100 People Tell Us Their Worst Date Experience | Keep it 100 | Cut


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  • AwesomeEQMe
    AwesomeEQMe Day ago

    " I've never really been on a worst date... Well I guess one time I got kidnapped"

  • tarakad narayanswami gopal

    i wont say i have been in a date but but i had interaction which are so near date like which ended up slashing my hard actually interviewees are more fucked up as they were damn worse th as n dates ;-( i wont work in1 of indias largest mnc i know that place is so full of shit initially all was ok like honeymoon after that like marriage or bf gf relation it edestroyd up ;-( so much voilence i hate my mnc i will write a scathing review of it iff year later probably before that nooo my interview were more fucked up than my job

  • tarakad narayanswami gopal

    i wont say i have been in a date but but i had interaction which are so near date like which ended up slashing my hard actually interviewees are more fucked up as they were damn worse th as n dates ;-( i wont work in1 of indias largest mnc i know that place is so full of shit initially all was ok like honeymoon after that like marriage or bf gf relation it edestroyd up ;-( so much voilence i hate my mnc i will write a scathing review of it iff year later probably before that nooo my interview were more fucked up than my jobs

  • dragon turner
    dragon turner 2 days ago

    Perfect editing

  • ѕιиfυl тєαяѕ
    ѕιиfυl тєαяѕ 4 days ago +1

    1 like = 1 t🥔ter totttttt for this poor man 😂

  • benedryl cumberbatch

    “it was an awesome movie but the guy was shitty as fuck” I CANNTBTB

  • Oddrey Weird
    Oddrey Weird 7 days ago

    “Oh okay well one time, I got kidnapped.”

  • Charlottle Hale
    Charlottle Hale 9 days ago

    I laughed so hard when i saw the guy in the naruto cosplay

  • 杨洁怡
    杨洁怡 11 days ago

    This editing is epic damn.

  • Markie
    Markie 12 days ago

    The guys was shorter than me, wooow that is really bad isn't it

  • Savannah
    Savannah 12 days ago

    He ate spaghetti with his hands 💀

  • happy20120808
    happy20120808 12 days ago

    0:48 Why is this woman's face so white?

  • Arija Čepaitytė
    Arija Čepaitytė 13 days ago

    “and he smelled like... bagels” LMAO

  • mkon
    mkon 14 days ago

    Oh God no she had to pay for her own food ?! such a horrible date! How could he?! when a girl has to pay for her own food it's a disasterrrrr

  • Whatsup !!!!
    Whatsup !!!! 17 days ago


  • Jesse Oseafiana
    Jesse Oseafiana 18 days ago

    Then the election happened

  • Gnash Sama
    Gnash Sama 18 days ago

    the guy at 3:33 i can talk as much as u want u know *coughs*

  • Olivia Wellman
    Olivia Wellman 19 days ago

    Whyyy😂 .... 4:08

  • Matylda Wilam
    Matylda Wilam 19 days ago

    that girl with red hair at 1:55 really needs to fix her damn earing

  • Caroline
    Caroline 21 day ago

    Plot twist: They're all talking about the same person

  • BlueBeachRanger
    BlueBeachRanger 21 day ago

    @ 2:30 Joey, is that you?

  • Sebastian Rosewood
    Sebastian Rosewood 21 day ago

    "In the middle of the woods-" oH MY GOD PLEASE I need the WHOLE story

  • Zachary Rothman
    Zachary Rothman 22 days ago

    lol flashback mary at 0:47

  • ellis hindson
    ellis hindson 23 days ago

    "He made me pay for my own food" 🤔🤔🤔

  • Mina Oliveira
    Mina Oliveira 23 days ago

    So nobody took you to a strip clup where his ex was working and had a drug dealer right next to you?
    (That's my worst date)

  • zsazsa dhysha
    zsazsa dhysha 24 days ago

    I'm not hear all of their stories. and it's not 100!

  • Vault Boy
    Vault Boy 25 days ago

    "The guy was shorter than me"

    So, you dumped someone because they don't meet your ideal male physique over something they can't control. That is a dick move.

  • Rachel Gardner
    Rachel Gardner 26 days ago

    "elbows off the table if your able"

  • arii nali
    arii nali 28 days ago

    this was so confusing bc of the editing😂

  • Caitlin Austin
    Caitlin Austin Month ago

    the worst date I ever had I went out to dinner with my ex and he introduced me to his exes parents.....

  • kobi with the D
    kobi with the D Month ago

    ,, back then i was like goth , and then election happended'' lol

  • Kendra Crump
    Kendra Crump Month ago

    I was either 18 or 19, and this guy that my friend hooked me up with took me to Olive Garden. Everything was going great, until he asked me to pay for the movies after dinner. I thought he was joking, but once we got to the movies, he looked at me to pay, and I did (like an idiot). Several days later he contacts me wanting a 2nd date, I explained to him why that'll never happen and take care. I told the girl who hooked us up what happened, and she was surprised. I haven't seen him since then, and if I did, I wouldn't know what he looked like.

  • Ava Baby17
    Ava Baby17 Month ago

    “It was a rlly good movie but the guy was shitty asf” ahaha😂😂💀

  • Sweeny Slippers
    Sweeny Slippers Month ago

    2:49 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

  • David Munoz
    David Munoz Month ago

    0:22 wtf is wrong with her eyes

  • Lavender Washington

    My first date was the worst date I've ever been on we went to the movies and he brought his friends and his mom and everyone sat in between us .... I also had to buy my own ticket so I couldn't get any food🤗

  • Hannah Meaker
    Hannah Meaker Month ago

    01:35 being quite specific there. are you trying to hint that all white south africans are racist?

  • Sosa Edomwande
    Sosa Edomwande Month ago

    Where The Haunted House?😂🤣

  • Zaino Diaz
    Zaino Diaz Month ago

    Am I the only South African chilling here like...💔Wow

  • Zoe The Squish Queen
    Zoe The Squish Queen Month ago +1

    I've never really had any bad dates! Oh, except for the time I got kidnapped. Forgot about that one.

  • Hailey Hopkins
    Hailey Hopkins Month ago +1

    0:30 oh my he is a specimen

  • Clayton Wade
    Clayton Wade Month ago

    omg all of the caucasian people in this video look like ghosts wtf??

  • kris malenchan
    kris malenchan Month ago

    naruto jacket...where can i cop

  • jerrygarciuh
    jerrygarciuh Month ago

    I hate that we never get the whole story from anyone...

  • Petra Rigó
    Petra Rigó Month ago

    3:28 Naruto cosplay?

  • Eri
    Eri Month ago

    Do they have more detailed video of each person? Honestly I find it super entertaining and especially some people I want to hear MORE but they just cut it out... :(

  • The Sharpest
    The Sharpest Month ago

    ughhhh...that women in the hijab, I can't look at her the same way since that 1000 to 1 video...so nasty

  • Leslie J
    Leslie J Month ago

    I alays enjoy the editing on Keep it 100, but for this its not right. i cant understand the stories completely

  • Northern Thunder
    Northern Thunder Month ago

    0:23 is she blind !?

  • Kinsi A.
    Kinsi A. Month ago

    I need the people who set up lighting for these videos to come to my house and make it happen. All of these humans look BEAUTIFUL and I think it has something to do with you!

  • I'm everywhere you go

    A date? Never been on one. Sad life

  • Kira Burns
    Kira Burns Month ago

    4:16 eyes WOW

  • abigail mayhem
    abigail mayhem Month ago +1

    0:28 has a thick ass neck lmaooo

  • Amy -
    Amy - Month ago

    100 tells us their worst dates.. Ehm, where?! Cuz all i see is some editing that shows no ones story...

  • Tommy Lee Jones
    Tommy Lee Jones Month ago

    "She worked at a pet store and she smelled like the pet store"

  • Sanne Wiering
    Sanne Wiering Month ago


  • LonelyLife
    LonelyLife Month ago

    "Racist white South African person"
    I'm South African. And yes it's very fucking true, most South Africans are racist

  • mia.p. Xx
    mia.p. Xx Month ago

    Tatto tots

  • Alexis Marshall
    Alexis Marshall Month ago

    0:07 didn’t know tana monguea was in this

  • mama bich
    mama bich Month ago

    i straight up heard it all as one story

  • iiOmqcrazymonster Monster

    Love how they throw the Merch in there

  • JoeGeC
    JoeGeC Month ago

    "He made me pay for my own food at the cinema." You expect the guy to pay for you? Jesus christ...

  • Veronica Myers
    Veronica Myers Month ago

    “You honesty wore that?” 😂 this is gonna go fuckin awesome.

  • Agrestic Reborn
    Agrestic Reborn Month ago

    “He made me pay for me own food in a movie theater” such a hero thanks for sharing your tragic story

  • Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    3:50 Why would a guy take her to a dog park? She is not a dog.

  • Nana Esi Okyere-N.
    Nana Esi Okyere-N. Month ago

    3:57 yoυ wanna wнaт?

  • Brenda Vinaja
    Brenda Vinaja 2 months ago

    4:00 he reminds me of Derek Shepherd

  • NickTheGuy
    NickTheGuy 2 months ago

    why does that one chick with completely white makeup think she looks good? its this ugliest thing ever

  • enodia williams
    enodia williams 2 months ago

    tag yourself I'm the guy with the gator tots lmao

  • KingFruityPebbles
    KingFruityPebbles 2 months ago

    Oh I just fucking guess that on my worst date that I got fucking kidnapped but, but... oh, oh it was fine

  • Hap py
    Hap py 2 months ago

    I don't know I never really went on a worst date. Okay well I guess this one time, I got kidnapped.

  • Hap py
    Hap py 2 months ago

    "I never really went on a worst date, oh well, except when I was kidnapped"

  • RGVJags31
    RGVJags31 2 months ago

    They should post the individual interviews on a second channel and name it "Uncut"

    The name may need to be modified.

  • Joy Lee
    Joy Lee 2 months ago

    Taking “finishing each other’s sentences” to a new level... high key feel click baited
    “I met this person online,” “and I knew as soon as I saw this person,” “I got catfished”... “worst date? Oh”

  • Cooljonny11
    Cooljonny11 2 months ago

    I dont know I've never really been on a worst date

    ok well I guess one time *I got kidnapped*

  • Miguel Pena
    Miguel Pena 2 months ago

    Who cares if he made you buy your own food at the movies privileged dumbass ughhhh

  • Helen Liu
    Helen Liu 2 months ago +1

    I wanted to know what happened to the girl who got kidnapped..... How did she escape???

  • rickrobertbob
    rickrobertbob 2 months ago

    Dear internet: It would be neat if someone were to edit this as one continuous story where the characters and scenes are constantly changing.

  • Stephanie Myburgh
    Stephanie Myburgh 2 months ago

    1:35 whoever that was is giving us a bad name

  • Step in, Just in Case
    Step in, Just in Case 2 months ago

    I didn’t hear all their story’s. Whhyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

  • Nexils
    Nexils 2 months ago

    I've never had any really bad dates. I just had one with a very boring person that I had nothing in common with.
    To him the date felt mandatory because afterwards he approached me online and he said "Okay, now that we've finally met each other in real life: when do you want to have sex with me?"
    I wasn't planning on meeting up with him again and then he asks THAT! No thanks.

  • treesandstuff
    treesandstuff 2 months ago

    He farted then blamed it on me

  • NeonHikari
    NeonHikari 2 months ago +1

    I wanna hear all of the full stories

  • panickedpilots
    panickedpilots 2 months ago

    "I've never had a bad date...well I guess I did get kidnapped..." *F U C K I N G M E*

  • Here to make it clear
    Here to make it clear 2 months ago

    3:30 "The guy was shorter than me". Seriously?

  • Regular Viewer
    Regular Viewer 2 months ago

    2:29 - it's Joey all over again...

  • cportlips
    cportlips 2 months ago

    He started to rape me . . Wait .🛑what ✋stop the tape🚨

  • Goater
    Goater 2 months ago

    What are tater tots??

  • Aleesha M
    Aleesha M 2 months ago

    My date demanded that I buy him a jacket because I didn’t pay for his half of the food 🤢😷

  • Kathleen
    Kathleen 2 months ago

    the person who edited this is a genius

  • let rat
    let rat 2 months ago

    "in the middle of the woods"
    i want to hear more!

  • Sarah Willacker
    Sarah Willacker 2 months ago

    "And it was a really awesome movie but the guy was like, shitty as fuck" 😂

  • Jared Adventure
    Jared Adventure 2 months ago

    A real horrible South African racicst person

  • shelby
    shelby 2 months ago

    I really hate this editiing style i dont even know the stories now lol

  • Emily Gubb
    Emily Gubb 2 months ago +1

    I guess I got kidnapped

  • Hey Peopless
    Hey Peopless 2 months ago

    The girl with the;
    Sorry About Our President shirt.
    *Where did you buy that*
    *I need one*

  • Maya Czernikowski
    Maya Czernikowski 2 months ago


  • Grace Leota
    Grace Leota 2 months ago

    Damn that girl that ate your tater tots 😂👌

  • BertasU
    BertasU 2 months ago

    dayum, some people here do not know what is a bad date. I mean "he was shorter than me" "he made me buy my own food"... like bish

  • HannieL A
    HannieL A 2 months ago

    I wouldve died if two ppl had the same story to hear their versions ,lol