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  • Yvis Yanez
    Yvis Yanez 14 hours ago

    CAMMIE. what it meant to be yours will always come back to you. Always love.

  • Dawn P.
    Dawn P. 14 hours ago


  • John Estranger
    John Estranger Day ago

    Well I am just gonna believe that this is true, and you really can still get along with each other... I mean then this is just so awesome, isnt't it? I mean you were together, you were lovers, and now you can stil be friends... maybe not close or even "best" friends, but... you don't seem to hate each other. And if that ain't awesome then I don't know what is.
    And there is another thing that went through my mind during the whole video and that is why I will just write it down: I think you are both two really strong women.

  • Alanis Castellanos
    Alanis Castellanos 2 days ago

    Naaaah, still think you should get back together, miss you 😞

  • mary rose aguilar
    mary rose aguilar 5 days ago

    i hepo you still friends..

  • tiredz
    tiredz 6 days ago

    10:55 ohmygod. that's the cutest shit™

  • Bryan Fuller
    Bryan Fuller 8 days ago

    I just wish I could get an answer from you girls about what is going on?

  • Lilia Gonzalez
    Lilia Gonzalez 9 days ago

    Hola ,no se ingles ,porfis con subtitulos en español,se ven hermosas

  • Sam Starr
    Sam Starr 10 days ago +1

    ive never seen them smile and laugh so much other than when they’re together

  • Razzledazzlethem- Katrina James

    Fab Advice Ladies.... 😀

  • Raw Oyster
    Raw Oyster 16 days ago

    Shannon is so gorgeous

  • Katie Greer
    Katie Greer 17 days ago

    Cammie will u please give Shannon another chance I miss u guys together

  • Nataliya Sattarova
    Nataliya Sattarova 18 days ago

    i wish i could stay so civil with my ex.good job, girls!

  • Lea Glasnović
    Lea Glasnović 19 days ago

    You can tell shannon is not.into it and cant wait for this video to be over.

  • Sunflower *
    Sunflower * 21 day ago

    I didn't realise how much I missed shacam (little "s" nowadays obvi lol).

  • Gilmar Betancourt
    Gilmar Betancourt 22 days ago

    You guys should collab more. You have excellent chemistry together 👍

  • Mariana Caceres Klein
    Mariana Caceres Klein 25 days ago

    Because they do not come back ... we really miss them😢❤❤❤❤

  • Airen Tejano
    Airen Tejano 28 days ago

    You guys are moved on but the fans are not.

  • Mia Hutner
    Mia Hutner 29 days ago

    “Do you miss each other”
    *sips beer

  • Joy K
    Joy K Month ago

    In the end it sounded like Cammie said "Channon's Shannel 😂"
    I love this video. It made me laugh a lot

  • phil's glabella
    phil's glabella Month ago

    is that an epiphone g-400 in the background

  • Dellisha Stokes
    Dellisha Stokes Month ago

    Hope y’all get back together one day

  • Quiteria Denise
    Quiteria Denise Month ago

    Oi boa noite meninas amo vcs

  • Youmna Arabica
    Youmna Arabica Month ago

    this video is supposed to be deep, and emotional and I'm just staring at Cammie's highlight what is wrong with me

  • Ayo Camila
    Ayo Camila Month ago

    Still crying

  • Savannah Solis
    Savannah Solis Month ago

    Every word is so true

  • She's The One
    She's The One Month ago

    Mm so I thought this was gonna be really funny like the truth or drink but now I'm crying cuz my ex left me☹️😅✌️

  • Liezl Amper
    Liezl Amper Month ago


  • Fercha Lechuga
    Fercha Lechuga Month ago

    Activate subtitles in Spanish plis , 🇲🇽

  • Cathrine Kim
    Cathrine Kim Month ago

    your two are hot. I want both of you.

  • Annette Hernandez
    Annette Hernandez Month ago +4

    Funny how Kara looks so much like Shannon!!

    • Lea Glasnović
      Lea Glasnović 12 days ago +1

      Annette Hernandez and how "cammie honestly doesnt see it" is even funnier!

  • Fresco Sala
    Fresco Sala Month ago

    So not true. If they wouldnt know you've dated they'd think you have a chance just by the way how good u look together and gaze u give sometimes. There still is a residue of that connection esp on shannons video. Not to mention the awkward guesting on live. But you two do you.

  • Marissa Bxok
    Marissa Bxok Month ago

    You said Tegan & Sara... brb have to go listen now.

  • olacrush ¿¿
    olacrush ¿¿ Month ago

    Hi cammie 😘

  • That's Frantastic
    That's Frantastic Month ago

    i can't believe it's been two years already

  • Patricia Hache
    Patricia Hache Month ago

    still faces

  • Anthony English
    Anthony English Month ago +8

    Is it just me more does Cammie seem more happy with Shannon then with her current girlfriend?

  • Puty0urlipstick0n
    Puty0urlipstick0n 2 months ago

  • laura godoy
    laura godoy 2 months ago

    Please, the next time write de subtitles in Spanish

  • Susana Fajardo
    Susana Fajardo 2 months ago

    I was late for their relationship and I saw the videos this year hahaha. So I asked if they were still producing if I want some product is available ?.or it ended up as your relationship x_x hahaha.. I read some comments about this ripple efect. . I apologize if my question is out of place...

  • Stephanie Hughes
    Stephanie Hughes 2 months ago


  • 이수우
    이수우 2 months ago

    I felt some relieved mind after watching this video. Sometimes it's cozy to watch ex couples who look like everlasting friends.

  • Helen Costa
    Helen Costa 2 months ago

    Alguém traduz pra espanhol pf

  • Infinite Vibes
    Infinite Vibes 2 months ago

    I remember being heartbroken when you guys broke up, especially because I broke up w my gf of 3.5 yrs also around the same month. And now seeing them like this now, I love this 👍🏼

  • Uranus M
    Uranus M 2 months ago

    Yok abi exten sevgili fln olmaz zaten videoyu da izleyemiyorum ingiliççem yok 😔

  • mihaela marin
    mihaela marin 2 months ago

    esti minunata Cammie si ai toata viata la dispozitie asa ca distreazate ...noi care te urmarim pe yutube te iubim si ati multumim ...tino tot asa

  • Nour Chehab
    Nour Chehab 2 months ago

    first time i've realised how much cammie looks like mila kunis

  • Mariela Vanessa Caro Rojas

    necesito el video con subtitulos 🙈 hablan muy rápido no entiendo nada 😢

  • Madelyn Grace
    Madelyn Grace 2 months ago

    I know you all have moved on from each other but I can’t be the only one who still feels like they have chemistry you can just feel it

  • newmusic
    newmusic 2 months ago

    Who was that in the start???

  • Jennifer Barazon
    Jennifer Barazon 2 months ago


  • Jennifer Barazon
    Jennifer Barazon 2 months ago

    Have watched both your collabs after the break up more than a thousand times after the moment it went out 😂

  • Courtney Martinez
    Courtney Martinez 2 months ago

    I don’t know if it’s just me... but, Shannon really tries not to make eye contact w/ Cammie. Like, a 3 second rule is definitely happening here.. this video happened wayyy too soon. 😕

  • Samantha Birosh
    Samantha Birosh 2 months ago

    Suuuchh a helpful video!!

  • mihaela marin
    mihaela marin 2 months ago

    nu mai sunteti ampreuna ..da

  • Melina Chazathanasi
    Melina Chazathanasi 2 months ago

    Hahaha that's the best title for this video!!!

  • Luiza Tarzan
    Luiza Tarzan 2 months ago

    You are in te foreground.. yes or nu✌✌mihaela ROMANIA

  • Doctora Corazón
    Doctora Corazón 2 months ago

    Ustedes fueron como la primera parejas que seguí en TVclip 😅😚me alegra verlas compartir así

  • Nikita Michael
    Nikita Michael 2 months ago

    call it off is a tegan and sara song!!!

  • lmaoyami
    lmaoyami 2 months ago

    I’m genuinely happy for them doing their own things in their own lives but like...ugh🙁

  • koolmusiclover56
    koolmusiclover56 2 months ago

    Like I’m honestly just so confuse they r saying they needed to break up to discover themselves and they didn’t like how they had to do everything together but when u get close u start doing things together so if they both get super close to their current girlfriends r they going to break up with them too cuz they need to discover themselves??? Obviously idk the whole thing so whatever lol ALSO LOOK AT THEM EVERYTHING IS STILL THERE just waiting for them to get back together

  • Elena Singer
    Elena Singer 2 months ago

    You and Shannon are hilarious 😊❤️

  • Ana Paula Neves
    Ana Paula Neves 2 months ago

    Não tem legenda em português 😢🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Ba Na
    Ba Na 2 months ago +1

    I'm not a lesbian but i'm sure cammie she still in love with her ex shannon!!!

  • Dania Abusalem
    Dania Abusalem 2 months ago

    i don't know why i felt bad during this video☹️

  • lala lalala
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  • huda alaa
    huda alaa 2 months ago

    Just imagine if Cammie and Joey Graceffa were straight and dated and had kids

  • Megan
    Megan 2 months ago

    I missed Shannon on your channel you guys should do another drinking video eventually sometime in the future

  • Vyh Santos
    Vyh Santos 2 months ago

    Queria legendas em português

  • Samantha Birnie
    Samantha Birnie 2 months ago +1

    Lmfao 9:45 is my favourite part of this whole video, I literally died.😂 Love you guys❤️

  • Keitumetse Vincencia
    Keitumetse Vincencia 2 months ago

    big 👍 to these gorgeous ex's. I still believe in love because of them, surely they find what they are looking for and get back together as soon as they do. I'm just kidding, whatever decision they make, I get it. it's called life.

  • lolo sjs
    lolo sjs 2 months ago

    Y los subtítulos?

  • Laura Hernández Hernández

    Los subtitulos en español para cuando???? Para nunca???

  • joanna banana
    joanna banana 2 months ago

    i just realised i had zoned out for a solid 6 minutes of this video staring at how shiny their hair is

  • Jasmine Sandigan
    Jasmine Sandigan 2 months ago

    I wish the next video you'll going to make is "WERE BACK TOGETHER"

  • Dylan Bryan
    Dylan Bryan 2 months ago +1

    Gday i could really use some advice please iv moved on from my ex but i have her on my mind sometimes and its annoyin. Im 23 and i had my first love at 14 i was grade 8 and my ex grade 7 we met in music class we practiced in same room and after a while just close we enjoyed eachothers company and i finally got the courage to ask her out and we hardly practiced after that and nearly got busted by the teacher Lol. Due to the school having strict rules all grades were to stay in their own grade arease which hardly ever gave us a chance to hang at recess or lunch we just hung out at my bus stop which us an hour to chill. I lived 40/45 minutes away i lived in a small but huge town & i didnt have any old school friends there (there were 3 schools in my home town 1 primary school and 2 highschools that went from kinder to yr 12 one i wanted to one which was 5 min away from my house and everyone from my primary school went there but my mum hated both the highschools.) I made new friends thank god but it didn't feel like i fit in most of the time, it was hard to organise things to do together but somehow we managed to sort out some stuff. We stayed together for the rest of the year but when the next year came and we went up a grade I slowly started to lose the feelings for her somehow I think it was the distance cause we started wanting to see eachother more often and on the night before the last day of term I went insane thinkin wtf am i gonna do i can't lose her, i love her, there's gotta be another way but i had no choice in the end the distance just got to me. The next day at lunch i had to pull aside from her friends to do it I was that fuckin gutless I could hardly even look at her I really wanted to run I loved her and couldnt lose her i felt bad enough doin it and a million times worse after i walked away. After school I was walkin to a new bus stop with a friend who travels with me and I told her bout what happened and I got message sayin do not ever call, talk or text me again and my friend calmed me down just in cause I nearly smashed my phone i felt even worse. i was that wild my friend nearly put my phone down her bra we were both heart broken and it was all my fault. I had flashbacks that night from all the fun times we had these are my favourite her 14th birthday party which resulted in me gettin chased round the pool by her friend cause I kept splashing her, the weekend she came and joined my nan and pops big Christmas party and lunch the next day in January and lucky last on Australia day that year she had a family day out at a beach and her parents invited me to join them which was an offer I couldn't refuse I enjoyed spending time with her family her parents were awesome and her 3 younger siblings liked me too (I'll keep hold of these memories forever nothin like old fun times to remember.) We talked on fb few yrs ago then she blocked me and I messaged her on my fake file (which I made after college to get in touch with a girl I lost my friendship with someone who I thought was my friend tried to hook us up after he saw some pics of us on facebook hangin out one day.) i wanted to ask if she wanted to put this behind us and hopefully be friends if she's willing to and ask if she wants to maybe catch up in town and chill out sometime but it backfired before I got the chance to ask her. Im over her now and i have my eye on some others need some advice please anything will do.
    Ps - After i broke it off i started wishin i back in grade 7 in grade 9 & 10 everyone started actin fuckin stupid and pissin me off especially some of the girls. We were stupid but half way through grade 10 we snapped out of it when the grade 10 leader got stuck into us it was mostly the girls cause they were bitchy. Loads of people turned on me after grade 10 but idgaf i wished i was back in grade 7 so I could make some new friends and start over again.

  • Kristen Stewart
    Kristen Stewart 2 months ago +2

    I literally feel like I used to have two moms but then they got divorced and left me and now they are back to take care of me.
    Side note: HOW FREAKING GORGEOUS ARE THESE TWO, can't believe the two prettiest girls on earth used to date.

  • Jacky Chacha
    Jacky Chacha 2 months ago

    i need that top! You know which tpo!

  • XpertMan
    XpertMan 2 months ago

    Wtf is wrong with you girl? Not enough attractive men or wha? :/

  • Brianna Armstrong
    Brianna Armstrong 2 months ago +1

    I want them to get back together

  • Pieri
    Pieri 2 months ago

    This was honestly so nice to watch? Bc I feel the same way like i'm not gonna be in a relationship with someone unless I know I'm gonna fully commit to them. Like I have to take a lot into consideration before being in a relationship and when I tell people this like they just don't get it?

  • Boi wot
    Boi wot 3 months ago

    *p i l l o w p r i n c e s s*

  • PeepsILoveEllie
    PeepsILoveEllie 3 months ago +2

    the advice that every person in a relationship should have their own life.. is so important!!!!

  • PeepsILoveEllie
    PeepsILoveEllie 3 months ago +1

    glad to see this, girls

  • OhDear Hunter
    OhDear Hunter 3 months ago +2

    When you go from Tegan's "Call It Off" mix to Sara's "Boyfriend" but the song is Dev-Deb-Deb aka Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend" xD

  • Day Santiago
    Day Santiago 3 months ago

    Cammie legenda pfv

  • M Mac
    M Mac 3 months ago

    Here’s what happened with these two : Lesbian bed death is a concept in which lesbian couples in committed relationships have less sex than any other type of couple, and generally experience less sexual intimacy the longer the relationship lasts. It is based on 1983 research by sociologist Pepper Schwartz.

  • P P
    P P 3 months ago

    The fact that they started singing Call Your Girlfriend, GOD WILL I EVER NOT LOVE THEM?

  • Alana Andrade
    Alana Andrade 3 months ago

    Casal Maravilhasa 😍😘

  • Debbie Ortiz
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  • Siti Nurbaya
    Siti Nurbaya 3 months ago +1

    is is channon's shannel or shannon's channel?

  • Anessa Soto
    Anessa Soto 3 months ago +4

    “I mean I miss my mom” 😂😂😂💀

  • Jimmy Jarvis
    Jimmy Jarvis 3 months ago +2

    2 beautiful ladies 😊

  • Agustina Romero
    Agustina Romero 3 months ago

    Subtitulalo al español porfa

  • Don't know what to say
    Don't know what to say 3 months ago

    there's a tegan and sara song call it off, shannon hehe

  • George Pulliam
    George Pulliam 3 months ago

    Violent scissors

  • Ria Batalla
    Ria Batalla 3 months ago

    Hi Cammie, I have nothing to say just Hi. ♡

  • Ivy Coleen Orquillas
    Ivy Coleen Orquillas 3 months ago

    You still look cute together!!

    VIP ONCExARMY 3 months ago +1