Neil deGrasse Tyson: Flat Earth, Fake Science & Space Exploration

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  • daniel figueroa
    daniel figueroa Hour ago

    because it has nothing to do with the shape of the earth its the culture change flat earthers are butthurt about so they make up these stupid conspiracy theory's to try to create fear so they can get people on the "right" path

  • Jane Book
    Jane Book 3 hours ago

    now theres a BOY who knows all about fake science

  • Happy sad
    Happy sad 4 hours ago

    Seeing these flat-earth comments C R A C K me U P ! We have provided more EVIDENCE and more logic, yet you seem to still be ignorant. Remember your CLAIM is different from EVIDENCE. And if you don't know the difference go back to school. You keep saying "NASA NASA", "government government", yet many other countries still know better. You can't see the curvature of the Earth because pass the horizon it gradually goes down and the horizon will block the view.

  • Clint Greenwood
    Clint Greenwood 7 hours ago

    Strange, look out the window behind them.

  • Kratos The godslayer
    Kratos The godslayer 14 hours ago

    My girlfriend is flat

  • Asrat Mengesha
    Asrat Mengesha 15 hours ago

    So, when you observe from the tall building you will see the sun setting two minutes later?That means if you increase the height of that building to be longer and longer then, you are going to see the sun setting 12 or 17 hours later.....? even if the sun is on the other side of the "spare earth"? How is that possible man?
    That is possible because the earth is flat.

  • Matt Allen
    Matt Allen 16 hours ago

    its sad how there r retards out there who believe this shit

  • Tucher97
    Tucher97 17 hours ago

    flat earth? where hte fuck is europe or africa when i stand at hte shore's of myrtle beach

  • Wolf SurvivalX
    Wolf SurvivalX 18 hours ago

    Excuse me! The earth is flat. I held up a level it I saw it was flat. I’m only 2 months old and I’m smarter than you all!


  • Phantom Samurai
    Phantom Samurai 23 hours ago

    it is flat you atheists read the bible

  • Prince Bullard
    Prince Bullard Day ago

    Water proves the earth is flat. No matter what you pour it in, it lays flat on top; a bottle, a pit, a ditch, a lake, or a pond. Now, given waters universal law of balance, the ocean is water as well. It too must obey waters law of balance and lay perfectly flat on top. Water never curves. It’s flat on top. Everywhere you go!

  • John Antonovich
    John Antonovich Day ago

    ehhh every1 knows neils an actor except the round earthers that believe him hahaaha.

  • Dj Death
    Dj Death Day ago

    neil degrassi related to sinbad ?? lol

  • dipass n¡gger
    dipass n¡gger Day ago +1

    I bet they'll claim its cgi or some shit

  • Thach Manorom
    Thach Manorom Day ago

    Google can awnser many question. But more questionning resolve into every single thing. Go back to school.

    • Alex Siemers
      Alex Siemers Day ago

      Flat Earthers claim that the internet and education system are designed to brainwash people away from believing in a flat earth.

  • J Lo
    J Lo Day ago

    You have Neil de grass Tyson and your asking stupid questions like “the earth is flat?” You are the stupidest man alive

  • d w
    d w Day ago

    Totally a random interview ;)
    They don't have an answer for the equator question? Give me a break.

  • LucretiusNigro
    LucretiusNigro Day ago

    Show off, flaunt, the own scientific illiteracy, is a bit silly, but one "stupid" can always count on the "stupidity" of others; the majority of people, unfortunately, have often a rudimentary scientific education; if someone - instead of studying and proposing research (paper) that demonstrates something seriously - says on the net that everything is false and the Earth is flat, it will find someone who believes in it (...). (Sorry, my english is an illusion ^^).

  • Bea Reale
    Bea Reale Day ago

    Saying theories are dumb just shows ignorance. Every theory in science has truth. It's different from other theories. I bet you feel stupid now since more has come out since this video. And really ask Tyson himself what gravity is and he can't even explain it. Oh duh I don't know but it's there and million of people just believe me while I scratch my ass.

    • Buds420King
      Buds420King Day ago

      Bea Reale
      No. Thats not how science works.
      You are dumb.

  • Thomas Waszczyn
    Thomas Waszczyn Day ago

    You have to talk to brilliant people but unfortunately the host surrounds himself with actors such as Neil deGrasse Tyson. ACTOR!!!!!! NO LOGIC OR SCIECENCE IN THAT MAN JUST AN ACTOR FOLKS!!!! The host is like a little nube, nube, a little creature to have around the house. These guys are hilrious though!!

    • Buds420King
      Buds420King Day ago

      Thomas Waszczyn
      No science except for a batchelors, masters, doctorate and post doctorate degree in science whilst being head of a scientific company.

  • Splintered Company

    Do grown adults actually believe the Earth is flat? that is crazy. I honestly hope they do not breed.

  • allan gill
    allan gill Day ago

    "We are going to the moon,not because it is easy,but because it is a publicity stunt!"

    • Alex Siemers
      Alex Siemers Day ago

      "And if we don't go and fake it instead, the Soviets would sure as hell blow the whistle!"

  • Jeff Ethan
    Jeff Ethan Day ago

    If all of the other planets in the universe are round, how come earth isn't a sphere, or there;s a flat mars society.

  • Jeff Ethan
    Jeff Ethan Day ago

    In the lunar eclipse you can see the earths shadow, on the moon it's a ball.

  • Jsuis14
    Jsuis14 Day ago

    If you've existed passed the age of 15 and you don't know that the majority of people are completely bat shit insane, I would reconsider which group you belong to.

  • llochissimo
    llochissimo Day ago

    The conductor needs to stop shouting

  • KING overboard
    KING overboard Day ago

    This is one of the smartest people I will ever see and still people can’t realize the earth is round every person who said earth is flat is a TVclipr who prob have a high school diploma or college degree this is a real scientist

  • Adiah Smear
    Adiah Smear 2 days ago

    Listen brother s these people are not stupid

  • Adiah Smear
    Adiah Smear 2 days ago

    I thought it was joke myself, they are right

  • Tofu
    Tofu 2 days ago

    He's the one that "pulls stuff out his ass" & claims it's the truth. What a load of crap this guy is. No wonder he's got a face of turd. Why even gave him the spotlight?? Wasting everybody's time. Oh he must also be one of those who believes the world is created in 6 days & only has 6000 yrs of history. Why stupidity never dies??

  • Homeschool
    Homeschool 2 days ago

    2:36.........." science words behind it. "

  • Christian Carrillo
    Christian Carrillo 2 days ago

    If flat earth is so ridiculous... why do they waste so much time trying to disprove it. Strange.

    • Alex Siemers
      Alex Siemers Day ago

      And because so many people seem to be spreading the misinformed idea that the earth is flat.

    • Yazzam X
      Yazzam X 2 days ago +1

      Because the truth matters? Just a thought :-)

  • Jens Petter IkkeOppført

    Columbus the first european to the new world... From my knowledge, the first europeans to travel to the new world was the Vikings.

  • Neil Clark
    Neil Clark 2 days ago

    These twp nutjobs! Space talk is Hollywood

  • no name
    no name 2 days ago

    i don't know what right or wrong ,what a lie and whats thru ,but i know what i SEE with my EYES and they don't lie to me .i live in British Columbia Canada and all summer long I have seen the sun and the moon at the same place in sky only 3 hours apart. does it mean that (the other side ) woulnd have no sun or moon most of the day ??? how is that working ????anyone can explain that ????

  • Ashish Gad
    Ashish Gad 2 days ago +2

    To all flat earth society people, with all due respect, there are space agencies and their satellites which prove Earth is round..... Why does none of you travel to the end of the earth and prove Earth is flat? Irony is, you have failed in every way to even think rationally

  • Russel Westbrook
    Russel Westbrook 2 days ago

    Kyrie Irving😂

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez 2 days ago

    The picture begins you look pretty flat to me 😂😂😂

  • The Delboy
    The Delboy 2 days ago

    Tyson is a lying peace a shit n the pronsenter is programmed to fuck

  • The Delboy
    The Delboy 2 days ago

    The earth is flat ye reject

  • joseph eapen
    joseph eapen 2 days ago

    look at the flat earth behind him :-p .. just kidding !

  • Big Guns
    Big Guns 3 days ago

    I’m gonna crawl up my own ass!! I’m pissed watching this and that’s all I can think to say!!? 🍺🍺🍺😁😁

  • Ricardo Cuetara
    Ricardo Cuetara 3 days ago

    The real question is why people can be persuaded of something as ridiculous as that the earth is flat. If you answer that you could be the next Trump (Potus).

  • Guided Meditation
    Guided Meditation 3 days ago +1

    There are people in 2018 that believe the galaxy is a flat disc
    There are people in 2018 that believe billions and billions of galaxies all form this way
    There are people in 2018 that believe the planets in our solar system circle the sun on the Sun's dielectric flat disc inertia plane. Look it up! Our planets follow a disc pattern.
    There are people in 2018 that believe Saturn's rings are held in place via Saturn's dielectric Intertia plane. Again look it up!
    There are people in 2018 that believe several of our planets in our solar system have rings all well held in place by their planet's magnetic field's dielectric inertia plane
    There are people in 2018 that believe that particles and atoms actually follow the same universal physics as galaxies and solar systems and planets. You decide.
    Flat earth is misleading and does sound ridiculous. We should be theorizing a disc landmass earth that when approached from space would look like blue ball but more resemble Saturn with discs. Images of a flat earth are all laughable and ridiculous---We are a hybrid gas planet with a disc landmass?
    Why lie about a globe/disc earth?
    There would be a whole other landmass on the other side of the disc and in every direction towards the edges of the disc it may be cold but there is a huge amount of land and resources there as well just as Admiral Byrd told us.
    I am not completely sold on the idea of a disc earth but nobody has yet explained convincingly why if the earths tides are caused by the moon and the earth rotates once a day. Why the heck are there two high tides and two low tides each day?
    And why on earth would basic universal physics apply to the tiniest particle, galaxy, solar system and planet but not apply to earth? To comprehend dielectric inertia disc planes you need to understand the torus magnetic field that is the creation of all matter and all life.

    • Buds420King
      Buds420King Day ago

      Guided Meditation
      Why would my magnetic field rotate..?
      Thats the first of many questions.

    • Guided Meditation
      Guided Meditation 2 days ago +1

      Explain Saturn. LOL It too is spherical and has a Magnetic Field which creates a Dielectric Inertia Plane Disc. Even though Saturn is a gas planet it has a rocky disc shaped landmass and rings. It generates a flat disc inertia plane just like you sitting in your chair and your own rotating magnetic field creates a dielectric inertia plane around you. Are you a globe? I fully understand your shock and anger because that is what a mind does when it is confronted with something different that it has been told all its life.

    • Buds420King
      Buds420King 2 days ago

      Guided Meditation
      The toroidal shape of earths magnetic field is impossible on a flat earth. The direction of field lines, according to modern established physics, depict a rotating spherical earth.
      You can stop making shit up now faggot.

    • Guided Meditation
      Guided Meditation 2 days ago +1

      When you understand the significance of the Torus self organizing energy field and the fact that not only particles, galaxies, solar systems, Planets and even people exist and operate using a torus self organizing energy field the reality will sink in -- You could not feel your toes or fingers without the same energy field in your body that makes the galaxy a disc, the solar system's planets circle the sun on a flat plane. In fact, matter itself exists via a torus shaped energy field. Everything operates via this energy field--As does the earth! Your right hand has a positive charge and your left a negative, your toes and your head are bipolar as well. It is the only way electricity could travel from one place to the other. The overall magnetic field created by your heart makes a large globe of energy around you body just as the earth's magnetic field circles the earth.
      You should not be threatened by the fact that Saturn has rings and a flat disc dielectric plane and the earth operates the same way. Everything comes from the dual vortex bipolar energy field whether this is the first time you're hearing this or not. I fully understand your shock and frustration because it goes against everything your mother told you and your teachers told you and the television and government told you.
      Be sure you watch this Thrive Video. It gets political and dicey near the end but the rest of it is like a class in secret sacred knowledge.

    • Buds420King
      Buds420King 2 days ago

      Guided Meditation
      Currently, the most aggressively researched and arguably most important unsolved issue in all of physics is how to describe an event mathematically, in a way that explains both the quantum mechanical and the relativistic processes simultaneously.
      For nearly a century, hundreds of thousands of the smartest men alive have been trying to find the connection between the macroscopic universe and the quantum mechanical universe, and the best that they’ve come up with is string theory. Which is not saying a whole lot.
      After these super genius nerds spend their entire lives failing to find a similarity between these two insanely contradictory worlds, you chime in and vomit some fucking bullshit stupidity all over your keyboard like you have any idea what the fuck you are talking about in the slightest.
      You will always be stupid. You know this. Just accept it.

  • Katrina Kole
    Katrina Kole 3 days ago

    What blows my mind is the fact that neither of those men have even really looked into flat earth, and they are sitting in front of a picture of a skyline that shows that the earth is flat. Flat Earther's haven't just spouted things off without experimenting and using their brain and the scientific method to prove of disprove the curvature of the earth...its up to ball earther's to prove their claims that the earth is curved, just as it's up to Flat Earther's to prove that it is flat....research flat earth before you say it's wrong.

    • dragonmcmx
      dragonmcmx 2 days ago

      Why do you think the picture of the skyline behind them proves the Earth is flat? The Earth is very big, don't you know? Did you think that the city of New York covers an entire chunk of the globe?

    • Væringjar
      Væringjar 3 days ago +1

      Katrina Kole so where can we read your research?

  • Sanwo Olatunde
    Sanwo Olatunde 3 days ago

    Can someone explain the UFO objects on earth in relation to this same thought? How do the UFO come in.

    • Alex Siemers
      Alex Siemers Day ago

      Flatties tend to be heavily religious, and often claim UFOs are of satanic origin.

  • Octombrie
    Octombrie 3 days ago

    Neil Neil please tell me why the planes never go head down each time the gyroscope tell them to do ? ....o shit the gyroscope never tell the pilot to go like that ....o man it must be broken then and pilots fly airplanes based on luck then...just wake up people

    • Octombrie
      Octombrie 2 days ago

      omg....ok i go hide myself under a fucking rock

    • dragonmcmx
      dragonmcmx 2 days ago

      Yes. It has like a weight at the bottom so it always follows the curvature (because gravity always pulls to the middle of Earth).

    • Octombrie
      Octombrie 2 days ago

      so what you tell me is that the gyroscope can masure gravity ? caz i'm confuzed

    • dragonmcmx
      dragonmcmx 2 days ago

      Gyroscopes in airplanes are designed to remain pointed to the center of Earth's gravity. This adjustment would not be necessary if the Earth were flat.
      _"Inside the instrument you will find an earth gyro spinning around and it is kept in the horizontal plane through rigidity and precession with a pendulous unit mounted on the bottom of the gyro."_
      _"Gyro Models:_
      _Earth gyro has freedom of movement in all three planes but is held in one plane by Earths gravity. You will find this gyro in an Attitude Indicator."_
      _"Earth Gyro_
      _The spin axis is tied by the earth's gravity to remain in the earth vertical._
      _e.g. Artificial Horizon."_
      _"an earth gyro is as a tied gyro but vertically referenced (the spin axis pointing upwards) and having its spin axis tied to earth's gravity by means of a weight holding the spin axis pointing towards the center of the earth_
      _the earth gyro is used in the artificial horizon"_
      Do at least some basic research before parroting some junk from a TVclip video.

  • Seán Corcoran
    Seán Corcoran 3 days ago

    Flat Earthers need to be ignored. It's trolling on a massive scale..

  • Aaron Gordon
    Aaron Gordon 3 days ago

    Still looking for someone who can explain these discrepancies here is a photo of Earth rise from apollo 8 : and here is a photo that was taken from a million miles away : So how in the hell can you explain the difference in size of the Earth. It makes no sense. You people talk about evidence and call people who realize just how fake most of NASA is "tards" and the like but you people just spout the crap that someone else told you or that you read in a book. I am still waiting for someone to explain these two photos.

    • dragonmcmx
      dragonmcmx 2 days ago +1

      What the camera focusses on has nothing to do with it. What matters is entirely the distance and the focal length.
      The Apollo photo was taken from lunar orbit, around 238 000 miles from Earth.
      The transit photo was taken from 1 000 000 miles from Earth; more than four times further away.
      The exact same thing can be scaled down and recreated in a living room:

    • Væringjar
      Væringjar 3 days ago +1

      Aaron Gordon see if you can borrow two lenses, for example a 22mm and a 200mm and see the difference... it’s not about where you focus, it’s about the field of view. With a larger field things will look as if they are closer together.

    • Aaron Gordon
      Aaron Gordon 3 days ago

      She is turned slightly in the 50mm and 120mm and in the picture the focus is the Earth not the moon, This would make sense if it was focused on the moon. Maybe I am just missing something but it doesn't seem right to me.

    • Væringjar
      Væringjar 3 days ago +1

      Aaron Gordon it’s not caused by movement, it’s caused by a change in focal length.

    • Aaron Gordon
      Aaron Gordon 3 days ago

      Not really, that is three different photos with movement. What I do not understand is how the Earth is so small in Earth rise when it dominates the other photo. Shouldn't the Earth be huge from the moon?

  • GamingTechReview
    GamingTechReview 3 days ago

    My space engine project will have almost no cost to go to space. In 2050 people will use my spacecraft to go to other planets. Come back to my comment in 2050 when your in space.

  • Amar’e DeJesus
    Amar’e DeJesus 3 days ago

    Take them to space please..

  • Robert Robert Mustin

    I thought everybody knew the Earth was flat

  • Kenneth Livingston
    Kenneth Livingston 3 days ago

    No wonder why the scientific community is in a up roar, they want to keep their psudeo science. Modern science is psudeo science which is a religion!

  • Danny Turner
    Danny Turner 4 days ago

    Okay Flat Earthers explain this...
    Why do we have night and day if the sun always above our heads??

    • Danny Turner
      Danny Turner 4 days ago

      The fact that we have time zones aswell is a coincidence dont u think.... Thats because the sun is only lighting up half the Globe at a time and we start our days at AM everywhere on the planet.

  • Danny Turner
    Danny Turner 4 days ago +1

    Im not from Earth, im from htraE the underside of the flat thing we live on. And i can conclude that the world is im fact flat. I know cos i drilled a hole and came out next to a floating turtle named Benjamin, hes a chill dude but i think hes suffering from back problems in these later years. Oh forgot to mention the ppl down here built a net over the edge so u dont die when u fall off the edge!

  • Anon Kentworth
    Anon Kentworth 4 days ago

    those people are dumbasses

  • imhimrc
    imhimrc 4 days ago +1

    Aj styles mentioned this on talking smack and Daniel Bryan took his case

  • Joe Soto
    Joe Soto 4 days ago

    And that my liege is how we know the earth to be banana shaped.

  • Feel Better
    Feel Better 4 days ago

    don't believed this shit.. it's all magnetism, it's all positive and negative and nanobots are negative and positive magnetic forces (push and pull), they can transform reality with quantum computers because they set up the quantum chip to be neutral by placing the positive and negative force in a way that it creates neutral.. With that they can then control any positive or negative force/mass EVERYTHING... ( e= mc2 .. Energy equals mass (positive and negative magnetism) and light (vibration from the magnetic force pulling and pushing causing electricity) ... #mandelaeffect please tell everyone, I wont be around much longer.

  • Stainsteel0
    Stainsteel0 4 days ago

    Flat fucking retards , how the hell can you imagine that the earth is fucking flat and the sun is a fucking SPOT LIGHT when you can clearly see it's not , this is very sad seeing that religious stupidity still exist

  • Aztek Soul
    Aztek Soul 4 days ago

    This people get paid to tell lies in the media. you can see them in their eyes full of lies. GOVERNMENT ASS LICKERS.

  • dj pico
    dj pico 4 days ago

    neil for president ????????

  • oullerslb
    oullerslb 4 days ago

    why would the worlds top astrophysicist would go on radio multiple times to discredit this supposed crazy theorie if it is in fact so ridiculous. If people think the moon is a rectangle I doubt he will take time to go debate this on radio. Open youre eyes people they are hiding us the thruth

    • dragonmcmx
      dragonmcmx 4 days ago +1

      It's because this ridiculous theory got so popular. If there were as many people saying the moon is a rectangle as there are saying earth is flat, I'm sure they would eventually diss them too.

  • noval25xc
    noval25xc 5 days ago

    I have a good News for us. When global warming is going to melt antarktis ,,, so all the sea are going to fall down,,,.

  • Unit Zero
    Unit Zero 5 days ago +1

    More than 40% of Americans...

  • Christina Hunt
    Christina Hunt 5 days ago

    I LOVE Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Especially after he was in Gravity Falls!

  • Helene McGreevy
    Helene McGreevy 5 days ago

    Critical Thinking!

  • sweiland75
    sweiland75 5 days ago

    These people who believe Earth is flat, etc. are called Americans.

  • Wolf
    Wolf 5 days ago

    Fuck yeah i believe the Earth is Flat , you round owl

  • Jorge Sianez
    Jorge Sianez 5 days ago

    i know we cant go to space saw a program on nasa they said to go to mars they must create the technology thats strong enough to get trough the van allen belts their 3 of them but wait i tought we came up with it when we went to the moon that right their got me going they said it not me now fe yeah i got my ? cant trust nasa so now iam just ? everthing

    • dragonmcmx
      dragonmcmx 4 days ago

      Modern electronics are more sensitive to radiation than what was used 60 years ago.

  • hubris
    hubris 5 days ago

    Neil is both a liar and a voice of sanity. >????,\< How can that be? He believes,, possible rightly that the system is a BENEVOLENT deception.

  • Sim. Frischh
    Sim. Frischh 6 days ago

    Don´t you know that Flat Earth Society has member all around the globe?

  • Elwin van Wees
    Elwin van Wees 6 days ago

    “If you’re going to do what is never been done before. Generally their is no business model for that.” 7:03 Really? Isn’t that what new start ups do. Creating a business on something that’s never been done before.

  • Immortal_Bejito
    Immortal_Bejito 6 days ago

    You’re all wrong, the Earth isn’t flat, not a sphere, it’s a triangle!

  • Fijiboy. Rge
    Fijiboy. Rge 6 days ago +2

    I believe that background is fake

  • sexy gorillanips
    sexy gorillanips 7 days ago

    Not saying I believe the Flat Earth but when you say science is a way of thinking wouldn't that mean Flat Earth could actually be real because it is a way of thinking. Although the points they do make about Flat Earth are absurd. But if we were to go off of something Neil said in the first few seconds then that statement would have to be acknowledged

    • sexy gorillanips
      sexy gorillanips 6 days ago

      And you are right about that one flat earthers do not use common sense to even use as their basis for their questions and answers.

    • sexy gorillanips
      sexy gorillanips 6 days ago

      dragonmcmx I'm glad you get my point that's what I was trying to get off to you. Not that science is not real, is that it's man-made. Like how profound is it that we created math something that can calculate the universe a man-made object like that's f****** insane. But again everything we were taught could be a lie. So therefore I believe Neil because he doesn't have a reason to lie to us

    • dragonmcmx
      dragonmcmx 6 days ago +1

      > _Just like I said from that video he says gravity is just a theroy but how do you know our perception or our technology isn't great enough to detect something different that's going on other than what we say is_
      Gravity is a scientific theory, which, as I already stated, means that it has been proven. But I get your point.
      There is no way to know for sure. Maybe there is something else going on, and even though we think we have it figured out, it's something completely different. But that is ALWAYS a possibility, no matter how sure we are.
      Imagine you're right, and 100 years in the future we figure out the real reason for what we used to call gravity. But then we still won't know for sure if that is the real reason after all, or if there is once again something more that will take us another 100 years to find out. And so on and so on.
      The point is: *As far as we know,* this is how it works. And sometimes, "as far as we know" is as good as it gets. And you're welcome to dig deeper and figure it out further, but until you actually find whatever else you think is going on, there is no reason to discard what we know right now.

    • dragonmcmx
      dragonmcmx 6 days ago +1

      > _So what you're being is hypocritical you're saying that things in the past that got disproved weren't really science._
      No, they were part of science. Science doesn't mean that something is unconditionally true, it's just the best way to figure out what is true. As mankind progresses, so does science. As methods progress, so do measurements.
      > _But one day if we find out the Earth wasn't round nor flat you can't call that not science because it took science to find out those answers._
      Correct. Should enough testable evidence to challenge what has been established for hundreds of years now surface (extremely unlikely), then sure. But do not underestimate the depth and integrity of what has been established.
      > _And I don't know anything about science what an ignorant the thing to say._
      Not ignorant, observant. I was only going by what you provided me in your previous comment, which showed a fundamentally flawed understanding of science.
      > _Even Neil says it question everything even if it makes sense because one day you'll have a breakthrough and you'll learn that those questions can lead to answers._
      Indeed. But flat earthers (in my experience) don't question. They deny blindly whatever they don't like and act wilfully ignorant.
      > _It's just like religion some guy tells you how it is and that's how you're supposed to live._
      Once again, you couldn't be more wrong. Science has nothing to do with belief or authority.
      Believing something based on the word of others is not scientific, even if that belief is correct. Learning about it, testing it and understanding it - THAT is be scientific. And the majority of modern science today is open for anyone to test and try for themselves.
      True, most people trust and believe what scientists tell them. Those people do not take a scientific approach. But that doesn't have any bearing on wether what the scientists told them is true or false.

    • sexy gorillanips
      sexy gorillanips 6 days ago

      Just like I said from that video he says gravity is just a theroy but how do you know our perception or our technology isn't great enough to detect something different that's going on other than what we say is

  • Milessa
    Milessa 7 days ago +11

    I’m probably opening a Pandora’s Box of headaches and regrets by doing this, but I’m going to do it anyway. I have a few questions and I’m interested in reading the flat earth explanations.
    How do flat earthers explain why Antarctica is an “ice rim?” Why is it icy in the first place if the earth is flat? Same for the North Pole? Why is it icy? Why do both poles experience months of no sunlight and months of perpetual daylight? If the planet is flat, how is this occurring? Why is the weather at the equator always warm and why does it gradually get cooler the further you get away from the equator if there’s, in fact, no equator because the Earth is flat? What’s the explanation for the seasons and why the seasons are opposite for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres? Why do hurricanes and tornadoes spin in different directions in the hemispheres if there aren’t really any hemispheres, at all? Someone needs to explain the Coriolis Effect. What about the time zones?
    What’s on the other side of this supposed flat disc of the Earth? What do “flat earthers” think the Sun actually is if, according to the theory, it’s only 4000 or so miles away? Is the Sun flat, too, or does it get to be a ball? If the Sun is a ball, what physics laws apply to it which allow this shape that don’t apply to Earth? What about the magnetic field of the planet? It doesn’t exactly work with a flat Earth.
    What is the explanation for the other objects in the Solar System and beyond? Are the other spherical planets, moons and stars all apart of some elaborate hoax? What’s the grand purpose of this supposed conspiracy to make us believe in a spherical Earth? To make us buy globes?
    Can someone provide explanations to some of my questions.
    Please don’t link a flat Earth video as a response, either. I expect that if someone believes in a particular theory, and they understand why they’ve subscribed to that set of beliefs, they should be able to explain the answer themselves.
    Also, let’s try not to litter the comments with insults and ad hominem arguments. I’ve noticed this is a commonality amongst conspiracy theorists when their theories are questioned or debunked and I don’t have the patience for it so, let’s just be civil with the discourse.

    • Ivory AS
      Ivory AS 10 hours ago

      This is the *best* rebbutle comment to the Flat earth that I've seen.



    • J Astin
      J Astin 4 days ago +1

      Welp, this kind of crushes any argument I'd write up. And I LOVE to argue.
      Cogent, well written, thoughful, rational, and including their own evidence. Take a slow jog round the bases, sir. You've earned it.

    • frank maiello
      frank maiello 5 days ago

      Eric Perez .. From the point of view your take is coming from, I agree. I always referred to these kind of ppl as "negative gurus" (teaching how we SHOULDN'T think/reason).

    • Eric Perez
      Eric Perez 5 days ago +1

      It's not a waste of time. Without Flat Earthers what would parents point their children at to show them what NOT to do when trying to have critical thought? I hope the flat earth society exists forever and continues to update it's twitter feed. I don't have twitter but I hear their tweets are a laugh riot.

  • Merk Striker
    Merk Striker 7 days ago

    Neil is such a piece of shit and a liar. He must hold the record for being the most deceitful person on our flat Earth.

    • dragonmcmx
      dragonmcmx 6 days ago +1

      > _haha so you think because you read some books that they are correct?_
      No, he thinks they are incorrect. Those are FLAT EARTH BOOKS he listed, moron.

    • Yazzam X
      Yazzam X 6 days ago +3

      Merk - So now that I've debunked your rockets hitting the dome nonsense, I'll address these other points from you;
      You said " I've watched planes fly right over the sun in videos and planes that went through the sun so that tells me the sun isn't that high above us."
      No, that is you AGAIN blindly believing what they tell you in TVclip videos. Any photographer can tell you why you see the effects you do when an object passes in front of a very bright light source like the sun, hence look at this photo of a fence;
      According to you, that shows the fence going behind the sun, so obvious the sun is the size of a ping pong ball and only several feet above the ground, right? :-)
      Here's another photo;
      Again, you must think the fence is going through or behind the sun.
      That is EXACTLY the same effect seen in videos of planes and clouds apparently going through the sun!
      So going by what you see is NOT the same as understanding what you see, otherwise you MUST claim that the fences in the photos above are behind the sun, which is as stupid as your claim about planes.
      You said "You're not smart and you are arguing with someone who believes in the firmament and that the Bible is and always has been true."
      Says the person who thinks planes can be seen going through the sun :-D
      Also, for over 2000 years, ALL Christian churches and ALL churches based upon the bible have said the earth is a GLOBE, *not flat.* The same for those church leaders, biblical scholars and billions of Christians worldwide.
      So on what basis do you claim ALL the churches and billions of followers are wrong about the earth being a GLOBE? :-)

    • Yazzam X
      Yazzam X 6 days ago +3

      Merk - You said "haha so you think because you read some books that they are correct?"
      So let me get this straight, YOU are here claiming that the MAIN flat earth books published over the last 150 YEARS cannot be trusted and therefore cannot be assumed to be correct. Right? :-)
      You said "I go by what I see and when I see a rocket hit the dome at 177,000 feet I'm going to go with a height that fits with that"
      Now try going by the act of educating yourself instead of blindly believing what you were told in YT conspiracy videos!
      a) Those rockets are designed with tail fins to make them spin through the air to give them stability (like when a dart or arrow or bullet spins through the air).
      b) The rocket cannot deploy the payload safely while it's spinning, so a method is used to stop the rotation called YoYo Despin.
      c) At the desired altitude, YoYo Despin is deployed, which consists of weights at the end of cables which fly outwards (look up how and why it works).
      d) In the footage we can see and/or hear the YoYo Despin being deployed and so the rocket stops spinning.
      e) The payload is then deployed and that rocket stage falls back to earth.
      For an example of this, including seeing and hearing the YoYo Despin, watch the following TVclip video please;
      *"Dizzying Up And Down Rocket Flight Captured By On-Board Cam | Video"*
      At 1:35 in that video, you can actually see the cables of the YoYo Despin device being deployed and the rocket stops spinning, where the rocket stage separates moments afterwards.
      THAT is what you claim to be a rocket hitting the dome :-)
      In many other videos, the camera is placed BELOW the YoYo Despin device and so we don't see it, we can only hear it.
      Now when you look again at the ignorant flat Earth videos claiming rockets hit the dome you should have a greater understanding of what is actually happening, and therefore you will know that those videos are wrong.
      So, care to revise your claim about the height of your firmament dome, the height that you claim ALL flat earth books are wrong about?

    • Merk Striker
      Merk Striker 6 days ago

      Yazzam X haha so you think because you read some books that they are correct? I go by what I see and when I see a rocket hit the dome at 177,000 feet I'm going to go with a height that fits with that. And yeah the moon and sun are inside the dome but they aren't 3000 miles high more like 35,000 ft high. I've watched planes fly right over the sun in videos and planes that went through the sun so that tells me the sun isn't that high above us. Like I said I go by what I see and not what I read but brainless idiots like your self continue to make excuses to believe they are correct. You're not smart and you are arguing with someone who believes in the firmament and that the Bible is and always has been true.

    • Yazzam X
      Yazzam X 6 days ago +2

      Merk - Now onto your little answers. You said "because of the dome which is believed to be about 30-40 miles above Earth."
      Right from the start you show your ignorance of your OWN flat earth, because flat earth theorists claim the sun and moon are UNDER the firmament dome and they claim the sun and moon are 30 to 32 miles wide. So how can the dome be 30-40 miles above the earth?
      Flat earth theorists also say the sun and moon circle the earth 3000 miles above the surface, so again how can the dome be 30-40 miles up when the dome is suppose to be ABOVE the sun and the moon? :-)
      The thickness of the earth is really just one of curiosity, but it is interesting to see how flat earth believers can't offer any definitive answer because people like Eric Dubay hasn't told them what to think yet.
      You said "That's all I will answer..."
      No, that's ALL you COULD answer, big difference, and even then your attempt was extremely poor, where you completely contradicted 150 years of flat earth 'theories' :-D
      So if you're going to believe the earth is flat, then at the very least educate yourself on the claims being made about YOUR flat earth.
      As for maps of the earth, the ONLY non-distorted map of the earth is the GLOBE itself. ANY map printed on a 2D surface is a representation of the globe and therefore will be distorted by DEFINITION. 2D projection maps work on the basis that the lines of longitude and latitude correspond with the same lines on the GLOBE earth. The fact that you couldn't work that out for yourself says it all :-)
      So please go and read a few flat earth books instead of sitting on your lazy backside swallowing whatever you see in TVclip flat earth videos.
      Do you think you can manage that?

  • Mix Hobby
    Mix Hobby 7 days ago


  • Bob Vance
    Bob Vance 7 days ago +2

    Flat Earthers are the dumbest people alive.

  • Ryan Kirk
    Ryan Kirk 7 days ago

    This is a pretty delusional view on how necessary government is for these ventures. It's not like we wouldn't have gone to space absent the government, it would have just been a little later.

  • Kravata
    Kravata 8 days ago

    Wait a minute. The question was if we belive that the earth is round or flat. But it isnt perfect round

  • Exius R
    Exius R 8 days ago

    hhhhhhhhhhhh lload of bsssss hhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Exius R
    Exius R 8 days ago

    in yours people , over the electronic device ,,,, hears a false voiocceeee,not real voicce fgag

  • Exius R
    Exius R 8 days ago

    ohh, you weas in dbai eh, old man,...and they have tall tower ehHHH?, i thought WE have tallest tower, come on, re one and onleyyyyyy

  • Exius R
    Exius R 8 days ago

    ůisten satan , just say,why these ppl believe in flat earth,cutz ztired of your bbbssssbbsbssBSBSBSBSD BBBSSS BS

  • Exius R
    Exius R 8 days ago

    hahaha,yeah you cant fpull science out of ass say its ciense,you cant do that with any trelighion pfffff

  • Exius R
    Exius R 8 days ago

    basicly , all info, science is in archive ,and these wwdawfge are actors as pengt os ithw with a opinion,like i am state perfi,scieence is nmy hobby,...fuck you ppkl

  • Exius R
    Exius R 8 days ago

    actually, its annoying when every time, smart guys need to pull some shape of earth propaganda , nýl degrási tsji is one and only actor

  • frank maiello
    frank maiello 8 days ago +2

    This entire flat earth theory can be easily debunked *empirically*..
    If, for example, you were in a mountain observatory such as Kitt's Peak in Arizona, and on a clear day you should be able to train the telescope on any high altitude object across the Pacific such as Mona Loa (one of Hawaii's volcanos). Don't you think an astronomer at SOME point would have made such a blatantly simple discovery?

  • Z Davis
    Z Davis 8 days ago

    No one can help these poor souls.

  • Sparklemuffin
    Sparklemuffin 8 days ago +1

    I think flat earth believers can't really break the code of the word "point of view".
    The answer is, you are way too small, and the Earth is way too big. From ground level you will not see the curvature because you are way too low, from the highest building or Mount Everest, you still cannot see the curvature because you are still way too low, you might begin to detect it from an airplane cruising at above 10,000 meters, but you are still way too low to see the curvature at it's glory, because Earth is just big, bigger than what you think big is, bigger than what you think big is now that i told you its bigger than you thought. You need proof? Buy a ticket on one of Space X's or Boeing's passenger low Earth orbit rides, soon to come, and you will see the curvature. Remember, in order for you to see the curvature from your house, you need to live on a planet about 1000 miles round trip give or take. We don't live on a planet that small, round trip on Earth is almost 25,000 miles. Doesn't it make sense that, you need a higher "point of view" to see something as big as Earth in full view? Go higher!!!

  • Ray Barnes
    Ray Barnes 9 days ago +1

    " Its easier to fool someone than to convince them they've been fooled"

    • Yazzam X
      Yazzam X 8 days ago +4

      Yes, which is why it's a waste of time trying to convince conspiracy believers that they have been fooled into believing the earth is flat for example, but not a waste of time to put the correct information out there for those who actually *want* to learn :-)

  • Quinn B
    Quinn B 9 days ago

    Why no Coke for NDT?

  • Jerry Peters
    Jerry Peters 9 days ago

    Anthony, turn around and look out the cotton pickin window, and I know it not a real window. But for God's sake look just over your head!

    • Yazzam X
      Yazzam X Day ago +3

      tricky dicky - You said "I am done with...", no you're not otherwise you wouldn't keep saying you're done and BYE and then keep coming back :-)
      You said "I never claimed nobody knows the true shape of Australia. I said I don’t and “you” sure as fuck don’t."
      Lol! And you think that's any better? YOU actually admit to not knowing what myself and everyone reading this thread and millions upon millions of people around the world knows, which is the true shape of Australia? Really? :-)
      That says ALL we need to know about you!
      The thing is, a PAID person from NASA wouldn't waste type debunking flat earth believers, he would simply create an alias to pretend to be a flat earth believer to make them look bad. For example, he would spread claims and make comments that makes flat earth believers appear stupid and uneducated, such as saying he doesn't know the true shape of Australia and claiming others don't know either.
      In other words, he would create an account just like yours, where you are doing a *great* job of making flat earth believers appear stupid and uneducated :-)
      Hence the rest of your rambling and bumbling reply can be ignored, since the mere fact that you don't know the true shape of Australia is enough to demonstrate that this topic is way over your little head.
      Still, thanks for taking part.

    • tricky dicky
      tricky dicky 2 days ago

      Yazzam X. I am done with PAID trolls/Computer Program/Parrots all together. I never claimed nobody knows the true shape of Australia. I said I don’t and “you” sure as fuck don’t. Going back and forth with whatever the fuck “you” are, whatever the fuck the vast majority of TVclip comments (that are pretty much identical to everything “you” type) has been educational though. The FACT that “you” things simply Parrot everything I was taught through “Education” systems all my life, only adds to the Mountain of EVIDENCE all ready collected in PROVING my personal Theories correct. Specifically when it comes to the Grand Daddy of all LIES, this horrible Heliocentric THEORY. It makes me sick that I ever thought this THEORY was legit. The FACT is, the only “proof” Earth is a Globe, flying through “space” at ridiculous speeds and multiple contradictory directions, comes in the form of Mathematical equations. I mean one the Hero’s of the Globe had to invent his own language to make his Theory work. Yet another can be quoted saying ‘no person/experiment can detect the motion of the Earth.’ Sad. As far as ANY Human can physically PROVE, the Earth is FLAT and FIXED. The various Luminaries in the sky indeed revolve around Earth. Beyond that, I doubt any Human truly knows what’s going on. There might be, there may have been, Humans with that knowledge, but who knows. Any sane, honest to God people who maybe reading these, please wake up. Ask questions. Everything we were taught about life and it’s very foundation the Earth, IS a LIE. To all “you” PAID trolls/Computer Programs/Parrots reading, fuck all y’all! Slimy basterds!

    • Yazzam X
      Yazzam X 2 days ago +2

      tricky dicky - You keep on proving my point my friend. Anyway, please tell us more about your laughable claim that we don't know the true shape of Australia. I'm sure even your fellow flat earth believers will want to know more about that major new claim from you :-)

    • tricky dicky
      tricky dicky 2 days ago

      Yazzam X. Don’t ever call me “friend”. Soulless cowards are no friends of mine. GET A REAL JOB YOU FUCKING TOOL! Join the Israeli Military. It’s full of soulless cowards like yourself.

    • Yazzam X
      Yazzam X 2 days ago +2

      tricky dicky - Thank you for continuing to prove my point so perfectly, but this is your stand out comment by far, where you said and I quote *"I never claimed I know the true shape of Australia. Guess what? NEITHER DO YOU!"*
      So let me get this straight, *you actually believe* that the true shape of Australia is a mystery? You actually believe that myself and millions upon millions of people worldwide don't know the true shape of Australia?
      Lol, that is priceless my friend, it really is :-D

  • Jerry Peters
    Jerry Peters 9 days ago

    If all debate about the flat and round earth was stopped and only the flow of rivers was debated, the conclusion would be the earth is flat. Your idea that gravity pulls river to the center of the earth has nothing to do the forward motion of that river, nothing. You will need another gravity to pull that river over the hump of curvature. Curvature means curvature, 10:0012:00 2:00, 10 going to 12 is up and12 to 2 is down. You don't want to face the fact that on a round earth river would be running up as much as down. REMEMBER GRAVITY DOES NOT MOVE THAT RIVER FORWARD. On a round earth, there is a much up as there is down, and that don't square with what's going out there.

    • Yazzam X
      Yazzam X 4 days ago +2


    • Jerry Peters
      Jerry Peters 4 days ago

      If that makes your world spin it's OK with me, but if you wake up and it was your head spinning, remember I tried to help.

    • Yazzam X
      Yazzam X 4 days ago +2

      In other words, you confirm that everything I've said here is correct. Thanks for that.

    • Jerry Peters
      Jerry Peters 4 days ago

      Seems like your round ball has run out of air and you want to talk about something else. I could have started another line hoping to find someone more mature and sensible, DID YOU EVER THINK ABOUT THAT.

    • Yazzam X
      Yazzam X 4 days ago +2

      Jerry Peters - Sorry if my reply seems harsh to you, but you can't use the 'this is my first time' argument for getting things wrong when there are threads started by YOU here just two weeks ago where you had no problems replying to people IN THE SAME THREAD. One of those threads has 32 replies and the other has 96 replies, where MOST of those replies are from YOU.
      So if you were able to do it perfectly and for so my replies just two weeks ago, you can't expect me to accept your claim that you don't know how to do it just two weeks later!
      That's why I (reluctantly) said you were lying, because you DO know how to reply within the thread YOU started because that's what you were doing before. Therefore there was no excuse for you to start replying to by posting new comments instead of replies.
      The fact that you are replying to me in this thread rather than as a new comment is all I was asking you to do :-)

  • Jerry Peters
    Jerry Peters 9 days ago

    Where did you all go, a lesson in curvature for those that don't seem to understand? Draw a picture of a circle, this is the globe, make a mark at 10:00 and at two o'clock. You will see a hump in the center that is curvature. In your mind's eye see yourself at 12:00, get the picture. This is true in all 360 degrees. Please stay at 12:00 if you slide off to the side you will never by it. On a round earth, you would go up curvature to go down curvature, the river doesn't do that, they just flow downhill.

    • Yazzam X
      Yazzam X 9 days ago

      Jerry - You are simply demonstrating the same laziness and ignorance that you expressed in your first comment.
      Gravity on earth pulls objects towards the CENTER of the planet (ever heard of the center of gravity son?).
      Therefore if you're at the top of a mountain for example, then you are HIGHER than someone at the bottom of the mountain (i.e. it's not about curvature), and hence the person at the top would be UP relative to the person at the bottom.
      Likewise, water released at the TOP of the mountain would flow towards the BOTTOM of the mountain, which is downwards, due to the pull of gravity towards the CENTER of the earth. In other words, the water flows down.
      So which part of the above stills goes over your tiny little head? :-)

    • Jerry Peters
      Jerry Peters 9 days ago

      Ok, if you will see yourself at 12:00 on the round earth looking at 10:00 and 2:00, 10:00 hast to pass 12:00 to get to 2:00, gravity pulls the river to the center of the earth, IT DOES NOT PULL THE RIVER FOWARD, it is a reality in the real world that 10 going to 12 is up and 12 to 2 is down. Curvature means curvature. Gravit will not move that river forward. You must see 10 to 12 as real as 12 to 2. Every river in this world runs downhill, not one will run uphill. What you don't want to deal with is that on a round earth rivers would be running up as much as down, it can't be no other way. Remember, GRAVITY PULLS RIVERS INWARD NOT FORWARD.

    • Yazzam X
      Yazzam X 9 days ago

      Jerry - You said "On a round earth, you would go up curvature to go down curvature, the river doesn't do that, they just flow downhill."
      Wrong, where that is exceptionally poor logic on your part, where laziness means you've never ever tried to understand gravity.
      On a globe earth, up is AWAY from the center of the earth and down is TOWARDS the center of the earth. Hence a stream would flow downhill because the 'top' of the stream is HIGHER (i.e. further away from the center of the earth) than the 'bottom' of the stream.
      Why is that concept so difficult for you?
      My point is, you don't have to believe the earth is round neither do you have to believe gravity exists to understand the simple concept involved. So why the laziness?

  • Alex BLAH
    Alex BLAH 9 days ago

    Flat brain T H E O R Y

  • lamp cutter
    lamp cutter 9 days ago +1

    Hey flat earthers please come to my comment territory. People as dumb like Neil will not understand. Please like and comment so that we can talk about it. Victory to flat earthers. Like and peace out Soldier

  • Peter England
    Peter England 9 days ago

    Flat-Earthism is a huge fake argument, pushed by intellectual illusionists and believed by scared simpletons, for the sake of distracting from the global flood theory studied by Young Earth Creationists (who don't believe the earth is flat, or that the sun goes around the earth). When creationism comes up, we're associated with flat-earth conspiracies and called "science deniers"; not so.
    Here's a creationist refuting the claim, I also recommend his other vids.