r/Tifu Alexa Showed My NU**S to my Family! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
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    r/Tifu In today's story, OP thinks that it would be a great idea for her to get an Amazon device for her mother. Well, things take a terrible turn when the Amazon device accidentally syncs to her personal account, which includes all of her private photos. So, when the Amazon device cycles through images at a birthyday party, they start showing all of OP's secret photos to her entire family!
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    "Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  • rSlash
    rSlash  Month ago +1280

    Me: Alexa, show me the news
    Alexa: OK, showing your nudes

  • FairButNotReally
    FairButNotReally 2 days ago


  • Draelyn Slusar
    Draelyn Slusar 2 days ago

    I wonder if I can use the word porn in the comments... what about pornhub
    Edit- I can!

  • FishyAlex GD
    FishyAlex GD 3 days ago


  • Albertooo
    Albertooo 9 days ago

    Tifu: by unsubscribing to rSlash

  • xF_ire
    xF_ire 11 days ago

    Lol my bday is 25 September

  • cqx useless
    cqx useless 14 days ago

    rSlash: censores daamn word
    also rSlash dildos, butt plugs etc.
    rSlash: thats not that bad

  • Gabriel Diamond
    Gabriel Diamond 18 days ago

    0:54 my sister's birthday

  • Starkiller_ 7707
    Starkiller_ 7707 18 days ago

    I feel so sorry for the girl in the first story

  • thomas james
    thomas james 19 days ago

    8:00 real dick move

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith 26 days ago

    Ive also got one for the brother kick out story, except i did get him kicked out.
    So a bout a year before he was removed, my brother went a lived with our cousin, renting our grandparentsโ€™ old house that they moved from (downsizing) he was learning how to live independently and our mom (who we swear is an actual social path) likes keep us under her thumb, didnt like that he was growing a back bone and fighting against her crazy demands (one example: he was supposed to text or call when he left his house and when he got back, a tame example but there are worse ones, please note this included going to uni or going to the shops for food, etc, did not matter) well he came home to live with us while taking a year off uni and focusing on his job. Used to not living with us, he stopped doing chores around the house, which i was annoyed about because, you live here, you eat here, vaccum once in a while. So i bitched to him and ma (that was my mistake) and his reasoning was because he didnt live with us for so long he was longer required to pitch in around the house.
    Well he gets a girlfriend in this time, introduces her to us and im excited, because he seems happy and more relaxed, ma was not as pleased, deeming her a โ€˜princessโ€™ she wasnt wrong, but she wasnt right either. So theyโ€™re going steady. And they start living together, not on their own, they swapped between her parents house and ours on a weekly basis (we lived fifteen minutes drive away from each other) but neither contributed to the house, leaving things a mess (especially their room) which really pisses off our ma. They expected to treat them like guests even though they lived with us.
    Now WHY he was kicked out.
    We had some old burgers in the fridge, theyed been frozen twice to prevent them from going off, which shoulda been the throw away time, but food costs money so we didnt, instead i cooked up some mean breakfast burgers with all the fixings. I made two for me and sat down to eat when in walks my brothers girl. She complimented the smell of my food and asked if she could have one and i said sure, ill just make another one. So while i was cooking another one, she digs into my questionable meat patties, eating both. I note this and cook another one for myself. She heads out to work without thanking me, which im used to by now. I finish up, eat up, clean up and head for uni.
    While im there she complains to my bro about her stomach feeling off, so he takes her to the hospital because shed just recently got a bad stomach infection taken care of and pain meant it wasnโ€™t completely gone.
    Her apendix had ruptured. She was in the ER getting surgery and my bro stayed by her side in the hospital, well ma came home and set up the ironing table in their room for some reason, but found a pile of their mixed clothes on the ground, im not talking a couple pairs of jeans, i mean two laundry loads worth. And sends him a text asking why he has a heap of dirty clothes on the ground, mainly his girlfriendโ€™s. He replies saying there clean and he was going to take care of them after uni but gf was complaining about stomach pain and now she was having surgery and hed take care of it when he got back. Ma flipped her lid and said theyd now be living permanently at his gfโ€™s house until he matured enough to not have laundry on the floor.
    So they got kicked out, her golden child removed, she starting asking me to do the stuff normally reserved for my brother, important paperwork etc (as i โ€˜provedโ€™ myself to be worthless at a very young age) well guess what? I fucked up a lot of the tasks given to me because id never done them before and she expected my brotherโ€™s level of skill for the tasks.
    Not two weeks after she sent em packing, she called him and told him she was ready for him to come back. My brother flat out refused and told her he was happier living without her and didnt want to move back.
    So i took the brunt of her anger because im used to her screaming and hitting me, not so much hitting anymore. I clocked her pretty good when i was fifteen, hard enough to rock the the broom stick out of her hands and knock her to the floor. She never hit me again, shes threatened it a few times since but you dont threaten things that are much stronger than you (much)
    And thats how i got my brother kicked out of the house

  • Solarstan of YouTube
    Solarstan of YouTube 28 days ago

    1:50 but to use the screensaver you have to manually select chosen photos so this girl actully put her nudes as a screensaver

  • blastvortex
    blastvortex 29 days ago

    lmao. Catnip is drugs, just not for the human. xD

  • KawaiiCat Craft
    KawaiiCat Craft Month ago

    Tifu by performing surgery on a pencil during math class. I missed a lot. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Hope Sunshine
    Hope Sunshine Month ago

    Thatโ€™s racist ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ

  • XxJORGEPRO21xX noob
    XxJORGEPRO21xX noob Month ago +1

    If op wants revenge cuz his mother doesnt do anithing with his brother he should take a photo of his pp on shower or the night and do the same

  • GhostWarrior
    GhostWarrior Month ago


  • Reitanna Seishin
    Reitanna Seishin Month ago

    that's why you should never EVER take pictures or video of something private. if you don't want people to see it, don't record it. i never understand why people do that, it makes no sense.

  • William Smith
    William Smith Month ago +1

    When u said โ€œhey Alexaโ€ all of them in my house were alert

  • jack grealish is a bastard

    Was his local team Chelsea when they beat wolves 5-2

  • jai miles
    jai miles Month ago

    1st story - switch to google, like me

  • God of Drink
    God of Drink Month ago

    That first story wouldnโ€™t happen to be about Jennifer Lawrence, would it?

  • Iceyblue
    Iceyblue Month ago

    Ha! Speaking of watching a fight with popcorn, I remember I was helping this teacher pack everything into boxes on the day before the last day of school and we cooked popcorn in her microwave, which she let me have. I go to gym and the teachers are in the room by the changing rooms in a hall way next to the gym so they couldn't really hear or see anything. There was a fight between 2 guys and I ran back to the teacher room made more popcorn which she really didn't care if I did because she wanted to get rid of it anyway, and I come back and pass popcorn to some of the students. We all ate popcorn and watched dead silent and then when a dude kicked a kid in the thigh, I started screaming "YOU GOT THIS BRO! YOU CAN DO IT!" And kept stuffing popcorn in my mouth. They stopped and looked around and started throwing their school stuff at us, until the teachers came in and started yelling at everyone and told us to finish up the popcorn before they send us ALL to the office. I plan to make 2 kids have a fight again, just to pass out more popcorn because a few of the other guys gave me $5!

  • Tsuki
    Tsuki Month ago

    My fiance's dad got banned from amazon because his alexa was acting up. He was pissed off and saying the usual "screw this junk. this software sucks. fucking useless machine," that most people yell when dealing with a broken electronic. (at least me and my friends do). Mind you, he was saying all of this after he had given up using alexa at that moment and it was on standby. The Alexa recording everything that was being said while no one was using it, amazon got wind of the remarks and they sent a vague email saying he couldn't use the alexa or his account anymore.
    Amazon is sketchy

  • TheRedGamerFPV
    TheRedGamerFPV Month ago

    It's thermaltake lady, I have a thermaltake CPU cooler, view 71, rgb light, and thermaltake thermal paste

  • TheRedGamerFPV
    TheRedGamerFPV Month ago

    Over God damn thermal paste, just use peanut butter, I'm sure it won't ramage a cooler or CPU...

    THE HURRICANE Month ago

    Wat happends to ow?

  • Karla Pabello
    Karla Pabello Month ago

    Lol today I fucked up by watching r slash, jk I love it

  • Hayden Costa
    Hayden Costa Month ago +1

    deciding to bleep out that one part instead of saying a pg word almost made me piss myself lmfao

  • cursed mailman
    cursed mailman Month ago

    12:03 is.... is rslash threatening us...?

  • Vixx Carter
    Vixx Carter Month ago

    The house fire and the marshmallows I lost it

  • Sync Grave
    Sync Grave Month ago

    Still trying to figure out what ********* is suppose to censore

  • scp 173
    scp 173 Month ago

    anyone else got a bit triggered on the inside during the dead daughter story?

  • Smokey
    Smokey Month ago

    First Story: NOT SPONSORED

  • Cameron Simison
    Cameron Simison Month ago

    the ibky one doin drugs here is the cat. i nearly died and its not even that funny

  • nO0bY g4mEr3
    nO0bY g4mEr3 Month ago

    "Alexa showed my nu**s to my family"

    So which is it?
    A) Nukes
    B) Nuts

  • Jeff Gogo
    Jeff Gogo Month ago +1

    I almost cried laughing at the bonfire story! I could picture it so clearly! I live in the country and we and our neighbors have bonfires all the time. We`ve also had a house fire so, if i turned around and saw my neighbors with marshmallows on sticks, I probably would have laughed at the situation myself. The fire was caused by the power box where it comes into the house and burned a hole through the roof. We lost some things but nothing that couldn`t be replaced and we were all safe. But I know we would have laughed at the marshmallow on a stick image, priceless!

  • Subscribe to Pewdiepie

    what does OP mean?

  • Zerq
    Zerq Month ago

    what the fuck is wrong with her "oh you must be proud

  • SneakyJoe's Salad RUS

    Well, it's the first time I laughed out loud at the popcorn guy. Well played.

  • Jรถergen BTW
    Jรถergen BTW Month ago

    Umm for the 1st story my bday is September 26th

  • angelbloodshinra
    angelbloodshinra Month ago

    Man, that title censoring was misleading. Here I was thinking Alexa had accidentally fired a bunch of nukes...

  • Sharps Dark
    Sharps Dark Month ago

    Mum!! The neighbours are fighting again!! Get the Popcorn!!

  • Lilly Lovegood
    Lilly Lovegood Month ago +1

    At around 3:30 I really gotta say.
    That is one good mama to be like that.

  • thegameplayer125
    thegameplayer125 Month ago

    how funny would it be if the guy watching the fight helped save a relationship by becoming a common enemy of theirs

  • Twisty Sunshine
    Twisty Sunshine Month ago

    Last guy. Your mom's a fucking racist. Sucks man

  • Twisty Sunshine
    Twisty Sunshine Month ago

    "Amazon has the answers to all of life's problems"
    Apparently not their employees homelessness, or the injuries they get on the absurd work schedules created by Amazon

  • Evan Phan
    Evan Phan Month ago +2


    Alexa: im about to end this mans whole career

  • Riley Leavitt
    Riley Leavitt Month ago

    the cats just sitting there smoking catnip

  • ZTaigen
    ZTaigen Month ago

    HA! I've decoded the title!
    r/Tifu Alexa Showed My NUKES to my Family! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

  • Maryann Anderson
    Maryann Anderson Month ago

    I hope OP realizes that her primary problem might not be that Alexa accidentally showed all her bits and pieces to her family. Her biggest problem might be that she took the pictures and sent them to her SO in the first place. A woman who sends up close and personal shots of her tonsils needs to just stop for a minute and ask herself if she wants her boss, her family, her co-workers, her friends, her CHILDREN some day, and her NEW SO to see those pictures. I say "new" SO because if she and her current SO break up the first thing SO is going to do is broadcast those photos to the WORLD and getting something off the internet once it's on there is impossible. Next time you blow on a dandelion watch all those seeds scatter all over the lawn and then try to pick them all up. Do you think there's any remote chance you might recover them all? The likelihood of your finding all those seeds is about as likely as it is that you will be able to totally erase a picture once it hits the internet. A friend might promise you faithfully that she will delete that photo but she might "forget" to tell you that she has already sent it to her boyfriend and her BFF and no telling who THEY might have sent it to. People, STOP sending pictures if they are of anything you wouldn't want the world to see because chances are very good that the world actually will end up seeing those pictures.

  • L****
    L**** Month ago

    Who else thought it was a story about Alexa exposing "nuts?"

  • BobbySauce
    BobbySauce Month ago

    Me: *turns up quality on the thumbnail*

  • Starkiller_ 7707
    Starkiller_ 7707 Month ago

    Two more people comment so we will have 666

  • Just Some Loch Ness Monster Looking for Bigfoot

    That one with the dead daughter is messed up and OP kinda feels like a $@#@ in this one

  • Xenobat
    Xenobat Month ago

    That casual racism though...

  • SkyeDa Pug
    SkyeDa Pug Month ago


  • Alexa Leisure
    Alexa Leisure Month ago

    Thatโ€™s my b

  • ProGamerMDX Wolf
    ProGamerMDX Wolf Month ago

    Real story
    TIFU by saying to my very sensitive teacher that I had shit in my mouth
    This happened 2 week ago and my head forgot about it for reasons you will see
    I threw up in my mouth probably by eating too much and this is what happened
    Me [tells friend next to me] "I had projev in my mouth" because I was bored and I want to make someone laugh.
    Ok I am more on the English side then my country's side so I forget most words meaning and mix them up so my head though that projev meant vomit but what it actually meant was diarrhoea so this is how it continued
    She "what [laughs]"
    Me "I povratio in my mouth" but that meant I destroyed my mouth
    [she tells to the kids around us,they laugh]
    Teacher "what so funny"
    I said in the most serious why possible "I povratio in my mouth" I still didn't know what it meant
    She threw up On.The.Spot on a kid in front of her and he was laughing and got some of the teachers food as a awkward
    I learn what it meant for the principal
    Safe to say I got suspended for a week
    And that kid didn't want seconds

  • Kelly B
    Kelly B Month ago

    When you indirectly figure out your dad smokes pot