100 People Tell Us Their Worst Date Experience | Keep it 100 | Cut


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  • NickTheGuy
    NickTheGuy 3 minutes ago

    why does that one chick with completely white makeup think she looks good? its this ugliest thing ever

  • katherine williams
    katherine williams 12 hours ago

    tag yourself I'm the guy with the gator tots lmao

  • KingFruityPebbles
    KingFruityPebbles 2 days ago

    Oh I just fucking guess that on my worst date that I got fucking kidnapped but, but... oh, oh it was fine

  • Hap py
    Hap py 3 days ago

    I don't know I never really went on a worst date. Okay well I guess this one time, I got kidnapped.

  • Hap py
    Hap py 3 days ago

    "I never really went on a worst date, oh well, except when I was kidnapped"

  • RGVJags31
    RGVJags31 3 days ago

    They should post the individual interviews on a second channel and name it "Uncut"

    The name may need to be modified.

  • Joy Lee
    Joy Lee 3 days ago

    Taking “finishing each other’s sentences” to a new level... high key feel click baited
    “I met this person online,” “and I knew as soon as I saw this person,” “I got catfished”... “worst date? Oh”

  • Cooljonny11
    Cooljonny11 3 days ago

    I dont know I've never really been on a worst date

    ok well I guess one time *I got kidnapped*

  • Miguel Pena
    Miguel Pena 5 days ago

    Who cares if he made you buy your own food at the movies privileged dumbass ughhhh

  • Helen Liu
    Helen Liu 6 days ago +1

    I wanted to know what happened to the girl who got kidnapped..... How did she escape???

  • rickrobertbob
    rickrobertbob 7 days ago

    Dear internet: It would be neat if someone were to edit this as one continuous story where the characters and scenes are constantly changing.

  • Lucas Rizzo
    Lucas Rizzo 7 days ago

    “I got kidnapped” girl pleas this man had his tater tots stolen

  • Stephanie Myburgh
    Stephanie Myburgh 8 days ago

    1:35 whoever that was is giving us a bad name

  • Step in, Just in Case

    I didn’t hear all their story’s. Whhyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

  • Nexils
    Nexils 9 days ago

    I've never had any really bad dates. I just had one with a very boring person that I had nothing in common with.
    To him the date felt mandatory because afterwards he approached me online and he said "Okay, now that we've finally met each other in real life: when do you want to have sex with me?"
    I wasn't planning on meeting up with him again and then he asks THAT! No thanks.

  • treesandstuff
    treesandstuff 9 days ago

    He farted then blamed it on me

  • NeonHikari
    NeonHikari 9 days ago +1

    I wanna hear all of the full stories

  • panickedpilots
    panickedpilots 11 days ago

    "I've never had a bad date...well I guess I did get kidnapped..." *F U C K I N G M E*

  • Here to make it clear
    Here to make it clear 11 days ago

    3:30 "The guy was shorter than me". Seriously?

  • Regular Viewer
    Regular Viewer 12 days ago

    2:29 - it's Joey all over again...

  • cportlips
    cportlips 13 days ago

    He started to rape me . . Wait .🛑what ✋stop the tape🚨

  • TheGoatGamer
    TheGoatGamer 13 days ago

    What are tater tots??

  • Aleesha M
    Aleesha M 14 days ago

    My date demanded that I buy him a jacket because I didn’t pay for his half of the food 🤢😷

  • Kathleen
    Kathleen 15 days ago

    the person who edited this is a genius

  • let rat
    let rat 15 days ago

    "in the middle of the woods"
    i want to hear more!

  • Sarah Willacker
    Sarah Willacker 16 days ago

    "And it was a really awesome movie but the guy was like, shitty as fuck" 😂

  • Jared Adventure
    Jared Adventure 17 days ago

    A real horrible South African racicst person

  • shelby
    shelby 17 days ago

    I really hate this editiing style i dont even know the stories now lol

  • Emily Gubb
    Emily Gubb 18 days ago +1

    I guess I got kidnapped

  • Hey Peopless
    Hey Peopless 18 days ago

    The girl with the;
    Sorry About Our President shirt.
    *Where did you buy that*
    *I need one*

  • Maya Czernikowski
    Maya Czernikowski 19 days ago


  • Grace Leota
    Grace Leota 20 days ago

    Damn that girl that ate your tater tots 😂👌

  • BertasU
    BertasU 20 days ago

    dayum, some people here do not know what is a bad date. I mean "he was shorter than me" "he made me buy my own food"... like bish

  • HannieL A
    HannieL A 20 days ago

    I wouldve died if two ppl had the same story to hear their versions ,lol

  • martin adebesin
    martin adebesin 21 day ago

    “Elbows off the table if you’re able” I... the date would honestly be over in my mind right then

  • Tea at Five
    Tea at Five 22 days ago

    Why does the girl on the thumbnail low-key look the mom from blackish

  • C.P.
    C.P. 23 days ago

    at bar C in stephenville Texas I went on a date with this guy on Valentine’s Day and he got drunk and made me sit on his lap and he got a boner and then I ran out and sat in my friends Jeep in the parking lot and waited until my friend group went home

  • Runner96
    Runner96 24 days ago

    “He made me buy my own food at the movie theater” Jesus fucking Christ

  • cadaverine
    cadaverine 27 days ago

    *elbows of the table, if you're able. i choked, spilled the entire drink all over the table*

  • Kip Andrew
    Kip Andrew 27 days ago

    Why don't you just let each person tell their story

  • SK28
    SK28 28 days ago

    2:23 chris traeger

  • Jameson Mazhandu
    Jameson Mazhandu 29 days ago

    1:38 hey I’m from there 👋🏾 not throwing shade just saying wassup from South Africa 🇿🇦

  • Kys. Déprimé
    Kys. Déprimé 29 days ago

    My date didn’t show up he’s excuse was his parents didn’t let him he DIDN’T EVEN APOLOGIZE NOTHING !!

  • Renji Abarai
    Renji Abarai 29 days ago

    My worst date would have to be 4/10/2014 because i fell in a hole and couldn't get out until the firefighters came 5 hours later :/ It was also raining.

  • Vincent Smit
    Vincent Smit Month ago

    It was an awesome movie... But the guy was shitty as fuck👍🏽😂😂

  • Vincent Smit
    Vincent Smit Month ago

    1:30 we all know what eating her moms cherry pie means🍒😏🤐

  • AshleyTubbies
    AshleyTubbies Month ago

    no one’s perfect 😂

  • Thanuyaa P
    Thanuyaa P Month ago

    "And then the election happened" LOOOL

  • Issmmaell
    Issmmaell Month ago

    my worst date was when i bringed her to a fucking shopping mart. do i even have ti say anything more

  • Quin
    Quin Month ago

    2:30 lmfaooooo

  • Barbary Singletary
    Barbary Singletary Month ago +1

    “He was pretty much already proposing to me and I had just met him that night” for me that would’ve been the best worst date ever

  • TotalWeirdo
    TotalWeirdo Month ago

    The shirt at 4:01

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith Month ago

    this is so poorly edited. like i didnt hear any full sentences but instead a series of confusing and unfulfilling fragments

  • MsPurpleStuff
    MsPurpleStuff Month ago

    how the fuck are we supposed to understand anyone's story when most of them just got a word in?

  • Rainbows and spongebob

    *Woman: "I've never been on a bad date. Well okay there was this one time I got kidnapped." *
    *Me:* That sounds like the worst date you can ever have in your life, it you're not killed first.

  • bagel man
    bagel man Month ago

    Why is that lady so pale

  • Gabriel Keller
    Gabriel Keller Month ago

    “I’ve never had a worst date... oh yeah I was kidnapped”

  • Sarahh
    Sarahh Month ago

    No way, the cute guy is gay
    I have to kill myself now

  • clara Marry
    clara Marry Month ago

    2:48 mood of the day

  • Unhealthy Obession
    Unhealthy Obession Month ago

    “I’m looking for a wife” ha welp I’m not😂😂

  • HisRealChild
    HisRealChild Month ago

    My worst date, he ordered chicken tenders and yells for more honey mustard 3 times. An abnormal amount of honey mustard is mixed with hot sauce and he gets it all over the table, himself and the floor. I hate honey mustard now.

  • Claudia Petzova
    Claudia Petzova Month ago

    I am sorry but it is a bit annoying to switch to different people so fast, because it's difficult to follow and focus on each story :(

  • Dylane Dexter 2
    Dylane Dexter 2 Month ago

    I wish they didnt create a stories by mixing all of their stories

  • Skylar K
    Skylar K 2 months ago

    "well i guess i got kidnapped" HAHAHah

  • Kikyo
    Kikyo 2 months ago

    “He made me buy my own food.” Well if he didn’t tell her beforehand and work anything out well idk haha.
    Just let me know if you want to go have or you pay for tickets and I pay for snacks or whatever please, lol.

  • bschottc
    bschottc 2 months ago

    I just died

  • Lana Šoštarić
    Lana Šoštarić 2 months ago

    My worst date:
    I was at my house and my date (Jason) showed in front of my house. I told over the window to go away because my dad was home..I got my make up and dress on and i left the house..My dad was following us and in the middle of the date, my dad jumped in...

  • Sylvio Ribeiro
    Sylvio Ribeiro 2 months ago

    Im only here to see what my girlfriend Marina is going to see

  • Laquetta West
    Laquetta West 2 months ago

    0:50 what kinda date?!😂

  • Demetre keldsen
    Demetre keldsen 2 months ago

    Who's the girl at 206 anyone know her instagram

  • Cottoncanzy Annchristine

    Can we get their individual stories ?? I’m so interested 😢

  • Demelza Wilde
    Demelza Wilde 2 months ago

    I don't really have a worst date oh I guess I got kidnapped

  • hollyken3
    hollyken3 2 months ago

    he ate spaghetti with his hands?? lmao xD

  • PilsPlease
    PilsPlease 2 months ago

    I don't go on dates because of shit like this happening.
    :) Call me stupid or Call Me Smart I don't give a shit.
    And before people start saying shit about luck. Trust me when I say that we have something we call the family curse. I swear that anytime anyone in the family goes to do something important or is just doing anything at all bad stuff will happen.
    I saw a guy get murdered. I saw a guy legit t bone another car. I saw a guy swerve through 4 freaking lanes and go over the curb through a hedge and through the wall of a fucking Dennys.
    So trust me, I will see anything and everything weird that happens in my area. I have that kind of luck.

  • James Descutido
    James Descutido 2 months ago


  • Nick Fallon
    Nick Fallon 2 months ago

    Then the election happened... and she threw up... outside of my car.

  • II xKowala II
    II xKowala II 2 months ago

    I’m sorry but 0:23 she looks high asf

  • 才恩
    才恩 2 months ago

    it was midnight here i was like alone and i thought i heard something outside my house but its just your background music. scared tf outto me

  • Thompson And Thomson
    Thompson And Thomson 2 months ago

    Who's the guy @3:32? He's pretty attractive.

  • R-R-Rank 1
    R-R-Rank 1 2 months ago

    2:46 whats her @?

  • Riti Aggarwal
    Riti Aggarwal 2 months ago


  • trash can
    trash can 3 months ago

    "the guy was shorter than me"
    i really hate people like this

  • Story of Mi life
    Story of Mi life 3 months ago

    “All my dates have gone pretty good you know I would have to say the worst one though is that time this guys phone ringed a lot,but the rest of the date went pretty well other then him kidnapping me,but besides that I’ve had pretty good dates”

  • Joshua Mulvaney
    Joshua Mulvaney 3 months ago

    With some light editing, the transcript of this video reads as probably the worst imaginable date of all time. I think we can all agree:
    "The worst date I've ever been on...this could be a long one. So what happened was...this one time in college...I was like 18 or 19. I went on a date once with someone and I knew I should have done it because it was a Tinder date, of course. Should I even say anything else? We were at, like, dinner and he was very polite. Things were going really well, uh, we had some good chemistry. Turned out to be an escort. He ordered spaghetti and he ate it with his hands. Neither of us had enough money to pay for it, and as we were walking out of the restaurant, the waiter actually, like, chased me down. I went over to his house, and he's like, you'll just have to be quiet...cuz my wife is upstairs. And he had a freaking cast on his foot and he smelled like bagels. But back then I was kind of goth. Then the election happened. And then he, like, threw up outside of my car. It started raining, and then he brought me to Olive Garden. He would say, "Elbows off the table if you're able." I choked, spilled the entire drink all over the table. He cried during it, grabs me and kisses me and says, "Whether you like this date or not, you will always remember me." And then he was like, "I'm lookin' for a wife," and I was like..."hmm." Do you guys know what homecoming is? It was a school dance, and he shows up wearing hot pants to prom. And after the prom I went back to his house and ate cherry pie with his mom. And that person ended up being a really horribly racist South African white person. We had nothing in common. He would ask me a question, and then I would start to answer and then he would just start talking about his ex-girlfriend. He said that he had a girlfriend that was married. I was like what's going on? What's happening here? This guy drank an entire bottle of sake, and then he made some case against how he thinks most rape accusations are false. The more he drank, the more obnoxious he got. He was already drunk. He showed up absolutely wasted. I met this person online, and I knew as soon as I saw this person that I'd been catfished. The worst date...ugh. They've all been either...just like...great or really great, so...I don't know I don't know, I guess like, I got stood up at a Dairy Queen in the middle of the woods. I think that's what made it a bad date. I was super hungry and I wanted to get my own side of tater tots. But I was like if you want your own tater tots, I'll buy you yours. He was like no it's all good. Finally get my tater tots...he wants to eat my tater tots. It was horrible. I went to the movies with this guy. Went to this really boring sci-fi movie. It was an awesome movie, but the guy was shitty as fuck. He made me buy my own food at the movie theater. I didn't even know it was a date until it was over. We're making out in my car and he says, "You have a giant clear bug on your eyebrow," and I, like, pull off this like weird lice-looking bug. It was like the size of a bean. And his whole family is there and he introduces me as his girlfriend. And then they spoke another language, so they're speaking another language while I'm sitting there awkwardly in the car while they were all staring at me. Ah well, It was just, I guess...I don't even know, I don't even want to explain this. I didn't find him attractive. The guy was shorter than me. He didn't talk at all. He didn't say a word. He worked at a pet store and he smelled like the pet store. He dissed my favorite radio station and said it was the worst ever. It was actually a double date and the other dude's girlfriend ended up holding my then boyfriend's hand. Got dumped two days later. I went to a dog park with the guy. It was the first time I really met him. He was extremely nervous. The very first words out of his mouth was, "You honestly wore that?" And I was like, "This is gonna go fucking awesome." And then I went to the bathroom and came back later in the night. He was making out with another girl at the bar. He basically left me at Chuck-E-Cheese attached to a brothel. They didn't even get our food out on time. I didn't even get to eat. He was pretty much already proposing to me and I had just met him that night. Yeah, I think that's the worst one I've ever been on. I was ready to go home. So, yeah...that was one of my awkward dates."
    There goes 15 minutes of my life...

  • KillerGnomes
    KillerGnomes 3 months ago

    2:52 ReEeE I want equality but not if that means paying for my own food once in a while.

  • Maja *
    Maja * 3 months ago

    **she wanted to eat all my tater tots**

  • Alex !
    Alex ! 3 months ago +1

    I really want to learn more about how the chick got kidnapped on a date tho

  • Tavon Fenwick
    Tavon Fenwick 3 months ago

    “She worked at a pet store and she smelled like a pet store”
    “He ended up holding my boyfriend’s hand”
    LMAO, I need more information

  • Jason Dunne
    Jason Dunne 3 months ago

    I hate the editing. Everything is incoherent

  • daysong12
    daysong12 3 months ago

    The editing in this is beautiful

  • julissa gonzalez
    julissa gonzalez 3 months ago

    The first one is the best😂😂

  • SweetWheatsy
    SweetWheatsy 3 months ago

    "... And he smelled like -BAGELS" so good

  • so anyway
    so anyway 3 months ago +1

    “he basically left me at chuck e cheese attached to a brothel”

  • Sammy
    Sammy 3 months ago

    "she wants to eat my tater tots" this is me with my boyfriend everytime, whats yours is mine honey!

  • Leo
    Leo 3 months ago

    ‘He was shorter than me’ .... that’s really not bad

  • matt zotti
    matt zotti 3 months ago

    and it was an awesome movie but the guy was like *shitty as fuck*

  • zuzanna wlosek
    zuzanna wlosek 3 months ago

    "I never actually had the worst date , oh maybe the date that I got kidnapped " - best date ever

  • r&omuser 101
    r&omuser 101 3 months ago

    1:35 "Aaaand that person turned out to be a horribly racist white south African."

  • Ahmed Alzahaf
    Ahmed Alzahaf 3 months ago

    2:55 holy shit that's Nabila.

  • rose-coloured boy
    rose-coloured boy 3 months ago

    ice skating date- fell on my ass then hit my head. date and i ended up eating raisins on a bench and she had to console me