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  • James Leibee
    James Leibee 5 hours ago

    I'll submit my own, but say my kid drew it.

    im saying my drawings look like a 3 year old drew them.

  • freeky freedy killer

    Go Australia my country

  • tbonbrad
    tbonbrad Day ago

    I think the Purple Mantis loses something with out the water color. I hope the kid sticks with them.

  • Yoobie33 Delta Gaming

    Anytime a artist has a smudge guard you know they mean business

  • Cory Keelan
    Cory Keelan 2 days ago

    Demon cat with master sword

  • Noobs Kingdom
    Noobs Kingdom 2 days ago

    the purple mantis = The pantis

  • Savitri Bai Patel
    Savitri Bai Patel 3 days ago

    I am 12

  • Savitri Bai Patel
    Savitri Bai Patel 3 days ago

    Can you draw a portrait

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat 3 days ago

    13:46 Look at him...

    *LOOK AT HIM!*

  • 100 soobz without widz

    4:28 Im so triggered cause everything that the kid did was,he put a paper over a computer/laptop monitor and then he just took a pen and drew over the monitor lines,I even found all of those drawings on google that don't even belong to him,I hate when people show off skill that they don't even have

  • Evan O
    Evan O 3 days ago

    Maybe “Demon Kat” is the Demons’ Fursona

  • underswap sans
    underswap sans 3 days ago

    Sees the title

  • Butterfly Of Despair

    11:48 SameXD... It's the same here in Germany. Only one dance... Well, I can't dance, so I'm not complaining. ✌🃏

  • Liana H
    Liana H 5 days ago

    I have no hope as an artist 😂😂

  • Steak Wolf
    Steak Wolf 5 days ago


  • josuke higashikata
    josuke higashikata 5 days ago

    Demon cat I draw killer queen you draw d4c....

  • Jucchi Shepherd
    Jucchi Shepherd 6 days ago

    At 4:32, I also kinda doubt, that he drew these when he was 11... Yet again, there are few very talented kids out there. I don't know what to think about that one. xP
    Looks awesome nevertheless.

  • papia das
    papia das 6 days ago

    I will send you one of mine try to make . It's gonna be tough cuz it's from zombie comic of mine.

  • papia das
    papia das 6 days ago

    How do you draw these drawings bro

  • beadop YT
    beadop YT 7 days ago

    art tip! to make gold look you can shade it with green!

  • ActionWilliams Mobile

    4:50 MAUI'S FISH HOOK!!!!!!!!!!

  • Felix Lewis
    Felix Lewis 8 days ago

    I prefer the name magenta mantis

  • tara rehm
    tara rehm 8 days ago

    what drawing program do use?

  • Kölön
    Kölön 8 days ago

    13:20 YEEET I'm dying

  • Vincent Wilson
    Vincent Wilson 8 days ago

    @3:29 what is that technique called?

  • DynamicDecru
    DynamicDecru 9 days ago

    I love how all these young artists are coming out now and I can barely draw a square

  • blazin chickens
    blazin chickens 9 days ago

    We have one prom a year

  • PKG Train
    PKG Train 9 days ago

    Jazza I have a question. Did you draw your background?

  • touch me some more
    touch me some more 9 days ago

    13:20 YEET

  • Picalo Green
    Picalo Green 10 days ago

    I always thought he was British. But now I see it. The horrible slang that Aussies use. How could I not see it. Azza! Jazza!! WTF!!! It was in his name the whole time!!

  • Meme Man
    Meme Man 10 days ago

    You forgot to color the leash for the last drawing

  • eomanscode84
    eomanscode84 11 days ago

    Cool. Subscribed 😁👍

  • Phantom Eye Luis
    Phantom Eye Luis 11 days ago +1

    Or Scarlett mantis

  • Phantom Eye Luis
    Phantom Eye Luis 11 days ago +4

    5:32 thename of the character should be Scarlett

  • Gabriel Sarmiento
    Gabriel Sarmiento 11 days ago


  • Enclair
    Enclair 11 days ago


  • Kawaii Animals
    Kawaii Animals 11 days ago

    JAZZA : This needs to be more purpleier... Wait is purpleier even a word?
    DICTIONARY : Let me check, ye...
    JAZZA: Well it's my word now MWAHAHA

  • Vivian Plays
    Vivian Plays 12 days ago

    Looks like a fortnite skin

    DARKBEAST YT 12 days ago

    😂🤣🤔🤨 :)

  • alleman 11
    alleman 11 12 days ago

    That 11 year old was calculating

  • Mintellect Brandon
    Mintellect Brandon 13 days ago

    hey Jazza. did you forget the nose in the last picture??

  • 1115Rainbow1115aj
    1115Rainbow1115aj 13 days ago +2

    13:20 Jazza no.

  • Team Vague
    Team Vague 13 days ago

    American schools have one prom but they’re on different days depending on the school

  • wyatt jenkinson
    wyatt jenkinson 13 days ago

    4:43 ever seen lethal Chris because it seems like he has printed literally all of his drawings

  • Red Rod Parrot
    Red Rod Parrot 13 days ago

    How do I submit?

  • Matei Bucur
    Matei Bucur 13 days ago

    I want to be better at drawing
    Can u give me an advice

  • Sofie -
    Sofie - 13 days ago

    WAIT how did he do this easy colouring? What did he press?

  • I Am Nerf
    I Am Nerf 13 days ago +3

    I used to draw really well when I was ten I created an anime and never really finished I could’ve entered the art show and won because the kids in my school didn’t have that much talent so I stayed out so they can improve

  • Basketball Kelz
    Basketball Kelz 13 days ago

    DemonKat vs PurpleMantis

  • Pananalig 64
    Pananalig 64 13 days ago

    I am 12, 7th grade and i am the master of my pencil

    • wyatt jenkinson
      wyatt jenkinson 13 days ago

      Pananalig 64 cool could you post a drawing I’m curious as I’m also 12 and only use pencil but I’m no master.

  • Hyper Crusher
    Hyper Crusher 14 days ago

    why is Jazza so underrateed ? He deserves 20 mil+ subs and 10 mil+ views per vid

  • - Cyber-Wing -
    - Cyber-Wing - 15 days ago

    Is it wrong for me to think the kid's drawing looks a bit better than Jazza's?

  • Fire Gaming gr
    Fire Gaming gr 15 days ago

    Okey you are a proffecional, though you are drawing from your pc/laptop

  • Angel Mordal
    Angel Mordal 16 days ago

    I'm jealous of the 2nd one cuz I'm 11 and I flipping suck at drawing

    • wyatt jenkinson
      wyatt jenkinson 12 days ago

      Angel Mordal he stole the drawings dont be discouraged

    I'M SΩ ICLΔSSΨ 16 days ago

    Instead of the purple mantis i would call it Purple Merc.

  • marc f
    marc f 16 days ago

    Please do this with a pencil and paper

  • Emmett Pickens
    Emmett Pickens 16 days ago

    hey this is like flying pings which is what i relised

  • Redskinsfan 486
    Redskinsfan 486 16 days ago

    I did none of the cool emojis I am still young still don’t have a fade I have a scar on my ear

  • Dr. Crazy
    Dr. Crazy 16 days ago

    Lol so many subscribers just with drawing

  • blepugo 9800
    blepugo 9800 16 days ago

    When you started talking in Australian u reminded me of junkrat

  • מ.פ מ.פ
    מ.פ מ.פ 17 days ago

    WTF?! You are australian?! How? The only time you have an aussie accent is when you litteruly say the word "Australia"!

  • Vul Pix
    Vul Pix 17 days ago

    In Adelaide we call it ‘formal’ and we have one when we finish Year 12, never heard of Deb! Although we don’t speak convict over here soooo 😏

  • Splendid Arithmetic
    Splendid Arithmetic 17 days ago

    8:14 i am the captain now

  • green seeker
    green seeker 17 days ago

    can u draw me some cod 4 stuff and send it to me?pls

  • Marlon Delgado
    Marlon Delgado 17 days ago

    F uuuuuuuuu

  • flamefox puffballs
    flamefox puffballs 18 days ago

    The peom is a special dance meant for seniors (junuors can also come sometimes)
    to get in as an upperclassman you better have a senior date lol
    they happen once every school year
    any other school dance is just a dance. It isnt particularly fancy, and that depends on the school

    • flamefox puffballs
      flamefox puffballs 18 days ago

      also typed faces are called emoticons :3

  • Bill Cosby Delao
    Bill Cosby Delao 18 days ago

    The dapper mantis lord of the purple demon kids

  • TomTDM TDM
    TomTDM TDM 18 days ago

    In England we have disco's for priamary school and proms for high school and college ! Answer to I don't know what it's like in England : 11:32

  • Ammar Husain
    Ammar Husain 18 days ago

    Jazza: the purple mantis.
    Me:... you flopface

  • RogueNinja
    RogueNinja 18 days ago

    What program do you use to draw

  • Willow Curtin
    Willow Curtin 19 days ago

    How do kid saw this good I mean I’m 10 and I’m the best drawer in my class but I can’t daw like those kid WOW 😨😱

  • Rose
    Rose 19 days ago +1

    I like the demon cat 🐱

  • Levi Nathan
    Levi Nathan 19 days ago

    Bro 13:20

  • Levi Nathan
    Levi Nathan 19 days ago

    Fire ant

  • Ben Amerman
    Ben Amerman 19 days ago

    He should have put a tie on the dog

  • Banger 9000
    Banger 9000 19 days ago

    You sure that these kids are under 12 years old

  • Ms. Anonymon
    Ms. Anonymon 20 days ago

    Jazza calls mistakes as little twists just like how Bob Ross calls mistakes "Happy Accidents"

    I find it *cute.*

  • TMDG
    TMDG 20 days ago

    These kids are so good at drawing

  • Gerrie Meeter
    Gerrie Meeter 21 day ago


  • Jax GS
    Jax GS 21 day ago

    You have fades

  • Kyler Ghersy
    Kyler Ghersy 21 day ago

    Love these please do more. :)

  • 202 van Lutz
    202 van Lutz 21 day ago

    Can you teach me to draw like that

  • BigJthepanda Something

    Ummmmm beastie.... nvm no one needs to know

  • Sniper Knight
    Sniper Knight 21 day ago

    Plot twist:

    The children's drawings are on the right

  • Lord of Siva
    Lord of Siva 21 day ago

    The one at 4:32 is really good and I feel ashamed of my own art :(

  • Eloise Munro
    Eloise Munro 22 days ago

    *i think we might be dealing with Satan himself*
    Why would a 7 year old draw Lord of the demons?

  • MlleLioness
    MlleLioness 22 days ago

    the dragon drawing from the child who had 11 . this drawing is coming from this youtuber ->

  • Eliaz reviews
    Eliaz reviews 22 days ago

    Nice those kid draw good honestly 😀

  • Muffinzz
    Muffinzz 22 days ago +1


  • Ain388 gaming
    Ain388 gaming 22 days ago

    I wont give a fuck

  • roly games
    roly games 22 days ago

    He has all of these futeristic things
    But a lether belt and buckle

  • unknown 7
    unknown 7 23 days ago

    Plss add more videos like that i love it

  • Emotions - Polita & Apoidea

    I loved this one....
    Edna Munhao

  • carlmagnuserikssable
    carlmagnuserikssable 24 days ago

    I don’t now if this is a name of a character in marvel or something but my name to the guy you named the purple mantis is death strike

  • CartoonyNugget
    CartoonyNugget 24 days ago


  • Sketchbook Artist
    Sketchbook Artist 24 days ago

    4:28 he or she is just showing off

  • Frans Lejon
    Frans Lejon 24 days ago

    You're at the god level of drawing,this is so good.