Making Sandals with Zip-Ties and a Laser

  • Published on Nov 14, 2017
  • My sandals broke, so lets make new ones out of garbage!
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  • Jonah St-François
    Jonah St-François 3 months ago +1653

    Not calling them Zip-Flops, opportunity missed, I am disappointed.

    • Aiden Dabbagh
      Aiden Dabbagh Month ago +1

      BlackBantam everyone please don't think all Australians are like this guy, that was nonsense.

    • TubularTable 829
      TubularTable 829 2 months ago +1

      Or Zip-Toes

    • Fsilone
      Fsilone 2 months ago +2

      If Bill Cosby made them, they'd be zip zops.

    • Emiliano Rios
      Emiliano Rios 2 months ago +2

      Not zip flops instead zip zops

  • Jay Games
    Jay Games 2 hours ago +1

    Mmmmmmmmm juicy pits

  • Steven Benfan
    Steven Benfan 2 days ago

    I have a foot fetish and this vid made me crazy honry

  • Commander Werbung
    Commander Werbung 2 days ago +1

    LAZAR TIME!!!!!!

  • Nolsy Mate
    Nolsy Mate 2 days ago +1

    Thongs, that's the one mate fuck your sandals

  • Lucho-Core
    Lucho-Core 3 days ago


  • Yamari Reese
    Yamari Reese 6 days ago +1

    5:43 if that stool wasn’t there.....

  • Mitchell Theobald
    Mitchell Theobald 8 days ago +1

    In Australia we use bread clips to repair our thongs

  • Dylan Lewis
    Dylan Lewis 10 days ago +1

    who else thought he ran funny

  • scrublord mcshitt
    scrublord mcshitt 11 days ago +1

    Rap tape around the zip ties.

  • Tom Enright
    Tom Enright 12 days ago +1

    those are fucking jandals you troglodyte

  • sochyvonn nora
    sochyvonn nora 14 days ago +1

    Where is she now?

  • LukenotLucas
    LukenotLucas 14 days ago

    0:51 camera man john voice leak

  • The Squirrel / MaddyMars
    The Squirrel / MaddyMars 16 days ago +1

    one of the many things that will be forever lost in the fire.. i will mis you randome homemade flip-flops..

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 18 days ago

    Camera man John foot reveal

  • Adriada Versaile
    Adriada Versaile 18 days ago

    Cat pads made those instantly 1000 times cuter

  • Chasen 161
    Chasen 161 25 days ago

    Camera man vs howtobasic

  • Thando Tulip
    Thando Tulip 26 days ago

    They didn't even look so bad but the sound was something like that dutch wooden shoes

  • Xinjie Zhao
    Xinjie Zhao 29 days ago

    You should try giving Barbie a haircut using laser!

  • Migle Paulikiene
    Migle Paulikiene Month ago

    Do you stil have them??

  • B L U R R Y
    B L U R R Y Month ago


  • Andy Montechiarini
    Andy Montechiarini Month ago

    6:34 ever wondered where those animal footprints on the beach came from?
    Well now you know!

  • Katrain
    Katrain Month ago

    You’re either a genius or the biggest idiot

  • Moiz Ahmad
    Moiz Ahmad Month ago

    These flip-flops will really *lock in the juices*

  • Aiden Dabbagh
    Aiden Dabbagh Month ago

    That end sequence was amazing 😂

  • Neurotic Sos
    Neurotic Sos Month ago

    The cat paws make them the cutest thing ever

  • Quinn Nugget?
    Quinn Nugget? Month ago

    i thought "if i got a lazer cutter what would i use it for" and instantly i thought well i could make alit of tiny penises and hide them in walmart

  • Daniel Greene
    Daniel Greene Month ago

    Let's just say, that your room was taken care of *Hides duffle bag of belongings*
    *Clean your room kids*

  • diddle9616
    diddle9616 Month ago

    3:53 "i had a thought but the thought doesnt make any sense any more" this channel in a nutshell

  • Brett Johnson02
    Brett Johnson02 Month ago

    You sure your laser didn’t burn your house down 😂😂

  • Seba Beattie
    Seba Beattie Month ago +1

    Paediatric support flip flops:19.99
    Gucci flip flops:199.99
    "zip flops":priceless

  • Fish Man
    Fish Man Month ago

    Make some *laser pants*

  • Romon Noodles
    Romon Noodles 2 months ago

    Chelsea has the same headphones I’m using to watch this. Video

  • Mr. Sarcastic
    Mr. Sarcastic 2 months ago

    like if watching post house fire

  • Nazneen jn
    Nazneen jn 2 months ago

    Where’s the cameraman’s face

  • poop
    poop 2 months ago

  • ashton cunningham
    ashton cunningham 2 months ago

    He might really need these now

  • Owen DeVendra
    Owen DeVendra 2 months ago

    I have the same headphones as her!!!

  • HoneyBakedBaby
    HoneyBakedBaby 2 months ago

    You should laser cut a house!!

  • Boston Rix
    Boston Rix 2 months ago

    the good old house...

  • Joe Buller
    Joe Buller 2 months ago

    Use hot glue as grip on the bottom and on the zip ties so it won’t hurt

  • CDDogg Games
    CDDogg Games 2 months ago

    Should've wrapped the upper zip ties in tape so it looks and feels better.

  • A To All
    A To All 2 months ago

    are you mad.. ass hole

  • Derfymen
    Derfymen 2 months ago

    you have no house.

  • Gavin Curley
    Gavin Curley 2 months ago

    You could have glued the zip ties between the wood and the foam and it would look nicer as a finished product

  • floppy waffles
    floppy waffles 2 months ago

    **rips it off**
    ....**looks at it**
    Ew **looks discussed**

  • Oscar Anderson
    Oscar Anderson 2 months ago

    I Predict a. Trend...Very funny...and practically free

  • AllTimeIsRelative
    AllTimeIsRelative 2 months ago

    Is that his girlfriend? I feel like she has to deal with a lot.

  • Baitrix Gaming
    Baitrix Gaming 2 months ago

    thats some cool footprints

  • Bilbo Baboon
    Bilbo Baboon 2 months ago

    this dudes got cats on his arms

  • Mario Alfonso
    Mario Alfonso 2 months ago +2

    none of this things exist right now and that makes me feells so sad while looking this video :S

  • Senor GOOCH
    Senor GOOCH 2 months ago

    lock in those juices

  • Mike Hostetler
    Mike Hostetler 2 months ago

    DIY foamposites

  • alex van rijswijk
    alex van rijswijk 2 months ago +4

    so wierd seeing this house

  • David K
    David K 2 months ago

    The sound of them creaking as you walk away!! 🤣

  • The Skeptic
    The Skeptic 2 months ago

    people shall get triggggggggred but thongs, they're called thongs

  • ECHtoplasm
    ECHtoplasm 2 months ago

    All I could think about this entire build is how bad those zip ties would hurt the space between your toes if you tried walking in them. That shit hurts enough with regular flip flops.

  • Ammar Badri
    Ammar Badri 2 months ago

    hype beasts would wear it

  • The Grain Doctor
    The Grain Doctor 2 months ago

    So sorry about the fire. Wishing you and your family the best.

  • ZippyZipra
    ZippyZipra 2 months ago

    Zap ties.

  • Corey Trevor
    Corey Trevor 2 months ago

    Lock in the juices, too many infomercials for someone 😂😂


    They don't look really comfortable
    *I want three pairs*

  • varvaz
    varvaz 2 months ago

    This is my favorite channel at the moment. William, you are my hero.

  • EZ Husky
    EZ Husky 2 months ago

    I fucking want them

  • Kiyomilk
    Kiyomilk 2 months ago

    You should make a table saw to cut wood without the possibility of it catching fire

  • white knight of the alt-right

    Clean up your house

  • Juice
    Juice 2 months ago

    but why is your place such a fucking mess though?

  • Panda Salad
    Panda Salad 2 months ago

    Make shoes that make noises when you walk

  • James Ho
    James Ho 2 months ago

    Ok class welcome to flip flop 101

  • erica
    erica 2 months ago

    chelsea is relatable, and i'd buy these

  • Zoogoo40
    Zoogoo40 2 months ago +1

    Should make an egg cracking device so you don't get any shell into your cakes.

  • Cheetosrawrz
    Cheetosrawrz 2 months ago

    I actually love the cat-pads on the sole

  • Command8
    Command8 2 months ago

    As a design student who over engineers things, I can tell you should have just used epoxy on the broken sandals and call it a day.

  • Bob the filthy bleacher

    You should try to 3D draw with a hot glue gun or make a 3D printer with a hot glue gun

  • Sydney Hensley
    Sydney Hensley 2 months ago

    Finish your laser cutter.

  • ヽ(・∀・)ノ
    ヽ(・∀・)ノ 2 months ago +1

    i cant tell if william was wearing socks with sandals at the end of the video or those were just his really white feet

  • Bill Wade
    Bill Wade 2 months ago

    dude, your legs are SO WHITE out on the town

  • The Red Scare Channel
    The Red Scare Channel 2 months ago

    Why are his feet so white

  • QuantumErikGaming
    QuantumErikGaming 2 months ago

    A man of innovations everyone, a man of innovations...

  • Samantha Berck
    Samantha Berck 2 months ago

    Is it bad that I want a pair?

  • Joshua Bennett
    Joshua Bennett 2 months ago +1

    I think your next project needs to be a shop that isn't also your apartment. Maybe convert a trailer or something? :P

  • Okapi8
    Okapi8 2 months ago +1

    If you want to tap here’s some
    Flap heel heel toe brush toe heel toe heel

  • Nogan TV
    Nogan TV 2 months ago +1

    For Christmas make a device that can auto rap a present.

  • triggered pootis
    triggered pootis 2 months ago +1

    this is what you would find at a store; "William Osman sandals!"

  • Michael Dilger
    Michael Dilger 2 months ago +1

    You. Need. A Shed.

  • jackemled
    jackemled 2 months ago +1

    What's the name of the Laser Time theme? I can't find it on the author's channel.

  • spacecat 1
    spacecat 1 2 months ago +1

    is camra man john how to basic?

  • LordDragonyellow
    LordDragonyellow 2 months ago

    i'm from Australia and I have a cat and I can confirmed thongs in American speak(not sure if it applies to all of them) is knickers and flip flops or those kind of sandals are thongs

  • Oli WPG
    Oli WPG 2 months ago

    I love how he has a lazier cutter, a bandsaw, and a sander in his house not in a garage or basement but just smack dab in the living room

  • CLyons Creations
    CLyons Creations 2 months ago

    Lazer Bandsaw!

  • Mr. Cat
    Mr. Cat 2 months ago


  • Nathan Walker
    Nathan Walker 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for supporting cody, and i love your channel too. !!

  • Cole Goodeaux
    Cole Goodeaux 2 months ago

    should of used electrical tape for straps; more confabulate

  • Hardcore_Hipster
    Hardcore_Hipster 3 months ago

    Do a video where you clean your house

  • DanielSnodgrass
    DanielSnodgrass 3 months ago

    Pancake art with a laser

  • Karen Sause
    Karen Sause 3 months ago +1

    Make the loudest thing possible using only wood, paper, tape, super glue and 10 screws

  • Michael Jarowicz
    Michael Jarowicz 3 months ago +1

    how's it going man

  • Logan Larson
    Logan Larson 3 months ago +2

    Why do the videos get the likes not the comments

  • Decrypt hazard
    Decrypt hazard 3 months ago +1

    Congrats on 300k :D

  • JM LaVergne
    JM LaVergne 3 months ago +1

    Gorgeous; the absolute height of fashion