Football in Hotel!

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
  • Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan  3 months ago +892

    3 million merch available for a couple days only at

    • Catherine Johnston
      Catherine Johnston 23 days ago

      Danny Duncan you are so funnny that is why I like to watch you

    • Nick KGDM
      Nick KGDM Month ago

      If danny met an alien
      Danny "dude lets see whos dick is bigger"
      Alien "donde esta la leche"

    • Brett Dubya
      Brett Dubya Month ago

      I’m glad that it was the salt lake show❤️❤️

    • Grant
      Grant Month ago

      Make merch that says bumbumbumbum and it says love, papa Jim on it too

    • BB Gomez
      BB Gomez 2 months ago

      I will be in texas around Dallas in around Chrasmas

  • Kevin the Person
    Kevin the Person 2 days ago

    I wish my mom or more so my dad was like that with me wanting to go to art school after highschool 11:14

  • Zenjie _
    Zenjie _ 4 days ago

    O:32 you can see a phone fly out of a persons hand

  • Nate Perales
    Nate Perales 5 days ago +1

    Danny is a dickhead and a Cool dude at the same time

  • Dakota Tucker
    Dakota Tucker 6 days ago

    Just ab shit myself when I saw the news broadcast on this vid😂 I go to school in the city right next to chetek.

  • Lennon Fisher
    Lennon Fisher 7 days ago

    I live in abq

  • MoneyG_ YT
    MoneyG_ YT 7 days ago +1

    0:34 somebody iPhone X flew away when he was crowd surfing

  • Jordana Jayde
    Jordana Jayde 8 days ago

    Fuck those teachers 😂

  • Uriel Howard
    Uriel Howard 8 days ago

    kian and jc’s old house

  • mauricio rivas
    mauricio rivas 8 days ago +2

    0:33i feel bad for that person who dropped their phone

  • Awoke Cautious ツ
    Awoke Cautious ツ 8 days ago

    Someone at my school wears a verginity rocks shirt I wear one too but my teachers don’t care

  • Lupita F
    Lupita F 9 days ago

    Who else saw that poor iPhone fly at 34 seconds

  • KeV YT
    KeV YT 9 days ago

    Me:wearing Danny Duncan shirt
    Principal:your expelled From school

  • KeV YT
    KeV YT 9 days ago

    A iPhone Drop oof 0:34

  • mvp plus
    mvp plus 10 days ago

    RIP that guys phone at :34

  • Heheh Behhe
    Heheh Behhe 11 days ago +1

    I love Danny bro I wish he put Mesa AZ concert I went to it

  • new too
    new too 11 days ago +1

    so if I wore that I would get yelled at so badly . I would be disoned no CAP

  • Twaz Remarkable
    Twaz Remarkable 11 days ago

    5:04 song name?

  • bxdvibez 666
    bxdvibez 666 12 days ago +5

    0:34 y’all see the phone go flying?

  • Waldo
    Waldo 12 days ago

    Thorn a stoner

  • br4and0nX0 THE B0SS
    br4and0nX0 THE B0SS 12 days ago +1

    I wear that at middle school but nothing happened :P

  • Crazy Alligator Bunghole
    Crazy Alligator Bunghole 12 days ago +1

    The dude in the passenger seat at 5:41 looks like the dude I went to juvie with in ABQ

  • Marcelo Flores
    Marcelo Flores 12 days ago +4

    0:34 the legend says the kid hasn’t found his phone yet

  • Walnut Brain
    Walnut Brain 13 days ago

    Someone phone flew outta their hands 0:33

  • Cloutnet
    Cloutnet 14 days ago

    Love u Danny

  • Brandt Jones
    Brandt Jones 14 days ago

    New Mexico gang?

  • Raphiel Ortiz Jr
    Raphiel Ortiz Jr 15 days ago +1


  • WDR Fear
    WDR Fear 15 days ago +5

    Abq gang where u at

    • Mario C
      Mario C 14 days ago

      Rio Rancho but we right next to each other lol

  • Jimpser
    Jimpser 15 days ago

    I was right there in Roswell

  • MFA Cryo
    MFA Cryo 15 days ago +1

    You should come back to Albuquerque, I didn’t get to see the show.

  • db_liam
    db_liam 16 days ago

    0:32 RIP phone lmfao

    THERUPERTO CREW 16 days ago

    0:34 poor phone

  • Ask About My Twitch
    Ask About My Twitch 17 days ago

    Why dudes face blurred

  • Robloxionnight Gaming
    Robloxionnight Gaming 19 days ago

    Young savage promoting message or doing it for the memes

  • adam collins
    adam collins 19 days ago +1

    At 0:32 Danny knocked someone’s phone out of there hand when he landed.

  • Beowolfenstein
    Beowolfenstein 20 days ago

    The Pinata! 0.09 LOL

  • Jack Hopkins
    Jack Hopkins 21 day ago

    yo what a fucking legend

  • Santiago Vialpando
    Santiago Vialpando 22 days ago

    You in Roswell Nm or Dallas Tx?😂😂

  • Billy Houle
    Billy Houle 23 days ago

    People always think the term UFO refers to aliens, yeah it’s used in that way a lot but UFO is literally just an unidentified flying object 💀💀 ANYTHING can be a UFO

  • clash royale master master

    dude my friend comes with pornhub sweatshirt.And nothing happends.?

  • Hunter Beer
    Hunter Beer 25 days ago

    I live Rosewell

  • Clixerz
    Clixerz 25 days ago

    Bruh that kid does not deserve to be suspended from his school smh

  • Luke Daniel
    Luke Daniel 26 days ago

    bro i went to th same hotel with my freinds and the cops told us to quit down to

  • Josiah Gallegos
    Josiah Gallegos 27 days ago

    I live there

  • Josiah Gallegos
    Josiah Gallegos 27 days ago

    That’s in Roswell NM

  • RavenElite 62
    RavenElite 62 27 days ago


  • Ellis Mxlin
    Ellis Mxlin 29 days ago

    It’s jokes cuz I’m exactly like Danny rn and Ik imma be worse when I’m older 😂💀

  • Marco Mendoza
    Marco Mendoza 29 days ago


  • Nate Hubbart
    Nate Hubbart Month ago

    Rip that iPhone ten 0:33

  • Nozzy Alloe
    Nozzy Alloe Month ago

    the last part is awesome

  • mike gold
    mike gold Month ago +6

    Danny is an asshole and a nice guy at the same time.

  • Rafael Salgado Life
    Rafael Salgado Life Month ago +2

    Who else saw jake Paul’s old house in the back round

    • ItsOar
      ItsOar 23 days ago

      Rafael Salgado Life bone apple tea

  • R P
    R P Month ago

    What a douche

  • Dilan Soriano
    Dilan Soriano Month ago

    This is kian and jcs old house 8:30

  • Ethan Pannell
    Ethan Pannell Month ago +1

    “I need a broom”
    Someone hands him a baseball bat

  • Wyatt Burnett
    Wyatt Burnett Month ago

    At the end the other house looked like joke Paul’s

  • Pete _begete
    Pete _begete Month ago


  • ひErik Meeds
    ひErik Meeds Month ago +5

    0:34 look at the phone fly

  • Im TheBotDotCom
    Im TheBotDotCom Month ago +1

    that is the house he bought

  • Skate Child
    Skate Child Month ago

    0:31 you can see someone’s phone go flying