What's inside a Tesla Battery?

  • Published on Mar 16, 2017
  • You can purchase Tesla Lithium Ion batteries here:
    Here's a pic of the capacity test I ran on a cell to confirm these are genuine: flic.kr/p/QpTGxJ
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Comments • 376

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus 4 days ago

    HI. Where'd the eBay seller get his supply of individual battery cells? Thanks.

  • Ancel Rick
    Ancel Rick 5 days ago

    .... the same thing thats inside your cordless drill battery ....

  • wegetiteasy
    wegetiteasy 5 days ago

    What is the Batterie Chemistry???

  • ALEX
    ALEX 7 days ago

    With the cons you mentioned, it is now far more imperative for us to create a sustainable graphene battery.

  • Markus Lissheim
    Markus Lissheim 7 days ago

    Anyway of knowing the percentage or weight of the different components in the 2170 Battery?

  • MasterMindmars
    MasterMindmars 8 days ago

    Lithium doesn't burn ?

  • saltychicken1
    saltychicken1 9 days ago

    You mean panasonic battery, made by tesla with leased panasonic equipment.

  • Robert Blackford
    Robert Blackford 10 days ago

    Nobody wants to hear this but that is a seriously low tech battery. Toyota is working on solid state batteries that will give over five times the range of current lithium ion batteries. If Toyota develops that it will put tesla out of business.

  • Malaysia Barista
    Malaysia Barista 11 days ago

    Use gloves dude. Its safer, and it makes you look more professional

  • Luca Ciprian
    Luca Ciprian 11 days ago

    Discharging a lithium battery to 0 (without the safe circuitry) is everthing but safe...

  • Bruno Marin
    Bruno Marin 13 days ago

    ''About a meter long'' lol idiot that wasnt even 40cm. 01:45

  • ThomasTheSailor Chubby

    Nice Video, thank you. but, that's not a meter long.. More like a 1/2 meter. You should have measured it..

  • francesco pham
    francesco pham 16 days ago

    if it was that simple every one would be driving an electric car right now

  • Mang Jose
    Mang Jose 18 days ago

    About a meter long? It is about a foot long.
    Meter is more than 3 feet.

  • Maxi X
    Maxi X 19 days ago

    "The copper foil is about one meter long :D"
    its about 30 centimeter or so

  • waldemars musik
    waldemars musik 22 days ago

    A battery has more elektrons on the negative side so how could the positive side hold the power?

  • Kayla Thomas
    Kayla Thomas 24 days ago +2

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  • Ariel Jin
    Ariel Jin 29 days ago

    why no any material coated on the cu foil (negative electrode)?

  • Griffin
    Griffin Month ago

    “Simple plastic wrap that keeps them from touching...” ...[goes back and watches him unroll it]... 🤨

  • HowTo DIY homeMade Electronica

    Do you smell that bad chemicals inside the battery ? I opened these type of batteries before and the smell is aweful probably could cause some sickness

  • airraptor
    airraptor Month ago

    carbon fiber mix in the retainer lol what a idiot

  • _____________
    _____________ Month ago

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  • TheArctanx
    TheArctanx Month ago

    That’s exactly how capacitor works!

  • Choconagitana
    Choconagitana Month ago

    I worry about your education if you think THAT is a meter long....

  • twoPintTerror
    twoPintTerror Month ago

    Why dont they make the batteries square? Wouldn't that mean they could pack more batteries together in each battery pack?

  • Haris Kadunic
    Haris Kadunic Month ago

    That copper foil is more like half a meter long...

  • Brent Shaw
    Brent Shaw Month ago

    Power flows from negative to positive... thus the flow of electrons. Also neither have more energy than the other.

  • Tom Reubens
    Tom Reubens Month ago

    Duh! Lithium is toxic. The black dust you see is what's left of your liver in 20 years unless you improve on your basic lab safety tech.

  • Quetzalcoatl
    Quetzalcoatl Month ago

    It doesn't catch fire easily. STFU.

  • Yevgeniy Artemenko
    Yevgeniy Artemenko Month ago

    Why didn't your lithium combust on air (and in hands)?

  • Kenji Niibayashi
    Kenji Niibayashi Month ago

    The black one is cathode the foil is the lithium the white one is anode!

  • Zio Oren
    Zio Oren Month ago

    Tezzzzla. I'm going to dissect the Tezzzzzzzzzla cell.

  • Bogdan Florian
    Bogdan Florian Month ago

    About a meter long... has an landscape A3 format page under it.

  • Aphox
    Aphox Month ago +2

    omg no gloves

  • legrandtc
    legrandtc Month ago

    Why not unroll what's inside the batteries and stack it like a 3 feet by 4 feet square batterie ? You take more space with this kind of batterie and you add more weight with the exterior finishing. Sorry for my poor english lol

  • Pașca Alexandru
    Pașca Alexandru Month ago +6

    You mostly got it all... wrong. :))

  • Himes Huhop
    Himes Huhop Month ago +14

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  • Mphikeleli Cebekhulu
    Mphikeleli Cebekhulu 2 months ago

    LOL: Based on these comments below, it's interesting to see how many people became Chemical engineers even those who didn't even do Chemistry but recently graduated to be Chemical Engineers just on You Tube. LOL

    • Milorad Djurdjic
      Milorad Djurdjic Month ago

      because youtube is not used by billions of people,right? so ofc engineers do not use internet,right?

  • Sabahan Ranau
    Sabahan Ranau 2 months ago

    Please wear a glove when you handling that chemical

  • hem iraapn
    hem iraapn 2 months ago

    looks like it needs a good clean inside

  • Ananggooinini Starman
    Ananggooinini Starman 2 months ago

    Now this is what I like to see in my recommended list.

  • Trent Fulgham
    Trent Fulgham 2 months ago

    You should wear gloves

  • Cygnus Array 12
    Cygnus Array 12 2 months ago

    are these available strait from tesla? I'm tryin to find one right now,i mostly want to power my laser 303 with it for my telescope.

  • Canoon Canoon II
    Canoon Canoon II 2 months ago

    Tesla said it is FREE for everyone. But Thomas Edison wanted the money.

  • Andrew Ulvestad
    Andrew Ulvestad 2 months ago

    Most of what he says is incorrect. Black = carbon with Li atoms stored in it. The copper foil is the current collector. The electrolyte is most definitely not solid.

  • joe cristie
    joe cristie 2 months ago +6

    is that an american meter!!!

  • Kev Matt
    Kev Matt 2 months ago

    only 2.5k subs brooooo ur gonna blow up soon trust

  • Monique Palmer
    Monique Palmer 2 months ago +10

    *Learn how to bring any battery back to life again* >>>t.co/8hzunyqK67

  • yosoydeyarumal
    yosoydeyarumal 2 months ago +1

    gloves, please!..... be happy is not "pure" lithium, otherwise you´d be more than dead now..... and please shut the hell up. You are telling stupid stories here!

  • Lucky Goose
    Lucky Goose 2 months ago

    Thats definitely not alien technology right there folks. No wonder electric cars a decades away.

    • Lucky Goose
      Lucky Goose 2 months ago

      omginvalid Battery technology does though.

    • omginvalid
      omginvalid 2 months ago

      Apparently you live under a rock.

  • Warrick Rodgers
    Warrick Rodgers 2 months ago

    "About a meter long" - Uhhhhhh try about 50 cm chap. Pretty interesting video though

  • Robert Stewart
    Robert Stewart 3 months ago

    how primitive is puny man

  • NoooUGH
    NoooUGH 3 months ago +13

    "Now we have a simple plastic wrap that separates the positive and negative." That sheet of "plastic" is far from simple, my friend.

  • Peter Campbell
    Peter Campbell 3 months ago

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  • paul moes
    paul moes 3 months ago

    Back to the Bagdad Battery

  • SucioStepside775
    SucioStepside775 3 months ago

    Wow.... i make these and what this guy is doing is insanely stupid and dangerous... just the slurry alone on the copper coating is bad.

  • Don Mega
    Don Mega 3 months ago +1

    pretty much same shit than in panasonic, sony, sanyo and the rest. nothing magical about it.

    • MsSomeonenew
      MsSomeonenew 11 days ago

      They are literally Panasonic cells, you are trying to make yourself look smart by being an idiot.

  • Slobodan Danevski
    Slobodan Danevski 3 months ago

    Thats 1m? hahaha you killed me dude, good joke :D

  • Kenpachi Zaraki
    Kenpachi Zaraki 3 months ago

    ffs wear gloves

  • paul moes
    paul moes 3 months ago

    All these things have to brake down so that these company's can make more money with spare parts and repairs. See it like your printer at home they are cheap...but the real profit is in the inc........if you the chemical reactions of nature ....you have a lifetime garanty that it still works......The Bagdad Battery principe

  • n0f3aR629
    n0f3aR629 3 months ago

    This battery technology is sooo outdated... I find it very stupid to put 10000 small batteries to form 1, why cant they just create a big one with proper cooling ??? It will have waaay better millage !

  • Mihindu Pulukkody
    Mihindu Pulukkody 4 months ago

    Can the same Tesla battery be built in solid state? Isn't this a little out dated from the latest battery that was invented by John Goodenough?"

  • Squidlings
    Squidlings 4 months ago

    Thanks for this, explained a lot!

  • nick irld b.g. 911
    nick irld b.g. 911 4 months ago

    wow he said its a meter long
    boi thats only like a foot long or less

  • mike97525
    mike97525 4 months ago


  • Faruque Ahmed
    Faruque Ahmed 4 months ago

    Wonderful discovery that is highly needed for the world. And the issue of the people's purchasing power should be taken seriously.

  • Elsie Washington
    Elsie Washington 4 months ago +4

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  • Sateesh Kumar
    Sateesh Kumar 5 months ago

    This way surface area is increased exponentially.

  • vadivelan ellappan
    vadivelan ellappan 5 months ago

    Bro,, I advice you are not suppose to touch raw hand,,,

  • James Sempy
    James Sempy 5 months ago

    thanks for the vid ....
    if somone comes up with a nuclear battery that lasts for couple of years without recharging, then the Gigfactory will end like Kodak ....

  • Krix Tix
    Krix Tix 6 months ago

    that's more like 30cm long (1m= 100cm=1000mm=39.37inch)

  • Ultra_Vex
    Ultra_Vex 6 months ago

    Aren't you going to have cancer on your hands now?

  • An Audi RS6
    An Audi RS6 6 months ago

    "About a metre long" 😂bruh that's hardly 50 centimetres.

  • NikolaosLedZeppelin
    NikolaosLedZeppelin 6 months ago

    these cells are not batteries... no chemical reaction occurs. They are more like capacitors.

  • Dropit
    Dropit 7 months ago

    What can you recycle from this ?

  • stephane crep
    stephane crep 7 months ago

    and you dont use glove??? are you insane?

  • John Lemmon
    John Lemmon 7 months ago

    use gloves

  • Rissala Polo
    Rissala Polo 7 months ago


  • Rajiv Narayan
    Rajiv Narayan 7 months ago

    Im pretty sure its just the electrolyte thats lithium, the other components are based of the normal reduction table, and the 2 most readily available anode and cathode, are aluminium and copper.

  • wonderin whatsup
    wonderin whatsup 7 months ago

    US doesn't have a very large supply of lithium, it's mostly China (imagine that) in addition to other countries including areas in South America. batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/availability_of_lithium Also mentioned in this article is the need for rare earth magnets, again China controlling about 95% of the market of REM. Sooo...anyone else seeing this as an issue in the future of EV's??

  • MechanicalMonkey84
    MechanicalMonkey84 7 months ago

    You do know a meter is 3 feet right? Lol that copper foil was no way near a meter... more like a foot or a foot and a quarter

  • Sapoty Brook
    Sapoty Brook 7 months ago

    In your description of the burning you used some English but what language were the other utterings?

  • Fotenks
    Fotenks 7 months ago

    this song just gives me a headache immediately

  • Yes, master, but
    Yes, master, but 7 months ago

    it's future. god bless Elon

  • MrTriptick
    MrTriptick 7 months ago

    that is not a meter, and anyone who takes a battery apart like this is an idiot.

  • Zero Tolerance
    Zero Tolerance 8 months ago

    yawn... What's inside a Tesla Battery? Same thing as any Lion battery. Yawn.

  • Mr. Fowl
    Mr. Fowl 8 months ago

    That "carbon fiber" retainer is NOT carbon fiber. If it was, it could very easily short the battery. It is a fiberglass retainer (hence the white fibers/yellow resin). Also... stating "it is completely safe" is VERY FALSE!!!! EDIT THIS VIDEO SO MORE PEOPLE DO NOT DO THIS!!!!

  • Mud-Lust
    Mud-Lust 8 months ago

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    from CORVEG and summarized to provide specific information

  • lasersbee
    lasersbee 8 months ago

    1:45 If that copper foil is a meter long... you must have ENORMOUS GIANT hands. :/

  • Neil Vance
    Neil Vance 8 months ago


  • imlerith
    imlerith 8 months ago

    galaxy note 7 have gunpowder instead lithium

  • Michael Rinkle
    Michael Rinkle 8 months ago

    doesn't look like it catches fire easily at all! Also, you do know that the electron flow goes from negative to positive, right?!

  • Vin Jak
    Vin Jak 8 months ago

    Now do something useful with it-Make meth!

  • El Salvador
    El Salvador 8 months ago

    I missed the part where it caught on fire quite easy

  • sapyor
    sapyor 8 months ago

    Tesla is the fraud of the century

  • Seongcheol Choi
    Seongcheol Choi 8 months ago

    It seems not carbon-fiber reinforced sheet but glass fiber-reinforced sheet.

  • jl644
    jl644 8 months ago

    Didn't catch on fire.

  • Scott
    Scott 9 months ago

    a metre? boy, that was 30cm a metre is 3x that length lol