      If Bill Cosby made them, they'd be zip zops.

  • diamond aircraft
    diamond aircraft 6 days ago

    I had read it as how to make scandals with zip ties

  • the bronylike superchannel

    Laser or lazer

  • Denis khoruzhik
    Denis khoruzhik Month ago

    William has 9 lives.

  • fedemtz66
    fedemtz66 Month ago

    is cameraman john speaking at 0:38

  • Mason Hawkins
    Mason Hawkins Month ago

    The wizard of ozman

  • Alejandro Suárez
    Alejandro Suárez Month ago

    its super uncomfortable to see their feet

  • Dakota Shepherd
    Dakota Shepherd Month ago

    Despite all of the issues with wooden footwear they actually look pretty cool

  • Justin
    Justin Month ago

    William should contact a company to make these as realistic flip flops with the cats on bottom for merch. I could see them actually selling pretty well.

  • Andrei Grozea
    Andrei Grozea Month ago

    quality content

  • leeroy Jenkinstine
    leeroy Jenkinstine Month ago

    I have a dirty mind but 4:35 pre cum

  • daedalus fpv
    daedalus fpv Month ago

    Says it’s temporary, it’s still there next shot

  • Cole Razzano
    Cole Razzano Month ago

    i want some

  • Chaitanya Singh
    Chaitanya Singh 2 months ago

    Missed chance to call them Zip toes

  • Weird Musical Potato
    Weird Musical Potato 2 months ago

    I feel like those could be mass produced if there was padding on the zip ties

  • Jackson U.S.A.
    Jackson U.S.A. 2 months ago

    Makes flip flops get a different flip flop

  • Nutella Tran
    Nutella Tran 2 months ago

    You put way too much effort into this

  • batpool
    batpool 2 months ago

    No one going to talk about how fast he learned to kind of tap dance

  • Mark P
    Mark P 2 months ago

    Jon is actually a crazy good editor... like that beach scene is really well done. I'm impressed, how did he end up working with William

  • Ngame7
    Ngame7 2 months ago

    at 2:20 u can see a pink cap with hacksimth logo

  • Liam Dober
    Liam Dober 2 months ago

    Oh my gosh, why are there two minute long unskippable adds? You really need to stop this TVclip, it's getting unreasonable.

  • animated flames
    animated flames 2 months ago

    Cameraman john foot reveal

  • Angel Emmanuel Perez Muniz

    Wow William made a weapon of mass destruction. Is even more powerful than a pommel.

  • 3DP Pro
    3DP Pro 2 months ago

    is his GF always on her phone, or is it just me

  • CJ White
    CJ White 2 months ago

    Shoulda made the sole out of black foam so that you wolnt be able to notice any dirt on it

  • MF f
    MF f 2 months ago

    Cute tattoos, suit you perfectly.
    Nice and fun clips, the adorable face helps a great deal as well.

  • V.O.B.
    V.O.B. 2 months ago

    i love the cat details tbh

  • RayStrike
    RayStrike 2 months ago

    why do you got a 'caretaker' though

  • Ciarán Farley-Toone
    Ciarán Farley-Toone 3 months ago

    watching this in 2018 makes me sad

  • Chris Paul
    Chris Paul 3 months ago

    it seems like the only thing that makes these kinda suck is the zip ties

  • Razor wire
    Razor wire 3 months ago

    hmm, this makes me wonder is william is a furry... probably not.

    JAGERTHO 3 months ago

    I want to see sandals made but with a pattern like the laser skateboard you made for Braille skateboarding you make it we skate it.

  • X
    X 3 months ago

    Was it this place that burned down lol

  • Angel Martinez
    Angel Martinez 3 months ago

    Gucci flip flop

  • Lumi Jaasko
    Lumi Jaasko 3 months ago

    I would have softend The zip ties with ducktape otherwise would wear 10/10

  • Oversized Natsuki
    Oversized Natsuki 3 months ago


  • Khaffit
    Khaffit 3 months ago

    Just out it on the fucking floor
    God xD

  • P_GT3
    P_GT3 3 months ago

    It always makes me sad seeing vids where he is in his house😢

  • Morgan breadmlems
    Morgan breadmlems 3 months ago

    Nonono zip toes

  • Paisley
    Paisley 3 months ago


  • Nikolas Mitchell
    Nikolas Mitchell 3 months ago

    Lock in the juices lol

  • Taeyang's forehead
    Taeyang's forehead 3 months ago

    I want a pair of those

  • mc nasty
    mc nasty 3 months ago

    Did these burn?

  • Tim Roberts
    Tim Roberts 3 months ago

    2:40 "There's no flexture." Good to know.

  • Red Rabbit Slayers
    Red Rabbit Slayers 4 months ago

    ''i can only die so many times... before i cant die anymore'' - William Osman

  • nathanial whitmore
    nathanial whitmore 4 months ago

    these are so ugly i want a pair

  • bluestone best
    bluestone best 4 months ago

    well it works and it's cheap ...

  • Yarrk47
    Yarrk47 4 months ago

    Can I buy some 🤔, like actually plz let me know if I can

  • chaos Killa
    chaos Killa 4 months ago

    Should have made a more comfortable strap and maybe sanded down the wood and it would of had more grip :)

  • XOfficialMutantX
    XOfficialMutantX 4 months ago

    tf your from ventura ???

  • Thing Peng
    Thing Peng 5 months ago

    0:02 thank you for the inclusion

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 5 months ago

    Love how messy your place is. Keeping it real. However, where do you find women who don't run away screaming when they see it?

  • Phatt Ratt
    Phatt Ratt 5 months ago


  • anthony62490
    anthony62490 5 months ago

    Chelsea has the patience of a monk. Serious respect.

  • Ana Luiza
    Ana Luiza 5 months ago

    your messy house makes me anxious

  • Yeet Boi
    Yeet Boi 5 months ago


  • End me
    End me 6 months ago

    When you can't afford flip flops even though they are literally 3 dollars or less but you can afford a fucking laser.

  • Surreal
    Surreal 6 months ago

    Think about the aussies, save the thongs.

  • lols mans
    lols mans 6 months ago

    hey chelsea has the same headphones as me

  • Parisienne Farmgirl
    Parisienne Farmgirl 6 months ago

    mabey a little ruber

  • Good Bih
    Good Bih 6 months ago

    2:45 I have the same headphones as those but in green

  • ThatNut
    ThatNut 6 months ago +1

    your some times funny

  • AlfonsoB
    AlfonsoB 6 months ago

    Looks like sonething Freiburger from "Roadkill" would wear

  • Mad d
    Mad d 6 months ago +1

    I want one except not zip ties becayse that seems like it'd hurt

  • Joe Alvarado
    Joe Alvarado 6 months ago

    Where's the kickstarter for these sandals??

  • name Jeff
    name Jeff 6 months ago +1


  • M-Beezy
    M-Beezy 6 months ago +1

    Get your self a Grilfriend that is as ok with your bullshit as Williams Girlfriend

  • Mad Beggar
    Mad Beggar 7 months ago +1

    Mmmmmmmmm juicy pits

  • Steven Benfan
    Steven Benfan 7 months ago

    I have a foot fetish and this vid made me crazy honry

  • Fynn Weigandt
    Fynn Weigandt 7 months ago +1

    LAZAR TIME!!!!!!

  • Nolsy Mate
    Nolsy Mate 7 months ago +1

    Thongs, that's the one mate fuck your sandals

  • Lucho-Core
    Lucho-Core 7 months ago


  • Yamari Reese
    Yamari Reese 7 months ago +1

    5:43 if that stool wasn’t there.....

  • Mitchell Theobald
    Mitchell Theobald 7 months ago +1

    In Australia we use bread clips to repair our thongs

  • Dylan Lewis
    Dylan Lewis 7 months ago +1

    who else thought he ran funny

  • scrublord mcshitt
    scrublord mcshitt 7 months ago +1

    Rap tape around the zip ties.

  • Tom Enright
    Tom Enright 7 months ago +1

    those are fucking jandals you troglodyte

  • sochyvonn nora
    sochyvonn nora 7 months ago +1

    Where is she now?

  • LukenotLucas
    LukenotLucas 7 months ago

    0:51 camera man john voice leak

  • The Squirrel
    The Squirrel 7 months ago +1

    one of the many things that will be forever lost in the fire.. i will mis you randome homemade flip-flops..

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 7 months ago

    Camera man John foot reveal

  • Adriada Versaile
    Adriada Versaile 7 months ago

    Cat pads made those instantly 1000 times cuter

  • Chasen 161
    Chasen 161 7 months ago

    Camera man vs howtobasic

  • Thando Tulip
    Thando Tulip 7 months ago

    They didn't even look so bad but the sound was something like that dutch wooden shoes

  • Xinjie Zhao
    Xinjie Zhao 8 months ago

    You should try giving Barbie a haircut using laser!

  • Migle Paulikiene
    Migle Paulikiene 8 months ago

    Do you stil have them??

  • B L U R R Y
    B L U R R Y 8 months ago


  • Andy Montechiarini
    Andy Montechiarini 8 months ago

    6:34 ever wondered where those animal footprints on the beach came from?
    Well now you know!

  • Katrain
    Katrain 8 months ago

    You’re either a genius or the biggest idiot

  • Moiz Ahmad
    Moiz Ahmad 8 months ago

    These flip-flops will really *lock in the juices*

  • Aiden Dabbagh
    Aiden Dabbagh 8 months ago

    That end sequence was amazing 😂

  • Neurotic Sos
    Neurotic Sos 8 months ago

    The cat paws make them the cutest thing ever

  • Quinn Nugget?
    Quinn Nugget? 8 months ago

    i thought "if i got a lazer cutter what would i use it for" and instantly i thought well i could make alit of tiny penises and hide them in walmart

  • Daniel Greene
    Daniel Greene 8 months ago

    Let's just say, that your room was taken care of *Hides duffle bag of belongings*
    *Clean your room kids*

  • diddle9616
    diddle9616 8 months ago

    3:53 "i had a thought but the thought doesnt make any sense any more" this channel in a nutshell

  • Brett Johnson02
    Brett Johnson02 8 months ago

    You sure your laser didn’t burn your house down 😂😂

  • Seba Beattie
    Seba Beattie 9 months ago +1

    Paediatric support flip flops:19.99
    Gucci flip flops:199.99
    "zip flops":priceless

  • Fish Man
    Fish Man 9 months ago

    Make some *laser pants*

  • Kingavated Ho
    Kingavated Ho 9 months ago

    Chelsea has the same headphones I’m using to watch this. Video

  • Mr. Sarcastic
    Mr. Sarcastic 9 months ago

    like if watching post house fire