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  • Of all the hundreds of Last Jedi trailer reaction videos, THIS is the one you should watch. The way I interact with media is important. Spoilers for The Last Jedi trailer.

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  • mdr48371
    mdr48371 10 days ago +685

    I liked the part where Kylo Ren tells Rey, "Wow you are The Last Jedi. Sorry I killed your dad, Luke Skywalker."

    • Roni R
      Roni R 10 hours ago

      mdr48371 Rey is a Kenobi.

    • Roni R
      Roni R 10 hours ago

      mdr48371 LOL

    • tcphll
      tcphll 20 hours ago

      MrBigrhino76 Maybe you should have a better grasp on punctuation and grammar before you correct other people's. Just because something violates a particular manual of style (of which there are many) doesn't make it grammatically incorrect. Grammar and style aren't the same thing; style really only applies to formal writing and the particular guide you cited applies to academic papers, of which I do not think YouTube comments qualify.

    • Eu
      Eu 3 days ago

      MrBigrhino76 The second is in no way grammatically correct. It would need a colon.

    • seedius000
      seedius000 7 days ago

      yeah but Luke is not Reys dad ;-)

  • KiD KrAzY ShIT
    KiD KrAzY ShIT 4 hours ago

    it's not a creepy mesh face it's just a piece of kinesio tape, he pulled a cheek muscle scowling and needs it for recovery

  • joe jilly
    joe jilly 9 hours ago

    Porg will be the star wars downfall...also the poor story they are using in the new trilogy

  • Roni R
    Roni R 10 hours ago


  • Roni R
    Roni R 10 hours ago

    And Kylo was so hot😍😍😍 and Reylo is pretty much confimed

  • Roni R
    Roni R 10 hours ago

    I freaked out!!! It's the best trailer ever!!!

  • Tyler L
    Tyler L 19 hours ago

    "why so serious!"

  • Tyler L
    Tyler L 19 hours ago

    Luke's returning for episode 9. mark Hamil growing his beard again.

  • Philippe Morin
    Philippe Morin 23 hours ago

    OMG You are such a nerd! :P

  • Doug Sullivan
    Doug Sullivan Day ago

    @Jenny Nicholson I really hope you can continue with your millennial falcon character with the apparent demise of that other channel because of one asshole

  • Eric Wood
    Eric Wood Day ago

    I wonder how these Star Wars people travel to so many different worlds without contracting alien diseases. It's bad enough for us here on Earth, where one out-of-place rat can kill a third of a population or more.

  • broodovermind
    broodovermind Day ago

    got an opinion on the new star trek train wreck? it's got so many cool features like hairless klingons, spidey sense threat ganglia, jj abrams lense flairs, spock has a new sister he never mentioned, and the ship spins like all the time its so great

  • aaron lovely
    aaron lovely 2 days ago

    im i the only one who wants to bang her face off js lul

  • TurtleOver Lord
    TurtleOver Lord 2 days ago

    I applauded you for not being a normie...

  • GED
    GED 2 days ago

    Its a plaster on his face isnt it...??

    'Bacta Plaster' lol

  • TiekoBarringtonMagic

    Her nerdiness is ridiculously attractive.

  • Raphael Marquez
    Raphael Marquez 2 days ago

    Reaction videos may be fake most of the time, but at least they can be entertaining to watch.

  • Sekkar's PlayHouse
    Sekkar's PlayHouse 3 days ago

    Was new ground broked?

  • Alex Hayden
    Alex Hayden 3 days ago

    Space band-aid (Not future band-aid, n00bs. This is a long time ago.). Not gross. Love the rest of the video and the commentary on dumb reaction videos.

  • RyeOnHam
    RyeOnHam 3 days ago

    Those porg eyes are NOT going to last long, Jenny.

  • JImbo Furgeson
    JImbo Furgeson 3 days ago

    The hell were you doing to that Porg? Masturbating its eyes?

  • Luemm3l
    Luemm3l 4 days ago

    "you don't get a prosthetic face... that doesn't make any sense" Watch GITS.... that being said, the black patch could just be something like a futuristic plaster or something... from the lightsaber fight with Rae

  • Martin Molina
    Martin Molina 4 days ago

    Max Landis brought me here ❤️

  • ghost man
    ghost man 4 days ago

    the metal mesh represents a small step towards kylo's "machine".
    "he's more machine now than man."

  • Sean Norona
    Sean Norona 4 days ago

    What's your favorite Star Wars fllm?

  • Zero Budget Productions

    Sitting here hoping Jenny is going to go Full Paige (Netflix 'Atypical' for those who missed the reference) on the Porg toy!!!!

  • Zero Budget Productions

    Preview reaction videos: I think they are all acting students and they get graded on their thumbs up/down ratio??

  • Little Yoshi
    Little Yoshi 4 days ago


  • Severian Wintermute
    Severian Wintermute 4 days ago

    I jerked off my R5 to the new trailer.

  • Gaming 4 Life(Tylerman)

    Lol this review is so sarcastic and passive aggressive, and taking shots at literally everyone, but then again your like calm and nice. So I am really confused

  • Jon Woodland
    Jon Woodland 4 days ago

    I don't think it's actually mesh under his skin. I think he's just wearing a cool techno bandage. You know, he just has a particular taste in bandages that he thinks is cool.

  • Thomas Joyce
    Thomas Joyce 5 days ago +2

    After spending over a decade living on a desert planet, Rey has to jump into an ocean and swim so she does. She out-swims all of the local sea creatures but on her SECOND attempt, NOT her first because #NotAMarySue

  • SCharlesDennicon
    SCharlesDennicon 5 days ago

    That was surprisingly fun. I kinda enjoy reaction videos (although I always keep in mind that this trend is a tad depressing, sociologically speaking), but yours was one of the rare believable ones I've seen... ^^; Some people are good at it, whatever "it" is, and some aren't, some have lives, some are men-children with the emotions of five year-old girls. In any case, I like your humor.

  • CW AtWork
    CW AtWork 5 days ago

    I avoided watching this trailer after Johnson's and Hamill's warning. Watching this reaction video somehow feels like a decent compromise between abstaining and watching it. I'm looking forward to seeing Kylo's face mesh in the theater.

  • Subliminal Origami
    Subliminal Origami 5 days ago

    The Porg seems to be permanently unhappy. : (

  • DryBoneJones
    DryBoneJones 5 days ago

    Wow, a real reaction thats not an overreaction, thank you for this Jenny. :)

  • Renwark
    Renwark 5 days ago

    Great video.

  • MovieNerd3000
    MovieNerd3000 5 days ago

    If Vader was Jenny's dad he'd try to force choke me to death every time he reads my mind because of my impure thoughts towards his daughter..

  • HowlGough
    HowlGough 5 days ago

    Oh god all the uncreative RLM comments have migrated....

  • Supreme Leader Snoke

    You think I look funny? HARD TO TAKE SERIOUSLY!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!! although I have to thank you for calling me fashion forward I do like my Gold Robe but I'm supremely intimidating I'm not funny other than that this amused me

  • Based Patriot
    Based Patriot 5 days ago

    This is the best.

  • Geof Thompson
    Geof Thompson 5 days ago

    Funniest reaction video i've seen. Really apathetic and ironic whilst also being a giant piss take of all the reaction vids about. Love it 😂

  • Texocracy
    Texocracy 5 days ago

    Her attractiveness is approaching 5000.

  • Spinning Art
    Spinning Art 5 days ago

    I love all your content, and I think you're awesome! But I'm really writing to tell you know that I think your horse is The true embodiment of "Black Beauty" from the movie. 😁

  • Lewis Drake
    Lewis Drake 5 days ago

    That Kylo ren doll is creepy af

  • Josey Wales
    Josey Wales 5 days ago

    I agree with you that trailer reactions are silly , but I mostly think they're stupid

  • cardiac19
    cardiac19 5 days ago

    Eff the redemption arc. Kylo gots to die.

  • cardiac19
    cardiac19 5 days ago

    Bacta strip.

  • RCScorch
    RCScorch 5 days ago +1

    God I can’t stand this girl

  • Aitor Karanka
    Aitor Karanka 5 days ago

    Palpatine was set to wear Golden clothing on the previous movies , dont mock snoke. didnt you join the SW showmoedown

  • motem
    motem 5 days ago

    Oh baby, I'd love you so much, and post-coital would be a trip to the stars! Plus. I'd like to nibbke your feet

  • Nineteen Seventy7
    Nineteen Seventy7 5 days ago

    Watched 10x before lighting up.

  • Two Sheds
    Two Sheds 5 days ago +1

    You and rich evans have two different opinions on how to use a porg doll.

  • stewbird234450
    stewbird234450 5 days ago +1

    This is hardly a reaction video

  • TheShelleybeansaid
    TheShelleybeansaid 6 days ago

    I think it's some sort of bandage. The scar is different later.

  • Josh Lowery
    Josh Lowery 6 days ago

    It kinda doesn't work to criticize trailer reactions while running with a Droopy-the-dog schtick as pretentious as this. Just putting that out there.

  • Sound Author
    Sound Author 6 days ago

    Every time Jenny rolls up her sleeves, take a shot.

    Okay, so it only happens a few times. Drinking is bad umkay.

  • Tom Bowling
    Tom Bowling 6 days ago

    In a bold move to finally tie animated Star Wars to live Star Wars, Disney will make Rey the lovechild of Ezra and Sabine.

  • gfarrell80
    gfarrell80 6 days ago

    Our allegedly strong female lead with the line "Just show me my place in all this" worries me. A strong character has goals and at least an idea of the path they want to take. Rey kinda just bumbled her way through The Force Awakens too.

  • Matthew Milan
    Matthew Milan 6 days ago +2

    Is that your daughter's room or do you still live like a 12 year old?

  • N0 1
    N0 1 6 days ago

    Is she for real?

  • The Fan Caste
    The Fan Caste 6 days ago +1

    How can she hate Rogue One and be excited for TLJ?

  • The Fan Caste
    The Fan Caste 6 days ago +1

    I liked the trailer, but I saw this movie in 1980.

  • Alicia Mary
    Alicia Mary 6 days ago

    Many it's like a weird looking Band-Aid.

  • 69johndz
    69johndz 6 days ago +1

    I want to see a Jenny Nicholson/Red Letter Media cross over. I think their senses of humor would compliment each other nicely.

  • YoseMiteEmery
    YoseMiteEmery 6 days ago

    It’s like Ellie’s new tattoo. The ultimate cosplayers got it tattooed lol

  • Keith R
    Keith R 6 days ago +1

    "Other people are having fun in ways I disapprove of. You should only have fun in the same way I do."

  • xxxCrackerJack501xxx

    I figured it was a cyber-bandage thing of some sort

  • Retrovirus
    Retrovirus 6 days ago +1

    Biased against the poor Foxes because you don't personally like them?... SMH ;)

  • Lord Renek Gamer
    Lord Renek Gamer 6 days ago

    I found I had more of a reaction when I tae a shit then I did when I watched trailer. The 1 thing that the trailer are my movement was alt of urrr, ugh, groan and grrrr's

  • mickor
    mickor 6 days ago

    No, I definitely do not need this.... sorry. But your command of the obvious is really firm.

  • Zeluth
    Zeluth 6 days ago

    What eats porgs?

  • Chris Braz
    Chris Braz 6 days ago

    No. The last shot is a flashback. And that fire behind him matches up with the scene where Luke is digging himself out of the rubble.

    • Chris Braz
      Chris Braz 6 days ago

      Jenny Nicholson yes, her voice sounds like it's echoing inside a room or a cave. Definitely two scenes spliced.

    • Jenny Nicholson
      Jenny Nicholson  6 days ago +1

      The last shot has his healed scar, so it's not a flashback. But it IS a different setting. I believe Rey says her line earlier, probably to Luke.

      But I have to assume the spirit of sticking those two shots together DOES reflect a real interaction between Kylo and Rey in the movie and they're not pulling another Rogue One trailer on us

  • Aaron Kosydar
    Aaron Kosydar 6 days ago


  • Austin Whitaker
    Austin Whitaker 7 days ago

    The "Mesh Thing" as you call it, is most likely a Bacta (Star Wars Magic Medicine) patch used for healing wounds on the go, since this movie is supposed to take place right after the last one according to the director. I'm guessing he is feeling like a failure after his loss to Rey and wants to get right back out there in the fight and slaps it on his face instead of going home to lick his wounds for a while. Then by the end of the film, it will come off. Think future face grow back bandaid.

  • Magnus The Meling
    Magnus The Meling 7 days ago

    Mr Sunday Movies does this better.

  • uneasywerewolf
    uneasywerewolf 7 days ago +1

    I love you.

  • Jason Benson
    Jason Benson 7 days ago +1

    The scar looks like some Kevlar tape bought from Amazon stuck on his face.

  • Ranger Red
    Ranger Red 7 days ago +1

    I clapped when I looked at the comment section and everyone said they clapped, because I know that reference too!

  • Kalen Thomas
    Kalen Thomas 7 days ago +1

    I'm so sorry to admit this, but I fap to Jenny all the time.

  • Timothy Lewis
    Timothy Lewis 7 days ago +1

    Torn between avoiding the trailer and watching this video.

    *Finally breaks down and watches this video*

  • Jago Sevetar
    Jago Sevetar 7 days ago +2

    The thing I love the most about this trailer is how this movie proves that people who look bad are evil. Hot people good. Ugly people bad. I'm pretty sure that's from Animal Farm, right? He's got a scar. F*CK THAT GUY!

    • Jenny Nicholson
      Jenny Nicholson  6 days ago

      How's the weather in your parallel universe where scars don't make bad boys hotter

  • Lasse Sipilä
    Lasse Sipilä 7 days ago

    You're trying to say "figuratively blind". Watching Archer helps.

  • Return_Of_The_Mack
    Return_Of_The_Mack 7 days ago +1

    Finally. An honest trailer reaction. I'm glad you didn't cry when you heard Luke speag. Or scream like a porg at the end shot. Or surmise the entire plot from a 2 minute clip of film that might not be in the film.

  • Stormesteren
    Stormesteren 7 days ago

    Trailer reactions are silly, you are so right. Most of them should be called trailer overreactions.

  • King Cheetah
    King Cheetah 7 days ago

    Last shot of Kylo, could be from the flashback at Jedi academ wood-shop failure. And Kylo stoic? I don't know your humor, was that sarcasm or confusion, cuz everyone calls him emo Kylo. :)

  • Sam T.
    Sam T. 7 days ago

    the mesh is a space bandage.

  • Revilod 2000
    Revilod 2000 7 days ago

    I think it's just a space band-aid on his face

  • KsJayhawker94
    KsJayhawker94 7 days ago

    How funny, you are silly, and cute, but a little silly, I think I mentioned that already, not sure I trust those porgs though, what someone else called an egguin, a term I like, but I can't wait to see the movie, mesh scars and all, force be with you.

  • esotericsean
    esotericsean 7 days ago

    Jenny, is your left sleeve okay?

  • Conner O'Neill
    Conner O'Neill 7 days ago

    God I hate you

  • Tony Sola
    Tony Sola 7 days ago

    I thought it was a space band-aid

  • Téa Krzykowski
    Téa Krzykowski 7 days ago +1

    You are special 💗

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski 7 days ago

    i do not do reaction

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski 7 days ago

    There is a little of epV

  • greyeyed123
    greyeyed123 7 days ago +1

    Your mother has a screw in her leg? She is more machine now, than mother. Twisted and evil.

  • Colin Poole
    Colin Poole 7 days ago

    Reaction starts at Never:Clickbait

  • John Nada
    John Nada 7 days ago

    Your reaction was cool, seriously. But Tyrone Magnus was better ijs

  • J B
    J B 7 days ago


  • FloraLuna
    FloraLuna 7 days ago +1

    I would be very interested to see your analysis of the Steven Moffat era of Doctor Who, if that's something you are familiar with. Although it may be too much of a complete mess to even attempt analyzing...