• Published on Oct 9, 2018
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  • Dilferd_8
    Dilferd_8 7 hours ago

    The purple dude or girl looks like death stroke

  • TYPICAL Na21
    TYPICAL Na21 20 hours ago

    What app did you draw this on

  • Mur-Gin
    Mur-Gin Day ago +1

    Purple mantis vs demon kat

  • Frost Toast
    Frost Toast 4 days ago +2

    Isn't the hook from Moana?

  • Prateek Sharma
    Prateek Sharma 6 days ago

    Pause at 9:26 looks like next fortnite character

  • FIREBALL8730
    FIREBALL8730 9 days ago


  • John Carlo Alcantara


  • John Carlo Alcantara

    We don't have prom or homecoming or whatever

  • Nikolaj Vestergaard
    Nikolaj Vestergaard 10 days ago

    What is that thing on your hand named?

  • Drawing obsession
    Drawing obsession 11 days ago


  • Joe Rosso
    Joe Rosso 11 days ago

    Hi Jazza. What do you draw on. Like an iPad Pro or something?

  • Serafina Turton-Debicka
    Serafina Turton-Debicka 11 days ago +1

    In England in my school we had one prom and having short hair as a girl didn't help 😑

    • Serafina Turton-Debicka
      Serafina Turton-Debicka 9 days ago +1

      also what did i ever do to you? 😕

    • Serafina Turton-Debicka
      Serafina Turton-Debicka 9 days ago +1

      +DSyR PNdA SNyPE well don't complain when your ignored for your rude language and btw the only hoe here is you 😂😒😜😉

    • DSyR PNdA SNyPE
      DSyR PNdA SNyPE 9 days ago

      +Serafina Turton-Debicka already know how to spell BITCH it's just how I enjoy spelling so don't be a hoe 😂😂😂😂

    • Serafina Turton-Debicka
      Serafina Turton-Debicka 9 days ago +1

      also try to learn to spell before criticising people

    • Serafina Turton-Debicka
      Serafina Turton-Debicka 9 days ago +1

      +DSyR PNdA SNyPE well your rude aren't you

  • dark E.X.E
    dark E.X.E 11 days ago

    Cool drawing!

  • Shattered Mind
    Shattered Mind 11 days ago

    Did anyone notice that the dog is hanging from the leash! Poor poor dogo. T-T

  • Starcrafter Augustine
    Starcrafter Augustine 13 days ago

    What if the second redrawn picture, the kid wanted it to be like deadpool

    • Ahmed Gamez
      Ahmed Gamez 10 days ago


      love at first sight

  • Boti
    Boti 13 days ago


    TKS ISAAC 14 days ago

    You draw better than me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Venomous Gamer157
    Venomous Gamer157 14 days ago

    Redraw my terrible art

  • Muffin Lover312
    Muffin Lover312 14 days ago

    The sword in the first drawing looks like a triforce

  • Illusive SYN
    Illusive SYN 15 days ago

    At 11:50 in England it’s we only get it once in high school we have to much tea to drink

  • Ibis The Bin Chicken
    Ibis The Bin Chicken 15 days ago

    I was getting a huge jack and daxter vibe from the first one but couldn't put my finger on it till you said it, i havent even heard anything about j&d for so long I miss those games holy shit

  • Natalie Larsson
    Natalie Larsson 15 days ago +1

    You? Big forehead? Have you heard of...

    Ps: I know I'm late

  • Kaitlyn Moul
    Kaitlyn Moul 16 days ago

    America has one prom but homecoming like every high school year

  • Sean Sutherland
    Sean Sutherland 17 days ago


  • Fierce Dragon Hunter
    Fierce Dragon Hunter 17 days ago

    K my drawing suck

  • generic scout
    generic scout 17 days ago

    i start drawing and animationg when i was 10

  • Bina is dope
    Bina is dope 18 days ago +1

    13:18 😂

  • Azhar Sudi
    Azhar Sudi 18 days ago

    published on my birthday. what up?

  • takii bence
    takii bence 19 days ago

    What kind of art program did you use ?

  • EsoJ H
    EsoJ H 19 days ago

    11 year olds now, has fade for haircut
    me when I was 11, BALL CUT

  • Wizard Engie
    Wizard Engie 19 days ago

    The purple mantis could be a Warframe character

  • Noob r Us
    Noob r Us 19 days ago

    I nvr knew u were Aussie

  • Dessy The Awkward
    Dessy The Awkward 20 days ago

    Mauve is a light gray purple color

  • Candy Wang
    Candy Wang 20 days ago +1

    Disclaimer to all those people who think the boy whose art was so sophisticated that Jazza didn't draw it. I KNOW HIM PERSONALLY. Meaning I make jokes with him at recess at school. I AM IN HIS CLASS. He's a well-rounded person who knows how to do card tricks and dribble very well. He's a normal kid who likes Fortnite.

    Sure, he copied LethalChrisDraws, but he knows it and acknowledges it on his youtube channel. He knows not to plagiarized others without their permission or the copyright, so he acknowledges it in the description of every video of his in which there is a copied drawing. Plus, we all are naturally built to learn from copying others, acknowledging it of course. So, stop making a big deal out of this, that drawing was copied because he like it ( which LethalChrisDraws should be glad his drawing was copied by such a talented young man). Also, he doesn't need to worry about copying LethalChrisDraws' drawings. He is still a child in school, being educated is his #1 priority, drawing is his hobby. He is not a professional artist yet. He is just trying to learn by copying the artwork of another talented artist, and for all or you saying "someone did it for him" or " I have much more years of practice than him, guaranteed, and I can't even do that" He might just be better than you, he is a child prodigy with very supportive parents, or you didn't practice hard enough. Simply practising doesn't make perfect, actually putting in the hard work and achieving your ultimate goal is what does. Aniq is trying to do that, what are you doing? Reading a TVclip comment.

    If you want actual proof of Aniq's talented drawings, you can go to his TVclip channel: Sarwar wolf11
    or his Instagram:
    though it is private, you can ask him to let you see his drawings.

  • kyle beavan
    kyle beavan 20 days ago


  • Asayin1
    Asayin1 21 day ago

    Why you draw the DEMON Kat with blue a non demon color

  • Jen Price
    Jen Price 21 day ago

    Im 12 and really love to draw and I started a while ago, you inspire me and help me with my art, but you could definitly do better than me XD

  • Davis M
    Davis M 21 day ago

    It’s called an epic face!

  • Nik Šilc
    Nik Šilc 21 day ago

    You done purple mantises mouth wrong. I think that it was meant that he wears mask
    But you draw really nice great job

  • Moose boy 21
    Moose boy 21 22 days ago

    I am the kid who drew the dragon btw

  • Reggie Carlo Reamosio
    Reggie Carlo Reamosio 22 days ago

    I think my art fits to redraw art though im quite overaged 😂😂😂😂 can i pass some. Im a kid at heart though.
    Love the drawings 😊😊😊

  • MangaIsMyLife
    MangaIsMyLife 23 days ago

    This is actually really cool

  • EJ_Padgett
    EJ_Padgett 23 days ago

    @ my American highschool: homecoming is a football game, no dance. There's at least one Military ball for ROTC students/+1's, and then prom for juniors, seniors, and +1's near the end of the year

  • Julian Jaques
    Julian Jaques 24 days ago

    How apps he do?

  • Hunter Malone
    Hunter Malone 24 days ago

    I would name him blackner

  • max Hjorth-Milne
    max Hjorth-Milne 25 days ago +1

    What softwear is he using

  • Regie Rodelas
    Regie Rodelas 25 days ago +1

    Damn and I thought I was good

  • Sandwich
    Sandwich 26 days ago

    Pause at 0:02

  • Camron McClung
    Camron McClung 26 days ago

    The first one looks like meliodas in an animal form

  • Draw Kids
    Draw Kids 26 days ago

    Great work👍🏼you are truly talented 😎

  • Brett Young
    Brett Young 27 days ago

    13:19 I just experienced the scariest thing ever

  • 100% Free
    100% Free 28 days ago

    The second one... ... I call bull shit

  • Rachelle Signeski
    Rachelle Signeski 29 days ago

    If my sister submited(she is 12 ) you would be surprised!! She is such a good artist!!! She got 1st place at an art competition!!

  • katherine lightfoot
    katherine lightfoot 29 days ago

    My art sucks after seeing 4:31 and4:52

  • H3 Rinnegan Kakashi
    H3 Rinnegan Kakashi 29 days ago +1

    What software do you draw with?

  • Humayun al Rafi Zuha
    Humayun al Rafi Zuha 29 days ago

    4:28 Wtf is that?!!

  • rycupcakes 7783
    rycupcakes 7783 Month ago


  • Yashvardhan Rana
    Yashvardhan Rana Month ago

    Which software do you use

  • Volcom PH
    Volcom PH Month ago +1

    My drawings are pretty good but I don't color them

  • ej riley
    ej riley Month ago

    The purple mantis is amazing

  • Shivv4
    Shivv4 Month ago +1

    Im 12 and the second kid, i mean fellow child
    Is just better x 10000000000 i mean
    basicly my drawings are little Winni the poohs and his is a grizzly bear

  • Kert Allik
    Kert Allik Month ago

    20 years later the purple mantlis will be a movie that gets millions of dollars

  • Death Sharingan
    Death Sharingan Month ago

    Says doesn't doesn't like fades
    Has a fade

  • TheFriedBaconGuy
    TheFriedBaconGuy Month ago

    Mauve is purple

    ALEC RAMBO Month ago

    13:14 emojis, am I right? 😂👌

  • ArrowDynamic
    ArrowDynamic Month ago

    whats an awesome face?

  • Wolf
    Wolf Month ago

    9:03 cheeki breeki i v damke

  • cute9888
    cute9888 Month ago

    Do another one of these please!!

  • Galaxy_ Gaming
    Galaxy_ Gaming Month ago

    The color is better 😃

  • Gamingfirst 1
    Gamingfirst 1 Month ago

    But I am a kid

  • Captain Rex /Declan McClure

    What does “narley” mean

    • NoMoreVids
      NoMoreVids Month ago

      Captain Rex /Declan McClure cool


    If link was a demon

  • I love JENLISA
    I love JENLISA Month ago

    10:05 the kid's drawing is better wtf 😂 sorry mann it's just my opinion btw

  • Boon Mendoza
    Boon Mendoza Month ago


  • Afro Onyx
    Afro Onyx Month ago

    4:24 all of that art is by lethelchris

  • AxisHD
    AxisHD Month ago

    We call the prom in Ireland the deabs

  • onionYAY
    onionYAY Month ago

    In America you have Homecoming and Prom in 11th and 12th grade (junior and senior year)

  • PaulRYT
    PaulRYT Month ago

    this is just jazza complaining about how kids are more popular that he is

  • SuperPants
    SuperPants Month ago

    Jazza just has to flex his art skills on a bunch of 7 year olds

  • SkyFox Flyer
    SkyFox Flyer Month ago

    One prom per year 😂

  • M K
    M K Month ago

    Please color the leash green.It's so unsatisfying

  • sirpimpalotofbitches


  • TamagoSh!t •__•
    TamagoSh!t •__• Month ago +1

    4:29 i think thats printed or copy and pasted because im an 11 yo that can draw anime and a dragon but my dragon has no perfect sized scale drawings and doesnt have much detail. he either printed it or got help (look its just my opinion so dont hate if he drew that himself its very impressive)

    • Rich Goldendoor
      Rich Goldendoor Month ago +1

      I suspected he traced it, or had some help, and after reading through the comments, it turns out he basically flat out copied someone else's artwork.

  • jonas copeland
    jonas copeland Month ago

    i can only drawl a tree and a rose

  • Engela Purvis
    Engela Purvis Month ago

    Id name it scorch

  • Cheeky Charmander
    Cheeky Charmander Month ago

    Great vid ;) o wait 😂🤣

  • Fayrus Anubis
    Fayrus Anubis Month ago

    What program are you using to draw, thanks

  • pencil jar
    pencil jar Month ago

    Looks like a fortnite character

  • Marklenard Edjao
    Marklenard Edjao Month ago

    Can you draw a stickman

  • D Bellew
    D Bellew Month ago

    The guy in the red suit should be called venice

  • Matthew Hacho
    Matthew Hacho Month ago

    10:06 the sickle

  • Gh0st
    Gh0st Month ago

    Lol 4:39 he copied

  • Bennett Grabowski
    Bennett Grabowski Month ago

    What app are you using to draw these?

  • Unincognito
    Unincognito Month ago

    We have Prom is the UK :P

  • shulkx2k
    shulkx2k Month ago

    That thumdnail drawing was cool its way better then you

  • Benji S.
    Benji S. Month ago

    I love the way he calls himself a "professional artist" #ego

  • Ethan Boss
    Ethan Boss Month ago +1

    New Subscriber!!👍🎉🎊

  • R1Z1NG Midnight
    R1Z1NG Midnight Month ago

    I'm terrible 😥😭😟☹