PAPILLON Official Trailer (2018) Charlie Hunnam, Rami Malek Prison Movie HD

  • Published on May 22, 2018
  • PAPILLON Official Trailer (2018) Charlie Hunnam, Rami Malek Prison Escape Movie HD
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Comments • 1 008

  • xdkai
    xdkai 5 hours ago

    Where are the Harleys at

  • Daniel Hernández

    Shut up grandpas

  • William Vinopal
    William Vinopal Day ago

    Hollywood. Keep your hands off any further Steve McQueen films.

  • MrBonk85
    MrBonk85 4 days ago

    Another copy and paste movie. Hollywood hasn't had a fresh ideas for years. No need for me to watch this movie as I has already seem it and even though it was many years ago, it will have been the better movie.

  • Azor Ahai
    Azor Ahai 4 days ago

    Just another bad shitty remake!!!

  • Bobbly L Lentle
    Bobbly L Lentle 4 days ago

    Loved the original

  • ONIS
    ONIS 4 days ago

    Looks like a movie where someone will get ass raped

  • Abbassi Med Amine
    Abbassi Med Amine 5 days ago

    Shot caller?

  • David Lindsay
    David Lindsay 6 days ago

    the book was amazing I read it in prison in Glasgow I don't think thay could put all that book in a movie it was a great book

  • Last-Notch
    Last-Notch 6 days ago

    Jax and Elliot? Definitely watching this.

  • Mr.P 416
    Mr.P 416 7 days ago

    jax is still whispering and being hard at the same time

    • Julie Hobbs
      Julie Hobbs 5 days ago

      he plays the same character every movie

  • Wild Bill
    Wild Bill 9 days ago

    Devils island is were they have Bin laden, DC Cooper and Suddan Hussein

  • drumdust
    drumdust 9 days ago

    Not normally one for remakes but this looks pretty good.

    MICHEAL ANGELO 9 days ago

    The original one is on TVclip . Go check that work of art if you want. I honestly can say and I'm no expert just in my opinion that it's a must see movie if you want to see a good classic.

  • ansari sarfaraz
    ansari sarfaraz 9 days ago

    i saw really good movie

  • كافر Krok O'dil كافر

    Where is Christian Slater?

  • Achaterz
    Achaterz 11 days ago

    Papillon (the original) is my favourite film, I’m exited for this :)

  • Wolf WarMaster
    Wolf WarMaster 13 days ago

    Elliot Alderson and Jaxon Teller, Great! Now hack me a Harley

  • Furniture Guru
    Furniture Guru 13 days ago

    You can't remake Steve McQueen!

  • Madalina Gabriela
    Madalina Gabriela 14 days ago

    going to be lit.

  • Jeffery Payne
    Jeffery Payne 15 days ago

    This movie is not based on a true story because the man who wrote the book was a liar install stories from other people and passed them off as his own experiences

  • nick waller
    nick waller 17 days ago

    Bro Jax is in this and chibs at 1:16

  • Jacob Barling
    Jacob Barling 18 days ago

    I highly recommend reading the book first, its a great read...

  • Kevin O' Rourke
    Kevin O' Rourke 18 days ago

    Papillon is perfect. This is superfluous

  • Jace Carsonne
    Jace Carsonne 18 days ago +1

    Oh shit! Charlie Hunnam and Tommy Flanagan on the screen together again. Predicting that they probably won't be cliche with it and only have like one or two scenes together. Either way, looks like an interesting film.

  • sam jm
    sam jm 19 days ago

    the real Christian Grey 😍🤤😍🤤🤤

  • C. P.
    C. P. 19 days ago

    Jax looks pretty good for somebody that got ran over by a truck

  • MLA
    MLA 23 days ago

    1:10 You put the beat down on a guard back then in that penal system, they'd just kill you as soon as they found you.

  • Michelle
    Michelle 23 days ago +1


  • Sascha Jürgens
    Sascha Jürgens 24 days ago

    EIn Remake!

  • 72johnblack
    72johnblack 25 days ago

    Jax found the DeLorean right before he rode into that truck and went back in time as Steve McQueen!!!!!

  • Christopher Cayo
    Christopher Cayo 26 days ago


    DJ BLACK SHADOW 26 days ago

    Why punches has sound

  • #WeHoopin #WeHoopin
    #WeHoopin #WeHoopin 27 days ago


  • #WeHoopin #WeHoopin
    #WeHoopin #WeHoopin 27 days ago

    Did shit crazzz-zzzzzzy real

  • Wibbly Wobble
    Wibbly Wobble 28 days ago

    One of my favourite books, if you haven't read it it's really worth giving it a shot. Always a lot of things they can't add to a movie because of time constraints. (and of course there were a lot of changes in the original movie which is somehow overlooked by people stating the original was 'flawless')
    Also worth reading Banco.

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 28 days ago

    What was the point of remaking this?

  • Velisa Demenan
    Velisa Demenan 28 days ago

    *PapiIIon (20I8)* fiIm #NOW avaiIabIe [ ]
    Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!

  • roy Grath
    roy Grath 28 days ago

    Mmmm Interesting. it's what i definitely will watch using my boxxy software

  • mr. goodwill
    mr. goodwill 29 days ago +1

    To young people. Original is all time great.

  • stiffller russell
    stiffller russell 29 days ago

    how to ruin a classic shame

  • storeeteller1
    storeeteller1 Month ago

    An English actor playing a French character with an American accent...!...

  • Flor Nielsen
    Flor Nielsen Month ago

    wow, looking forward this movie

  • Mr. Toasty
    Mr. Toasty Month ago

    Im watching this 😎😎 wish maggie siff was in it

  • Dean wissink
    Dean wissink Month ago

    jax teller is back

  • Daron
    Daron Month ago

    Jaaaackie boy and Chibs? I like it!

  • adanacman666
    adanacman666 Month ago

    Actually it was NOT a true story,he admitted, years later, that he gathered tales ,that he heard over his years as a prisoner,and submitted his manuscript to the publisher, in a series of short stories,and they insisted, he combine all these into one story,and tha,t it was a work of non fiction,autobiographical,he claimed that he didnt agree with the publishers descision but that they did it despite his protests,I was heartbroken when I found out the truth,as I loved this book,but whatever ,its a great work of fiction...

  • Thomas Crown
    Thomas Crown Month ago

    No one can hand over a King of Cool performance...

  • Cody Borak
    Cody Borak Month ago

    Shutter island

  • Elliott Rae
    Elliott Rae Month ago

    Or that one with a character of the same. Name.

  • Elliott Rae
    Elliott Rae Month ago

    Looks similar to. Shawshank

  • Rosin Al Gul
    Rosin Al Gul Month ago

    0:11 my ejac face

  • Rey ko
    Rey ko Month ago

    This trailer feels like Teller never ran himself onto that oncoming trailer and just rode his bike to the other side of the world where he would face his inevitable fate of being locked up. Surprisingly Chibs followed him and they now run the prison together and try to find a way to escape to go back to Charming.

  • Poison Ivy
    Poison Ivy Month ago

    Damn. My dogs name is papillon, for friends papi, for bitches papi chulo. Ok I am leaving

  • Джон Сарторис

    These modern actors are weak. No personality at all. How can you compare this kid to Dustin Hoffman? Pointless remake.

  • imalima
    imalima Month ago

    So did I see chibs from Sao at 1:16

  • Muhammed I. Jhaban
    Muhammed I. Jhaban Month ago

    King Arthur, meet Elliot.. Elliot, meet King Arthur :D

  • Sir_Mercury
    Sir_Mercury Month ago

    Looks good

  • Joe Rock
    Joe Rock Month ago

    There's alot of slavs in this film

  • Aaronski BeeSting
    Aaronski BeeSting Month ago +1

    Papillion is a classic and timeless film. It even had black people and homosexuals in it. Surprised they didn't replace Steve's role with a female tranny. Did they? It will become a TV series.

  • Med Slim
    Med Slim Month ago

    Hollywood is out of ideas....nothing but remakes from now on !

  • Goat In A Boat On A Moat

    This is a fucking joke right? 'Based on a true story' should read 'Remake of a highly superior film that was adapted from a book, based on a true story'

  • Tudor Patrascu
    Tudor Patrascu Month ago

    Stockton looks bad.What happened?

  • Chris Haagan
    Chris Haagan Month ago


  • Cheakylaban
    Cheakylaban Month ago

    Ey Roland møller there we go

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez Month ago


  • MCSolaire
    MCSolaire Month ago

    I saw it at TIFF last year and it was really good

  • Chiko Chikano
    Chiko Chikano Month ago

    Jax is alive??????????????

  • Tzujka
    Tzujka Month ago


  • Squishybootz
    Squishybootz Month ago

    Oooh let's see if they can beat the original

  • Oliver Lacey
    Oliver Lacey Month ago

    Count of Monte Cristo

  • Malka Art
    Malka Art Month ago


  • Osamatheone 007
    Osamatheone 007 Month ago

    Jax 😍😍😍😍

  • Fun Face
    Fun Face Month ago

    different kind of ryan?

  • Noxious
    Noxious Month ago +1

    I've read this book soooooo many times. Looking forward to seeing Jax play the part :)

  • Embittered Drunk
    Embittered Drunk Month ago

    Why do the impact of punches in movies always sound like someone crushing peanuts under a bed cloth on the steel floor of a besieged submarine. You need some new sound effects guys.

  • πες και εσυ ζηση πες και εσυ ζηση

    the original is my fav movie of all time for sentimental value i cant wait to see this one!


    WHY DID THE IDIOTS REMAke a movie that was fiction and fooled the many. me, I WOULD HAVE SQUASHED THIS MOVIE

  • Moby
    Moby Month ago

    Jax Teller and Chibs back together :P Chibs at 1:15

  • Rowan Ivy
    Rowan Ivy Month ago

    Why? Steve McQueen is the man!

  • Just zockt
    Just zockt Month ago

    Jax is it you ?

  • music 4u
    music 4u Month ago


  • Lebron Three6Mafia
    Lebron Three6Mafia Month ago

    Can they just make a movie called Jax Teller

  • BelayaSmert ,
    BelayaSmert , Month ago

    garbage ffs nothing comes close to Steve McQueen.

  • hroosky
    hroosky Month ago

    Assuming the film is based on the book then the trailer shouldn't claim that the film is based on a true story. One of the major talking points about the book has been it's authenticity. Still a great book though.

  • Monica Prado
    Monica Prado Month ago

    Cant be McQueen but dont mind watching

  • Macker Maldrill
    Macker Maldrill Month ago


  • Guillaume Genest
    Guillaume Genest Month ago

    another one remake

  • Cumali Koçovalı
    Cumali Koçovalı Month ago +1

    Jax teller 👑

  • kristin gallipoli
    kristin gallipoli Month ago

    Impossible to top Steve Mcqueen. Why even bother?

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Month ago

    Two of my favorite actors from two of my all time favorite shows... this a a fucking dream come true

  • krishm666
    krishm666 Month ago

    nooo !!! whyyy ???? this is the best movie ever and now they are going to destroy it !

  • Giovanni Ferreira
    Giovanni Ferreira Month ago

    Oh god, Charlie is so hot.

  • Nathan Hodgson
    Nathan Hodgson Month ago

    This actually looks quite good... there’s an original is it any good?

  • Duke James Gaming
    Duke James Gaming Month ago

    Seems like Hunnam can only get remakes now.

  • Crab Burger
    Crab Burger Month ago

    Charlie fricking Hummel im sick of this guy ruining every thing he's in with his wooden acting and terrible fake accents, I loved the original and I can see this being a flop to be honest 😢

  • Boomshanka
    Boomshanka Month ago +2

    lol....So they really think they can do better then Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman. What a waste of money.

  • TheBrabon1
    TheBrabon1 Month ago

    message to hollywood

  • TheBrabon1
    TheBrabon1 Month ago

    why did they remake a classic?

  • Tom Levick
    Tom Levick Month ago

    Mistake. This was a HUGE mistake.