Berlin murder: Russia announces retaliation against Germany | DW News

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • Relations between Germany and Russia have come under strain, just days before German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin are set to meet. The tensions center on the fatal shooting in Berlin of the former Chechen rebel commander Zelimkhan Khangonshvili. German prosecutors say that they have “sufficient evidence” Russian intelligence is involved, and Berlin has expelled two Russian diplomats in response. Moscow denies any involvement and announced to retaliate.
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Comments • 198

  • Q Co
    Q Co 24 days ago


  • Q Co
    Q Co 24 days ago

    10 people to punish. Cane a leg.

  • Tyrant
    Tyrant 27 days ago +1

    I'm sure Russia is shaking in their boots at what you and your ISIS buddies will do.

  • Aneesh chopra
    Aneesh chopra 29 days ago +4

    Russians are guilty without trial for Merkel!

  • Bertin Contreras
    Bertin Contreras 29 days ago +3

    Such groundless accusations.

  • Andy Mills
    Andy Mills Month ago +1

    Probably the CIA!

  • Andy Mills
    Andy Mills Month ago

    Its amazing, just blame Russia instead of doing an investigation and proving reasons for the conclusion of holding a party guilty of the accusations.

  • Former K.G.B.
    Former K.G.B. Month ago


  • St. Andrew
    St. Andrew Month ago +4

    Well..Germany are currently occupied by terrorist loving elites. Could not expect more. Just hope it change soon. Poor peoples😣

  • John GTA
    John GTA Month ago +3

    Proper procedure is for Russia to have taken permission from Germany ; Just like USA took permission from Iraq and Pakistan before killing of abu bakr or bin laden.

  • TR Was Here
    TR Was Here Month ago +7

    Purely a coincidence that it threatens Nordstream 2.

  • Badleeshah Abdul Ghani

    No surprise at all. Just kill any intel agents and put the blame on Russia. Very Simple. UK has done it before. Now Germany is doing it. France and other EU countries will follow soon.

  • joe biden
    joe biden Month ago

    Quit eating russias beef your really pork and eggs in western country's.

  • joe biden
    joe biden Month ago

    Who cares just crazy people who dont eat.

  • Raven Lynx
    Raven Lynx Month ago +2

    If Europe and Daddy America get attacked its terrorism. But when countries like Russia or any non-European country gets attacked they are rebels. Hypocrisy 100%

  • TalkToTheBody
    TalkToTheBody Month ago

    Ironic when the USA and its allies happily go on turkey shoots killing “terrorists” and yet have a problem with Russia dealing with a known terrorist living and being protected in Germany, you’ve got to ask yourself why Europe is a hotbed for housing known terrorists? Whose side are our governments on?

  • Dowlphwin
    Dowlphwin Month ago +2

    The timing of this accusation is so very obvious. This is part of the NATO-existential-justification advertising campaign.

  • Dowlphwin
    Dowlphwin Month ago +1

    Like the old wisdom goes: _If you don't succeed at first with your crazy imperialist conspiracy theory and NATO warmongering, try, try again._
    (Doesn't take Einstein to have objections though.)

  • Fellow Citizen
    Fellow Citizen Month ago +8

    Why provoke Russia? Looks like serious bs to me. I'm EXTREMELY SKEPTICAL OF ALL RUSSOPHOBIA AT THIS POINT. More likely a win-win arrangement to frame Russia, as usual, and to get this soldier out of the way for some reason.

    • Dave chappelle
      Dave chappelle Month ago

      A Chechen former commander goes out for a walk in Berlin. Then get shot by a burly looking Russian. It has got nothing to with the Russian government. I do believe this story.

  • M. Mihalcea
    M. Mihalcea Month ago +2

    Germany is Terror Defender?

  • Kato Miler
    Kato Miler Month ago +1

    another great post dw

  • AuntiJen
    AuntiJen Month ago

    Accepting the reality that Russia is of no threat to anyone will deny the NATO racketeers the credibility, mandate & finances to keep arming, funding this syndicate. Its whole survival exists off of this 'mythic' Russian threat, & out of the ('fear porn propagandized') taxpayers $$.

  • The Modern Patriots

    It’s honestly embarrassing that a country the size of Russia is such a joke all these years later. Putin has sucked that entire country for every single thing it’s ever had

    • Al'tum Ur nemtzra
      Al'tum Ur nemtzra Month ago

      Right, it wasn't the backstabbing allies huh? No no the west is perfect and the pinacle of morality. surely we must suck up to them.

  • Tomaz Laznik
    Tomaz Laznik Month ago +4

    Well all big players are performing extra judicial killings on regular basis! How many are killed by US drones alone, no trial, nothing! How many are killed by Israelis, France, UK? Do you ever see any of that in the news?
    Did Russia killed this guy? I don't know, I would say its 50/50, but even if they did they had a good reason from what I can see.

  • Владимир Костенко

    Why was it A Crime?
    It was an AntiTerrorist operation.
    No matter, who has conducted it.
    There are no Moral Sins on this guy on the bike.

    • Владимир Костенко
      Владимир Костенко 26 days ago

      @ctcole77 But we can also start execution of your YuorRegime stuff authorities.
      For me yourRegime is a TerroristRegime.
      And as for me it should be started a long time ago.
      But politics! Matka Bozka.

    • Али Рахманов
      Али Рахманов Month ago +2

      Dear, that Russian isn’t right.Ukraine suffered heavy losses and life in Crimea deteriorated after the arrival of Russia

    • ctcole77
      ctcole77 Month ago +1

      Then NATO is going to send agents to fascist Russia and start executung the Donbass terrorists.

  • A Kolb
    A Kolb Month ago +5

    It's more likely to fall victim to Merkel's cultural enrichment agents than to Kremlin's agents.

  • Inayet Hadi
    Inayet Hadi Month ago +1

    What did you think was going to happen when the west did not stop Russia's aggression in Syria, did nothing in Georgia allowed the annexation of Crimea and the invasion of eastern Ukraine. What do you think is going to be happening next they're going to start invading Western Europe and the west through the interference in elections. The beat way to stop a bully is a punch to the face and unfortunately Western Europe and the West as a whole have allowed Russia to bully without any consequences

    • Али Рахманов
      Али Рахманов Month ago +1

      Salam Aleikum, Brother!
      I'm from Russia and I'm arguing with one person, here the Russians say that Germany has no proof.Friend, tell me, does the news show Germany have proof that the Russians are to blame for the murder?

  • Dark Dan
    Dark Dan Month ago +3

    Russian aggression must be stopped!

    • MrRobokoper
      MrRobokoper Month ago

      Russian aggression will end with destroying of the USA after then we will become our peace!!!

    • Dark Dan
      Dark Dan Month ago

      @Jasbir I'm not alone...

    • Jasbir
      Jasbir Month ago

      @Dark Dan good luck

    • Dark Dan
      Dark Dan Month ago

      @Jasbir yeah!

    • Jasbir
      Jasbir Month ago +2

      Who will stop them? You?

  • Zach Dillenger
    Zach Dillenger Month ago +5

    I don't by this why would Russia kill some former rebel commander from over ten years ago, and put into danger Nord Stream 2, Honestly it doesn't make any sense.

    • David M
      David M Month ago +5

      Why would Russia kill a former spy and his daughter because they're Russia.

  • leo indonet
    leo indonet Month ago +12

    America made German relations with Russia to be chaotic, the way that is applied by America must stretch.

    • Roast Chicken
      Roast Chicken 17 days ago +2

      Everything bad that has ever happened is America's fault I guess lol

    • Christian Knight
      Christian Knight Month ago +4

      To be honest we don't like Russians in the first place even without Americans.
      You know why? Because I am a German. If I were you don't speak for us we don't need people like you. You just using our country to hate US or anyone you don't like.

  • Baqaqi Pekhebi
    Baqaqi Pekhebi Month ago +5

    Germany get off Russian gas and give Russia the finger!

  • Hong Kong Phooey
    Hong Kong Phooey Month ago +5

    if the russians did this,
    it's a pretty sloppy job

    • ctcole77
      ctcole77 Month ago +2

      @Revolution Now Russian fascists shot down MH17 and left sooooooo much evidence of this WAR CRIME.

    • Baqaqi Pekhebi
      Baqaqi Pekhebi Month ago +6

      As if anything they do is professional?

    • Alex
      Alex Month ago +8

      They have been doing a lot of sloppy kill jobs the last 10 years. I would call it brazen

  • Hong Kong Phooey
    Hong Kong Phooey Month ago +3

    russia should claim they did it.
    nobody believes them anyways

    • Yuri Kovalenko
      Yuri Kovalenko Month ago +1

      Right, everyone trust Hong Kong vandals these days

  • 1000sergez
    1000sergez Month ago +20

    Why are you calling him a rebel? He was a terrorist.

    • dragan nonkovic
      dragan nonkovic 11 days ago +1

      @Nikolay Ivanovich Exactly!

    • Sam
      Sam Month ago

      1000sergez doesn’t matter how much you kill , Or how you kill or when you kill. If you’re apart of a terrorist organisation you are a terrorist that the government recognises or officially states. I don’t know why you’re using them (media) as some sort of representation of definition.

    • Raven Lynx
      Raven Lynx Month ago

      @Hong Kong Phooey You must be the funniest at home I guess.

    • 1000sergez
      1000sergez Month ago +4

      @Nikolay Ivanovich Agree, this is hypocrisy. when some terrorists kill 700 innocent children in Beslan, they are "rebels". When IRA plants a bomb in the UK, they are "terrorists".

    • Nikolay Ivanovich
      Nikolay Ivanovich Month ago +3

      If they kill in Russia, they are rebels. They become terrorists when they kill in Europe, or the United States

  • s b
    s b Month ago +5

    putin is criminal!

    LAW ISTRUTH Month ago +4

    Not buying this.... Yet

    • Fraser Island
      Fraser Island Month ago

      Don't buy anything from the russian mafia/ government. Like protesters are terrorists

  • Jill Marie
    Jill Marie Month ago +4

    Russia always denies. Deny deny deny... that is FSB mantra.

    • Jill Marie
      Jill Marie Month ago +1

      You can do it in your country. Russia is disrespecting Germany’s border. Get the guy back in your country. Chancellor Merkel had no choice.

    • Yuri Kovalenko
      Yuri Kovalenko Month ago +2

      It looks like vendetta. This guy killed more than 60 people in Kavkaz region of Russia. No wonder that someone wanted a blood revenge on him. I would do the same thing and i am not FSB.

    • 1000sergez
      1000sergez Month ago

      You are right other countries are proud when they execute a terrorist.

  • Badara Sow
    Badara Sow Month ago +14

    Germany receiving former Isis fighter and rebel 🙄?

  • David barnes stuff 2
    David barnes stuff 2 Month ago +10

    Well, I found out where all the Russian trolls with not-so-good English grammar wind up.😁

    • Christian Knight
      Christian Knight Month ago

      @1000sergez I am German we don't like Russians I am sure for that

    • 1000sergez
      1000sergez Month ago +5

      Haha you also can find a bunch of Ukrainians (probably bots) who hate russia, and have even worse English grammar :)

    • Fraser Island
      Fraser Island Month ago

      @Baron Harkonnen lol

    • Baron Harkonnen
      Baron Harkonnen Month ago +4

      Or perhaps some people are not so easily brain-washed into believing everything they see on TV or the internet. If nobody questioned then we would all be believing the US governments version of 9/11!

  • David barnes stuff 2
    David barnes stuff 2 Month ago +3

    You might want to stop being dependent on petroleum. The fact that Russian petroleum was brought up in this new story at all kind of shows that might be a problem.

    • David barnes stuff 2
      David barnes stuff 2 Month ago

      @moomin troll I would not want to depend on ANY other country for the energy needs of my country. I don't depend on the United States for the electricity in my house. I generate my own electricity and collect my own water.

    • moomin troll
      moomin troll Month ago +1

      The u. S. Wants to sell liquified gas to Europe that's almost twice as expensive and needing huge infrastructure too, the Russians can pipe in pure natural ready to go gas through an already built pipeline and it's cheap cheap cheap, that's why so many things are popping up to make Russia look evil, its all a load of bollocks!

    • moomin troll
      moomin troll Month ago +1

      Gas not petroleum, nord stream is a gas pipeline.

  • Moses Nsereko
    Moses Nsereko Month ago

    I don't blame Russia, I blame reckless security weaknesses, influx of Serbia, Romania, chicai, Ukraine etc ,So this corridor is a toxic route.

  • CD_ Promo
    CD_ Promo Month ago +5

    Warum tauchen immer die Fingerabdrucke von Vladimir auf? Dieser Gangster, dessen Wirtschaft so schwach ist wie...Spanien. : Eine Schlecht verwaltete Gasstation mit Atomwaffen.

  • zoki kostadinov
    zoki kostadinov Month ago +2

    so what if someone killed him ? and BTW why Germany gives asylum to a murderous butchers ?

    • dragan nonkovic
      dragan nonkovic 11 days ago

      @zoki kostadinov 👍👍👍👍😉

    • zoki kostadinov
      zoki kostadinov Month ago +1

      @Stogie Smoker im from Serbia ethnic Bulgarian here babe ..
      question is why would someone care about that guy they have killed thousnds of those in Syria lately and in Chechenia before ..
      stop trolling babe and go do some porn bcz obviously u dont have a brain for anything else

    • zoki kostadinov
      zoki kostadinov Month ago +1

      @Stogie Smoker and how em i a Russian bot?
      asked a simple question why are they making such a big deal over a death of some butcher ..and btw why they didnt deported arrested that butcher before but they gave him a a safe place to live there (well safe ..justice come for him ; p )

  • Captain Tyrrell
    Captain Tyrrell Month ago

    Why is Germany angered that Russia might have killed a murdering Islamist terrorist?

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin Month ago +1

    Stop doing this, Russia didn't do anything...

    • Fernando Bedoya
      Fernando Bedoya Month ago

      Putin is the president of Venezuela, Turkey, North Korea, Syria, and the owner of Russia and the USA.

    • Али Рахманов
      Али Рахманов Month ago

      No, all russians say that "we didn’t it, we are right", although it isn’t true actually.

  • Yuri Kovalenko
    Yuri Kovalenko Month ago +36

    He lived like a jackal and died like a jackal. His hands are full of blood innocent people. No sorry

    • dragan nonkovic
      dragan nonkovic 11 days ago

      @lukStSerb 👍👍👍

    • jitendra tiwari
      jitendra tiwari Month ago

      No veil no Quran. Good hunt these dogs

    • lukStSerb
      lukStSerb Month ago +5

      @Baqaqi Pekhebi ..nope, simpleton, it's about one of your beloved terrorists that little miss puppet Merkel likes to nurture around in Germany.. here is the continuation of that story that your terrorist loving media doesn't want to share -> a title of a YT vid: *_Putin Criticizes Double-Faced Merkel: You Expelled Russian Diplomats, Russia Will Expell German Ones_*_ (/watch?v=RAiGuGvgyEk)_

    • Baqaqi Pekhebi
      Baqaqi Pekhebi Month ago +8

      Are you referring to Putin and his future?

    • RedNova
      RedNova Month ago +13

      You're talking about Putin, right?

  • Michael Lubek
    Michael Lubek Month ago +4

    Put him on heavy tortures with chemicals and lot of pain, he will sing eventually.

    • MrRobokoper
      MrRobokoper Month ago

      Demokrats doing this!?

    • RedNova
      RedNova Month ago +1

      @Грозный IVAN Actually that's a conservative view, no ruble and vodka for you tonight comrade.

    • Грозный IVAN
      Грозный IVAN Month ago +8

      I can feel democracy and " human rights" just ooozing out of your comment, oww never mind thats the standard retarded liberal logic twisted on hypocrisy.

  • jay Dee
    jay Dee Month ago +6

    Russian silent killers at work, only killing and denial, any one that needs to be silenced no limits and global

    • peabase
      peabase Month ago

      @lukStSerb You still didn't address the question. Your tit-for-tat expulsions of diplomats are irrelevant and besides, they're nothing out of the ordinary.
      So, did or did not Russia seek the extradition of the Chechen rebel before deciding to murder him?

    • Lenny L
      Lenny L Month ago

      Terrorist friend? Wait for CIA. Are you next .

    • lukStSerb
      lukStSerb Month ago

      @peabase ..look up yourself? Or you've got used to be spoon-fed? OK, I'll give you just one YT vid title: *_Putin Criticizes Double-Faced Merkel: You Expelled Russian Diplomats, Russia Will Expell German Ones_*_ (/watch?v=RAiGuGvgyEk)_

    • peabase
      peabase Month ago

      @lukStSerb Answer the question.

    • lukStSerb
      lukStSerb Month ago

      @peabase ..why would you just watch half-stories from the terrorist loving media and not look up for the rest of the story before you comment?

  • Earth+
    Earth+ Month ago +1

    I think this could be a third party job, someone who wants to halt the Nord stream pipeline project.

    • Fraser Island
      Fraser Island Month ago +2

      @dahouseis lol nice one. Please leave your humour on RT clips sometimes.

    • cheryl taylor
      cheryl taylor Month ago +1

      You forgot to mention your favorite CIA....dahousels

    • dahouseis
      dahouseis Month ago +4

      I think it was the Clintons... And there are links to Barbara Streisand and Gaddafi...

  • StrawNana Dankwood
    StrawNana Dankwood Month ago +2

    Sounds about white💊💉😂😳😡😈

  • Yasser Naguib
    Yasser Naguib Month ago +9

    The next move of the russians is funding the far right thugs to to fuel unrest and devastate germany from inside and in addition cause the collapse of the eu step by step first Italy then Britain then chaos in France then germany

    • Fernando Bedoya
      Fernando Bedoya Month ago +1

      Putin's description of the man killed in Berlin sounds like his self-description:"Brutal, blood-thirsty (let's add for Putin "money-thirsty") killer".

    • moomin troll
      moomin troll Month ago +1

      The Russian bogeyman is hiding under your bed and twitching the curtains as he spy's on our so exciting lives! Russia has its own country and problems to deal with, they always state that they will Retaliate to what the west does, their posture is defensive if we left them alone things would tick along nicely but theirs money in keeping us fearful of them and now the Chinese too, just step back out of the echo chamber and look at it objectively and you will easily see the b.s we are being fed.
      I don't say Russia is innocent but they are only as bad as our own governments maybe a little less bad even!!!!

    • A Kolb
      A Kolb Month ago +1

      Europeans have been dreaming about multiculturalism and diversity for decades but the evil Putin wants to smash these European dreams.

    • Baqaqi Pekhebi
      Baqaqi Pekhebi Month ago

      So correct!

    • Fraser Island
      Fraser Island Month ago +3

      The next move? This is going on for years

  • alex silent
    alex silent Month ago +22

    This so-called "rebel commander" was a terrorist. Nobody will mourn him anyway.

    • Fraser Island
      Fraser Island Month ago

      @John GTA No his asylum request was rejected as you can read above. Again even if he was a Terrorist theres no right for state terrorism. Russia convicts protesters and bloggers as terrorists...

    • John GTA
      John GTA Month ago

      @Fraser Island well the guy who exploded the pressure cooker bomb - u gave him asylum right?

    • Swaglord
      Swaglord Month ago

      Russian troll, he was not but you are

    • zoki kostadinov
      zoki kostadinov Month ago +1

      @PhysiOSQuantum ok troll more ..btw not Russian advice for you go buy some brain ..for u even one from a butcher store gonna do the job

    • Fraser Island
      Fraser Island Month ago

      @pstockmaster ok I got trapped by asylum lie. Thx

  • boomer mike
    boomer mike Month ago +6

    RT im sure is spinning this wild

  • Ilja Stalberg
    Ilja Stalberg Month ago +15

    Wait Germany gave a haven to terrorist in first place that's dose not bother any one?

    • !?
      !? Month ago


    • Ilja Stalberg
      Ilja Stalberg Month ago +1

      @PhysiOSQuantum OK German Bot

  • Emmanuel Agbavor
    Emmanuel Agbavor Month ago +12

    No its not Russia who hand in that murder ... its I think America can do this escalating intention between Russia and german .. so America will said we you german not to deal with Russia see that has happened.

    • Emmanuel Agbavor
      Emmanuel Agbavor Month ago

      @1000sergez mmmm every has his choose .. feel free to comment any issues that pop up .. does no mean someone pay to comment

    • Emmanuel Agbavor
      Emmanuel Agbavor Month ago

      @Baqaqi Pekhebi here no one paid anyone.. free to comment..

    • Baqaqi Pekhebi
      Baqaqi Pekhebi Month ago

      How much do you get paid in bot land?

    • 1000sergez
      1000sergez Month ago

      @PhysiOSQuantum you should write "he is a russian bot!" You are welcome :)

  • Best Tongkat Ali
    Best Tongkat Ali Month ago +8

    Russia has the right to deny involvement. Why should blame Russia any way? 🔥 🌹 👍

    • Best Tongkat Ali
      Best Tongkat Ali Month ago

      @Stogie Smoker assumptions are the basis for all deadly mistakes

  • Moses Nsereko
    Moses Nsereko Month ago

    Some one must resign for future investigation, too much loopholes,.....

  • Liston Theodore
    Liston Theodore Month ago +4

    Russia is now superpower.

    • Baqaqi Pekhebi
      Baqaqi Pekhebi Month ago +1

      LoL Russia never was and never will be a superpower! You will eat each other first.

  • Moses Nsereko
    Moses Nsereko Month ago

    But who brought Chinese CCTV Cameras and installed them in Germany, bcoz its not unexcused its total recklessness of highest order.

  • Moses Nsereko
    Moses Nsereko Month ago +1

    As investigation kicks on, what of if it was set up by another country?? Assumption, remember Cold war ended in writing but practically its available, Anything is possible, but Russia should cooperate and chachinia,plus Ukraine.