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  • lolo sjs
    lolo sjs 46 minutes ago

    Y los subtítulos?

  • Laura Hernández Hernández

    Los subtitulos en español para cuando???? Para nunca???

  • joanna banana
    joanna banana 7 hours ago

    i just realised i had zoned out for a solid 6 minutes of this video staring at how shiny their hair is

  • Jasmine Sandigan
    Jasmine Sandigan 12 hours ago

    I wish the next video you'll going to make is "WERE BACK TOGETHER"

  • Dylan Bryan
    Dylan Bryan 12 hours ago

    Gday i could really use some advice please iv moved on from my ex but i have her on my mind sometimes and its annoyin. Im 23 and i had my first love at 14 i was grade 8 and my ex grade 7 we met in music class we practiced in same room and after a while just close we enjoyed eachothers company and i finally got the courage to ask her out and we hardly practiced after that and nearly got busted by the teacher Lol. Due to the school having strict rules all grades were to stay in their own grade arease which hardly ever gave us a chance to hang at recess or lunch we just hung out at my bus stop which us an hour to chill. I lived 40/45 minutes away i lived in a small but huge town & i didnt have any old school friends there (there were 3 schools in my home town 1 primary school and 2 highschools that went from kinder to yr 12 one i wanted to one which was 5 min away from my house and everyone from my primary school went there but my mum hated both the highschools.) I made new friends thank god but it didn't feel like i fit in most of the time, it was hard to organise things to do together but somehow we managed to sort out some stuff. We stayed together for the rest of the year but when the next year came and we went up a grade I slowly started to lose the feelings for her somehow I think it was the distance cause we started wanting to see eachother more often and on the night before the last day of term I went insane thinkin wtf am i gonna do i can't lose her, i love her, there's gotta be another way but i had no choice in the end the distance just got to me. The next day at lunch i had to pull aside from her friends to do it I was that fuckin gutless I could hardly even look at her I really wanted to run I loved her and couldnt lose her i felt bad enough doin it and a million times worse after i walked away. After school I was walkin to a new bus stop with a friend who travels with me and I told her bout what happened and I got message sayin do not ever call, talk or text me again and my friend calmed me down just in cause I nearly smashed my phone i felt even worse. i was that wild my friend nearly put my phone down her bra we were both heart broken and it was all my fault. I had flashbacks that night from all the fun times we had these are my favourite her 14th birthday party which resulted in me gettin chased round the pool by her friend cause I kept splashing her, the weekend she came and joined my nan and pops big Christmas party and lunch the next day in January and lucky last on Australia day that year she had a family day out at a beach and her parents invited me to join them which was an offer I couldn't refuse I enjoyed spending time with her family her parents were awesome and her 3 younger siblings liked me too (I'll keep hold of these memories forever nothin like old fun times to remember.) We talked on fb few yrs ago then she blocked me and I messaged her on my fake file (which I made after college to get in touch with a girl I lost my friendship with someone who I thought was my friend tried to hook us up after he saw some pics of us on facebook hangin out one day.) i wanted to ask if she wanted to put this behind us and hopefully be friends if she's willing to and ask if she wants to maybe catch up in town and chill out sometime but it backfired before I got the chance to ask her. Im over her now and i have my eye on some others need some advice please anything will do.
    Ps - After i broke it off i started wishin i back in grade 7 in grade 9 & 10 everyone started actin fuckin stupid and pissin me off especially some of the girls. We were stupid but half way through grade 10 we snapped out of it when the grade 10 leader got stuck into us it was mostly the girls cause they were bitchy. Loads of people turned on me after grade 10 but idgaf i wished i was back in grade 7 so I could make some new friends and start over again.

  • Kristen Stewart
    Kristen Stewart 16 hours ago

    I literally feel like I used to have two moms but then they got divorced and left me and now they are back to take care of me.
    Side note: HOW FREAKING GORGEOUS ARE THESE TWO, can't believe the two prettiest girls on earth used to date.

  • Jacky Chacha
    Jacky Chacha 16 hours ago

    i need that top! You know which tpo!

  • XpertMan
    XpertMan 19 hours ago

    Wtf is wrong with you girl? Not enough attractive men or wha? :/

  • Brianna Armstrong

    I want them to get back together

  • Pierna Cabello
    Pierna Cabello Day ago

    This was honestly so nice to watch? Bc I feel the same way like i'm not gonna be in a relationship with someone unless I know I'm gonna fully commit to them. Like I have to take a lot into consideration before being in a relationship and when I tell people this like they just don't get it?

  • kitty jeler
    kitty jeler 2 days ago

    *p i l l o w p r i n c e s s*

  • PeepsILoveEllie
    PeepsILoveEllie 2 days ago

    the advice that every person in a relationship should have their own life.. is so important!!!!

  • PeepsILoveEllie
    PeepsILoveEllie 2 days ago

    glad to see this, girls

  • OhDear Hunter
    OhDear Hunter 2 days ago

    When you go from Tegan's "Call It Off" mix to Sara's "Boyfriend" but the song is Dev-Deb-Deb aka Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend" xD

  • Day Santiago
    Day Santiago 2 days ago

    Cammie legenda pfv

  • M Mac
    M Mac 2 days ago

    Here’s what happened with these two : Lesbian bed death is a concept in which lesbian couples in committed relationships have less sex than any other type of couple, and generally experience less sexual intimacy the longer the relationship lasts. It is based on 1983 research by sociologist Pepper Schwartz.

  • Pacey Andrews
    Pacey Andrews 2 days ago

    The fact that they started singing Call Your Girlfriend, GOD WILL I EVER NOT LOVE THEM?

  • Alana Andrade
    Alana Andrade 3 days ago

    Casal Maravilhasa 😍😘

  • Debbie Ortiz
    Debbie Ortiz 3 days ago


  • Siti Nurbaya
    Siti Nurbaya 3 days ago +1

    is is channon's shannel or shannon's channel?

  • Anessa Soto
    Anessa Soto 3 days ago +1

    “I mean I miss my mom” 😂😂😂💀

  • Jimmy Jarvis
    Jimmy Jarvis 4 days ago +1

    2 beautiful ladies 😊

  • Agustina Romero
    Agustina Romero 4 days ago

    Subtitulalo al español porfa

  • Don't know what to say

    there's a tegan and sara song call it off, shannon hehe

  • George Pulliam
    George Pulliam 4 days ago

    Violent scissors

  • Ria Batalla
    Ria Batalla 4 days ago

    Hi Cammie, I have nothing to say just Hi. ♡

  • Ivy Coleen Orquillas

    You still look cute together!!

  • VIP Bangbangbang
    VIP Bangbangbang 4 days ago +1


  • Mi Ra
    Mi Ra 4 days ago

    Dirty lesbos....

  • Lithios King
    Lithios King 4 days ago

    What the hell is the deal with women? Spend a year with someone and claim to love each other then they give you th BS statement I can't love you anymore and need to break up so I can discover myself.

  • Jodi
    Jodi 4 days ago

  • Gracie Duarte
    Gracie Duarte 4 days ago

    Relationship brings out the sad in us, all the bad things... our partner is like our own mirror. What it bothers about our parnert is the thing we need to work on ourselves. Being with some one is like discovering ourselves and learn to be happy always. Hoping you guys the best!

  • sentina sinaga sinaga

    Sangat memuakkan melihat tayangan ini.

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  • K A G I A U D I O
    K A G I A U D I O 5 days ago +2

    did you guys see Shannon looking at Cammie's lips at the start

  • cherie clicks
    cherie clicks 5 days ago

    Too good to be true

  • Michelle Deng
    Michelle Deng 5 days ago

    i needed this :')

  • jan marielle lipura
    jan marielle lipura 5 days ago

    Shannon looks awkward .-.

  • Evi Aguirre
    Evi Aguirre 5 days ago

    Deberían traducirlo al español :c

  • Law dog 55
    Law dog 55 5 days ago

    Cammy you have grown so much. No judgement but Shannon not as much. You are beautiful .

  • Phoebe Cianchette
    Phoebe Cianchette 5 days ago

    What is with Cammie and Stella Artois

  • Videos compilations
    Videos compilations 5 days ago

    Hey pongas subtitulos en español por favor jajaja

  • Phoebe Cianchette
    Phoebe Cianchette 5 days ago

    Feel like they were working out some shit here

  • Aaliyah_o
    Aaliyah_o 6 days ago +1

    Cammies smile is too cute

  • Carley Woods
    Carley Woods 6 days ago +1

    We miss shannon and cammie

  • Andrea Hurst
    Andrea Hurst 6 days ago

    Okay so I'm in a situation I'm dating a boy and I thought I loved him at first but came to realize I'm gay but we have already built a life together and my stupid ass made him fall so in love with me so I feel like I can't end it not only for that reason the other reason is that I'm so scared to come out, I'm scared my family is gonna hate me I'm scared he's gonna hate me, I'm scared I'm never gonna find a girl because I've tried before and it's hard as hell and most of all I'm terrified of being alone, I just have a lot of issues going on if anything I said made sense, I'm just very depressed and have no idea what to do!!!

    • Optimist Kadın
      Optimist Kadın 4 days ago

      Andrea Hurst no matter what you'll worst fears will come true one day.. well they'll be your worst fears until you make them like that 🤔 you can not know about their reaction until come out.. so maybe you are just wasting your time with these bad thoughts 🤔 and it's easy to say i know

  • Katie Fritchman
    Katie Fritchman 6 days ago

    First off, ex gf goals. Secondly, it’s my birthday, and if you reply, Miss Scott, I will personally send you an Insta video of me serenading you an original rap about you 😂 I’ll also faint

  • Liron Yogev
    Liron Yogev 6 days ago

    Gosh I'm so sad.. If anything got clear in this video, is the fact these two are through(!).. I miss them soooo muchhhh.. But I guess ShaCam is over for good../:

  • Jonny Neuman
    Jonny Neuman 6 days ago

    I love the idea of you too licking...

  • Juli Ane
    Juli Ane 6 days ago

    Im a little sad anyway...

  • May
    May 6 days ago +1

    guess who’s about to go on a shacam marathon??

  • May
    May 6 days ago

    i’m legit crying akdjsk i missed u two

  • Leannuh Renee
    Leannuh Renee 6 days ago

    The lesbian youtubers are driving me crazy with their reunions

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    70,000,000.00 USD!

  • Treshia & Donna
    Treshia & Donna 6 days ago

    notice me from Philippines💜

  • Treshia & Donna
    Treshia & Donna 6 days ago

    so cute together miss these gays😭😭😭😭🌈🌈🌈✨🔥

  • Treshia & Donna
    Treshia & Donna 6 days ago +1

    my fave couple but super sad because they broke up😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Dennis Tierney
    Dennis Tierney 6 days ago

    They’ve definitely shoved large items up each other’s corn holes 💩

  • J Rams
    J Rams 6 days ago


  • benly dayo
    benly dayo 6 days ago

    I need moreeeee collabbbbbbbs plsssssssss🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • david white
    david white 6 days ago

    what a waste 2 hotties but there muffin munchers NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • msdogooder
    msdogooder 7 days ago

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  • Alex & Verena
    Alex & Verena 7 days ago

    Shannon‘s channel or... Channon

  • DW Jackson
    DW Jackson 7 days ago

    Which one of you two is transgender?

  • 赵静伊
    赵静伊 7 days ago


  • Aboutbigfoot11
    Aboutbigfoot11 7 days ago

    Hu gaaaaay

  • J Lyse
    J Lyse 7 days ago

    i love how u girls are opposites. One is mysterious and serious the other one is super open and smiley. great contrast

  • K Lopez
    K Lopez 7 days ago

    love that you two look genuinely happy and are actually laughing abt the break-up now. so like see exes can be friends!

    JPARK 7 days ago

    thank you thank you thank you thank you. ya'll seem so much happier in your own lives and way more confident now

  • Brother Yisra'el
    Brother Yisra'el 7 days ago

    Repent for the kingdom of heaven as at hand. No homosexuals will enter into the kingdom, please repent.

  • Reachforthestars
    Reachforthestars 7 days ago

    my ex and I started as best friends for years then we fell for one another and dated for 3 years. Shit happened and we broke up but between us civilization DIED. Honestly I'd like to be at least acquaintances with each other because in the first place we were best friends.. Anyways 2 years since our break up and we act like we hate each other and I literally have no idea why we act like that..

  • Karla Michelle
    Karla Michelle 7 days ago

    I'm sorry but Shannon's jawline is just everything

  • I. Wynn
    I. Wynn 8 days ago

    What college did you two go to? You both are so pretty and amazing!

  • Samantha Smith
    Samantha Smith 8 days ago

    Awsome video

  • Alex Ruble
    Alex Ruble 8 days ago

    This video made me smile, even if you guys get annoyed of all the tags still, hahahahaha

  • Jessie Randall
    Jessie Randall 8 days ago +1

    There's something so nice about seeing you two do a video together again. I would love a series of these vids. You're both strong communicators and you have great on-screen chemistry.

  • larissa
    larissa 8 days ago

    que vontade de morrer

  • Helen Costa
    Helen Costa 8 days ago

    Alguém traduz pra espanhol

  • It'z Moskowitz
    It'z Moskowitz 8 days ago

    Loved this video!!
    I just made a video about going to Dinah Shore with you ex :D I'd love some feedback on it guys :)

  • Brittany Evans
    Brittany Evans 8 days ago

    WOOHOO ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Murphy Blitz
    Murphy Blitz 8 days ago

    I still don’t understand how you guys broke up.. sure Cammie said she didn’t have a hobby, didn’t have a friend, and how her life was revolved around Shannon. But you guys couldve made space or time away to hang out with friends or family separately or have “me” time. I get it’s not healthy to be with your partner 24/7. But I couldn’t imagine wasting over 3 years on building memories and a relationship to just break up to “identify” yourselves separately. :/

  • Sheilla Mae Tabamo
    Sheilla Mae Tabamo 8 days ago

    "My ex gives me a make over" hahaha.. us at the end of our relationship.. 💩 shit!! Hahaha

  • Sheilla Mae Tabamo
    Sheilla Mae Tabamo 8 days ago

    Iloveyou iloveyou so so much guix... i miss to see you both in a video.. i miss wen shannon saying... hai im "shannon and this is my very beautiful girlfriend cammie".. i may not hear it again yet,.. but does that not mean that ill stop loving you.. i loveyou guix.. lovelots from philippines... sheilla here

  • jho lopez
    jho lopez 8 days ago +1

    Still dey have a chemstry😊😊

  • Brooke Fraser
    Brooke Fraser 8 days ago

    No chance in hell would I remain friends with an ex. Kudos to those that can.

  • Tuan Vu
    Tuan Vu 8 days ago

    Cody ko wya

  • Val Deschênes
    Val Deschênes 8 days ago

    There’s actually also a song by Tegan and Sara called Call it Off xD

  • Leslie Valverde Miranda

    Quiero los subtítulos 😭😭

  • Dank Lambsta
    Dank Lambsta 9 days ago

    Wait It’s two girls

  • Josh Rimer
    Josh Rimer 9 days ago

    I'm weirded out............

  • morgan glenn
    morgan glenn 9 days ago

    Dude this video is trending crazy

  • Sam Klink
    Sam Klink 9 days ago

    #49 on trending i see you

  • One Love
    One Love 9 days ago

    All females take notes...This is a perfect example of two beautiful women, one with eyebrows that look fake and make all women ugly, and one with eyebrows that are natural and complement the beauty. I bet Cammie Scott, within 5 years she will agree with me.

  • Alex
    Alex 9 days ago +1

    i don’t even care if yall date but pls make more vids ur content is so much better together

  • Guitarist Sam
    Guitarist Sam 9 days ago +1

    Can i get those guitars on yo back :-(

  • Gabriela
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  • Baby Dance
    Baby Dance 9 days ago

    great vidgreat vid

  • heyjade
    heyjade 9 days ago

    i miss your collabs... i looove u guys! -a fan since the '15 💞

  • Ricky Rampage
    Ricky Rampage 9 days ago


  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 9 days ago

    I think I’m gonna throw up